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After the movie, Springer was shown often. (please excuse the gaps which will be filled in soon)

Rodimus Prime sends Blurr and Springer to investigate a distress call from a rocket that emerged from a black hole.  Springer and Blurr bring the pilot, an Autobot colonist named Sandstorm, to Rodimus Prime.  The Autobots learn that a hidden colony of peaceful Autobots, called Paradron, has been enslaved by Decepticons.  Rodimus forms a strike team to help free the colonists.  Springer is teamed with Rodimus Prime and Sandstorm to free the colonists while other Autobots battle the Decepticons.

Springer joins Ultra Magnus, and several other Autobots, on a mining expedition to harvest Isodrite.  The Autobots need the Isodrite to power their weapons.  The Autobots are quickly attacked by the Decepticons who want the Isodrite for themselves.  Two Sweeps try to attack Springer, but he flies away in helicopter mode, causing them to crash.  The battle causes the asteroid to become unstable and fall apart.  The Autobots retreat.

One time on Cybertron he was helping install a new Power Core Converter in helicopter mode.  After it is installed, Galvatron and the Decepticons attempt to steal it.  Springer, Arcee, Kup, Wreck-Gar and Ultra Magnus attempt to repel the Decepticons.  The Decepticons are able to escape into the lower levels of Cybertron.  The Autobots are covered in rubble and Springer takes point in digging them out.  The Autobots continue to follow the Decepticons into the lower levels of Cybertron and soon find them being torn apart by techno-organic creatures made by the Quintessons.  The creatures take notice of the Autobots and start to fight them as well.  After Wreck-Gar is injured and captured by a new larger creature, Springer saves his friend.  Wreck-Gar is now a partial Zombie Transformer, he is close to death and tries to feed on Springer.  Springer is turned into an energy vampire by the creature.  He is restored by Perceptor.

Soon after Springer is restored, he joins Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime while they investigate a strange electromagnetic occurrence on Cybertron.  That area of Cybertron is virtually empty and the electromagnetic occurrence causes there to be a strange fog.  The three Autobots have no idea that the Predacons are stalking them.  When the Predacons move into action, Springer is attacked by Tantrum.  Springer, Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus Prime are able to hold their ground, but the Predacons merge into Predaking.  Suddenly, both sides of Transformers are attacked by giant versions of classic Universal Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and others).  No matter what the Transformers do, they can’t seem to injure these strange creatures!  As the Predacons and Autobots fight against the monsters, a large purple dragon joins the fight.  He captures Springer and Razorclaw and flies away!  Springer and Razorclaw are brought to a castle and share the dungeon with each other.  Inside the dungeon, Springer finds a princess and frees her from bondage.  Springer has no idea what is going on (like the audience) and wonders if he is even still on Cybertron.  The Princess asks Springer to defeat the dragon who captured her.  Springer agrees to free her from the dragon.  Springer paces up and down the cell, trying to think of a way to escape.  Razorclaw suggests that they wait for the guards to come into the cell and then attack the guards.  Without any explanation, Springer, Razorclaw, and the Princess escape their cell.  Springer uses a magic lance to fight the dragon.  The dragon is much more powerful than Springer, and the princess convinces Razorclaw to help Springer battle the dragon.  Springer grabs the lance and rides Razorclaw like a knight would ride his steed and together, the two Transformers attack the dragon.  Springer impales the dragon with the lance, and the dragon explodes!  Springer starts to wonder how they can escape now, and the princess shows them a yellow brick road that they should follow (but no one had ruby slippers).  Springer and Razorclaw follow the yellow brick road (hi ho hi ho) and reunite with Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and the Predacons.  We find out that the whole event has been part of a Quintesson experiment to understand the human mind better.  In doing so, they captured Daniel Witwicky and his nightmares became reality.

