G1 Cartoon Background -

On Cybertron, Soundwave was as much of a spy as he was a communications officer.  He watches Wheeljack and Bumblebee enter Iacon with stolen energy.  He was able to transform into a pillar, so the Autobots didn’t know he was there.  He sends Laserbeak to spy on Optimus Prime and the Autobots.  They learn that Optimus Prime is planning to leave Cybertron to search for more energy.  Soundwave then flies away, returning to Megatron.  Megatron plans to follow Optimus Prime.  Soundwave was the pilot of Megatron’s ship, The Nemesis.  When the Decepticons board the Ark, Soundwave fights off several Autobots.  He winds up throwing Ratchet into a piece of machinery which causes the Ark to crash into Earth.  Soundwave remained in stasis lock for millions of years.  In 1984, the Transformers are brought back to life by Teletran-1.  Soundwave is given a new alternate mode, a cassette player (really?  That is what’s going to help someone fight?!?).  The Decepticons leave the Ark and plan to build a new base of operations.  Soundwave designs the plans for the new Decepticon base and spaceship.  Megatron sends Starscream to get materials, and Soundwave ejects Rumble to help Starscream.  Soundwave, Rumble, and Starscream fly away to gather materials and energy.  They return to the base with raw materials and soon, Soundwave joins the rest of the Decepticons in attacking an off shore oil rig.  After the Decepticons transform the oil into Energon, they are attacked by the Autobots.  The Decepticons battle the Autobots, but they escape with their Energon after Megatron makes the oil rig collapse

Soundwave resumes his spy functions on Earth.  He sneaks close to the Ark and observes Spike, who was observing the Autobots.  He transforms into cassette player mode to hide.  Spike picks him up and brings him inside of the Ark.  Soundwave starts spying on the Autobots while they teach Spike about Transformers.  Soundwave transforms back into robot mode and uses Ravage to copy Autobot files about Earth resources.  Soundwave is caught by Spike, and Soundwave retreats back to the Decepticon base.  Ravage is captured by the Autobots.  Soundwave gives the information to Megatron who uses it to plan an attack on Sherman Dam.  After Starscream preps the turbines with his null ray, Soundwave forms the empty cubes.  The Decepticons start to fill the cubes up with energy.  After the Autobots arrive, the Decepticons take the energy they have stolen and leave.  Back at the Decepticon base, Soundwave helps Megatron make plans to harvest more energy from Earth.  They wind up at the ruby crystal mines of Burma.  The Decepticons successfully create more Energon Cubes (this time they are RED!) but the Autobots activate explosives in the mine.  The Decepticons are able to escape the collapsed mine with their new Energon Cubes.

After returning to the Decepticon Base, Starscream challenges Megatron (again and not the last time) for leadership of the Decepticons.  Starscream fires on Megatron but loyal Soundwave warns his leader.  Megatron wounds Starscream but keeps him alive.  While Megatron occupies the Autobots, Soundwave joins Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons when they attack a military base to steal rocket fuel.  After their successful mission, the Decepticons now have enough Energon Cubes to go back to Cybertron.  Soundwave plots a course for Megatron’s new spaceship to follow.   Megatron orders the Decepticons to board the space cruiser as the Autobots arrive.  When the Autobots attack, Soundwave ejects Rumble, Laserbeak, and Ravage.  The Autobots prove to be too strong for the Decepticons and Megatron orders that the Decepticons retreat into the spaceship.  Soundwave pilots the ship.  He looses control when Mirage reveals himself to the Decepticons and damages the ship.  The Decepticons crash back into the ocean.

The Decepticons survive the crash and stay quiet for several months.  In that time, they build a sophisticated base of operations under the ocean.  Soundwave is the first Decepticon to leave the new base.  He infiltrates a power station in his tape player mode (it really does wind up being an effective alternate mode) to steal it’s energy.  He deploys Laserbeak to subdue the workers.  The rest of the Decepticons join Soundwave and create more Energon Cubes.  As they are finishing up, the Autobots strike.  As the Decepticons are escaping with the Energon, Megatron transforms himself into gun mode and Soundwave wields him to fire on Optimus Prime.  Ironhide leaps into the path of the blast and saves Optimus.  The Decepticons escape with their Energon and try to use the Space Bridge to send it to Cybertron.  After an unsuccessful test,  Soundwave catches Bumblebee and Spike spying on the Decepticons.  Megatron plans to use the two spies as test subjects for the Space Bridge.  Before they can be sent to Cybertron, the Space Bridge malfunctions.  Bumblebee and Spike momentarily escape, but Soundwave sends Ravage to recapture them.  Spike trips and sends Bumblebee back to the Autobots to get help.  Bumblebee is recaptured by the Decepticons.  He is sent back to the Autobots to lead them into an ambush.  Inside of a cave, the Decepticons trap the Autobots inside, and attack.  During the battle, Soundwave sends Laserbeak to attack the Autobots while he watches.  He is about to send Ravage to fight the Autobots, but Ironhide attacks.  He prevents Soundwave from sending Ravage into battle. At the Space Bridge, the Autobots arrive just in time to save Spike. Megatron is caught in the Space Bridge and thought to be dead, and the Decepticons retreat back to base.

Starscream assumes leadership of the Decepticons.  He leads Soundwave and Thundercracker to a hydroelectric dam to steal it’s energy.  Security guards pull their guns at the Decepticons.  The Decepticons fire at the security guards, scaring them away.  Soundwave creates the empty Energon Cubes, and the Decepticons start filling them up.  Before they can finish the Energon Cubes, they are interrupted by Optimus Prime, Brawn, and Cliffjumper.  When Optimus Prime destroys the Decepticons’ Energon Cubes, Starscream orders them to retreat.  Soundwave runs away, but is chased by Prowl and Bluestreak.  Bluestreak drives into Soundwave, sending him flying into the air.  He transforms into cassette player mode and Starscream catches him.    Together they try to escape.  Optimus Prime sends Bluestreak and Prowl to follow the Decepticons.  While Soundwave and several other Decepticons are trying to repair themselves, they are attacked by Bluestreak and Prowl.  The two Autobots fire first and Soundwave sends Ravage to attack them.  Soundwave disables Prowl with his blaster.   The Decepticons retreat when Prowl (who is controlled by Chip Chase at the moment) uses a fighter jet’s missiles on the Decepticons.  Megatron sends Starscream, Soundwave, and Thundercracker to Chip’s house to get the Anti Matter formula.  Soundwave sends Ravage to collect Chip and they bring him to Megatron.  Soundwave extracts the formula from Chip’s mind.  The Decepticons are able to create Anti Matter and use it to create powerful Energon Cubes. The Autobots save Chip and escape from the lab, with the Decepticons firing at them.  Once Chip is safe, Optimus Prime plows into the lab to fight the Decepticons with the rest of the Autobots.  When the Autobots attack, Megatron uses the Anti Matter Energon Cubes as weapons, causing a massive explosion.  The Autobots are somewhat damaged, but the Decepticons escape.  Once they power themselves up, they make their way to the Autobot base to attack the Autobots.  The Autobots use one of Wheeljack’s inventions to defeat the Decepticons and prevent them from making more Anti Matter.

Soundwave joins the Seekers on another mission to create Energon Cubes.  This time, oddly at a munitions factory. The four Decepticons start to harness the energy of the factory to make Energon Cubes.  Upon completion, The Decepticons plan to return to base with the new Energon Cubes, but before they can escape, they are attacked by Optimus Prime and the Autobots.   Megatron watches the battle and orders the Decepticons to focus their attacks on Optimus Prime.  Each seeker individually attacks Optimus Prime unsuccessfully.  Optimus then leaves the battle to protect Chip and a scientist from an explosion.  Optimus Prime takes the full brunt of he blast, but still stands.  The Decepticons focus their firepower on Optimus Prime.  Optimus is severely damaged and falls to the ground.  Before the Decepticons can finish off Optimus, the rest of the Autobots arrive and the Decepticons retreat.  Back at the Decepticon Headquarters, Megatron asks the status of Optimus Prime.  Starscream claims that Optimus Prime is dead but Megatron is skeptical.  He has Soundwave send Laserbeak to find out the actual status of Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime is dying, so Megatron takes advantage of the situation and takes ALL of the Decepticons to attack the Autobot base.  Soundwave fires on Windcharger, knocking him off a cliff, then he sends Ravage to attack Spike.  The Decepticons look like they are about to finally destroy all of the Autobots, but at the last minute, Optimus Prime is repaired and saves the day.

Soundwave joins the Decepticons in the Arctic when they plan on stealing the Earth’s thermal energy.  They uncover a frozen Transformer and then the Decepticons work to repair him.  Soundwave feeds the Transformer, Skyfire, energy to restore him.  When Skyfire wakes up, Starscream and Megatron convince him to become a Decepticon.  While Skyfire fights the Autobots, Soundwave and Reflector make more Energon Cubes.  Soundwave sends Ravage to look for more Autobots in the caves.  The Decepticons are defeated again, this time when Skyfire joins the Autobots.

