G1 Cartoon Background -

Starscream was an evil, opportunistic Decepticon villain.  He was Megatron’s second in command and constantly was trying to take leadership of the Decepticons for himself.  Before he was a Decepticon, Starscream was an explorer.  He’s one of the few Transformers that we learn about who he was before the war started.  

Starscream, along with Skywarp and Thundercracker are the first Decepticons featured in the cartoon.  Starscream and his seekers create a roadblock which slows down Wheeljack and Bumblebee from returning to Iacon.  After Wheeljack and Bumblebee avoid capture, Starscream sends Skywarp and Thundercracker to chase the Autobots.  Starscream returns to Megatron and they learn that Optimus Prime plans to leave Cybertron to look for more energy.  Megatron plans to follow, and Starscream comments that if he led the Decepticons, the Autobots would’ve already been defeated.  This is the first, but not the last time that Starscream criticizes Megatron.  Many times he even tries to overthrow his leader.  Starscream joins Megatron on their travels to follow the Autobots to another planet.  The Decepticons catch the Autobots and they battle on the Autobot space ship.  The ship looses control and crashes into a volcano on Earth.  Starscream is deactivated for millions of years.  Starscream is brought back to life (you can’t kill this guy, seriously, keep reading and you’ll find out what I mean) by Skywarp.  He is given a new vehicle mode, an Earth fighter jet.  The Decepticons leave the Ark and Starscream starts firing on it, hoping to destroy the Autobots.  This causes a small tremor which brings the Autobots back to life as well.  Megatron then sends Starscream, Soundwave, and Rumble to gather materials to build a base and new starship.  On their mission, Starscream brags about how he will eventually overthrow Megatron.  Rumble warns him that Megatron is more powerful than he is and that he shouldn’t try.  After gathering materials, Starscream returns to the Decepticon base.  Soon after, Megatron orders all of the Decepticons to attack an off shore drilling platform to steal it’s energy.  Starscream is instrumental to the plan, only his null rays can prepare the energy to be turned into Energon Cubes.  After the Decepticons transform the oil into Energon, they are attacked by the Autobots.  Megatron transforms into his gun mode and Starscream wields him to attack the Autobots.  The Decepticons battle the Autobots, but they escape with their Energon after Megatron makes the oil rig collapse.

The Decepticons return to base, and Soundwave comes to Megatron with information about Earth’s resources.  Megatron plans to attack Sherman Dam to make Energon.  As usual, Starscream tries to criticize Megatron.  At dawn, the Decepticons travel to Sherman Dam.  After making a dramatic entrance, Starscream prepares the power plant to make Energon with his null rays.  While the Autobots and Decepticons fight, Starscream uses a slingshot to fire energy bolts all over the power plant.  This causes an explosion.  Megatron orders Starscream to take the Decepticons back to their base with the newly made Energon Cubes.  Starscream depletes some of the Energon Cubes with a cannon.  This slows down Megatron’s plans to return to Cybertron.  Starscream oversees the Decepticons while they mine the ruby crystals of Burma.  The Autobots destroy the mine, but the Decepticons escape.

Back at the Decepticon base, Starscream again tries to challenge Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons.  Starscream is unhappy with the way that Megatron leads, and feels he would be a better leader.  Megatron completely disregards him and walks away.  Starscream fires on Megatron, trying to shoot him in the back (not the last time).  Soundwave warns Megatron who activates an energy shield, deflecting the blast.  Megatron is furious, he points his fusion cannon at Starscream to destroy him.  Starscream stars pleading for his life.  Megatron fires, but only to wound.  He needs Starscream to destroy the Autobots.  Megatron intentionally trips an Autobot trap to occupy the Autobots while Starscream and the Decepticons attack a military base to get rocket fuel.  The military tries to stop the Decepticons, but their weapons have no effect. With the new Energon Cubes, the Decepticons are able to travel back to Cybertron.   Megatron orders the Decepticons to board the space cruiser as the Autobots arrive.  During the battle, Spike throws a rock at Starscream, knocking the gun off of his arm.  When he goes to pick it up, Prowl destroys it.  The Autobots prove to be too strong for the Decepticons and Megatron orders that the Decepticons retreat into the spaceship.    Starscream challenges Megatron for leadership again. Mirage appears and he damages the ship.  Starscream shoots Mirage and then Megatron shoots Starscream.  The ship crashes into the ocean.

The Decepticons survive the crash and stay quiet for several months.  In that time, they build a sophisticated base of operations under the ocean.  The Decepticons attack a solar power plant to create Energon Cubes.  As they are finishing up, the Autobots strike.  The Decepticons plan their escape, but Ratchet and Prowl fire on Starscream.  Starscream disarms both Autobots with his blaster.  Then Cliffjumper and Gears try to stop Starscream from escaping with the Energon.  Starscream fires on the Autobots, knocking them down.  Then Starscream takes the Energon Cubes and escapes with the Decepticons.  The Decepticons plan to send the new Energon Cubes to Cybertron with a Space Bridge.  The first test of the Space Bridge is unsuccessful and Starscream points out that he would be a better leader of the Decepticons.  Then, the Decepticons find Bumblebee and Spike spying on them.  Starscream wants to kill them, but Megatron won’t allow it. He wants to use Bumblebee and Spike as test subjects for the Space Bridge.  Before they can be sent to Cybertron, the Space Bridge malfunctions.  Bumblebee escapes, but they still have Spike to test the Space Bridge.  Megatron sends Starscream and Skywarp to retrieve Bumblebee, but he escapes momentarily.  When Bumblebee leaves the cave, Starscream and Skywarp capture him.  Starscream incapacitates Bumblebee with his Null Ray.  Megatron alters Bumblebee’s memory chips and sends him back to the Autobots to lead them into an ambush.  Inside of a cave, the Decepticons trap the Autobots inside, and attack.  Megatron orders Starscream to organize the Decepticons to retreat, and Starscream refuses. Eventually he follows his orders.  Megatron then transforms into gun mode and they trap the Autobots in the cave.  The Autobots attack the Space Bridge and Megatron is inside of it when it activates.  He is thought to be dead and Starscream declares himself leader of the Decepticons.

Now that Starscream feels he is the leader of the Decepticons, he continues the mission to steal Earth’s energy.  Starscream , Thundercracker, and Soundwave attack a dam.  Human security guards attack the Decepticons, but are unable to stop them.  Starscream fires on them, scaring them away.  The Decepticons start creating Energon Cubes.  They are interrupted by Optimus Prime, Brawn, and Cliffjumper.  Starscream rips a turbine from the wall and is about to crush Cliffjumper with it.  Optimus Prime attacks Starscream to save Cliffjumper.  Optimus Prime rips the turbine away from Starscream and throws it.  It lands on a pile of Energon Cubes, destroying them.  Without the Energon Cubes, the Decepticons are forced to retreat.  As they are flying away, Bluestreak fires on Starscream and Thundercracker.  Despite being damaged, they still are able to escape.   As they retreat, Megatron contacts Starscream from Cybertron, revealing he is still alive.  Megatron orders Starscream and the Decepticons to steal Anti-Matter, but Starscream tells him that the Decepticons are too damaged to attempt that.  Starscream has the Decepticons gather the parts they need before they can steal the Anti-Matter.  While Starscream and several other Decepticons are trying to repair themselves, they are attacked by Prowl and Bluestreak.  Prowl is shot by Starscream.  Starscream is injured in the battle when he is shot by Bluestreak.  The Decepticons retreat when Prowl (who is controlled by Chip Chase at the moment) uses a fighter jet’s missiles on the Decepticons.  Megatron sends Starscream, Soundwave, and Thundercracker to Chip’s house to get the Anti Matter formula.  They kidnap Chip, who is now the only one that knows the formula.  The Decepticons are able to create Anti Matter and use it to create powerful Energon Cubes. The Autobots save Chip from the Decepticons.  When the Autobots attack, Megatron uses the Anti Matter Energon Cubes as weapons, causing a massive explosion.  The Autobots are somewhat damaged, but the Decepticons escape.  Once they power themselves up, they make their way to the Autobot base to attack the Autobots.  Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are the first to defend the Ark.   Megatron then absorbs Anti Matter Energon Cubes and transforms into gun mode.  Starscream wields him to attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime drives into Starscream, making him drop Megatron.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons with one of Wheeljack’s inventions and they retreat.

Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker are sent to a weapons factory.  The factory was making weapons for the humans to be able to fight the Decepticons.  The three Decepticons are attacked by the guards, but they aren’t damaged.  Starscream fires on the guards, scaring them away.  The Decepticons harness the energy of the factory to make more Energon Cubes.  Upon their success, Starscream contacts Megatron.  Megatron orders Starscream to return to base with the Energon Cubes so they can send them to Cybertron.  Starscream seeks praise from Megatron, but then Optimus Prime arrives to fight the Decepticons.   Starscream fires on Optimus, damaging him.  Optimus Prime is sent flying into a wall.  Optimus Prime gets up and is attacked by Skywarp and Thundercracker.  After Optimus fends off the two Decepticons, Starscream attacks again.  He tackles Optimus Prime, but Optimus strikes him off.  Optimus then leaves the battle to protect Chip and a scientist from an explosion.  Optimus Prime takes the full brunt of he blast, but still stands.  The Decepticons focus their firepower on Optimus Prime.  Optimus is severely damaged and falls to the ground.  Before the Decepticons can finish off Optimus, the rest of the Autobots arrive and the Decepticons retreat.  Back at the Decepticon Headquarters, Megatron asks the status of Optimus Prime.  Starscream claims that Optimus Prime is dead.   Megatron then sends Starscream, Rumble, and Reflector to send more Energon Cubes to Cybertron.  The Decepticons are attacked by several Autobots who want to use the Space Bridge to get the parts needed to repair Optimus.  Megatron watches the battle and orders Starscream to intentionally lose because of the rain.  Starscream is frozen by Ironhide’s gas attack, but thaws out.  He leads the Decepticons to escape.  Starscream then tells Megatron that they need to take advantage of the dwindling Autobot numbers and attack.  For once, Megatron agrees.  The entire Decepticon army attacks the Autobot Headquarters.  The Decepticons look like they are about to finally destroy all of the Autobots, but at the last minute, Optimus Prime is repaired and saves the day.