Springer found his way back to Earth.  When a group of criminals bombed a city to create a diversion for their nefarious plot to steal Newtronium, Springer helped the authorities rescue civilians. Springer uses his helicopter mode to rescue people from a burning building.  He gets caught in an explosion and crashes to the ground where Arcee rescues him.  After cleaning himself up, he transforms back into helicopter mode and resumes rescuing people in danger.  These criminals allied themselves with a former terrorist named Old Snake (Aka Cobra Commander from GI Joe), to separate the minds of Springer, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus from their bodies.  The minds were put into synthoids, human replicas, and the bodies were used as weapons.   Human Springer finds his Transformer body and tricks the criminals to allow him to pilot the mindless Transformer.  He learns that the criminals want to use the blank Autobot bodies to smuggle explosives into Metroplex to destroy him.  The criminals are obviously defeated, and after a short experience of being a human, Springer is restored to his regular form.

Springer is part of the celebration festivities on Cybertron when a new power generator is activated.  The generator is supposed to be able to create enough energy for the Autobots to thrive forever.  Soon after, Sky Lynx and Cosmos loose control of their flight abilities and crash.  Springer tries to transport Sky Lynx to a repair bay, but he is effected by whatever was causing Sky Lynx to malfunction.  Springer looses his control over his transformation.  This was caused by Anti-Electrons in the generator.  Eventually the Anti-Electrons leave Springer and he is able to return to normal.

Springer joins the Autobots in a large battle on Earth’s moon.  There is a brief lull in action, the Decepticons stop attacking.  This makes Springer very uncomfortable.  Suddenly, all the the Decepticons attack at once.  Both armies rush to battle one another, but Springer notices that the Dinobots are not focused on the battle.  They are being contacted by an outside force, as are the other animal based Transformers.  The battle ends when the animal based Transformers leave on Sky Lynx and Trypticon to battle Tornedron.  The Decepticons leave the moon, and Tornedron attacks the Autobots still on the moon, including Springer.  His life energy is sucked out of him by the creature.  His energy (and life) is returned when Grimlock defeats the creature.

Marvel G1 Comic


Springer is shown once in a few panels in the Marvel G2 comic protecting the native creatures from Jhiaxus and his army on the planet of Ethos.  He is later shown as part of the Autobot/Decepticon alliance defending Earth from The Swarm.

IDW Re-Generation One

Springer is shown in the Regeneration One book as a friend of Kup and member of The Wreckers.  While Kup is training, Springer interupts the training session to let him know of a stand off with several Decepticons.  Kup and Springer take the rest of The Wreckers to end the conflict, but Ultra Magnus will not approve the mission.  They attack with the Wreckers regardless and Springer captures the surviving Decepticon terrorists and Insecticons.  While the rest of The Wreckers take the Decepticons into custody, Kup and Springer successfully work on disarming the bomb which was set by the terrorists.  Soon after, Kup decides to go to Earth and then Nebulos to eliminate all of the Decepticons who aren’t in custody. Springer and the rest of the Wreckers agree to join him.  They use the Cosmic Carnival (see Sky Lynx) to travel to Earth undetected.  Megatron has taken over the planet and becomes aware of the Autobot Shuttle in orbit.  Megatron unleashes a barrage of nuclear missiles at the Autobot shuttle, destroying it.

Springer and the Wreckers survive and land on Earth where Megatron’s Decepticon army hunts them.  Kup is mentally defeated and feels partially responsible for Megatron taking over Earth and Springer takes partial command of the Wreckers.  He orders them to look for a communications array strong enough to get a message to Cybertron.  The Wreckers split into two groups, one group to go to the communications device and the other group is staying back to recover from their wounds.  When the Wreckers get to the communications device, Kup attempts to sacrifice himself so Springer can lead the rest of the Wreckers to get a message to Cybertron.  Kup is captured but Springer gets to the device, which Megatron was allowing to happen the whole time.