The Decepticons plan on attacking a hydroelectric dam again.  Soundwave and Reflector do surveillance for Megatron.  Soundwave and Reflector return to the undersea Decepticon base and report what they learned to Megatron.  Megatron then orders all of the Decepticons to attack the dam.  When the Decepticons attack, Soundwave catches some of the workers trying to call the Autobots for help.  Soundwave sends Ravage to stop them.  The Decepticons are able to take over the facility because the Autobots are unaware of the attack.  Of course, the Autobots learn of the Decepticons’ plot and go to the dam.   When the Autobots arrive, the Decepticons come out of hiding and attack.  Soundwave fires on Gears, causing him to knock Bluestreak down.  The Decepticons are victorious in battle, and capture the Autobots.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to execute the captured Autobots.  Soundwave and the rest of the Decepticons point their blasters at the Autobots.  Before they can fire, Wheeljack and the Dinobots arrive.  Soundwave is incapacitated when Grimlock tosses Skywarp into him.  The Decepticons are defeated by the Dinobots and retreat.

Megatron goes to an Inca Pyramid to steal The Crystal of Power.  Soundwave, Reflector, and Skywarp join him.   Starscream and Thundercracker arrive with a device made from stolen steel.  Megatron wants to use the device to weaponize the crystal.   Megatron uses the crystal cannon to destroy an Autobot satellite.  The energy blast winds up destroying the cannon.  Megatron and Soundwave fly off with Reflector to get new material to make a new cannon.  While the Decepticons are flying to get their raw materials, they are being followed by Skyfire.  Brawn and Windcharger jump out of Skyfire to fight the Decepticons.  Brawn lands on Soundwave’s back and causes him to crash into a mountain.  Soundwave rejoins the battle and shoots Brawn in the face with his blaster.  Megatron then transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Together, they fire on Brawn, but Brawn is able to dodge the blast.  He leaps away onto a hill, and Soundwave fires again.  Soundwave misses again and Megatron transforms back into robot mode.  The Autobots escape, but return with backup.  By this time, Megatron, Soundwave, and Reflector have taken over a mining village to make an alloy strong enough for their cannon.  The Autobots arrive and battle the Decepticons.  The Decepticons leave once they have enough raw materials to make a new cannon.  Megatron rebuilds the cannon and uses it on the Autobots.  When he is unable to destroy them, he orders the Decepticons to attack.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.

In the Decepticon base, Megatron reviews footage of the Dinobots defeating the Decepticons.  He is disgusted that the stupid Dinobots were able to defeat his cunning Decepticons.  Starscream explains that the sheer brute force of the Dinobots overwhelmed the Decepticons.  Megatron makes defeating the Dinobots his priority.  He sends Soundwave to spy on the Dinobots to learn their weaknesses.  Soundwave hides in the shadows as her performs a brain scan on the Dinobots.  He learns that the Dinobots are fueled by fighting and will follow the strongest leader.  Soundwave then returns to the Decepticon base to report his findings to Megatron.  Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave join Megatron when he tries to trick the Dinobots into leaving the Autobots.

While the Autobots are occupied in India, Soundwave and Rumble infiltrate the Ark.  While Rumble is creating an earthquake inside the Autobot base to distract the Autobots, Soundwave sends Ravage and Laserbeak inside.  While the Autobots were battling Ravage and Rumble, Laserbeak captures Sparkplug.

The Decepticons are successful when they activate a massive Space Bridge and bring Cybertron to Earth.  Starscream leads the Decepticons when they attack the Autobots.  Megatron orders Soundwave to clear the area.  He uses a sonic attack that causes both the Autobots and the humans immense pain.  The Autobots are forced to retreat.  The Decepticons return to their undersea base.  Soundwave notifies Megatron that Cybertron’s energy reserves are critically low.  Megatron tells Soundwave to tell Shockwave (wouldn’t it have just been easier to do it himself???) to expect Energon soon.

Soundwave finds himself on Cybertron.  He helps Shockwave and two nameless Decepticons try to stop Spike, Bumblebee, and Brawn from returning to Earth with information on Dr. Arkeville’s hypnochips.  Brawn shoots Soundwave in the chest, and tries to escape.  Soundwave is barely damaged and the Decepticons try to capture Spike and the two Autobots.  Suddenly, Skyfire breaks though the wall of the Decepticon compound.  With Wheeljack and Trailbreaker, the three Autobots rescue their friends.  Skyfire provides cover fire so the Autobots can escape.

Soundwave returns to Earth at some point after Cybertron is sent out of Earth’s orbit.  He rejoins the Earth based Decepticons, but without Megatron’s leadership, all the Decepticons do is fight with each other.  Before it gets too bad, Megatron appears and resumes his leadership of the Decepticons.   Megatron’s first task is, he wants to find Dr. Arkeville.  Laserbeak then enters the base and shows the Decepticons that Dr. Arkeville is with Starscream.  The Decepticons follow Megatron to Dr. Arkeville’s “secret” lab.  The Decepticons discover they are being followed by the Autobots and the two forces briefly battle.  The Decepticons retreat when Megatron is thrown in a lake by Optimus Prime.  The Autobots continue to follow the Decepticons, but the Decepticons lead them into a trap.  They guide the Autobots into a canyon filled with quicksand.  As the Autobots sink, the Decepticons continue their journey to Dr. Arkeville’s lab.  After they get to the lab, the Autobots soon arrive.  Earth is saved when Megatron deactivates Dr. Arkeville exponential generator.

Soundwave and Thundercracker fly with Megatron to Bali.  The Decepticons are investigating sightings of large metallic insects (aka the Insecticons) attacking villagers and fishermen.  When they arrive in the Bali swamp, Soundwave sends Ravage to investigate.  Ravage leads the Decepticons through a swamp to a hidden Decepticon Escape Pod.  The Decepticons recruit the Insecticons to join them.  Together they attack several Autobots who were hiding in a cornfield.  Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots arrive, and the Decepticons don’t bother attacking.  They fly away once the Autobots start shooting.  They make their way to an oil refinery.  When the Decepticons reach the oil refinery, they start making Energon Cubes.  Of course, the Autobots show up to stop the Decepticons.  Soundwave sends Ravage to help fight.  The Insecticons turn on the Decepticons and steal their Energon Cubes  The Decepticons leave the battle to chase the Insecticons.

Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a one on one battle based on an ancient Cybertronian law.  The law states that the leaders of two armies can fight each other without assistance to end a war.  The loser is exiled into space and the winner gets to stay on whichever planet he wants.  Megatron plans to cheat and uses a device to take the unique abilities from his Decepticons and puts it into him.   Soundwave flies with the Decepticons to a crater in the desert to watch the battle.  Soundwave deploys Ravage and Laserbeak.  He pets Ravage as he watches the fight.  After Megatron is victorious, the Decepticons follow the Autobots back to their base to make sure they leave Earth.  The Autobots learn that Megatron cheated and defeat them in battle, sending them into a lava filled crack in the Earth.  The Autobots assume that the Decepticons are dead.

The Decepticons show themselves when they attack an Air Force Base to steal fuel.  The Autobots quickly arrive and battle the Decepticons.  Soundwave flies behind Windcharger and Ratchet and shoots them in the back.  Brawn then runs to Soundwave and kicks him into a line of stationary rockets and the rockets fall to the ground.  The Decepticons retreat when they realize that the battle cause all of the rocket fuel to be destroyed.   The Decepticons convince Autobot Spike to help them defeat the Autobots.  After Autobot Spike uses Megatron in gun mode to attack Optimus Prime, the full Decepticon army attacks the Autobots.  Autobot Spike eventually uses Megatron in gun mode to attack the Decepticons.  The Decepticons retreat.

Soundwave helps the Decepticons attack the Autobots to steal the Immobilizer, Wheeljack’s newest invention.    Skywarp's bomb bounces around knocking trees down, but starts to attack the Decepticons.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave shoots it out of the air.  The Decepticons are successful and steal the device.  Then they return to base to make plans to defeat the Autobots. Soundwave detects the new human friend of the Autobots, named Carly, attach a device to the hull of the Decepticon base.  He sends Laserbeak after her.  The Decepticon base is flooded when a bomb that Carly attached to the Decepticon base goes off.  The Decepticons use the Immobilizer on Ironhide, but Optimus Prime shoots Megatron.  Starscream takes command of the Decepticons and orders them to attack the Autobots.   The Decepticons retreat after Carly reverses the effect of the Immobilizer and Ironhide smashes it.