The Decepticons next scheme is to steal energy from the Earth’s core to make more Energon.  They start in the Arctic.  They wind up causing the entire planet to start to cool down.  Rumble is sent to make tunnels for the Decepticons with his pile drivers.  He causes a small cave in which knocks Rumble and Skywarp down.  Starscream reprimands them for lying down on the job.  The tremors expose a robot trapped in ice.  Starscream uses his lasers to thaw out the robot and then all of the Decepticons work to repair the Transformer.   Starscream reveals that he knew the Transformer, Skyfire in the past.  Together, they were explorers on Cybertron, before the war.  When Skyfire wakes up, Starscream and Megatron convince him to become a Decepticon.  Together, Starscream and Skyfire guard the Decepticon camp in the Arctic.  Skyfire asks Starscream if he is happy as a warrior instead of being a scientist.  Starscream tells him that being a warrior is much more exciting and soon he will lead the Decepticons.  Starscream plans to make Skyfire his second in command.  Skyfire fights the Autobots and brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  Starscream creates an ice cage to trap the two humans.  Starscream and Megatron check the status of the creation of the Energon Cubes.  They plan to suck so much energy from the Earth’s core, that the entire Earth will freeze and die.   The Autobots are captured and Megatron orders their termination.  Starscream wants Skyfire to prove his loyalty by executing the Autobots.  Skyfire refuses and Starscream tries to kill him with a blast to the chest.  Skyfire falls and Starscream fires on the Autobots.  Starscream thinks that the Autobots are dead, but it was all an illusion made by Hound.  Megatron finds out that the Autobots are still alive and sends the Decepticons to fight them.  The three Decepticon jets drop bombs and fire lasers at the Autobots. Skyfire joins the Autobots and then Starscream attacks.  Skyfire transforms into jet mode and the two former allies have a brief battle.  The Decepticons are defeated again and Skyfire is buried in ice again.

Starscream joins Megatron and the Decepticons when Megatron wants to use the energy from a hydroelectric dam (again) to create Energon Cubes.  As usual, Starscream preps the turbines with his null rays.  The Decepticons are able to take over the facility because the Autobots are unaware of the attack.  When the Autobots finally arrive, the Decepticons come out of hiding and attack.  The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  The Autobots are saved by the Dinobots.  When Wheeljack damages Megatron, Starscream, again, tries to usurp leadership.  He orders the Decepticons to attack.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and drops bombs on Grimlock.  This doesn’t phase Grimlock who fires on Starscream.  Megatron recovers from Wheeljack’s attack and transforms into gun mode.  He attaches himself to Starscream, who was in jet mode, and together they attack the Dinobots.  Of course, they are defeated.

Starscream and Thundercracker approach a factory together.  They plan on stealing steel.  They attack the foundry, and are quickly engaged by the Autobot Brawn.  Starscream fires on Brawn, but Brawn is able to dodge the blast.  The two Decepticons run out of the factory, and Starscream fires missiles at the Autobots.  The factory is destroyed and the Decepticons get away with their steel.  Starscream constructs a device with the steel to harness The Crystal of Power as a weapon.  The device doesn’t work and Megatron goes to a foundry to get more raw materials.  He leaves Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp to guard the crystal.  Thundercracker catches Skyfire trying to destroy the weapon, and then comes up with a plan to remove Starscream from being second in command of the Decepticons.  Starscream catches Thundercracker scheming to depose him and fires on him.  He misses, but hits Skyfire.  Skyfire is deactivated and sent inside of the Inca Temple.  When Megatron rebuilds the cannon, he uses it to attack the Autobots.  The rest of the Decepticons fire on the Autobots as well.  As Megatron continues to fire on the Autobots, Starscream defends him from Brawn and Windcharger.  Starscream is able to hit Windcharger with his lasers.  Brawn races up the stairs of the temple and tackles Starscream.  They grapple with each other causing Megatron to loose control of the cannon.  Starscream is defeated when Brawn throws him off of the top of the temple.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.

While reviewing recordings of Decepticon losses (not a clip show), Megatron is appalled that the Dinobots were able to defeat his Decepticons.  Starscream explains that the sheer brute force of the Dinobots overwhelmed the Decepticons.  Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave join Megatron when he tries to trick the Dinobots into leaving the Autobots.  After Megatron convinces the Dinobots to kill Optimus Prime, he orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to take the energy filled meteor, that the Dinobots were guarding, away.  While the Decepticons are making Energon Cubes from the meteor’s energy, Starscream tells Megatron that the energy is very unstable.  Then, Grimlock, Sludge, and Slag approach the Decepticons with Optimus Prime as a prisoner.  Starscream antagonizes Grimlock, and Grimlock shoots him with Optimus’ gun.  The Decepticons continue to make Energon cubes from the meteor’s energy, but suddenly, they all explode!  Before the Decepticons can figure out what happened, the two new Dinobots, Snarl and Swoop, attack.   The Decepticons retreat just as the meteor is about to explode.

When the Decepticons learn that a prince from India has created a solar farm for his country, Starscream leads Skywarp and Thundercracker to attack it.  This was done to get the Autobots out of their base so Laserbeak can abduct Sparkplug.  Once Sparkplug is captured, Megatron orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to return to base.  Starscream and Dr. Arkeville guard Sparkplug, and against Starscream’s judgement, Sparkplug is allowed to be saved by the Autobots.  Starscream then joins the Decepticons when they attack the Autobot base.  Before Megatron can destroy the Autobots, Spike quickly repairs Teletran 1 and activates the Autobot defenses.  Megatron and Thundercracker prepare the Space Bridge for a special cargo, Starscream brings Dr. Arkeville to Megatron.  That special cargo is the planet of Cybertron.

The Decepticons are successful in activating the Space Bridge.  It brings Cybertron to Earth and causes numerous natural disasters across the globe. Starscream leads the Decepticons when they attack the Autobots.  Starscream hits Bumblebee in the chest with his blaster.  Starscream and Thundercracker attack the Autobots in jet mode.  The Decepticons compound their victory when the Autobots are forced to retreat when Soundwave uses a sonic attack.  Starscream criticizes Megatron because he let the Autobots escape.  Megatron strikes Starscream to the ground.

Megatron has the mind controlled slaves create a Sea Funnel to create Energon Cubes from a tidal wave.  Arkeville is worried that the slaves will drown, but Starscream doesn’t care.  Megatron then orders Starscream to install a generator, but Starscream refuses.  Megatron hurls the generator at Starscream and again, orders him to install it.  Starscream for once listens.  Megatron collects his Energon and escapes without Starscream.  Starscream then saves Dr. Arkeville from drowning and tells the scientist that he has plans for him.  Starscream transforms and puts Dr. Arkeville inside his cockpit.  Starscream (as usual) wants to overthrow Megatron, but needs his own supply of Energon. Starscream tries to drain Dr. Arkeville’s brain energy, but there isn’t enough to create even one Energon Cube.  For some reason, he goes to the same tropical island where Megatron is.  Megatron catches him and is about to kill him for mutiny.  Skywarp calls out to Megatron, giving Starscream the opportunity to transform and escape with Dr. Arkeville.  

Dr. Arkeville guides Starscream to his secret lab.  Inside the lab, Starscream finds an exponential generator (this episode’s macguffin) which can provide limitless energy.  Of course it is dangerous and one wrong step can make the generator explode and take the entire Earth with it.  Starscream doesn’t care if the Earth is destroyed, as long as he isn’t on it when it is destroyed.  Starscream attaches a timer to the generator which will trigger it to explode.  Dr. Arkeville warns Starscream that will destroy the entire Earth.  Starscream says that is what he wants.  He plans to collect the energy from the explosion, and use it to take over the universe.  Arkeville objects, but Starscream makes him obey.  Starscream then forces Dr. Arkeville to board him in jet mode and leave the Earth for Cybertron.  When they reach Cybertron, they encounter Shockwave.  He tells Starscream that Arkeville is not allowed on Cybertron.  Starscream claims that Megatron is dead and he is the new leader of the Decepticons (He even shows a badge which looks like MTMTE Rodimus’ badge of honor but with a Decepticon logo on it).  Starscream tries to prove to Shockwave that Megatron is dead by telling him to contact Megatron.  The planetary communications are down because Cybertron was removed from Earth’s orbit.  Starscream orders that no more attempts will be made to contact Earth.  He shoots above Shockwave to emphasize his point.  Shockwave grudgingly accepts Starscream as his new commander.  Together, they start to set up energy collectors on Cybertron.  Megatron learns of Starscream’s plot when Shockwave finally is able to contact Earth.  Megatron disables the generator from exploding but Starscream thinks it is just a malfunction.  He plans to send the newly enhanced Cyborg Dr. Arkeville to Earth so he can fix the malfunction.  Arkeville tells Starscream that he has no way to reach Earth and that Starscream is the only one who knows how the timing mechanism works.  Starscream returns to Earth and encounters the core of the generator in space.  It explodes and the explosion sends Starscream crashing back to Earth.  Starscream encounters Megatron but saves himself when he explains to Megatron that he thought Megatron was dead.

Starscream rejoins the Decepticons with no explanation.  He joins Megatron at their new base in a cavern where the Constructicons are building a device which gives Megatron the abilities of all of the Decepticons.  Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a duel based on ancient Cybertron law.  Starscream doesn’t want to give up his unique abilities and warns Megatron that cheating is bad (Wha?!?).  Ultimately, Starscream gives Megatron the ability of his null rays.  When the power transfer is complete, Starscream warns Megatron that Teletran 1 may be able to detect the power transfer.  Megatron sends the Constructicons to covertly disable Teletran 1.  Starscream travels with Megatron and the Decepticons to watch the fight.  After Megatron is victorious, the Decepticons follow the Autobots back to their base to make sure they leave Earth.  The Autobots learn that Megatron cheated and defeat them in battle, sending them into a lava filled crack in the Earth.  The Autobots think that the Decepticons are dead.

Of course, the Decepticons aren’t dead.  Starscream goes with Megatron, Thundercracker, and Soundwave on a mission to attack an Air Force Base.  Megatron assumes there is a large amount of fuel on the base that the Decepticons can steal.  Before they can steal the fuel, the Autobots attack.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and shoots Ironhide.  The Decepticons retreat when they realize that the battle cause all of the rocket fuel to be destroyed.  Spike is injured in the battle and his mind is transferred into a robot body.  Megatron plans to use Autobot Spike to battle the Autobots.  Together, the Decepticons approach Autobot Spike, but he fires on the Decepticons.  Starscream is the first to be hit by Autobot Spike’s blaster.  Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp attack Autobot Spike together until he falls to the ground.  The Decepticons convince Autobot Spike to help them defeat the Autobots.  .  Autobot Spike eventually uses Megatron in gun mode to attack the Decepticons.  The Decepticons retreat to repair the damage.

Megatron and Starscream watch the Autobots discuss Wheeljack’s new invention after Ravage plants a bug on Bumblebee.  The Decepticons plan to steal the device which causes a Transformer to be frozen.  After the Autobots successfully test the device, the Decepticons attack to steal it.  Trailbreaker creates a force field to protect the Autobots.  Starscream tries to get around the force field by flying above it, but Sideswipe takes to the air and knocks Starscream out of the sky.  Once the Decepticons get the device, they retreat.  .  The Decepticons use the Immobilizer on Ironhide, but Optimus Prime shoots Megatron.  Starscream takes command of the Decepticons and orders them to attack the Autobots.  Starscream leaps into the air and transforms to attack the Autobots.  The Decepticons retreat after Carly reverses the effect of the Immobilizer and Ironhide smashes it.

Megatron learns of Dinobot Island and all of it’s natural resources.  It is filled with volcanoes and geysers.  Megatron organizes the Decepticons to attack it to create more Energon Cubes.  Starscream is worried that the strange energy waves surrounding the island will cause the Decepticons trouble.  Megatron tells him to be quiet.  Starscream goes with the Decepticons to the island.  When he arrives, he points out to Megatron again that the energy field worries him.  Starscream again comments that the energy field surrounding the island worries him, Megatron disregards it As the Decepticons gather energy from the island, the weather gets worse and worse.  Starscream voices his concerns again, and Megatron slaps him.