Springer and his team of Wreckers go back to the damaged Wreckers.  He finds the damaged Wreckers being attacked by an enhanced human named Circuit Smasher, aka Spike Witwicky.  He has harnessed the same powers as Circuit Breaker and explains how the entire human race blames the Autobots for Earth being conquered and almost destroyed.  Spike is about to attack again, but one of his travel companions convinces Spike to talk to the Autobots.  Spike brings The Wreckers to the Human Resistance base of operations.  He tells the story of how Megatron was reawakened when human scientists started to study the Ark, after the Autobots left Earth.  Spike then introduces The Wreckers to the top leader of the Human Resistance, GB Blackrock.  Working with Blackrock, Springer, Spike, and The Wreckers make a plan to attack Megatron’s Artificial Intelligence hub aboard the Ark.  They then find out that Megatron has infected Kup with Scraplets in Washington DC.

Springer, Whirl, and Sandstorm head for Washington DC to save Kup while the other Wreckers join Spike to attack the Ark.  Sandstorm tells Springer that there is no pure water left on Earth and they may not be able to cure his Scraplet infection.  The three Autobot helicopters are attacked by the zombie Decepticons, Skywarp and Thundercracker.  Because the two Decepticons are now zombies, the Autobots are able to out maneuver them.  Unfortunately, the zombie Decepticon jets are joined by more Zombie Decepticons and because they are zombies, they are able to receive much more damage than they would have when they were alive.  The Zombie Decepticons simply don’t feel pain anymore.  Springer watches Whirl and Sandstorm get shot down.  Starscream then fires on him and he crashes to the ground, landing at Megatron’s feet.  Springer is about to be executed by Megatron when Optimus Prime arrives, saving Springer.  Springer’s salvation doesn’t last very long, after being attacked by Optimus, Megatron retaliates not by attacking Optimus, but by killing Springer.

IDW Transformers

Orion Pax and Megatron ally themselves to overthrow Zeta Prime.  Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Springer are sent to help defend the Senate.  Once they see the proof of Zeta’s atrocities, they join the fight against Zeta Prime.

Springer continues to fight for the Autobots on Cybertron.  One time he is shown fighting with Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, and Wheelie.  

Later, Springer, Kup and Prowl save Bumblebee from the Decepticons.

Prowl and Springer are providing security for the spaceport when many Transformers want to leave Cybertron due to an energy shortage.

Several Million years later, Springer is part of the commando unit known as the Wreckers.  They are on the planet Varas Centralus trying to prevent the Decepticons from taking it over.  The Wreckers are reassigned to go on a special mission for Optimus Prime.  On the Wreckers’ ship, Springer learns that some of the Decepticons are attempting to bring back Thunderwing.  Springer prepares to destroy Cybertron if he has to to prevent Thunderwing’s return.

Springer and the Wreckers return to Cybertron.  They save Nosecone from Bludgeon’s Centurion Drones (which look like Siege Brunt).  Springer asks Optimus if he wants to sit out the fight, Optimus doesn’t want to.  The Wreckers attack Bludgeon’s base.  Springer throws a grenade at Skullgrin that explodes.  Optimus Prime and the Wreckers save Jetfire and Scattershot from Bludgeon’s Decepticons.

Bludgeon successfully resurrected Thunderwing, but Optimus Prime and the Wreckers defeated him..  Now that Bludgeon is gone, the Autobots destroyed the device which was controlling Thunderwing assuming that would stop it.  Thunderwing is not destroyed, but he is out of control.  Thunderwing makes his way to Cybertron to destroy the Autobots.  Springer rallies the Wreckers to prepare for battle. When Thunderwing gets to Cybertron, he emits a burst of energy that leaves a path of destruction in it’s wake.  Springer, Whirl, and Sandstorm engage Thunderwing in their vehicle modes.  The Wreckers are fighting, but doing very little damage to Thunderwing.  Springer’s shields are almost totally drained.  Thunderwing uses a microwave blast that ignites a gas pocket and there is an explosion.  Before the Autobots are destroyed, the Decepticons fly to Cybertron’s surface to battle Thunderwing.  Optimus Prime arrives on the battlefield and fires his ion blaster at full power.   The Wreckers add their firepower to the mix.  Thunderwing is overpowered and is deactivated.

The Wreckers arrive to help Hounds crew fight the monster Decepticon on Corata-Vaz.  They remain in vehicle mode with weapons deployed to battle.  While the Wreckers are fighting Thunderwing, Jetfire tries to interface with him and gain control.