Soundwave and Ravage spy on the Autobots (again) and learn of an island with Dinosaurs on it.  Soundwave contacts Megatron and then sends Laserbeak to follow Powerglide, Spike, and the Dinobots to the island.  When Laserbeak returns, Soundwave shows Megatron Dinobot Island and all of it’s resources.  All of the Decepticons (and several new recruits who just show up) travel to Dinobot Island to harness it’s energy.  After Megatron defeats the Dinobots, Starscream and Soundwave create more Energon Cubes using a volcano.  The Decepticons continue to make more and more Energon Cubes, and this disrupts the island.  The Autobots find the Decepticons on the island and the two forces battle.  Soundwave and Megatron fight Optimus Prime together.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Soundwave fires Megatron at Optimus Prime but misses him.  He hits a steam geyser and the ground starts to crack.  Soundwave is knocked off of his feet by the tremor and drops Megatron.  The Decepticons have overpowered the Autobots.  They are about to destroy the Autobots when the Dinobots arrive with the dinosaur inhabitants of the island.  The Dinobots and dinosaurs defeat the Decepticons and the Decepticons retreat.

The Decepticons set up a base in a desert valley.  They are using a stolen machine to create Energon Cubes and Soundwave deploys Laserbeak to guard the facility.  When Laserbeak discovers the Autobots approaching, he returns to Soundwave to notifies Megatron and the Decepticons.  Megatron tells Soundwave to contact the Insecticons for help.  During the battle, Shrapnel hits the Electro Cells with his blaster accidentally.  They start to explode.  The Autobots retreat so the Electro Cells won’t be in further jeopardy of destroying the Earth. Soon, the Insecticons and Decepticons fight over Energon Cubes.   The battle ends when Megatron and Bombshell realize they have been manipulated by Mirage.  Bombshell injects Mirage with a Cerebro Shell and turns him into a Decepticon slave.  He lures the Autobots into an ambush.  The Decepticons and Insecticons fire at the Autobots from above.  The Autobots are victorious when Mirage is restored, the Electro Cells are destroyed, and the Decepticons are forced to retreat.

Megatron learns that an advanced robot was created by a Japanese scientist.  Megatron and the Decepticons travel to Japan to steal it.  After Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak attack and soften up the Autobots, Megatron and Soundwave walk through a wall into the auditorium.  Brawn stands on a balcony and fires his blaster at Soundwave.  Instead of firing at Brawn, Soundwave shoots the balcony and Brawn falls to the ground, covered in rubble.  As he is about to shoot the fallen Autobot, Mirage reveals himself and shoots Soundwave.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.  Once Nightbird is stolen, the rest of the Decepticons retreat.  When the Decepticons return to their new mountain fortress, Soundwave is the only one who can open the door.  Bombshell reprograms and upgrades Nightbird and the Decepticons send her to the Autobot headquarters.  After Starscream attacks Megatron for saying Nightbird will replace him, Soundwave activates an energy cage to subdue Starscream.  After Nightbird is defeated in battle, the Decepticons attack the Autobots to get the data chip.  Starscream frees himself and goes to the battle field.  He Nightbird in the back with his null rays which deactivate her.  Megatron and the Decepticons stop fighting the Autobots and pursue Starscream.

Starscream leads Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave to attack a gold mine.  Soundwave quickly deploys Laserbeak and Ravage to gather up the miners.  After they complete their task, they transform into cassette mode and reenter Soundwave’s chest.  The Decepticons place all of the captured miners into an electrified cage and wait for the Autobots to arrive.  The Autobots attack to save the miners.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  The two Decepticons free the miners and Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to lower their weapons so the miners won’t be injured.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to capture Gears and transforms back into gun mode.  Soundwave uses Megatron to attack the Autobots again.  Soundwave wields Megatron in gun mode and fires at Gears’ feet.  The attacks create a hole and Gears falls in the hole.  Starscream is about to shoot Gears, but Megatron wants him alive.  Skywarp lifts Gears out of the hole and flies away with the tiny Autobot. The Decepticons take a part from Gears to power their Solar Needle.  The Solar Needle creates solar flares and the Decepticons use them to create Energon Cubes. Starscream gets angry at Gears and tries to shoot him.  Megatron prevents him from hitting Gears, but Gears is knocked into Soundwave who accidentally throws an Energon Cube into Megatron’s machine.  When the Autobots try to save Gears and destroy the Solar Needle, Soundwave helps the Decepticons fight the Autobots.  While the Autobots are attacking, Soundwave unleashes Laserbeak and Ravage on them.  After Laserbeak injures Bumblebee, Ravage pounces on him.  Bumblebee kicks Ravage into Soundwave, knocking him down.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave starts firing him.  He hits Gears with Megatron.  The Autobots look like they are going to win.  They have the Decepticons at gun point and surrendering.  Megatron grabs Optimus Prime as a hostage and is ready to kill him.  Optimus Prime gets Gears to disable the Solar Needle and the Autobots rush back into battle to fight the Decepticons.  Gears knocks Starscream to the ground and starts spinning him around and throws him into the air into Soundwave.  Soundwave collects Ravage and Laserbeak and retreats with the rest of the Decepticons.

Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream discover a large deposit of energy filled crystals.  Soundwave sends a probe called the Auto Scout to take a sample.  The Decepticons  try to harvest the crystals, but the energy is dangerous to Transformers.  

After he sends Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to explore the ocean, Soundwave asks Megatron to join him.  Megatron seems bothered by Soundwave.  Soundwave shows Megatron that the two Decepticon birds discovered an underwater city.  Megatron gathers the Decepticons to take it over for it’s energy.  When the Decepticons reach Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, the vultures transform into cassette mode and reenter Soundwave’s chest.  The Decepticons dive underwater and reach the city.  Before the Decepticons can attack, they are greeted by the Atlantean King named Nergil.  Soundwave points out that they communicate telepathically and must be very powerful.  The Decepticons and Atlanteans form an alliance.  Starscream doesn’t trust the Atlanteans because they are able to communicate with each other in a way that the Decepticons can’t process.  Starscream orders Soundwave to decipher their telepathy.  The Decepticons and Atlanteans work together to form Energon Cubes and raise the city to the surface.  Megatron wants to use the Atlanteans to take over the Earth.  While the Decepticons and Atlanteans are creating Energon Cubes, Soundwave detects the Autobots.  Starscream leads Skywarp and Thundercracker to fight the Autobots underwater.  Soundwave provides support by sending Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to attack Wheeljack.  Wheeljack is captured and sent to Nergil’s lab.  Starscream has Soundwave decipher that Nergil wants to use Wheeljack to create weapons to fight the Decepticons with.  Soundwave joins the Decepticons and Atlanteans when they attack Washington DC.  Soundwave remains with Megatron during the Decepticon/Atlantean occupation of the city.  The Decepticons use a force field to surround Washington DC to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the city.  The Autobots are lucky enough to get inside of the city before the Decepticons activate the shield.  The Autobots attack the Decepticons and Atlanteans, and Soundwave helps repel them.  Of course, the Autobots defeat the Decepticons and the Decepticons retreat to Atlantis.  The Autobots follow the Decepticons.  During the battle Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and Spike try to prevent Nergil from detonating the Energon Cubes in Atlantis.  The explosion would kill everyone in the city.  Soundwave doesn’t know Nergil is trying to destroy everyone and everything, so he sends Rumble and Ravage to stop Bumblebee, Wheeljack and Spike.  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons evacuate Atlantis when Nergil detonates the energy stockpiles.

Soundwave sends Rumble and Laserbeak to assist the seekers when they attack the Autobots outside of the Ark.  After Megatron and Starscream sabotage the Autobots’ recharging stations, the Decepticons retreat.  The modified recharging station turns the Autobots evil and puts them under Decepticon control.  Megatron and Soundwave attack the command center of a space organization (let’s just call it NASA).  After Megatron damages the computers, he has Soundwave reprogram them to be under his control.  The Decepticons assume that the Autobots will no longer get in their way.  They enter the rocket as it is launching to return to Cybertron.  As the rocket is flying into space, Skyfire appears and Optimus Prime and Ratchet jump out of him to attack the Decepticons.  As Optimus Prime and Ratchet are trying to disconnect the satellite, Megatron and Soundwave start shooting at them.   Jazz makes the rocket crash with his sound system and the Decepticons are defeated.

Aside for being a warrior, Soundwave was the Decepticon communications officer.  He was the one stationed inside of any Decepticon base (and there were a lot of them) and monitored for Autobots.  While watching the Human news, Soundwave discovers a story about archaeologists who discovered a space craft hidden in a hill.  The space craft is thought to be millions of years old.  The Decepticons and Constructicons travel to South America to the space ship.   They create a path to the space craft through the jungle by firing on the foliage with their lasers.   Soundwave sends Ravage to watch for any intruders.   Megatron wants them to stay close to the ground to avoid detection.  When the Decepticons reach the crash site, they fire their weapons at the humans studying the ship to scare them away.  The Autobots arrive just as Hook installs the Star Drive of the ship inside of Megatron.  The Autobots attack, but Megatron is too powerful now that he has been enhanced by the Star Drive.  Alone, Megatron injures most of the Autobots.  The Autobots escape after shooting a hill and creating a rock slide that buries the Decepticons temporarily.  The night after the Decepticons dig themselves out of the rubble, they gather and drink Energon Cubes together in the desert.  The Decepticons predict they will finally defeat the Autobots.  Of course they don’t.