After Megatron defeats the Dinobots, Starscream and Soundwave create more Energon Cubes using a volcano.  The more the Decepticons take energy from the island, the more the island destabilizes.  Starscream thinks that this will cause Megatron’s downfall and he will be the new leader of the Decepticons.   The Autobots soon attack and Starscream has all of the jet Decepticons transform and take to the air to defend the Energon Cubes.    They are about to destroy the Autobots when the Dinobots arrive with the dinosaur inhabitants of the island.  The Dinobots and dinosaurs defeat the Decepticons and the Decepticons retreat.

Starscream and Skywarp attack a laboratory which is working on a new energy creating technology called Electro Cells.  The two Decepticons land on the roof of the lab and rip it’s roof off to get inside.  Starscream sweeps the scientists aside with his hand and the Decepticons steal the device.  Megatron joins the two Decepticons while the scientists try to stop them.  They explain to the Decepticons that the Electro Cells can be unstable if they leave the lab and can destroy the entire Earth (why would someone create something so dangerous?).  The Decepticons steal the device and then Megatron transforms into his gun mode.  He arms Starscream and together, they destroy the lab.  After the Decepticons return to their base with the Electro Cells, they hook it up to a machine to create Energon Cubes.  Megatron is being cautious, not to prevent them from destroying the Earth, but so the machinery isn’t damaged.  Starscream claims that if he were the leader, the Energon Cubes would already have been made.  Starscream activates the machine before Megatron can secure the safeguards.  Fortunately for them, the device doesn’t explode and creates Energon Cubes.  Suddenly, the machine starts draining the energy out of the Energon Cubes and shorts out.  Megatron is about to execute Starscream for ruining the Energon Cubes, but before he can, Soundwave alerts the Decepticons that the Autobots are approaching. Cliffjumper sees an Elector Cell and tries to acquire it. Starscream flies to him and prevents the small Autobot from stealing back the Electro Cell.  Starscream shoots Cliffjumper and he falls to the ground.  Cliffjumper distracts Starscream by pretending that Optimus Prime is about to help him.  Starscream is caught off guard and Cliffjumper shoots him.  During the battle, Shrapnel hits the Electro Cells with his blaster accidentally.  They start to explode.  The Autobots retreat so the Electro Cells won’t be in further jeopardy of destroying the Earth.  Starscream discovers Cliffjumper spying on the Decepticons.  Starscream points his blaster at Cliffjumper and is ready to fire.  Before he can, he is momentarily distracted giving Cliffjumper the opportunity to transform.  Cliffjumper rams into Starscream in vehicle mode, knocking the Decepticon down.  After Cliffjumper escapes, Starscream and Megatron see Mirage trying to hide behind some rocks.  They start to shoot their weapons at him but they hit the ground near the Insecticons.  The Insecticons think that the Decepticons are trying to attack them, so they attack the Decepticons.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to take to the air and fight the Insecticons.  The battle ends when Megatron and Bombshell realize they have been manipulated by Mirage.  Bombshell injects Mirage with a Cerebro Shell and turns him into a Decepticon slave.  He lures the Autobots into an ambush.  The Decepticons and Insecticons fire at the Autobots from above.  The Autobots are victorious when Mirage is restored, the Electro Cells are destroyed, and the Decepticons are forced to retreat.

Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp assist Megatron when he is trying to steal a human made robot called Nightbird.  The majority of the Decepticons fight the Autobots, but the three Decepticon jets end the battle when they rip the roof off of the building and the Decepticons escape with Nightbird.  They take her to the new Decepticon mountain fortress.  Bombshell reprograms and upgrades Nightbird.  Once she is reactivated, Starscream makes a rude comment and Nightbird punches him.  Starscream wants to fight back, but Megatron has other plans for Nightbird.  Megatron sends Nightbird to sneak into the Autobot base and steal a computer chip with information about the world’s energy supplies.  Starscream, Megatron, and Bombshell watch as Nightbird defeats the Autobots in battle.  Starscream predicts that Bombshell’s upgrades will make Nightbird burn out.   Megatron says she will be a good replacement for Starscream.  Starscream punches Megatron, knocking him to the ground.  Megatron orders Skywarp and Thundercracker to restrain Starscream.  Starscream is trapped inside of an energy cage.  Starscream watches from his cage as the Decepticons fight the Autobots.  Starscream shoots a small missile from his wrist and is able to deactivate the energy cage.  He transforms and flies to the battle, hoping to prove his worth to Megatron.  Starscream shoots Nightbird in the back with his null rays which deactivate her.  Starscream transforms and flies away.  Megatron and the Decepticons stop fighting the Autobots to pursue Starscream.

Starscream’s punishment is never mentioned, but he soon leads Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave to attack a gold mine.  So he must have successfully pled for his life.  Starscream traps miners in the mine by shooting at it.  Megatron arrives and asks for a status report.  Starscream tells him that all of the miners aside for one of them have been captured.  Starscream is about to shoot him, but Megatron wants him to call the Autobots for help.  The Decepticons place the miners in an electrified cage and wait for the Autobots.  Starscream is about to shoot the miners and Optimus Prime fires on him and Megatron.  The Autobots attack but the Decepticons use the miners to prevent the Autobots from firing on them.  Megatron then orders the Decepticons to capture Gears.  Gears is trapped in a hole and Starscream is about to shoot him, Megatron stops him so Skywarp can lift Gears out of the hole.  The Decepticons escape with Gears.  At the Decepticon base, Megatron needs a special circuit board from inside of Gears.  Starscream uses his null rays on Gears so Megatron can get the part.    Starscream oversees Gears when he becomes their slave and starts filling Energon Cubes.  Starscream gets angry at Gears and tries to shoot him.  Megatron prevents him from hitting Gears, but Gears is knocked into Soundwave who accidentally throws an Energon Cube into Megatron’s machine.  The Autobots attack and Starscream helps defend the Solar Needle.  When the Autobots attack, Gears tries to reclaim his circuit board from the machine, but is stopped by Starscream.  Starscream is about to shoot Gears, but Bumblebee transforms into vehicle mode and rams Starscream, knocking him to the ground.  The Autobots look like they are going to win.  They have the Decepticons at gun point and surrendering.  Megatron grabs Optimus Prime as a hostage and is ready to kill him.  Optimus Prime gets Gears to disable the Solar Needle and the Autobots rush back into battle to fight the Decepticons.  Starscream wants to kill Gears, so he starts firing repeatedly at Gears.  Gears knocks him to the ground and starts spinning him around.   Gears throws Starscream into the air into Soundwave.  The Decepticons realize they are going to loose and retreat into the air.

Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream discover a large deposit of energy filled crystals.  Starscream wants to jump into the valley that has the crystals in it, but Megatron tells him to wait. They try to harvest them, but the energy is dangerous to Transformers.  The Decepticons decide to use the crystals as weapons instead of an energy source.  Starscream wants to try to get the Autobots to go into the valley and meet their destruction.  The Decepticons leave and wait for the Autobots to arrive.  Before the Autobots can start studying the crystals, Starscream leads the Decepticons in an assault.  The Autobots scatter as Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp run towards Optimus Prime to attack him.  After Optimus Prime is subdued and Laserbeak makes holographic recordings of him, the Decepticons retreat.  Megatron creates a clone of Optimus Prime that he controls.  After the Autobots return to base, the real Optimus joins them.  The Decepticons lead the Autobots into a trap at the energy crystal crevice.  Starscream watches from the Decepticon base as the Decepticons fight the Autobots.  Megatron needs the Optimus clone to destroy a Decepticon to prove he is the “real” Optimus, so Starscream is cloned.  The Starscream clone joins the other Decepticons while they are fighting the Autobots.  He damages Warpath and Hound.  The Optimus clone destroys the Starscream clone in battle.  After the Autobots discover who the real Optimus is, the Decepticons retreat in their rocket.

Starscream travels to Atlantis with the Decepticons to take it over and steal it’s energy supply.  Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp actually travel underwater in their jet modes.  The three jets rush to attack the city without a strategy.  They crash into a force shield which surrounds the city.  Starscream transforms and the Decepticons are greeted by King Nergil.  Starscream instinctively wants to attack the Atlanteans, but they attack him first.  Megatron forms an alliance with the Atlantean King Nergil.  The Atlanteans are able to communicate telepathically and communicate with each other in front of the Decepticons with the Decepticons not knowing what they are saying.  Starscream distrusts the Atlanteans and orders Soundwave to decode the Atlantean communications.  The Decepticons and Atlanteans work together to create Energon Cubes as well as raising Atlantis. .  While the Decepticons and Atlanteans are creating Energon Cubes, Soundwave detects the Autobots.  Starscream leads Skywarp and Thundercracker to fight the Autobots underwater.  Starscream is injured when Brawn heaves a harpoon at him.  Wheeljack is captured and sent to Nergil’s lab.  Starscream has Soundwave decipher that Nergil wants to use Wheeljack to create weapons to fight the Decepticons with.  When Megatron, the Decepticons, and the Atlanteans attack Washington DC, Starscream stays behind to gather proof that Nergil is going to double cross Megatron.  Starscream discovers that Nergil created a magnetic weapon to battle the Decepticons.  When Starscream confronts Nergil, he is shot by the magnetic weapon.  Starscream tries to fight back, but he is immobilized.  Starscream quickly regains functionality as Bumblebee and Spike enter the room to save Wheeljack.  He tries to attack Bumblebee, but Bumblebee tackles him and sends Starscream crashing into a computer terminal.  Without any reason given or shown, Starscream recovers and is able to enter Washington DC.  Instead of telling Megatron about Nergil’s treachery, he fights with the Atlanteans against the Dinobots.  Starscream fires a rocket at Snarl from his wrist, but Snarl uses his tail to knock the rocket back to Starscream.  Starscream finally reveals Nergil’s plot to betray the Decepticons when Nergil is about to shoot Megatron and Grimlock with the magnetic weapon.  Wheeljack and Bumblebee leap towards Starscream and take his weapons.  The Autobots regain their mobility after Grimlock destroys the magnetic weapon.  Instead of thanking Starscream for protecting him from Nergil, Megatron wants to punish Starscream for freeing the Autobots.   The Decepticons quickly retreat back to Atlantis.  The Autobots follow them and everyone fights on Atlantis.  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons evacuate Atlantis when Nergil detonates the energy stockpiles.

Starscream leads Skywarp and Thundercracker in jet mode to the Ark.  When the Autobots exit the Ark to investigate, the three Seekers fire their weapons at them.  Starscream splits off from the other Decepticons and goes to Megatron.  Megatron has Starscream spray him with an invisibility spray and then Megatron sprays Starscream.  Together they enter the Ark undetected and They install a personality destabilizer in the Autobots’ recharging stations.  This causes the Autobots to become evil.  Once Megatron and Starscream are successful, the Decepticons retreat.  With most of the Autobots now evil, the Decepticons attack a rocket base to attempt to return to Cybertron.  They enter the rocket as it is launching to return to Cybertron.  As the rocket is flying into space, Skyfire appears and Optimus Prime and Ratchet jump out of him to attack the Decepticons.  