Drift helps the Wreckers by fighting Decepticons with his swords.   Drift and the team of Wreckers save Topspin, Blaster, Whirl, Sandstorm, and several other captives.  The Decepticons are about to enter the holding area to fight the Wreckers and Drift.  Perceptor tries to slow them down by creating blockages so the Wreckers can escape with their saved captives.  The captain of the ship, Turmoil, fires his blaster through the wall. The Wreckers and Drift start fighting the Decepticons again Deadlock opens fire at Drift and the Wreckers, and the rest of the Decepticons follow his lead.  Deadlock breaches the bulkhead of the ship and Drift and Kup fall int the hole.

Hot Rod, Blaster, Kup, Springer, Blurr, and Drift were on an Autobot space craft that was hunting a Decepticon ship called the Torment.  Blaster detects that the Torment is about to do a Quantum Jump and escape. Kup thought that they disabled the Torment’s quantum drive.  Blaster projects that their destination is Cybertron.  Springer assumed that Cybertron was off limits to anyone.  When they reach Cybertron, they find themselves surrounded by Decepticon warships.  The shields and navigation systems are malfunctioning.  The Decepticons open fire and the Autobots are left defenseless.  Springer tries to merge his mind with the ship’s computer to regain control.   The Autobot ship crash lands on Cybertron.  Once Hot Rod finds out that the Autobots on Cybertron are allies, Kup reveals the Wreckers to them.   Kup wants to speak to Optimus Prime.  Jazz tells him that he is in charge at the moment.  Kup assumed that if Optimus was unable to lead, Prowl would be in charge.  Jazz explains that things have changed.  Kup criticizes Jazz that the Wreckers were able to get into the Autobot base without any sentries securing the location.  Jazz tells him that he has everything under control.  Springer tries to back up Kup, but Jazz flips him over his shoulder.  Blurr goes to help Springer, but Jazz punches him and takes his weapon.  Jazz points the blaster at Kup.  Jazz tells Kup that the reason he didn’t see sentries is because they were well hidden.  Mirage appears from being cloaked on guard duty.  Jazz tells Kup that he has to show him something.
As the Autobots travel deeper into Cybertron, Kup suggests they stop and take a break.

The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.  Drift and Springer head into the middle of the swarm.  Drift slashes one of the Insecticons with his sword.  The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

Springer greets the new Wreckers recruits aboard Ultra Magnus’ ship.  Springer is joined by Perceptor, Kup, Twin Twist, and Topspin.   Springer gives the Wreckers their next mission.  They are to go to Garrus-9 and defeat the Decepticons who overtook the prison.   For a year, the Decepticons have had control of the outpost.  Springer tells the Wreckers that they have a mole in the Decepticon Justice Division.  Springer sees that Ironfist is lagging behind.  He asks Ironfist if he is okay.  Ironfist says he is fine but Springer doesn’t believe him.  Springer tells Kup to keep an eye on Ironfist.  Springer feels the strain of leadership and is tired of building the Wreckers team just for it to fall apart again.  Kup asks Springer if he is thinking about Impactor.  Springer says it is hard but not impossible to not think about him.