Soundwave and the Decepticons fly through the air to locate the Insecticons.  Soundwave uses his sensors to lead the Autobots to them.  When Soundwave finds the Insecticons in a forest, the Decepticons land near them but stay hidden. The Autobots soon approach and the Decepticons watch the Insecticons defeat them.  The Insecticons and Decepticons make a loose treaty with each other.  Together, the Decepticons and Insecticons travel to the Nova Power Plant so the Insecticons can feed.  The power plant is guarded by helicopters.  Megatron sends the Seekers to deal with the helicopters so he and Soundwave can attack the approaching Autobots.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to attack Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Inferno.  Soundwave uses a stethoscope to eavesdrop on the Insecticons.  He learns that they plan to betray Megatron.  Before he can tell Megatron their plan, the Insecticons attack Soundwave.  Bombshell shoots a Cerebro Shell at Soundwave, putting him under Insecticon control.  The Autobots are forced to retreat after a number of them are wounded.  The Decepticons watch and continue to fire their weapons at the Autobots until the Autobots are out of range.  With a minor victory under their belts, the Decepticons and Insecticons fly together to Iron Mountain.  Megatron tells Soundwave that once he assimilates all of the knowledge in the facility’s computers, he wants to terminate the Insecticons.  Megatron doesn’t know that Bombshell implanted the Cerebro Shell inside of Soundwave and is listening in.  When the Decepticons and Insecticons attack Iron Mountain, they receive more resistance than they expected.  The facility has a significant and powerful defense system.  The automated defenses fire cannons at the Decepticons and surround the base with a force field.  The Autobots arrive to protect Iron Mountain.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to steal the facility’s computers while the Insecticons battle the Autobots.  Megatron and Soundwave enter the facility.  Soundwave cuts a hole in the wall so the Decepticons can walk in.  Soundwave touches the computers and absorbs all of it’s knowledge.  Once Soundwave steals all of the information in Iron Mountain’s computers, Megatron ends the alliance with the Insecticons and orders the Decepticons to attack them.  The Decepticons don’t attack, Bombshell implanted all of the Decepticons aside for Megatron and Starscream with Cerebro Shells.  The bulk of the Decepticon army is now under Insecticon control.  Bombshell orders the mind controlled Decepticons to fire their weapons at Optimus Prime and Megatron.  While the Decepticons are attacking Optimus and Megatron, the Insecticons enter Iron Mountain to gather the data inside for themselves.  Megatron and Optimus Prime work together to defeat the Insecticons.  Once the Insecticons are defeated, the Cerebro Shells on the Decepticons are deactivated.  Also, the data which Soundwave stole is erased from his hard drive.  The Insecticons fly away and the Decepticons chase them to punish them for their treachery.

Megatron and Soundwave sneak into Quantum Labs in their alt modes.  Both Decepticons are able to shrink to human size and hide.  Quantum Labs is a well fortified laboratory that specializes in advancing human technology.  A security guard finds both Megatron (who is in a guitar case) and Soundwave and assumes that one of the scientists left them in his office.  He brings them to the lost and found.  Once the coast is clear, Soundwave deploys Laserbeak.  After Soundwave transforms, he gives Laserbeak the key to the guitar case so Megatron can get out.  Megatron transforms and uses his cannon to blow a hole in the cage of the lost and found.  Soundwave grabs a box and follows Megatron outside of the lab.  They see that the lab is being guarded by a phalanx of tanks and sneak around to stay hidden.  They leap into the air and fly onto the roof of the main laboratory which is developing an artificial intelligence called TORQ III.  Torq III is the most powerful computer in the world.  Laserbeak shoots a hole in the roof and they enter the compound.  Megatron reprograms the computer so it will only serve Megatron.  Megatron is successful in his task to reprogram Torq III.  Soundwave opens the box that he brought with him from the Lost and Found and removes a series of computer chips from it.  Megatron and Soundwave place the chips on machines.  Now those machines are under Torq III’s control.  Megatron tests Torq III’s control by having one of the machines attack Soundwave.  Soundwave dodges the energy blast.  Megatron prepares Torq III for war.  Soundwave returns to the Decepticon base and waits for orders.  When a small team of Autobots sneaks onto the Decepticon oil platform, Soundwave helps defend it.  He is sent flying into the air when Skyfire attacks him.  The battle comes to an abrupt end when Spike is captured by Laserbeak and the Autobots surrender to save him.  After the Autobots are detained, Soundwave alerts Megatron that Torq III has been deactivated and they no longer control the oil tankers.  Optimus Prime leads a team of Autobots to the oil platform once Hound, Skyfire, and Spike disable the shield around the platform.  After a brief battle, the Decepticons retreat and Megatron uses explosives to destroy the oil platform.

Soundwave joins Megatron when Laserbeak abducts Shawn Berger.  Megatron desires to recruit him to the Decepticon cause.  Megatron’s plan to discredit the Autobots is successful.  They are arrested and put on trial.  Megatron and the Decepticons go to the trial to watch.  Spike leaps through the audience to leave the trail to look for evidence to clear the Autobots.  Soundwave sends Ravage to catch Spike.  The Decepticons see the Autobots get convicted and exiled from the Earth.

After the Autobots are exiled, Shawn Berger declares a Decepticon Day holiday.  The Decepticons march in a parade with a crowd cheering for them.  Oddly, the Decepticons carry their weapons while marching.  Now that the Earth is accepting the Decepticons, Soundwave, , Laserbeak and Ravage go to a night club and entertain the guests.  Megatron spends little time as a hero.  He quickly reveals that he truly is evil at a press conference.  Spike runs off from the press conference with a tape that will exonerate the Autobots.  Soundwave sees this and sends Laserbeak and Ravage to catch him.  Megatron enslaves the entire city and turns the population into his slaves.  Soundwave makes sure the slaves work in a power plant with Thrust.  Soundwave tries to increase efficiency by shooting his weapon at the slaves.  Soundwave notices Spike and Chip slowing their work because they are talking.  He shoots his blaster at them to get them to work harder and faster.   While Megatron and Starscream are surveying the power plant, Soundwave detects a fleet of jets on approach to attack the Decepticons.  Starscream leads all of the Decepticon fliers to attack the jets.  The Autobots storm the power plant to fight the Decepticons.  They reveal that they aren’t dead.  The Decepticons go outside of the power plant to battle the Autobots.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Soundwave hides in cassette player mode inside of a military base.  The Autobots are testing a new weapon which Wheeljack created called the Negavator.  Obviously, the Decepticons want to steal it.  After Soundwave sees that the weapon is successful, he transforms into robot mode on top of a building.  Red Alert detects Soundwave and the Autobots leave the interior of the rocket base to fight him.  As the Autobots are emerging from inside of the base, Soundwave deploys Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, and Ravage to assist him.  While the cassettes are fighting the Autobots, Soundwave sneaks around the military base to steal the Negavator.  Red Alert controls it remotely and fires the Negavator at him.  Soundwave hides by transforming into cassette player mode.  Soundwave is unable to get close enough to the Negavator to steal it, so he contacts Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage to help him.  Soundwave realizes he can’t win the battle, so he orders his cassettes to join him while he escapes.  When Soundwave returns to the Decepticon base, Megatron scolds him for his failure.

The Constructicons build a new base for the Decepticons under Manhattan.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to do reconnaissance.   When Laserbeak returns, Soundwave reports to Megatron that Autobots are approaching.  Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy ambush the Autobots in Central Park.  Before the Autobots can transform to fight, Soundwave shoots Bumblebee.  Optimus Prime and Soundwave grapple until Optimus gains the upper hand and tosses Soundwave.  This was all a distraction because the Constructicons dig under Optimus and he falls into a sink hole.  Once Optimus is captured, Megatron reveals the modified Empire State Building to the world as his new Decepticon Headquarters.  Then, Megatron renames New York City to New Cybertron.  Megatron compounds his victory by taking apart Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime’s arm is attached to the top of Megatron’s capital building, also known as the Empire State Building.  Soundwave remotely controls the arm to fire on the Autobots when they reenter the city.  Bumblebee and Spike sneak into the Decepticon Base.  Megatron fires his cannon at them, but hits Soundwave’s control panel.  The Decepticons loose control of Optimus Prime’s arm.  Bumblebee and Spike try to escape, but Soundwave sends Buzzsaw and Laserbeak to intercept them.  After Devestator is vanquished, Megatron and Soundwave fly away to regroup.  