Starscream travels with the Decepticons and Constructicons to South America.  Megatron has learned of the discovery of a Decepticon space ship that has been on Earth for millions of years.  The Decepticons use their lasers to clear a path to the ship.  Starscream misses his target and Rumble laughs at him.  Starscream is about to shoot Rumble when a huge snake attacks Starscream by wrapping itself around him.  After wrestling with the snake for a short time, Starscream is able to free himself.  He wants to fly to the crash site, but Megatron wants the Decepticons to stay hidden.  When the Decepticons reach the crash site, they fire their weapons at the humans studying the ship to scare them away.  The Autobots arrive just as Hook installs the Star Drive of the ship inside of Megatron.  The Autobots attack, but Megatron is too powerful now that he has been enhanced by the Star Drive.   The Autobots escape after shooting a hill and creating a rock slide that temporarily buries the Decepticons .  The night after the Decepticons dig themselves out of the rubble, they gather and drink Energon Cubes together.   Megatron is defeated when Perceptor, Brawn, and Bumblebee shrink themselves and disconnect the Star Drive.

While Powerglide is flying through the sky, he is attacked by Skywarp.  He out maneuvers Skywarp and shoots his wing off.  Then Starscream joins the fight.  In jet mode, Starscream tries to shoot Powerglide out of the sky.  He is able to lock his lasers on Powerglide and Powerglide is forced to crash to the ground.  Megatron and Starscream spy on the Constructicons when they form an alliance with Hoist and Grapple.  The Constructicons want to help the two Autobots build a Solar Tower.  Starscream wants to attack the Constructicons for betraying the Decepticons (really?  He’s offended by that???), but Megatron wants to see how it plays out.

Starscream and the Decepticons fly through the air to find the Insecticons.  Starscream is apprehensive to do this because he doesn’t trust the Insecticons at all.   The Decepticons watch the Insecticons successfully defeat a small group of Autobots. Starscream says that maybe they should lead the Decepticons now.  When the Decepticons land near the Insecticons, Bombshell attempts to insult Megatron and Starscream takes offence at that.  The Insecticons and Decepticons make a loose treaty with each other.  Together, the Decepticons and Insecticons travel to the Nova Power Plant so the Insecticons can feed.  When the Decepticons and Insecticons reach the power plant, they find that it is defended by a fleet of combat helicopters.  Megatron orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to deal with the helicopters.  The helicopters attack first, but the seekers use their superior flight abilities to dodge the weapons fire.  After the Autobots attack, the Decepticons are able to overwhelm them in battle.   The Decepticons and Insecticons fly to Iron Mountain to steal the combat computer from the facility.  When the Decepticons and Insecticons attack Iron Mountain, they receive more resistance than they expected.  The automated defenses fire cannons at the Decepticons and surround the base with a force field.  The Autobots arrive to protect Iron Mountain.   Starscream, Megatron, and Soundwave successfully steal all of the information inside of Iron Mountain.  They exit the facility and Megatron orders the Decepticons to attack the Insecticons.  Starscream is the first to realize that all of the Decepticons aside for him and Megatron have been implanted with Cerebro Shells.  Most of the Decepticon army is now under Insecticon control.  Before Starscream can attack, Bombshell fires a Cerebro Shell at him and forces Starscream to obey him.  Bombshell orders the mind controlled Decepticons to fire their weapons at Optimus Prime and Megatron.  While the Decepticons are attacking Optimus and Megatron, the Insecticons enter Iron Mountain to gather the data inside for themselves.  Megatron fires his cannon at the seekers and knocks them down.  But they are still under Insecticon control.  Megatron and Optimus Prime work together to defeat the Insecticons.  Once the Insecticons are defeated, the Cerebro Shells on the Decepticons are deactivated.

Starscream is briefly shown defending the Decepticon oil platform from the Autobots.  When Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, Megatron sets off explosives on the oil platform and the Decepticons withdraw.

Starscream leads Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge to attack Central City’s (no not the Flash’s Central City) new solar power facility just as the mayor was unveiling it to his constituents.  After Ramjet and Thrust intimidate the onlookers, Starscream transforms and lands on the ground.  He orders the Coneheads to forget about the humans and start working on creating Energon Cubes.  he four Decepticons reveal an ability never shown in the show before, they are able to create empty Energon Cubes with their hands.  They walk to the solar panels and attempt to make Energon Cubes but they walk into a trap.  Tanks emerge from the facility and attack the Decepticons.  The tanks shoot the empty Energon Cubes and they crumble in the Decepticons’ hands.  Even though the tanks are defending the solar power facility, the Mayor calls the Autobots to help.  One of the tanks fires it’s cannon at Starscream but causes no damage.  Starscream fires back and several tanks explode.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots make their way to the facility to protect it from the Decepticons.  Starscream is attacked by Ironhide, Smokescreen, and Warpath.  He is about to submit to their barrage, but he calls out to Thrust to save him.  Starscream realizes that they are about to be defeated, so he orders the Decepticons to retreat.  The next day, Starscream, and the Coneheads follow Megatron to an oil refinery.  Megatron is manipulating Shawn Berger to make him think that the Autobots are evil.  Fake Autobots have raided the oil refinery to create Energon Cubes.  When the Decepticons arrive, they fire all of their weapons at the faux Autobots.  The fake Wheeljack shoots Dirge with darts and he is about to crash.  Starscream protects Dirge from further damage.  Starscream disables the fake Wheeljack with a null ray from his nosecone.  After Megatron damages the fake Optimus Prime, the other Decepticons transform into robot mode and fire their lasers at the fake Autobots, making them retreat.  Megatron’s plan to discredit the Autobots is successful.  They are arrested and put on trial.  Megatron and the Decepticons go to the trial to watch.  They see the Autobots get convicted and exiled from the Earth.

After the Autobots are exiled, Shawn Berger declares a Decepticon Day holiday.  The Decepticons march in a parade with a crowd cheering for them.  Oddly, the Decepticons carry their weapons while marching.  Starscream doesn’t like pretending he is a hero for the humans.  He asks Megatron why they can’t take over the city now that the Autobots are gone.  Megatron assures him that he has his own plans.  During a press conference, Megatron reveals that he is truly evil and plans to take over the Earth for it’s resources.  He thanks Berger for his help.  Berger’s own security guards attack him.  Starscream shoots a laser out of his fingers and destroys the security guards’ weapons.  Megatron enslaves the city and makes them create Energon Cubes.  While Megatron and Starscream are surveying the power plant, Soundwave detects a fleet of jets on approach to attack the Decepticons.  Starscream leads all of the Decepticon fliers to attack the jets.  The jets attack first, but the Decepticons use their missiles to destroy a lot of the jets.  The pilots realize they can’t win so the remaining few jets retreat to save their lives.  The Autobots storm the power plant to fight the Decepticons.  They reveal that they aren’t dead.  The Decepticons go outside of the power plant to battle the Autobots.  Starscream is the first Decepticon to fall when Optimus Prime shoots him with his Ion Cannon. The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Megatron sends Soundwave on a mission to steal the new Autobot weapon called the Negavator.  He fails and Starscream says he will succeed where Soundwave failed.  Megatron organizes the Decepticons to ambush the Autobots as they travel back to the Ark so he can steal the Negavator.  After Rumble creates a rock slide, Starscream and the other Decepticon jets fly into the canyon with their weapons firing.  The Coneheads fly through Smokescreen’s smoke and are blinded.  Starscream orders them to use their radar to navigate.  Smokescreen fires at the Decepticon jets and disrupts their electrical instruments.  Starscream crashes into the canyon walls and transforms when he hits the ground.  The Decepticons are unable to capture the Negavator and retreat, but Starscream is left behind.  Starscream goes to a nearby city to hide.  He is aware of Red Alert’s fragile mental status and lures him into a garage.  Starscream tells Red Alert to stay quiet so no one catches them.  Red Alert raises his gun and points it at Starscream.  Red Alert calls Starscream his enemy, but Starscream tries to manipulate Red Alert’s fragile mind.  He tells Red Alert that he could have shot him at any time, but he won’t.  Starscream tells Red Alert that they need each other.  Red Alert says he will never be a Decepticon, and Starscream tells him that he wasn’t asking him to become one.  Starscream manipulates Red Alert by playing with his paranoia.  He tries to make Red Alert validate his thoughts and says that the Autobots are intimidated by him.  Starscream tells Red Alert that the Decepticons are intimidated by his superiority too, and that is why Megatron left him behind.  This makes Red Alert believe that all of the Autobots are jealous of him.  He continues to shoot blue sparks from his head.  Starscream gets Red Alert to want to help him steal the Negavator and take control of the Autobots.   Red Alert travels to the Autobot Bunker in the Military base with Starscream.  Starscream complains that they are moving too slow.  Red Alert takes Starscream to a secret entrance that only he knows about.   Starscream keeps reinforcing Red Alert’s thoughts that the Autobots are out to get him.  Red Alert leads Starscream through the maze like corridors of the bunker.  They run as fast as they can to prevent detection from the tunnel drone.  They are stopped by a gate in the tunnel and the tunnel drone approaches.  Red Alert tells Starscream that even he can’t stop the drone and if it catches them, they will be atomized. The tunnel drone gets closer and closer, and Starscream wants to shoot the bars on the gate to get through.  Red Alert warns him not to or the alarm will sound.  Starscream shoots the bars to save himself from the tunnel drone.  They escape destruction and fall into a hole which leads them right to the Negavator.  Starscream climbs on the Negavator and Red Alert makes it roll towards the Autobots.  Starscream screams at Red Alert to blast the Autobots while he has the chance.    As Optimus Prime tries to talk Red Alert down, Megatron and the Decepticons enter the bunker.  Starscream saves himself by telling Megatron that he was stealing the Negavator for him. Starscream leaps into the air and rips Red Alert out of the Negavator.  Red Alert and Starscream wrestle, but Starscream tries to get away when he learns that Red Alert is about to explode.  Starscream shoots Red Alert with his null ray, but he winds up curing Red Alert’s mental illness.  Megatron orders Red Alert to use the Negavator on the Autobots, or he will use it on Red Alert.  Red Alert sets the Negavator to explode and the Decepticons want to retreat.

Starscream stands with Megatron after Optimus Prime is captured in Central Park.  Megatron then reveals that he modified the Empire State Building to be a new Decepticon Base.  With the Decepticons victorious (for the moment) Starscream wants to test out a new cannon that the Constructicons built on top of the Decepticon Base.  Starscream even praises Megatron for his victory, but not to Megatron’s face.  The Constructicons are rebuilding Manhattan to be a Decepticon City.  Starscream mentions that it feels like home.  Megatron sees that Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet are climbing the side of his fortress to get Optimus Prime’s arm back.  Soundwave tells Megatron that they are out of range from the cannon, so Megatron orders Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker to transform and attack the Autobots from the air.  Ratchet and Ironhide shoot the three Decepticons with their blasters causing them to crash into the fortress.  Skywarp and Thundercracker disobey Starscream’s orders and perform an emergency landing.  Sideswipe uses his jet pack to leap into the air and lands on top of Starscream.  He forces Starscream to crash into the East River.