After Impactor is brought onto Ultra Magnus’ ship, Perceptor works on repairing him. .  Springer approaches Impactor and says “If I never see you again, it will be a thousand years too soon”.  Those were the last words that Impactor said to Springer before he went missing.  Impactor says he doesn’t remember the last words Springer said to him because Springer put him in a cell for a long time.  Impactor asks Perceptor why he is examining his head.  Perceptor says that he found something in Impactor’s head.  Ultra Magnus assumes it is a tracking device that is also a bomb.  Impactor explains to Ultra Magnus and Springer what Overlord has done to Garrus-9.  Knowing that Overlord is there, Ultra Magnus wants to get reinforcements.  Springer is against it but says they need to make a better plan.  He dismisses Impactor.  Impactor gets angry and tells Springer that he doesn’t take orders from him.  Impactor gets angry and leaves.  Ultra Magnus explains that Springer needs the help from Impactor and he should apologize.   Ultra Magnus is going to leave the Wreckers at Garrus-9.  Magnus tells Springer that he was contacted by Prowl to help him on Earth.  Beore Ultra Magnus goes back to Earth, he helps brief the Wreckers on their mission.  The Decepticons have had control of Garrus-9 for three years.  The Autobots thought that the Decepticons were using Garrus-9 to transport Energon, but Overlord is there.   Springer also tells the Wreckers that they need to find Aequitas.  Springer wants the Wreckers to take two space pods to damage the shields around Garrus-9 and rescue the surviving Autobots.  Then steal a shuttle to get out of there.  And find Aequitas.   As the Wreckers start their mission, they realize that Verity (now with a suit of robotic armor) has left Ultra Magnus’ ship to join them.  The Wreckers breach the shields around Garrus-9 and almost right away, the Decepticons open fire.    The Autobots use the pods’ weapons to fire at the Decepticons.  Springer’s team’s pod is hit and crashes to the ground.  

After the Wreckers crash, they attempt to reunite but they are pursued by Decepticons.  Guzzle is able to shoot two Decepticons in the face.  Kup and Impactor follow suit and open fire on the Decepticons.  Springer’s group continues to fight the Decepticons.  Springer tells Guzzle to transform into Tank Mode to close the corridor and give them some time.  Springer wants the Wreckers to save the hostages.  Impactor tells Springer that the cells are directly below them.  Top Spin and Twin Twist make a hole in the floor so the Wreckers can get to the cells.  Twin Twist makes a large hole in the floor and the Wreckers fall into it.  Springer transforms into Helicopter mode so he doesn’t get injured and Twin Twist grabs onto him.  Impactor also grabs on and shoots his harpoon at a Decepticon, killing him.    They find Kick-Off’s body and Impactor comments that Kick-Off was one of the few guards who was nice to the inmates.  The Wreckers set off a booby trap, but before they can escape, they are shocked.

Springer wakes up damaged next to Twin Twist and Impactor.  Impactor tells Springer that Twin Twist is knocked out.  Springer is shocked that Impactor survived being tortured.  Impactor explains he just got used to the pain.  Springer tries to reconcile with Impactor.  He tells Impactor that he didn’t expect Impactor to be sent to Garrus-9, he thought Impactor would go to rehab or an open prison.  Springer asks why Impactor didn’t opt for spark extraction because he would’ve been a target in the prison.  Impactor replies that he only could have had his spark extracted if he admitted what he did was wrong.  Decepticon Stalker returns to torture the two Wreckers.  As Stalker is about to cut Impactor’s eyes out, Guzzle and Kup arrive and shoot Stalker.  Once Springer get’s free, he kills Stalker.

Guzzle is killed by Overlord in front of Springer.  Springer tries to occupy Overlord so reinforcements can save him.  Overlord tells Springer that he had his forces kill all of the Autobot staff on Garrus-9.  Before Overlord can kill Springer, Perceptor shoots Overlord’s hand.  Springer falls to the ground.  Ironfist throws a massive cannon to Springer.  Springer opens fire on Overlord, but it barely slows him down.  Overlord punches Springer in the head and half of his face is ripped off.  Perceptor rushes to help Springer, but Overlord kicks him away.  Ironfist is the last Wrecker standing.  He offers Overlord a chance to surrender.  Overlord laughs and says that Ironfist has no chance of defeating him.  Ironfist reveals that Springer’s gun was filled with Deterrence Chips and they will detonate them if Overlord doesn’t surrender.  Overlord calls Ironfist’s bluff since he doesn’t have a way of detonating the chips.  Ironfist reveals that he has the access codes in his head.  Overlord explodes.  Overlord still lives but is covered in fire.    Before Overlord can kill Verity, Impactor transforms into tank mode and shoots Overlord. The Wreckers return to Earth and Springer is on life support.



Aside for being a triple changer, Springer has shown that he is an expert swordsman.

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