Soundwave is sent on a mission to steal plans for an experimental flying drone.  The drone was created to help the Autobots fight the Decepticons.  Soundwave tries to hide himself in cassette player mode until the time is right.  He ejects Ravage, but Soundwave doesn’t know that Blaster is hiding next to him in stereo mode.  While Blaster deals with Ravage, Soundwave tries to complete his mission and flies to Megatron and Starscream.  Starscream drops an explosive device on the drone and it explodes.  While the Autobots are investigating why the drone exploded, the Decepticons storm the main laboratory and steal the plans for the drone.  One of the scientists directs the Decepticons to a vault to save his life.  Soundwave uses a sensor array from his hands to analyze the vault door.  As the Decepticons are about to open the vault, Optimus Prime, Blaster, and Jazz show up to stop them.  The Decepticons leave the battle when Hound creates a hologram of Megatron which orders Starscream and Soundwave to fly away.  They return to the new Decepticon base which is in a hangar in an airport.  The base is soon discovered by Bumblebee, Spike, and Carly.  The Dinobots destroy the base, but the Decepticons damage the Dinobots.  While the Decepticons are flying away to regroup, Soundwave looses control of his functions and ejects Ravage in midair.  Megatron demands an explanation, but Soundwave can’t give one.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons loose their ability to fly.  Megatron leads all of the Decepticons to a power plant to create more Energon Cubes.  He thinks that the reason that the all fell from the sky is because of bad Energon.  He hopes that fresh Energon will restore them.  All of the Decepticons are malfunctioning in some way, so Megatron orders them to fly away.  None of them can, but the Autobots are malfunctioning as well.  Both sides stop fighting so they can find out what is wrong.

As he has done many times (and has been successful doing it), Soundwave sends Laserbeak to watch for Autobots outside the new Decepticon base.  Laserbeak flies back into the cave and Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Autobots have discovered them.  Later that night, Soundwave deploys Ravage, and all of the Decepticons defend their base from the Autobots.  The Autobots successfully gain control of Devestator and he attacks the Decepticons.  The Decepticons fly away to the safety of their cavernous drill platform.  Devestator collapses the entrance of the cave and the Decepticons are trapped.

Soundwave and Rumble work together to load stolen cars into a Decepticon fortress.  Megatron plans to convert the stolen cars into weapons to fight the Autobots.  When Tracks sneaks into the fortress, Soundwave sends Rumble and Ravage to destroy Tracks.

Megatron creates a device called the Transfixitron.  It is able to lock a Transformer in a specific mode.  The Decepticons use it on the Autobots when they are racing for charity, trapping them in vehicle mode.  After the race, the Decepticons attack and abduct the Autobots.  Soundwave disables all of the Autobots’ communicators so they can’t call for help.  The Autobots are brought to the Decepticons’ Ghost Town for destruction.  Soundwave discovers that Hound was sending out a holographic image to get help, so Soundwave destroys his holographic emitter.   The Decepticon Ghost Town is attacked by the Autobots who weren’t hit by the Transfixitron.  Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp fight the Autobots to defend Megatron.

All of the Decepticons, including Soundwave, coat themselves with Electrum, a substance that makes a Transformer invincible.  After the Decepticons defeat several of the Autobots, they return to their base.  Starscream has Thundercracker and Skywarp bring him Perceptor and Seaspray.  He wants them to battle each other for his entertainment.  Soundwave wants to notify Megatron but Starscream tells him that the Decepticons need amusement.  Together, the Decepticons attack Omega Supreme.  After most of the Decepticons injure Omega, Megatron wants to personally finish him off.  He transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Soundwave fires Megatron at Omega Supreme’s chest and he falls to the ground.  The Decepticons fly to the Ark to finally destroy all of the Autobots.  When they attack, they realize all that they destroy were dummies.  Megatron realizes that the Decepticons were lured away from the Golden Lagoon by the Autobots.  The Decepticons fly back to the Electrum and find the Autobots are already there and are coated by Electrum.  When the Decepticons attack, Omega Supreme emerges from the pool and both sides battle.  Because the Autobots and Decepticons are coated in Electrum, no one is able to harm the other.  Jazz shoots Soundwave with his blaster, but the Electrum deflects the beam off of Soundwave onto Bumblebee  Eventually, the Electrum that was coating the Decepticons wears off and the Autobots are victorious.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that housed the Electrum pool was destroyed by the vicious battle.

Laserbeak returns to the Decepticon base.  Soundwave informs Megatron that the Autobots have an Insecticon insecticide.  Soundwave tries to tell Megatron that there is an infestation of Morphobots, a robotic plant, but Megatron doesn’t seem to care.  Megatron takes the Decepticons with him to steal the insecticide in case he needs to use it on the Insecticons himself.  Soundwave goes with the Decepticons to steal insecticide from Cosmos which can be used to damage the Insecticons.  Soundwave guides the Decepticons by homing in on Cosmos’ distress signal.  When they get close, they find that there is a major infestation of Morphobots.  Starscream tries to destroy the Morphobots with his blaster, but the beam is reflected back at him.  Soundwave (for the first time in the series) laughs at Starscream’s misfortune.  Before the Decepticons can take any action, Soundwave detects the Autobots approaching.  The Decepticons hide until the Autobots rescue Cosmos.  Once Cosmos is rescued, the Decepticons attack.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Soundwave uses him to attack the Autobots.  During the battle, the insecticide is destroyed.

Soundwave discovers an asteroid in space which is rich in energy filled ore.  Megatron sends the Constructicons to mine the asteroid.

Soundwave helps Megatron and the Decepticons construct a Space Bridge inside of a Baseball stadium.  Soundwave shows his more evil and sadistic side when he joins the Decepticons in terrorizing the baseball players and the crowd.  He plays catch with Skywarp using one of the baseball players as a toy.  He sends Ravage to chase the baseball players too.   Before anyone is severely hurt, the Autobots arrive to save the day.  Brawn races towards Soundwave and grabs him by the legs.  Brawn spins around and tosses Soundwave into the air.  The Space Bridge malfunctions and activates itself.  Soundwave is part of a group of both Autobots and Decepticons who are sent across the universe.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand.   A large creature attacks Soundwave.  It picks him up and he shoots his laser at the creature, making the creature drop him.  The creature starts to chase Soundwave.  Thrust tries to help Soundwave, but his lasers have no effect on the creature.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  The alien boy is named Aron, and he thinks the Decepticons are toys.  He places all of them inside of a bowl so he can play with them later.  The creature that was chasing Soundwave was Aron’s pet named Nitro.  Starscream and Soundwave break through the bowl and try to escape through a door.  Aron simply closes the door and the two Decepticons remain trapped.  Aron grabs Soundwave and puts him in a box with his other toys.  When Aron’s parents get home, he shows them the Decepticons first.  When Aron removes Soundwave from his box, Soundwave is in cassette player mode.  Aron seems to have no idea what he is.  Soundwave transforms and shoots Aron’s father in the hand, but to him, it is like getting stung by a bee.  The parents take the Transformers away and bring them to a lab so they can be studied and dissected.  Before any Transformer is dissected, Aron runs off with the Autobots.  The Decepticons are put into cages so the Scientists can dissect them after the Autobots are recovered.  The scientists have no clue what a Transformer is, so they plan on dissecting them.  Before any Transformer is dissected, Aron runs off with the Autobots.  The Decepticons are put into cages so the Scientists can dissect them after the Autobots are recovered.  Ravage frees the Decepticons and they escape.  Soundwave spies on Aron and the Autobots.  The Decepticons learn that the Autobots want to use Aron’s telescope to help them go back to Earth.  The Decepticons trick the Autobots and use the telescope and the Energon to return to Earth.

Soundwave follows Starscream when Starscream tries to make his own evil schemes.  Together, they take over a nightclub and hypnotize the patrons to do their bidding.  When Blaster and Tracks start to investigate the nightclub, the two Decepticons decide to watch the Autobots instead of attacking.  Soundwave feels that they should attack the Autobots, but Starscream knows it is too risky and it could bring the rest of the Autobots to the night club.  When Tracks figures out that the Decepticons are brainwashing the patrons of the Dancitron, he has a very brief battle with Starscream.  When Tracks tries to escape, Soundwave uses the mind control device to make the patrons of the Dancitron want to attack Tracks.  After Starscream flies away, Soundwave transforms from cassette player mode and bursts his way onto the dance floor.  He wants a showdown with Blaster.  After the required posturing and insults, the two music making Transformers battle.  Blaster strike first, he emits a sonic attack from the speaker in his leg.  Soundwave grabs his head in pain and flies backwards.  Soundwave fights back by shooting a sonic attack at Blaster from his head.  Blaster flies into the air and lands on some tables.  Soundwave hits Blaster with a high frequency assault from his chest.  Blaster flies even farther away from Soundwave.  Soundwave attacks again, Blaster flies into a big sound system.  The sound system crashes to the ground and Soundwave momentarily thinks he has defeated his Autobot counterpart.  Blaster attaches speakers to his hands and increases his destructive sonic abilities.  He unleashes a deadly sonic attack at Soundwave.  Not only does it injure Soundwave, but the entire club crashes around the two battling Transformers.  Soundwave flies away in defeat.

Soundwave controls the psycho probe for the Decepticons when they abduct Astoria Ritz-Carlton.  They want to gain knowledge of an energy formula they believe she has.

In Shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Rumble to the planet of Tlalakan to quel a slave revolt.  Some time ago, Megatron conquered the planet and left a sentient computer named Deceptitran in charge to make Energon Cubes.  After Laserbeak discovers that a small band of Autobots have reached the planet and allied themselves with the Autobots, the Decepticons intervene.  Soundwave follows Megatron into battle after the Autobots were already attacked by Laserbeak.  The Autobots are forced to retreat into a body of water.  Most of the Autobots get away, but Soundwave is able to capture Bumblebee.  The rebels use crude explosives to attack the Decepticon fortress and Rumble notices that the natives have been given Autobots weapons.  Megatron orders that all of the Decepticons take advantage of the situation.  They no longer have to search the planet for the Tlalakan rebels.  Soundwave flies into the air with the rest of the Decepticons to end the rebel uprising.  After the Decepticons return, they discover that Bumblebee has escaped.  Soundwave  goes underwater with the rest of the Decepticons after Laserbeak discovers the location of the rebels’ underwater lair.  Once the Decepticons reach the underwater kingdom, they open fire with all of their blasters.  The kingdom is starting to be destroyed, but Seaspray wants to help.  Unfortunately, he has used the Well of Transformation to become organic and has no weapons to fight the Decepticons with.  The Decepticons continue their ruthless attack on the Tlalakan kingdom and it looks like they are actually going to win.  They abruptly leave when Deceptitran contacts Megatron and tells him that the Energon supply is in danger.  When the Decepticons reach their Tlalakan fortress, they follow Seaspray into the Energon cache.  The Decepticon drones follow them but before the Decepticons know what is going on, the drones start attacking them instead of Seaspray.  The rebel Alana has reprogrammed Deceptitran and taken control of the drones.  The Energon is destroyed and the Decepticons leave Tlalakan inside of Astrotrain’s shuttle mode.  It is assumed that the Tlalakans were no longer slaves after the Decepticons left the planet.

When Megatron learns that the Decepticons were filmed while recovering Dirge, he takes Soundwave and the other Decepticons to get the film from the studio.  Megatron doesn’t want Optimus Prime to see the footage.  Megatron then sends the rest of the Decepticons to get all of the film.  While Spike and Carly are watching footage, Soundwave breaks through the screen and shoots his laser at them.  They escape, but Soundwave catches up with them after they trick Megatron with an empty film canister.  Soundwave starts firing again at them, but doesn’t try to run after them when they leave the building.  After Spike and Carly evade the Decepticons for a while, Soundwave uses some weird purple beam from his chest to find them.  Hoist devises a way to make the Decepticons think that the film was destroyed and Spike and Carly fell into lava, so they give up and go back to base.

Soundwave goes to Cybertron with Megatron and the Stunticons.   They want to use Vector Sigma to give the Stunticons personalities.  The Decepticons approach Alpha Trion for the Key to Vector Sigma, but he pretends he has no idea what they are talking about.  Soundwave ejects Ravage to restrain Alpha Trion.  Then Soundwave starts shooting his blaster at all of the debris in Alpha Trion’s workshop.  Soundwave successfully finds the key for Megatron.   The Decepticons reach Vector Sigma’s chamber in the catacombs of Cybertron.  They find that the chamber is guarded by Centurion Droids..  Megatron orders Rumble and Soundwave to open fire on the droids, but their lasers have no effect.. One of the droids tries to punch Soundwave, but he rolls aside and the droid’s hand dents the wall.  Soundwave uses his rarely fired shoulder cannon at the droids, but they keep on marching towards the Decepticons.  Megatron reveals that he has ownership of the Key to Vector Sigma.  The droids stop attacking and bow to Megatron.  Megatron commands the droids to attack any Autobot who is on the surface of Cybertron.  For some strange reason, Megatron has Soundwave open the door to Vector Sigma’s chamber instead of using the key.  Soundwave deploys a lock pick from his finger which hacks the data pad that locks Vector Sigma.

After the Decepticons return to Earth, Soundwave helps Megatron analyze the Key to Vector Sigma.  Neither of them can find anything unusual about the key, it seems to be a self contained power source.  Soon, Soundwave drops the key and it shoots out an energy beam which turns the area on the ground into metal.  This causes Megatron to want to use the Key to Vector Sigma to transform the entire planet of Earth into a new Cybertron.

The Stunticons go on a mission for Megatron.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak to guide them back to the new Decepticon base.  Megatron built a cannon, but it was destroyed by the Autobots.  Between the cannon being destroyed and being outnumbered, the Decepticons transform and fly away.  Even Soundwave flies away in cassette player mode.
Soundwave travels to Istanbul (once Constantinople) with Megatron to spread chaos and destruction.  The Decepticons are searching for the Pearl of Bahoudin, a Cybertronian power source covered in Earth gems.  A sage gives Megatron and Soundwave the location.  Together, they fly to the Valley of Galata and Soundwave scans for the pearl with a sonar like device in his chest.  Soundwave can’t pick anything up so he assumes that if the pearl is in the valley, it is buried very deeply.  Soundwave deploys Rumble (for no given reason) who thinks the valley is too big for them to search properly.  Megatron decides he needs an archeologist to help him.  While the archeologist is searching for the pearl, Soundwave flies back into the valley to tell Megatron that the Autobots are participating in the Europa 4000 race.  Megatron sends the Stunticons to ruin the race.

The Decepticons go to Cybertron to use Megatron’s newest invention, the Kronosphere.   The Kronosphere is a time travelling machine that Megatron wants to use to go back in time and steal Energon from Cybertron before the war started.  Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Autobots are on their way to Cybertron.  Soundwave also tells Megatron that the Aerialbots are with the Autobots and Megatron decides to shift his plans. .

Starscream attempts another coup and Megatron plans to kill him.  Starscream calls out to Soundwave to help him, but Soundwave’s loyalty lies with Megatron.  Megatron exiles Starscream and Soundwave sends Laserbeak to carry Starscream away.   Megatron takes the Decepticons to a train yard to refuel.  Starscream reveals himself to the feeding Decepticons and shows them the Combaticons.    Before Starscream and the Combaticons can finally kill Megatron, Soundwave appears and threatens Starscream.  Swindle shoots Soundwave’s gun, saving Starscream.  Soundwave’s blaster goes off, and the stray shot disables the lights in the train station.  This distracts Starscream enough where Megatron can escape imminent destruction.   The Decepticons are too low on energy and are forced to withdraw.   In the Decepticon Undersea Base, Megatron gathers almost all of the Decepticons to make a plan to deal with Starscream and his Combaticons.  Megatron has Soundwave contact the Stunticons.  They don’t want to meet up with the other Decepticons because they are having fun creating a demolition derby on a quiet street.  Soundwave joins the Decepticons when they battle Starscream and the Combaticons at a power plant.

Soundwave goes with Megatron, Starscream, and the Combaticons to destroy the Ark.  Megatron created an Orbital Disruptor Cannon and wants to test it on the Autobots.  As the battle winds down, Megatron, Brawl, and Soundwave run back to the Orbital Disruptor Cannon, but Hot Spot intercepts them.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave to combat the Protectobot leader.  Hot Spot shoots Soundwave in the chest before Soundwave can get a shot off.  Soundwave flies into Brawl and they both fall to the ground.

After Transformers the movie, Soundwave survived and remained a loyal subject of Galvatron.  He was used very sparingly throughout Season 3