Starscream follows Megatron to meet Soundwave.  Soundwave was tasked with stealing plans for an experimental drone fighter which a scientist created to help the Autobots fight the Decepticons.  Starscream wants to shoot the drone out of the sky, but Megatron wants it in one piece.  Megatron gives Starscream an explosive device and he flies off in jet mode to intercept the drone.  Starscream drops the bomb on the drone and it explodes.  While the Autobots are investigating why the drone exploded, the Decepticons storm the main laboratory and steal the plans for the drone.Starscream grabs one of the scientists and demands that he gives him the plans or be vaporized.  The Autobots burst into the lab to defend the scientists.  Jazz is the first to attack.  He unleashes really loud music and a light show wish disorients Starscream.  Starscream and Soundwave leave the battle when Hound creates a hologram of Megatron.  The hologram commands the two Decepticons to leave the building.  They return to the new Decepticon base which is in a hangar in an airport.  Megatron and Starscream blame each other for the mission failure.  Before they can make a new plan, the Dinobots attack.   Slag runs at Starscream with all of his strength. Starscream fires his blaster at Slag, but is unable to slow him down.  Slag spits fire at Starscream’s blaster and it melts off of his arm.  The base is destroyed when Swoop causes Thrust and Thundercracker to crash into it.  Megatron demands that the Decepticons charge at the Dinobots at once.  Starscream fires his blaster at Snarl, but Snarl’s armor is too thick.  Starscream shoots one of Snarl’s plates, and the laser is reflected back at him.  The Dinobots are defeated and the Decepticons admire their work.  Even though they were victorious in battle, they fly away because their base was destroyed.  While the Decepticons are flying in formation, out of no where, they start to fall to the ground.  The Decepticons are losing their ability to fly.  Starscream falls to the ground first.  Megatron leads all of the Decepticons to a power plant to create more Energon Cubes.  He thinks that the reason that the all fell from the sky is because of bad Energon. As the Decepticons are making Energon Cubes, the Autobots arrive to fight.  Starscream takes this as a sign that he should steal control of the Decepticons away from Megatron.  Starscream transforms to fight the Autobots in jet mode, but he crashes into the ground.  Megatron regains his ability to speak and fires his fusion cannon at an electrical tower.  It falls on Optimus Prime and traps him.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Starscream.  Starscream is about to shoot Optimus, but Megatron misfires and Starscream almost shoots himself in the foot.  All of the Decepticons are malfunctioning in some way, so Megatron orders them to fly away.  None of them can, but the Autobots are malfunctioning as well.  Both sides stop fighting so they can find out what is wrong.

Megatron guides Starscream and Thundercracker to an observatory to steal a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  The device has the ability to translate any language to impulses so a species not from Earth will understand the message.  Strangely, Starscream and Thundercracker fly in robot mode instead of jet mode.  Starscream starts the attack, he fires his blaster at a satellite dish on top of the observatory.  The inventor of the Voltronic Galaxer calls the Autobots for help.  Starscream shoots his laser at the scientist as he is trying to get help.  Megatron captures the device prompting Starscream and Thundercracker to transform and fly away to their new fortress on the moon.

Starscream fights Warpath and Hoist by Stonehenge.  Ramjet, Rumble, and Ravage are providing back up for Starscream.  Starscream mentions that he is running low on energy.  Ramjet is knocked into Starscream, Rumble, and Ravage by Warpath.  Starscream wants to retreat so they can recharge and get repairs.   Rumble stops them from leaving when he detects strange energy emanating from the stones.    With Warpath firing at them, Starscream commands the Decepticons follow Ravage through an opening in the stones.   The Decepticons sense energy, but Starscream is starved for more power.  He swats Rumble out of the way and says since he is in charge, he should take the responsibility for testing the energy himself. They are transported back in time to 543 AD.  At first, the Decepticons don’t know that they are back in time.  Soon, they encounter two knights on horses, who Rumble thinks are actually Autobots.  Starscream and Ramjet reveal themselves and protect Rumble from the knights.  The Knights think that they are enemy knights.  Starscream uses his hand to knock the knights off of their horses.  One of the knights removes his helmet and Starscream realizes that they aren’t robots.  He still doesn’t know he is back in time and thinks that the knights are trying to pretend they are robots.  The knight introduces himself as Sigund of Blackthorne, which means nothing to Starscream.  Starscream plays along and says he is Starscream of Cybertron.  Blackthrone tells them the year and the Decepticons realize that they are back in time.  Princess Nimue is spying on the Decepticons and Ravage detects her.  The knights and Ravage try to catch her.  Starscream tells Ramjet and Rumble to stay back so they can conserve their energy.  Starscream allies himself with an evil (or more opportunistic and scheming than evil) lord. Starscream discovers that the Autobots have also gone back in time.  Starscream wants to rule the land, so he abducts the princess.  He transforms and escapes away with her in his cockpit.  Starscream can’t fly because he doesn’t have enough energy.  Warpath and Hoist try to intercept Starscream, but they crash into each other.  Starscream and the Decepticons keep the princess a prisoner in Blackthorne’s castle.  Starscream is obviously very weak and he tells Blackthorne that he gives the orders now.  Starscream steals all of Blackthorne’s gold so he can make wire to recharge the Decepticons.  He crushes the gold in his hands and it turns into wire which he winds on his finger.  Starscream commands slaves to make a dynamo spin and the Decepticons are able to recharge.  Rumble wants to recharge first, but Starscream won’t let him.  After Starscream recharges, he decides to make gun powder, but he needs potassium nitrate.  A bird poops on his head and he realizes that bird feces has potassium nitrate in it.  He commands Rumble to collect bird dung.  Starscream, the Decepticons, and Blackthorne’s army defend the castle from the King’s army and the Autobots.  Starscream commands them to use explosives that he created with the gun powder.  Starscream looks like he is about to be victorious when a wizard shows up and uses lightning to recharge the Autobots.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons and capture them.  The wizard guides the Autobots, Decepticons, and Spike back to the time portal, but now it is guarded by a dragon.  The dragon is defeated and everyone returns to the proper time.

Starscream and Thrust ride inside of Astrotrain.  Together, the Decepticons are stalking Cosmos near the moon of Saturn called Titan.  Astrotrain hits Cosmos with a laser blast and forces him to crash land on the moon of Titan.  The Decepticons follow and Astrotrain lands near an alien temple  Starscream wonders where the aliens are and Thrust points out that he detects aliens near by.  Astrotrain watches the aliens and realizes that their belief system is based on deities from above called Sky Gods.  Astrotrain wants to pose as one of the Sky Gods so the Decepticons can gain control of the alien’s energy crystals.  Starscream claims that he would be a better god.  Astrotrain chokes Starscream and he allows Astrotrain to claim to be a god.  The Decepticons travel to the aliens.  Thrust and Starscream deactivate Cosmos and put him on display to make the aliens think that Astrotrain is the strongest Sky God.  Starscream complains that Astrotrain is giving him orders.  Thrust complies so Astrotrain won’t harm him.  An alien named Talaria activates Cosmos’ signal beacon and the Decepticons quickly learn that the Autobots are coming.  Starscream fires his blaster at her but misses.  She tries to escape but Thrust intercepts her.  Cosmos wakes up and defends Talaria by shooting Starscream.  Cosmos is quickly deactivated again.  The fanatical high priest of Titan named Jero leads the Decepticons to a cave of energy crystals.  Starscream points out that he has never seen crystals that contained as much energy as the crystals in the cave.  Starscream starts to juggle the crystals.  Starscream also mentions that the crystals have the potential to be unstable.  While the enslaved Titans are harvesting energy crystals for the Decepticons, Starscream constantly makes them work harder and faster.  Together, Starscream, Thrust, and the Titan slaves make their way to the temple.  They discover Jazz and Perceptor trying to reactivate Cosmos.  Both Autobots and Decepticons fire their weapons at each other.  Thrust wants to get Astrotrain to help, but Starscream orders him to fight.  The two Decepticons re-enter the main chamber and start attacking the Autobots again.  Starscream transforms into jet mode to attack the Autobots from above.  He successfully wounds Jazz.  Jazz knocks Starscream out of the sky by throwing a big rock at him.  Jazz grabs Starscream, and when he transforms back into robot mode, Jazz is restraining him.  Starscream cries out to Thrust to help him, but Thrust runs out of the temple.  Jazz wrestles Starscream and they end up outside of the temple.  The Autobots fall off a cliff when Astrotrain has the Titans use their energy crystals against the Autobots.  Starscream and Thrust search the moon’s surface in jet mode for the missing Autobots.  Starscream optimistically says that he thinks they chased the Autobots off of Titan permanently.  Astrotrain organizes all of the Decepticons and slaves to watch as Jero sacrifices Talaria.  Jazz saves her and Starscream and Thrust start shooting their blasters at him.  Jazz and Talaria are pinned down by the Decepticons.  They are saved by Perceptor and Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme rips a hole in the temple.  Once Starscream and Thrust see him, they fly away.  They later rejoin Astrotrain in the crystal caves.  Astrotrain knows they can’t defeat Omega Supreme, so he wants to detonate the energy crystals in the mine.  Astrotrain fires his blaster at the crystals and it starts a chain reaction.  He transforms into shuttle mode and Starscream and Thrust board him.  The Decepticons retreat back to Earth.

The Constructicons create a drill for Megatron so he can dig to Earth’s core to harness it’s energy.  Starscream warns Megatron that this could be too dangerous and the Decepticons and the Earth could be destroyed.  Considering Starscream actually does have a scientific background, it may be a good idea for Megatron to listen to him.  Starscream makes a demonstration for Megatron explaining the Earth’s fragility.  He takes a rock and deploys a drill from his arm.  He drills into the rock and it crumbles.  Megatron leads Starscream to a magnetic elevator, and together they ascend above ground.  Starscream follows Megatron into a Decepticon compound which is hidden by a hologram of a rock wall.  Megatron reveals a Space Bridge that they will use once they leech all of the energy from the Earth’s core.  If the Earth starts to fall apart, they will transport themselves to Cybertron.  That night, Starscream watches the Autobots try to enter the Decepticon base (or so he thinks).  After he thinks they are leaving because they were unsuccessful, he watches them leave the bottom of the waterfall base in an elevator attached to Optimus Prime’s trailer.  He grabs a sniper rifle (which he never used in a single episode before) and aims at the Autobots.  He is about to fire at the Autobots when Megatron stops him.  Megatron doesn’t think it is worth trying to kill six Autobots when he can destroy all of them if he is successful in draining the Earth’s core.  Megatron also tells Starscream that he was prepared for the Dominator Disks.  Later that night, Optimus Prime, and the Autobots race towards the Decepticon base in vehicle mode.  Megatron rallies all of the Decepticons and together, they fire all of their weapons at the Autobots.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker take to the air and transform into jet mode.  The three seekers fire their missiles at Bluestreak.  Bluestreak transforms and launches missiles into the air.  The Autobots successfully gain control of Devestator and he attacks the Decepticons.   The Decepticons fly away to the safety of their cavernous drill platform.  Devestator collapses the entrance of the cave and the Decepticons are trapped.  Devestator returns with the Autobots.  Megatron uses a disruptor to disrupt the Dominator Chips, but Wheeljack amps up the power of the disks to keep control.  This causes Devestator to go wild and he attacks both Autobot and Decepticon.  Devestator grabs Starscream and throws him at the drill.  It starts to continue drilling into the Earth and creates damage.  The Decepticons try to retreat to the Space Bridge, but Devestator follows.  He destroys the Space Bridge before the Decepticons can use it to evacuate Earth to the safety of Cybertron.  The Autobots and Decepticons work together to bring the correct Devestator back.  Devestator destroys the drill and rejoins the Decepticons.