Galvatron built a large engine into the side of a comet.  Soundwave warned him of possible negative consequences.  There is a battle with the Autobots for control of the comet , but the comet gets shot off into space and is about to hit an inhabited planet.  The planet’s population uses a sonic attack to destroy the comet.  Several Autobots and Decepticons crash into the planet, and when Soundwave awakens, he is in awe of the perfection of the harmony of the sonic attack.  Galvatron and Soundwave fly to the capital city (holding hands), with the Autobots chasing them.  The Autobots actually reach the capital city first and speak to the king.  The King doesn’t want to involve himself or his people with the Transformers’ war.  While Ultra Magnus and Blaster are meeting with the king, Galvatron and Soundwave spy on them.  The Autobots start to search for a woman named Allegra, who may have the key to the sonic weapons.  Galvatron and Soundwave follow the Autobots and attack them before they can find Allegra.  They destroy a bridge above the Autobots, burying them.  Soundwave asks Galvatron if he thinks that the Autobots were destroyed.  Galvatron transforms into cannon mode and fires on the rubble.  The two Decepticons fly off and they find Allegra before the Autobots do.  Galvatron convinces Allegra to give the Decepticons the secrets of the sonic attack.  She produces a harmony with her voice and Soundwave tries to record it, as to weaponize it.  Soundwave is unable to record it and Galvatron is angry.  Allegra explains that she only has a third of the harmony.  The King and a member of the royalty named Zebop have the other parts.  Even with only a third of the harmony, Soundwave is able to create deadly sonic attacks.  The Autobots reach Allegra’s hidden retreat and hide.  When Zebop sees Allegra, he calls out to her, causing Soundwave to realize that the Autobots have found them.  Soundwave and Galvatron fire on the Autobots, but make sure not to harm Zebop.  They want his portion of the harmony.  Soundwave uses the recording of Allegra’s harmony, inflicting intense pain on the Autobots. From inside of Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode, Zebop uses his part of the harmony to neutralize Soundwave’s attack.  Soundwave records Zebop’s portion of the harmony.  Now the Decepticons have two thirds of the weapon.  Soundwave unleashes a powerful sonic attack on the Autobots.  The ground crumbles and the Autobots are trapped.  Allegra uses her portion of the harmony to attack Galvatron and Soundwave.  She is able to knock Galvatron down, but Soundwave uses his much more powerful attack on her.  She falls to submission.  The Autobots dig themselves out of the hole, and fight the Decepticons.  Soundwave and Blaster grapple with each other and Blaster winds up knocking Soundwave to the ground with a right hook.   The two communications officers continue to fight, Blaster knocks Soundwave down again, but this time Soundwave falls on Zebop.  Zebop is injured, and the Decepticons retreat.  Soundwave and Galvatron are joined by the Constructicons as they start to lay waste to the city.  Soundwave uses his new sonic abilities to shake the buildings.  The King tries to save his kingdom by attacking Galvatron with his third of the harmony.  Soundwave records it and now the Decepticons have the entire destructive harmony.  Soundwave attacks the capital city and Galvatron orders the Decepticons to leave the planet to attack Earth and Cybertron.  The Decepticons go to Earth first.  Early in the battle, Galvatron orders Soundwave to use the new sonic weapon.  Metroplex takes on heavy damage in the battle.  The Autobots from the sound planet arrive with the King, Allegra, and Zebop to help.  They neutralize Soundwave’s sonic weapon.  Blaster attacks Soundwave and causes Soundwave to erase the recordings of the harmony.  The Decepticons retreat.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Soundwave was Megatron’s communications officer and the handler of the Decepticon Cassettes.  In the early issues the cassettes actually were featured more than Soundwave.  
After Shockwave becomes leader of the Decepticons, he devises a plan where Soundwave, in tape player mode, would infiltrate a factory, owned by GB Blackrock, which made high tech aircraft.  The plan was successful when a worker “finds” Soundwave on the street and brings him into the factory, storing him in his locker.  Soundwave transforms into robot mode and with Laserbeak, they attack the factory, receiving minimal interference from the internal security.  

Later, Soundwave was allied with the Constructicons to give them cover from being detected by Autobot sensors.  The Constructicons were building a large dish which would give Shockwave the ability to contact Cybertron.  When Soundwave detected an Autobot force, he ordered The Constructicons to form Devestator.  Devestator fights the Autobots while Soundwave transmits a message to Cybertron.  He is stopped but not before most of the message is sent.  

When Megatron is finally found, body frozen from lack of fuel, it is Soundwave that saves him.  Giving him fuel so he can move again and retake the Decepticons from Shockwave.

Soundwave remains a loyal soldier to Megatron, many times keeping Shockwave from attempting to retake the Decepticons for himself.  After Megatron finally defeats Optimus Prime, Megatron brings a device back to the Decepticon Base which can harness energy from below the ocean floor.  Soundwave and Shockwave contact Cybertron to get more troops since they are anticipating victory.  He also notifies COBRA (at this time Marvel had a GI Joe/Transformers IN CONTINUITY crossover where obviously The Decepticons were allied with Cobra) that they are moving the Decepticon base closer to Cobra Island.  After Megatron defeats Predaking, Soundwave finds a recording of a conversation Shockwave had with Razorclaw.  The recording implicates Shockwave in ordering the Predacons to attack and kill Megatron.  After Megatron hears this, he breaks and winds up disappearing in the space bridge.

Soundwave remains one of Ratbat’s valued soldiers, but rarely ever goes into battle anymore.  He stays in the background, as a communications officer and technical officer.  He sees battle again when Ratbat’s Decepticons battle Scorponok’s Decepticons in the arctic and soon after that, with Fortress Maximus, he commands a team of Autobots and Decepticons to fight Starscream, who has been enhanced and mutated by Underbase energy.  Soundwave is able to attack Starscream when the Terrorcons distract him.  Starscream shrugs off the attack, but Soundwave survives to fight another day.

After Ratbat is killed by Scorponok, Soundwave joins Scorponok’s forces as a loyal soldier.  When Optimus Prime surrenders to Scorponok, Soundwave is tasked with guarding Optimus Prime.  He keeps Optimus Prime away from the Autobots and Scorponok.  Optimus Prime eventually knocks him out so he can speak to Scorponok.  Soon after, Shockwave and Starscream attack Scorponok’s base, destroying it.  Soundwave is one of the survivors and leads the search for other surviving Decepticons.  After several short battles, Soundwave is among the many teleported to Cybertron by Primus to fight Unicron.

Soundwave stays with the Decepticons after Scorponok dies and Bludgeon is the new leader of the Decepticons.  When Megatron returns years later, Bludgeon is killed by Megatron and Soundwave pledges his loyalty to Megatron.

IDW Regeneration One Background -

. Decades after The Last Autobot restores Cybertron, The Decepticons are a dying breed.  Autobots have made Cybertron prosper.  Soundwave continues to teach the remnants of Decepticons about Megatron’s teachings of Decepticon superiority.  He organizes a Decepticon attack on a communications center on Cybertron and modifies a satellite meant to protect Cybertron from asteroids to fire on The Last Autobot, destroying him.

During a Decepticon incursion on a munitions base, Soundwave watches and enacts his plan to create more chaos.  He sends a team of Insecticons to make the Decepticon terrorists into martyrs.  Before all of the Decepticon terrorists are killed, the Wreckers attack and capture the Decepticons and Insecticons.  

While in Polyhex, a Decepticon base, Bludgeon contacts Soundwave to propose an alliance.  While Bludgeon is conquering an alien planet, Soundwave contacts him to inform him that Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus have left Cybertron to go to Earth.  Soundwave takes the opportunity to break into the Hall of Silence (a high security Autobot outpost which housed Thunderwing’s remains), a task only he could accomplish because he is able to manipulate sound.  The Hall of Silence’s defenses are all based on “hearing” an intruder.  Soundwave is able to steal the body and teleports out of the building before it is destroyed.  He arrives on the War World and gives the remains to Bludgeon.

Bludgeon uses the remains to breathe life into a new army of battle droids.  The droids attack an alien planet with Soundwave watching with Bludgeon from War World.  Soundwave remains on War World as Bludgeon makes plans to return to Cybertron.  When Soundwave returns to Cybertron, he manipulates the Autobot population to riot.  He uses a sonic weapon which is not detected, but it adds to Transformer aggression.  He uses the distraction to have Decepticons attack various Autobot targets.  Blaster is the only one that is able to hear this sonic weapon, but when he tries to track it, the Decepticons are notified.  

After Soundwave’s mission fails, he gathers the Pretender Monsters, in their combined form of Monstructor, to start a campaign of destruction in Megatron’s name.  During Bludgeon’s invasion, the Autobots awaken Omega Supreme to fight Bludgeon’s battle droids, and Soundwave orders Monstructor to attack Omega Supreme.  Blaster tracks down Soundwave and challenges him to battle.

Soundwave and Blaster battle, each using sonic attacks against the other.  Soundwave uses all the tricks in his arsenal, he even temporarily blinds Blaster.  Eventually, Blaster defeats his Decepticon counterpart and Soundwave is imprisoned on Cybertron.

IDW Background -

Soundwave is one of Megatron’s earliest supporters before the war started on Cybertron.  Soundwave offers to upgrade Megatron’s weaponry.  The gladiators learn they are being spied on by two Autobot spies.  After they are apprehended, Soundwave tells Megatron that communications were jammed so the Autobots won’t know where they are  He then sends Laserbeak to scan the Autobot’s mind.  They learn that the Autobot’s don’t know the location of Megatron and his followers.

Soundwave continues to be loyal to Megatron.  He returns to the now formed Deception compound where Swindle tells him that Megatron is missing an arm.  Soundwave brings three new fliers to Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.  The Seekers kidnap an Autobot Senator.  Soundwave and the other Decepticons are arrested.   Soundwave helps Starscream help the other Decepticons escape.  Soundwave reveals that he was working for Senator Ratbat to create chaos, hoping Megatron would attempt to take over Cybertron.  Soundwave shows his loyalty to Megatron and shoots Senator Ratbat in the chest.

Soundwave infiltrates the Autobot council where Zeta Prime is interrogating Swindle.  Soundwave helps his fellow Decepticon escape. Orion Pax is entering the council as Soundwave is escaping.  Soundwave runs into Orion but is still able to leave.  The Autobots track Soundwave to the factory district.  When Soundwave is cornered, he unleashes Ravage to help him fight.   Ravage slashes Bumblebee and Hound with his claws.  Both Autobots are disabled.  Soundwave then sends Rumble to make a building fall on Ironhide and Prowl.  Orion Pax catches up to Soundwave, but Soundwave sends Frenzy to assist.  Frenzy uses his sonic abilities to alter the behavior of the citizens watching and they attack Orion Pax.  Soundwave assumes he is free with a 73.41% accuracy.  Orion frees himself and shoots Frenzy.  Orion rushes to Soundwave and punches him through the chest.     Soundwave quickly recovers and picks up a piece of rubble.  He hits Orion Pax in the head with the rubble and tackles Orion.  Both combatants fall into a hole, but Orion Pax is able to overcome the Decepticon.

After Orion Pax and his small team of Autobots ally themselves with the Decepticons to overthrow Zeta Prime, Soundwave is shown attacking the Cybertronian Senate.

Soundwave saves Megatron after the first battle with Optimus Prime, but Megatron is exiled by Scorponok to the planet of Junkion.

Optimus sneaks through the alleyway but is shot in the back by Soundwave.  Soundwave ejects Rumble (who is black in this issue) and tells him to rip out Optimus Prime’s eyes.  Optimus is saved when Ironhide arrives.  Ironhide drives over Ravage, slams into Soundwave, and punches Rumble.

When the civilian population of Cybertron is trying to leave the planet due to an energy shortage, Soundwave and several other Decepticons attack.  There are many casualties.  Optimus Prime is injured.  Grimlock transforms into his feral beast mode to defend him from the Decepticons.

After the Decepticons are defeated at the spaceport, many of them fly away.  While En Route, Scorponok summons them to the crater which used to be an energy refinery.  Scorponok wants all of the Decepticons to witness the awakening of Trypticon.

Soundwave remains one of Megatron’s most loyal subjects.  He briefs Megatron aboard Trypticon that Starscream is returning with the Predacons, Combaticons, and Stunticons.

When the Decepticons invade Iacon, Soundwave is part of the strike force.  Soundwave sees that Megatron is in distress from the psychic contact with Pentius the Quintesson’s spark.  He asks Megatron if he is okay.   Megatron wants to try to give Trypticon his original spark back.  He gives command of the Decepticons to Soundwave and tells Soundwave to burn Iacon down.

In 1984, Soundwave goes to Earth (possibly for the first time).  He takes a new alternate mode of his “traditional” cassette player to act as a spy on Earth.  Specifically, Eden Texas.  In his cover, Soundwave provides music (which he hates) for construction workers.  He spies on them and manages two artificial humans which took the place of the bosses of the construction company.  The concept of organics disgusts Soundwave and he fights the urge to transform into robot mode and kill everyone.  Soundwave is seeking a rare ore on Earth, the precious element Ultra Energon.  He is also keeping track of Bludgeon, who Megatron doesn’t fully trust.  Soundwave learns that Bludgeon learned about Shockwave’s plan to seed planets with Energon.  Soundwave decides not to tell Megatron about Shockwave’s machinations.  The false humans leave the construction site to meet with Bludgeon and several other Decepticons.  Soundwave deploys Ravage and Laserbeak to follow them.  Soundwave realizes that Bludgeon has harvested the Energon in Texas and sneaks into Bludgeon’s base.  When Bludgeon is about to depart for Cybertron, Soundwave transforms into robot mode and reveals himself.  Bludgeon unsheathes his sword and prepares for battle.  Soundwave explains he wants Bludgeon to give him some of the Energon and he won’t report Bludgeon to Megatron.  Bludgeon reveals that he isn’t just looking for Energon on Earth, he is looking for the remains of Thunderwing.  Soundwave knows that Thunderwing will destroy all of the Decepticons so he wants to halt the resurrection.  Soundwave deploys Laserbeak and Ravage to assist him.  Soundwave fires rockets from his shoulder launcher at one of the traitorous Decepticons.   Another one of the Decepticons uses a weapon on Soundwave which was invented by Shockwave.  The weapon forces Soundwave into his cassette player alternate mode and locks him in that mode.  Bludgeon destroys the base with Soundwave in it and escapes back to Cybertron.  Soundwave remains frozen for over 20 years.  

20 years later, Soundwave is still stuck in cassette player mode.  Somehow he knows to jam the communications of the secret government organization, Skywatch

.Soundwave winds up as a child’s personal stereo and Shockwave finds him.  The cassettes bring Soundwave to Shockwave.  Soundwave is running out of power and is still unable to transform.

Shockwave transmits to Soundwave how he can transform again.

After the attack on New York City, the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons gather to plan their next attack.  Soundwave tells Megatron that human aircraft are approaching.  Megatron is happy to see more action.  Starscream and the Seekers want to transform to attack the jets.  Megatron wants the jets to get closer.  The Jets fire their missiles, but Soundwave jams their guidance systems and the missiles explode before reaching the Decepticons.  The jets open fire with their guns, but the bullets have no effect on the Decepticons.  Megatron tells the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons to fight back.  Soundwave deploys Laserbeak from his chest.  The Decepticons kill the squadron.

Soundwave goes to the Decepticons and tells Megatron that a considerable attack team is approaching the city.   Soundwave, Hook, Astrotrain, and Skywarp intercept the attack force in Central Park.  The Decepticons watch as Soundwave sends Frenzy (who is blue in this issue) to attack the soldiers alone.  

In pure exposition, we learn that the Decepticons attacked several other cities and sank many naval vessels.  They also attack Air Force One and it crashes into Washington DC.

Without any Autobots on Earth, Megatron declares that he is the ruler of Earth and the Decepticons are victorious.

The Decepticons make New York City their base of operations.  A human shoots Rumble in the head with a bazooka and Soundwave hunts the humans who hurt Rumble

The Decepticons stop fighting with each other after the military jets arrive.  Megatron is suddenly surprised when the Autobots arrive in New York City inside of Omega Supreme.  

After Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, the Decepticons escape with Megatron in their possession.

In shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports the Decepticons away from Earth.    Soundwave and his cassettes are guarding him.  Soundwave tells Starscream that Megatron is not dead and his spark still lives.  Rumble tells Starscream that Megatron’s brain still has activity as well.  Starscream commends Soundwave for being a good adviser to Megatron and tries to convince Soundwave that keeping Megatron alive is a waste of energy.  Energy that can be used to make the other Decepticons stronger.  Soundwave refuses to let Megatron die.

Three years after Megatron’s defeat, most of the Decepticons are living on an asteroid with very limited resources.  Soundwave remains loyal to Megatron and guards him.

Starscream continues to wear the Matrix around his neck like a necklace.  He goes to Shockwave to get an update on the Space Bridge project.    Starscream sees that Soundwave is working on something.  When he approaches, Starscream sees that Soundwave and Shockwave have cannibalized Megatron’s original body to make guns.  The guns vary in size from human size to transformer size.  Starscream is upset that they were not working on the Space Bridge.  Starscream tells Shockwave, Frenzy (or maybe Rumble) and Shockwave to put the guns down.  Megatron, in his new body, approaches.  Starscream is not surprised to see that Megatron is back.  Shockwave tells Starscream that he was working on the Space Bridge, it is just inside of Megatron.  Megatron plans to transport the Decepticons as close to Earth as he can.  Shockwave calculates that it will be a few thousand miles from Earth Orbit.

Soundwave goes to Megatron to make sure he is alright.  Megatron says he was just getting rid of a gnat.  Megatron has Soundwave gather all of the Decepticons for him.

Megatron addresses his legions.  He wants them to take up arms to attack the Autobots once and for all.

There are protests outside of the Skywatch base which are ended when Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy attack.  Ultra Magnus, Brawn, and Bluestreak go outside to battle the Decepticons.  Frenzy (who is black) lets out a massive sonic attack from his mouth.  The Autobots struggle to cover their “ears”.  Blitzwing and the Stunticons join the fight.  Blitzwing gets Scrapper’s dead body from storage and the Stunticons kill several Skywatch agents.

Soundwave joins Megatron when he meets with Optimus Prime.  Optimus shoots Soundwave in the head and Megatron retreats to get Soundwave repaired.

In the Decepticon Base, Megatron watches as Shockwave tries to repair Soundwave.  Megatron is puzzled because Shockwave was able to bring him back to life, so he assumes that Shockwave can save Soundwave.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Megatron’s resurrection was planed before the battle started.  Shockwave used all of the Ore-13 to rebuild Megatron, he simply doesn’t have the resources to do the same for Soundwave.

The Decepticons arrive on Cybertron once Megatron freed himself from Autobot captivity.  They start to fight Galvatron’s forces with Megatron  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.  

Abilities -

Soundwave was one of the more gifted Transformers. In alt mode, he was able to shrink to be the same size as a human's tape player. He was able to deploy a number of smaller Decepticons from his chest. He could record and replay various audio. He had the ability to perform sonic attacks. On more than one occassion, he was shown to be able to read a human's mind by touching their head. Aside for the cassette Decepticons, Soundwave could also deploy a drone for exploration called an Auto Scout.

Wacky Facts -

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