Starscream almost ruins Megatron’s plan to weaponize stolen cars when he is discovered flying above New York City by the Autobots.  While patrolling the sky, Powerglide discovers Starscream.  When Starscream learns that he was discovered, he tries to out fly Powerglide.  He circles around a building and winds up behind Powerglide.  Starscream then starts firing his lasers at the Autobot.  Cosmos joins the fight and starts firing his lasers at Starscream.  Starscream transforms and runs into a department store.  Powerglide and Cosmos transform and follow him.  Starscream plants himself on a balcony to have a clear shot at the Autobots.  He fires his lasers at them, but winds up damaging an elevator.  Cosmos stops fighting to protect the humans inside of the elevator.  Starscream tries to escape from the two Autobots by running up stairs, but they follow him.  Starscream starts firing his blasters at the Autobots again.  He hits Powerglide and Cosmos, then makes a hole in the ceiling and flies away in jet mode.

The Decepticons gather in an abandoned Ghost Town so the Constructicons can build a weapon for Megatron called the Transfixitron.  The Transfixitron has the ability to lock a Transformer in a specific mode.  Starscream announces his usual criticism of Megatron.  He says that instead of worrying about a new device, Megatron should be leading them to fight the Autobots  Megatron decides to test the Transfixitron on Starscream.  He orders Starscream to transform into jet mode and fires the weapon at him. The device is successful and Starscream is stuck in vehicle mode.  Starscream begs Megatron to restore his ability to transform.  After begging for a solid 25 seconds, Megatron agrees to restore Starscream.  The Decepticons learn that the Autobots are going to race for charity.  While the Autobots are racing in vehicle mode, Skywarp uses the Transfixitron on the Autobots.  After the race, the Decepticons appear and capture the Autobots.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker transform into jet mode to disable the Autobots.  They shoot out the Autobots’ tires and make their engines overheat.  The Decepticons bring the Autobots back to their ghost town and prepare to use a crusher to destroy the Autobots.  Before Ironhide can be destroyed, Optimus Prime deploys Roller to distract the Decepticons.  Starscream starts firing his blasters at Roller.  Soon, the few Autobots who weren’t at the race arrive at the Decepticon Ghost Town to save their friends.  Starscream leads Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Soundwave to fight them.  The Decepticons are defeated when the Autobots are restored by one of Wheeljack’s inventions and then the Autobots use the Transfixitron on Devestator.

Thrust returns to the Decepticon undersea base with Autobot prisoners.  He also discovered a pool of Electrum which can turn a transformer invincible.  Despite Thrust having NO damage and is covered in gold, Starscream is skeptical of the validity of the source of Electrum.  Thrust leads the Decepticons to the Electrum pool and they all become invulnerable.   They test out their invulnerability by shooting each other.  The laser blasts bounce off the Electrum armor and damage the paradise like valley.  The Decepticons test their new armor against a small group of Autobots who left the Ark to rescue Perceptor and Seaspray.  Powerglide locks on to Starscream and fires his lasers at him.  The laser blasts ricochet off of Starscream’s Electrum armor.  Starscream speeds towards Powerglide and fires his lasers at him.  Powerglide crashes into the ocean.  Once the Decepticons conquer the small group of Autobots, they know they can defeat all of the Autobots.  Together, they travel to the Ark to defeat the rest of the Autobots. Megatron tells the Decepticons to show no mercy.  Starscream asks when have they ever shown mercy.   Sunstreaker exposes a blaster on his roof and fires at Starscream.  Starscream is not affected at all.  The Decepticons defeat the Autobots, but for some strange reason, they don’t finish them off.  After they defeat a small team that was defending the Ark, they return back to their base.  Starscream brags about how many shots he took without falling.  Starscream has Thundercracker and Skywarp bring him Perceptor and Seaspray.  He wants them to battle each other for his entertainment.  Megatron returns and chastises Starscream.  Megatron commands that all of the Decepticons fly to battle Omega Supreme.  The Decepticons defeat him very quickly.  The Decepticons fly to the Ark to finally destroy all of the Autobots.  When they attack, they realize all that they destroy were dummies.  Megatron realizes that the Decepticons were lured away from the Golden Lagoon by the Autobots.  The Decepticons fly back to the Electrum and find the Autobots are already there and are coated by Electrum.  When the Decepticons attack, Omega Supreme emerges from the pool and both sides battle.  Because the Autobots and Decepticons are coated in Electrum, no one is able to harm the other.  Eventually, the Electrum that was coating the Decepticons wears off and the Autobots are victorious.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that housed the Electrum pool was destroyed by the vicious battle.

Starscream goes with the Decepticons to steal insecticide from Cosmos which can be used to damage the Insecticons.  When they get close, they find that there is a major infestation of Morphobots.  When the Decepticons reach Cosmos, they find that the infestation of Morphobots has gotten out of control.  Starscream wants to shoot a path through the Morphobots, but Megatron warns him that there may be negative repercussions.  Starscream asks Megatron where his courage is.  Starscream fires his blaster at the mass of Morphobots.  The laser blast is deflected back at Starscream.  Starscream is knocked on the ground causing Megatron and Soundwave to laugh at him (Soundwave’s laugh is actually pretty creepy).  Megatron wants to punish Starscream for his insubordination but Soundwave detects approaching Autobots. After the Autobots save Cosmos, the Decepticons attack from the air.  There is a lull in the battle and the Morphobots wrap their vine around Megatron’s legs They bring him closer and closer to them so they can eat Megatron  He calls out for the Decepticons to help him.  All of the Decepticons rush to his aid but they are attacked by the Morphobots.

The Decepticons construct a Space Bridge inside of a Baseball stadium.  Starscream is part of the Decepticon force that works with Megatron to accomplish his plan.  When the Decepticons start terrorizing the players and the crowd, of course Starscream joins in.  While in jet mode, he flies into the crowd and captures the spectators with his wings.  Before anyone is severely hurt, the Autobots arrive to save the day.  Starscream tries to occupy the Autobots by dropping his captive humans.  Inferno transforms into fire truck mode and catches them with a big net.  Starscream transforms and stands on top of the Space Bridge.  He is knocked off when Soundwave is sent flying into him by Brawn.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime tackle Megatron and Starscream.  All four wind up inside of the ring of the Space Bridge.  The Space Bridge malfunctions and activates itself.  Starscream is sent across the universe with a group of Autobots and Decepticons.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand.   Starscream tries to figure out where he is, but he is dazed.  He walks into a large box and it turns out to be a jack in the box.  He shoots it but the beam bounces off and knocks massive marbles onto the Transformers.  Starscream is trapped under the large spheres.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  A massive child (not sure how big, but at least the same size as a Cityformer like Metroplex or Fortress Maximus, an adult, maybe as big as Unicron, but it is never really established and the animation isn’t consistent with their heights) lifts the sphere off of Starscream.  At first, Starscream is deathly afraid of the boy, thinking he is going to destroy him.  The boy named Aron thinks the Decepticons are toys and puts them in a bowl.  Aron drops Ravage on Starscream’s head.  Starscream and Soundwave break through the bowl and try to escape through a door.  Aron simply closes the door and the two Decepticons remain trapped.  Starscream tries to hide in a toy house, and he discovers the Autobots.  Also, he finds a supply of Energon Cubes that the Autobots took from Megatron.  Starscream shoots the Energon cubes and starts a fire.  The Autobots are forced to leave the toy house which was hiding them.  Starscream emerges from the toy house and Aron grabs him.  He says that Starscream is very bad and puts him in a box.  When Aron’s parents get home, he shows them the Decepticons.  When he takes Starscream out of the box, Starscream fires his lasers at Aron’s father.  The giant adult is merely inconvenienced by the lasers.   Later, Aron’s parents take all of the Transformers away so they can be studied by scientists.  Starscream is restrained by large staples to a desk so the scientists can observe him.  The scientists have no clue what a Transformer is, so they plan on dissecting them.  Before any Transformer is dissected, Aron runs off with the Autobots.  The Decepticons are put into cages so the Scientists can dissect them after the Autobots are recovered.  Ravage frees the Decepticons and they escape.  They learn that the Autobots want to use Aron’s telescope to help them go back to Earth.  The Decepticons trick the Autobots and use the telescope and the Energon to return to Earth.

Megatron sends Starscream, Rumble, Astrotrain, and Ramjet to Cybertron to help Shockwave capture (or destroy) the Female Autobots.  Once the Decepticons arrive on Cybertron, Shockwave gives them the coordinates of the female Autobots’ base. Starscream leads the small band of Decepticons to attack the hidden headquarters.  When the Deceptions reach Shockwave’s coordinates, all they find is rubble and debris.  Ramjet thinks Shockwave told them the wrong place to go, but Starscream is confident in Shockwave’s reports.  Starscream refuses to be outsmarted by a fembot.  He has Rumble lure the female Autobots out of their home by creating an earthquake.  Rumble hesitates to act on Starscream’s orders at first.  He is apprehensive to damage Cybertron when all Megatron wants them to do is capture Elita-1.  Starscream screams at Rumble and tells him that when Megatron is not around, he is in charge of the Decepticons.  Elita-1 was already above ground, she fires her blaster at a garbage can to get the Decepticons’ attention.  The Decepticons engage Elita-1 to capture her.  Starscream stands on a building to get a better shot, but is unable to hit her.  The battle ends when Starscream uses his null ray to incapacitate Elita-1.  Starscream assumes that the tribe of female Autobots were destroyed by Rumble’s earthquake.  The Decepticons make Elita-1 their prisoner.  Optimus Prime learns of this and goes to Cybertron to save her.  He is immediately captured and Starscream shoots Elita-1 when she tries to free him.  Starscream plans to execute Elita-1 in front of Optimus, but Shockwave stops him.  Shockwave claims he has a better idea.  The Decepticons hang Optimus Prime a vat of acid.  Starscream brags that the Decepticons were able to capture Optimus Prime under HIS leadership.  Starscream grabs a metal bar and dips it in the acid to show how powerful it is.  Elita-1 pleads to Starscream to let Optimus go.  Starscream obliges and drops Optimus Prime into the vat of acid.  Elita-1 uses her “use only once” power to stop time to save Optimus Prime.  The Decepticons have no idea that Optimus was rescued because when time starts again, there is wreckage in the vat of acid that they assume is Optimus Prime’s remains.  Ironhide, Powerglide, and Inferno arrive on Cybertron just as the Decepticons are celebrating the perceived destruction of Optimus Prime.  The three Autobots can’t believe that Optimus is dead.  They lash out at the Decepticons with their weapons.  Starscream fires his twin lasers at Powerglide, but Powerglide’s acrobatic flips enable him to avoid damage.  Powerglide leaps into the air and kicks Starscream The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons spills out into the streets.  Both sides seem to be evenly matched.  Starscream climbs on a tower and shoots Ironhide with his lasers.  Eventually, the female Autobots Chromia and Moonracer join the fight to help their Autobot friends. to the ground.  The Decepticons retreat from battle but the Autobots run after them.  The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons spills out into the streets.  Both sides seem to be evenly matched.  Starscream climbs on a tower and shoots Ironhide with his lasers.  Eventually, the female Autobots Chromia and Moonracer join the fight to help their Autobot friends.   They are followed by Lancer, Greenlight, and Firestar.  The battle continues but it is very evenly matched.  Later, both the Autobots and Decepticons learn that Optimus Prime is not dead.  Optimus Prime and Elita-1 turn the tide of the battle and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth.

Starscream goes out on his own with Soundwave.  Together, they take over a nightclub and hypnotize the patrons to do their bidding.  Starscream quickly realizes that the Autobot are investigating (because a 15-20 foot tall robot doesn’t at all stand out in a nightclub).  Starscream watches the Autobots instead of engaging them in battle (which is probably a better plan than just attacking them and drawing in more Autobots).  Starscream carefully plans a trap to lure Tracks to the club.  Starscream has a hypnotized promoter give Rocksteady and Poplock (two friends of Tracks) tickets to the club.  They get hypnotized and when Tracks goes to the club, they lure him to Starscream and Soundwave (in all seriousness, a very well thought out plan).  Once Starscream sees Tracks in his private office, Starscream fires his laser blasters at him.  Tracks avoids damage and tries to escape.  Tracks opens fire on Starscream, but Starscream hides behind a metal door.  Starscream commands Soundwave to activate the ultra sonic frequency and the patrons of the nightclub start to attack Tracks.  Once Starscream feels like he is being successful, he contacts Megatron to update him on his progress.  Soon, Starscream and Soundwave are discovered by Blaster.  Starscream shoots his laser at Blaster, but Blaster dodges the attack and tackles Starscream. Together, they fall down a flight of stairs.  They continue to fight on the floor.  Blaster tosses Starscream away with his legs, but Starscream leaps in the air to assail Blaster.  Blaster is on the ground and Starscream gets on top of him.  Blaster gets an arm free and punches Starscream, sending him flying through the night club.  Starscream runs away from Blaster after Raoul sets off the fire sprinklers and all of the mind controlled patrons break the hypnosis.  Once Tracks is free, he sees Starscream trying to escape.  Tracks uses his shoulder cannons to fire on Starscream.  Starscream takes the opportunity to fly away.  Starscream finds Tracks seeding clouds to rescue hypnotized workers.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and attacks Tracks with his lasers.  Tracks does everything he can to stay ahead of Starscream’s assaults.  Tracks flies through the partially constructed building to evade Starscream.  Starscream stays behind Tracks.  Starscream is just a little too clumsy and clips his wings on the building.  He is forced to retreat for repairs.

Megatron listens in on the Autobots and learns that Lord Chumley has captured several Autobots to use them as bait to trap Optimus Prime.  Starscream is impressed that Lord Chumley has accomplished more to defeat the Autobots in two days than Megatron has done in two years.  Megatron slaps Starscream in the face.  After Megatron sends Blitzwing and Astrotrain to help Chumley, Starscream accuses Megatron of not wanting to get his own hands dirty.

Starscream, Astrotrain, and Blitzwing go to a mountain and use their weapons to carve their faces, as well as Megatron’s, into the mountain.  Blitzwing quickly announces that he feels they would be better off if they left Megatron’s command. Starscream blames Megatron for the Decepticons failing to defeat the Autobots.  Starscream damages the visage of Megatron in the mountain.  Taking cues from Starscream, Astrotrain and Blitzwing destroy the carving of Megatron.  The three Decepticons decide to go on their own after they overthrow Megatron.  Together, they fly to the Decepticon undersea base.  Blitzwing is going to lure out Megatron so the others can attack him.  Astrotrain suggests Starscream take the lead, but Blitzwing reminds Astrotrain that for years, Starscream has been unsuccessful in trying to steal control of the Decepticons from Megatron.  Blitzwing declares that Starscream is a failure, but Starscream responds by saying he has just been waiting for the right time.  Starscream flies off to lure Megatron on his own.  Starscream brings Megatron into the sewers, claiming that the Autobots have built a secret base underground.  Megatron says that they need reinforcements if they are going to take on the Autobots, but Starscream says that they can handle it together on their own.  Starscream doesn’t want to share the glory with the rest of the Decepticons, or so he claims.  Starscream gets Megatron to continue on in the sewers by accusing him of being afraid.  Megatron punches Starscream and they continue walking through the sewers.  Panels shut on either end of the corridor.  Megatron thinks that it is an Autobot trap, but before he can escape, he is frozen by liquid nitrogen.  Somehow Starscream isn’t frozen, and he tries to escape through a hatch on the floor.  Starscream realizes that he was double crossed by Astrotrain and Blitzwing when the hatch is sealed shut.  Starscream is frozen in the trap as well.  Megatron and Starscream are thawed out when one of Astrotrain’s train drones damages a water main.  Megatron blames Starscream for his treason.  Starscream explains that both of them were betrayed by Astrotrain and Blitzwing while he is being choked by Megatron.  Megatron shoots a hole in the tunnel so he can climb out.  While Starscream is climbing to the surface, Megatron isn’t sure if he is lying or just stupid.  Starscream pleads for his life and claims that he is stupid.  Together, they fly into the air to reclaim Megatron’s status as leader.  Megatron and Starscream encounter Optimus Prime at the train station that Astrotrain took over.  They start firing their weapons at Optimus right away.  Optimus Prime transforms into truck mode, blinds Megatron and Starscream with his headlights, and drives off.  Megatron and Starscream fly off to find Blitzwing and Astrotrain.  When the two Decepticons arrive at Blitzwing’s stadium, they see Blitzwing fighting Devestator.  Soon, Astrotrain is swept into the stadium by a tidal wave.  While Megatron deals with the traitorous triple changers, Starscream transforms into jet mode and attacks Devestator.  Astrotrain and Blitzwing blame Starscream for their betrayal.  Before Megatron can act, Devestator grabs him.  The battle between all of the Decepticons ends off camera but Megatron reclaims his leadership and spares Starscream, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and the Constructicons for the greater good of the Decepticons.

Sometimes Starscream gets the brunt of Megatron’s anger for no reason.  Starscream and Megatron receive a transmission from Dirge.  Dirge has stolen a device from Wheeljack and is forced to crash land.  For some unknown reason, Megatron blames Starscream and threatens to shoot him.  Ramjet, Thrust, and Astrotrain recover the device for Megatron.  Starscream comments that he bets that Megatron doesn’t know what the device does.  So Megatron punches him in the face.  When the device is activated, it doesn’t work.  Megatron blames Starscream for the device getting damaged in the swamp and tosses Starscream into a pile of boxes.  When Megatron learns that the Decepticons were filmed while recovering Dirge, he takes Starscream and the other Decepticons to get the film so Optimus Prime doesn’t see the footage.  Starscream steals the film, but Soundwave tells Megatron that Starscream didn’t get the negatives.  Megatron approaches Starscream and is about to choke him.  Starscream suggests that they level the entire studio and if they do, all of the film in the entire studio will be destroyed.  Megatron lifts Starscream over his head and throws him.  While Starscream is on his back, Megatron rips wires out of his chest and deactivates Starscream.

Starscream is repaired in between episodes and it is never established why Megatron reactivated him.  Even though Starscream is a reasonably good warrior, his constant criticism and traitorous acts outweigh his use.  Megatron orders the Stunticons to gather different components to create a new device.  Starscream calls Megatron’s endeavor foolish, and as usual, Megatron dismisses him.  Starscream joins Megatron in the new base which the Constructicons built inside of a crater.  When the Stunticons arrive, Starscream thinks something is amiss when the Stunticons are driving too safely.  Starscream continues to suspect something when he notices that Motormaster’s voice sounds different.  After the Constructicons complete Megatron’s device, he sends them away.  Starscream tells Megatron that it might not have been a good idea to send the Constructicons back to wherever they went to.  Another Menasor arrives as Megatron is about to activate the cannon.  The first group of Stunticons is revealed to be Autobots in disguise.  When the Autobots had the ruby power source, Ironhide modified it to make the cannon explode.  The rest of the Autobots show up at the Decepticon base.  Between the cannon being destroyed and being outnumbered, the Decepticons transform and fly away.

The Aerialbots pursue Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker through the skies in jet mode.  The three Decepticons have kidnapped human dignitaries for Megatron’s evil plans. The kidnapped humans are half of the world’s leaders.  Once the Decepticons realize they are being followed, Starscream orders them to perform evasive maneuvers  The Aerialbots quickly take out Skywarp and Thundercracker.   Starscream knows he can’t take on all of the Aerialbots on his own.  He starts dropping the kidnapped people out of himself so the Aerialbots will be occupied saving the humans and the Decepticons can escape.  The Aerialbots break off their pursuit of the Decepticons and dive through the air to rescue the hostages.  After the mission, the Decepticons go to Cybertron to use Megatron’s newest invention, the Kronosphere.  Before they use the Kronosphere, Starscream repairs Skywarp’s wing with a welding torch.  The Kronosphere is a time travelling machine that Megatron wants to use to go back in time and steal Energon from Cybertron before the war started.     All of the Aerialbots, except Silverbolt, want to learn more about the Decepticons and are tempted to join them.  As soon as the Aerialbots take off, they are attacked by the Seekers.  Slingshot transforms and tries to talk to the Decepticons.  Skydive, Air Raid, and Fireflight follow his lead.  Silverbolt remains vigilant against the Decepticons.  The Seekers think that the Aerialbots are crazy for not fighting.  Starscream simply thinks they are stupider than he originally thought.  The three Decepticons transform into robot mode to see what the Aerialbots have to say.  Slingshot asks Starscream why Optimus Prime thinks the Decepticons are evil.  Starscream tells the Aerialbots that if they follow him, they will learn everything they need to know about the Decepticons.  Starscream leads the naive Aerialbots to a part of Cybertron still damaged from the ages old war.  They walk into the building and Starscream tricks them to stand on the Kronosphere.  Silverbolt catches up with them and warns the Aerialbots not to trust Starscream.  He winds up standing on the Kronosphere too.  Remotely, Megatron activates the Kronosphere and the Aerialbots are sent back in time.  Megatron intends to send them back to the beginning of time where they will be destroys.  Fortunately, Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive.  They drive right into the war torn building to save the Aerialbots.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker position themselves behind a pillar and and unleash a steady stream of laser fire at the Autobots.  Ironhide remains in vehicle mode and slams into the pillar, removing the Decepticons’ point of cover.  Optimus Prime destroys the Kronosphere to prevent the Aerialbots from traveling back to the Big Bang.  The Decepticons attack just as Wheeljack completes repairs on the Kronosphere.  The Decepticons are vanquished after the Aerialbots return from the past.

Astrotrain transports the Decepticons into space so they can explore.   The Decepticons come across a planet called Antilla which has an immense glowing Autobot Logo shining from the surface.  The logo is so big that the Decepticons can see it from space.   Starscream scans the planet and finds no signs of life.  Megatron instructs the Decepticons to be careful.  When Astrotrain lands, they find that the colony is completely deserted. There are no traces of any Autobots.   Something doesn’t sit right with Megatron, he mentions that it isn’t like the Autobots to abandon a city and to allow their home to decay.  The Decepticons find a large pillar in the middle of the city.  Starscream notices that it is covered with Autobot inscriptions, but none of them can read the language.  Starscream discovers and activates a communication device.  Megatron again warns him to be careful.  Starscream calls Megatron an uneducated dolt and continues pressing buttons on the terminal.  Starscream is able to activate a holographic recording made by an ancient, dying Autobot covered in rust.  The hologram warns the Decepticons to leave the colony right away or they will never be able to return to Cybertron again.   It continues to warn them that if they stay, they will rust and turn to dust (the Autobot in the recording spoke in rhyme).  Megatron thinks that it is a trick meant to keep something hidden.  Starscream sides with Megatron.   The Decepticons continue to explore the colony and find a Lightning Bug weapon.  Starscream climbs up stairs to activate it.  He struggles to get it loose but Rumble helps.  Megatron is bored by their attempt and walks up to the Lightning Bug.   Megatron is able to open up the Lightning Bug to activate it.  Once activated, the Lightning Bug unleashes a torrent of energy that burns a hole in the chamber’s ceiling.  The energy escapes the building and fills the colony’s sky with purple lightning.  After an impressive display of destructive power, the Lightning Bug turns itself off.  Megatron finds it ironic that ancient Autobots built a weapon which will be the instrument of destruction for the Autobots in the present.  The Decepticons load the Lightning Bug into Astrotrain and they start to fly back to Earth.  An asteroid starts to follow Astrotrain and Megatron tells Astrotrain to go faster.  Megatron unleashes the power of the Lightning Bug on it. The asteroid explodes and it winds up ripping a hole in Astrotrain’s hull.  Once the asteroid pierces Astrotrain, a large chunk of it gets caught in Megatron’s shoulder.  When the Decepticons return to their undersea base, Starscream leads the repair effort.  He mentions to Megatron that it will be weeks before they can manufacture the parts to get Astrotrain fully functional.  Megatron cares more about his health than Astrotrain’s.  Starscream tells Megatron that the damage to his shoulder is significant.  Starscream retracts his hand into his wrist and deploys a large pair of forceps.  Much to Starscream’s disappointment, the procedure is successful.  The meteor fragment is removed from Megatron’s shoulder.  While Megatron is rubbing the wound, he notices a strange substance in the hole.  Starscream identifies it as rust.  Starscream leaves Megatron while he goes to get replacement parts manufactured (probably by the Constructicons).  When Starscream returns to Megatron, he is sitting in the shadows.  Starscream tells Megatron that eventually, a new chest piece will be created for him.  Megatron struggles to tell Starscream that a new chest plate won’t be enough.  Starscream is confused, but Megatron remains in the shadows.  Megatron tells Starscream he needs a scientific expert.  Megatron tells Starscream to tell the Stunticons to kidnap the Autobot scientist; Perceptor.

Megatron uses electrodes to create Energy Magnets for the Decepticons.  While he is working, Starscream enters the laboratory and complains that Megatron isn’t working fast enough.  Megatron’s experiment accidentally creates an energy based being named Kremzeek.   Megatron plans to use Kremzeek to destroy the Autobots.  The Decepticons make their new sea base rise from the ocean.  Starscream tells Megatron that everything is operational.

Megatron gathers the Decepticons for his latest scheme.  Starscream starts complaining before the meeting that Megatron compliments Shockwave too much.  Megatron continues to praise Shockwave and compares him to Starscream underhandedly.  Megatron says that Shockwave is humble and respectful.  Starscream sings his favorite song, blaming Megatron for the Decepticons not being able to defeat the Autobots.  Megatron really doesn’t seem to care and starts to walk off.  Starscream is insulted that Megatron turned his back to him and shoots Megatron in the back.  Megaton falls to the ground and Starscream stands on top of him.  Starscream declares himself the new leader of the Decepticons.  Megatron is barely injured and he kicks Starscream off of him.  Starscream is shocked to see that Megatron isn’t dead.  Megatron finally is fed up with Starscream’s continuous schemes to overthrow him.  Megatron points his cannot at Starscream’s head and prepares to fire.  Starscream calls out to Thrust, Astrotrain, and Soundwave to help him, but their true loyalty is with Megatron.  It seems like Megatron is going to let Starscream live, so Starscream gets up to run away.  Megatron shoots Starscream in the back and exiles him.  Laserbeak carries Starscream to an island called Guadalcanal.  The waves on the island wake Starscream up and for a moment he doesn’t know what is going on.  He quickly remembers that Megatron exiled him.  Starscream walks through the island and keeps on thinking that Megatron purposefully made Starscream look foolish in front of the other Decepticons.  Starscream hasn’t learned his lesson and still wants to try to overthrow Megatron.  He is afraid that the other Decepticons won’t respect him because of the exile.  Starscream continues walking on the beach and he trips over something.  When he examines the object, he discovers it is a wing from a destroyed World War II fighter plane.  Starscream assumes that there are more buried weapons and starts to dig up the beach with his hands.  Next he finds a buried tank and it reminds Starscream of Blitzwing.  Starscream is inspired to create his own army of loyal soldiers.  Starscream goes to the Space Bridge in jet mode.  The Space Bridge is being guarded by Skywarp and Thundercracker.  They seem to be unaware that Megatron has exiled Starscream from the Decepticons.  Starscream demands that they let him through.  Skywarp tells Starscream that they are under strict orders to not allow anyone through the space bridge without proper authorization.  Starscream points his blaster at Skywarp’s head to show his “authorization”.  Skywarp and Thundercracker allow Starscream to travel to Cybertron.  On Cybertron, Starscream searches the Decepticon Detention Center.  He enters room 217 and steals the personality components of five Decepticon Renegades.  These renegades had their bodies destroyed for being disloyal to Megatron and their minds were imprisoned.  Starscream destroys the vault (and any other personality profiles of any other renegade Decepticons) and leaves.  Starscream returns to Guadalcanal and inputs the personality profiles into five military vehicles that he excavated.  This is the birth of the Combaticons.   Starscream declares that the Combaticons will be his loyal soldiers. Brawl doesn’t seem to want to follow anyone and asks Starscream what stops the Combaticons from destroying Starscream.  Starscream tells them that when he built their new bodies, he intentionally left out their energy absorbers.  Without Starscream’s help, the Combaticons can’t recharge and will starve to death.  Onslaught speaks for the Combaticons and tells Starscream that they reluctantly will follow his lead.  Starscream’s first mission for the Combaticons is to capture Jazz and Cliffjumper.  The two Autobots are the guests of honor at a ceremony unveiling an Optimus Prime statute.  The Combaticons quickly defeat and capture the two Autobots.  Starscream is overjoyed with the Combaticons’ abilities.  Starscream and the Combaticons return to Guadalcanal.  Starscream gives the Combaticons an underhanded compliment by mentioning that any hesitations he had of their abilities have been removed. Vortex and Onslaught start wrestling with each other for the rights to be the most effective Combaticon.  Starscream shoots a warning shot at the two feuding Combaticons to make them stop fighting with each other. Onslaught and Vortex want to harvest the captured Autobots’ energy absorbers for themselves.  Starscream won’t let them until he has enough for all of the Combaticons.  Starscream leads the Combaticons to a train yard where the Decepticons are trying to refuel.   Starscream reveals himself to the feeding Decepticons and shows them the Combaticons.  Starscream voices that he will finally be able to rule the Decepticons.  Before Starscream and the Combaticons can finally kill Megatron, Soundwave appears and threatens Starscream.  Swindle shoots Soundwave’s gun, saving Starscream.  Soundwave’s blaster goes off, and the stray shot disables the lights in the train station.  This distracts Starscream enough where Megatron can escape imminent destruction.  Megatron crouches behind some trains for cover.  Starscream is enraged and opens fire.  The Combaticons follow Starscream’s lead and start blasting their weapons at the Decepticons.  Dirge and Ramjet try to sneak up on the Combaticons, but Brawl shoots both of them in the chest.  The Decepticons are too low on energy and are forced to withdraw.  Starscream blames the Combaticons for the plot’s failure.  Swindle defends his actions by telling Starscream that he prevented Soundwave from blowing a hole in his chest.  Brawl marches towards Starscream and complains that they are running low on energy and they can’t recharge because none of the Combaticons have energy absorbers.  Starscream explains to the Combaticons that they now have two more energy absorbers from inside Dirge and Ramjet The Combaticons grudgingly remain in Starscream’s command after he tells them that he is the only one who can install the energy absorbers.  Starscream and the Combaticons take control of a power plant to keep their prisoners contained.  All of the captured Transformers are bound to electrical poles by chains.  Off screen, Starscream harvested the energy absorbers from his prisoners and gave them to the Combaticons.  It is unclear who the fifth energy absorber came from.  Starscream tells the Combaticons to get ready for the inevitable battle with Megatron.  As soon as he says that, Swindle realizes that Megatron and most of the Decepticons are approaching from the air.  Megatron opens fire in the air.  Starscream and the Combaticons respond with their own blasters.  All of the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Combaticons stand in the open and fire at each other.  It doesn’t seem like they are able to hit each other with their blasters.   Even though Megatron’s forces drastically outnumber Starscream’s forces, the battle is very even and is turning into a stalemate.  Megatron is irritated by this and orders the Constructicons to merge into Devestator.  Starscream anticipated this eventuality and reveals that he has his own combiner.  The Combaticons merge into Bruticus.  Bruticus conquers Devestator easily..  Starscream flies on Bruticus’ shoulder to get a better view.  Bruticus grabs Megatron and squeezes him in his hand.  Megatron reluctantly agrees to let Starscream lead.  The Stunticons join the fight against Bruticus and merge into Menasor to fight Bruticus.  With one punch, Menasor defeats Bruticus.   Starscream examines the hole created by the combiners’ battle.  Instead of finding Bruticus, he discovers Megatron climbing out of the crater.  Megatron wraps his fingers around Starscream’s throat.  Instead of killing him (which would’ve made a lot of sense) Megatron exiles Starscream and the Combaticons off of Earth. Astrotrain transports the defectors off planet to a floating asteroid.

Starscream and the Combaticons are exiled from Earth and forced to live on a small asteroid. Starscream starts to go a little mad from being in space for so long (it really wasn’t that long).  Brawl fires his cannon at Starscream in tank mode.  He is tired of hearing Starscream complain.  Starscream falls off of the rock pile he was using as a chair.  The Combaticons all blame Starscream for their exile.  Starscream decides to leave his prison.  So he transforms and flies off into space.  Onslaught warns Starscream that he doesn’t have enough power to get to Earth or Cybertron.  Starscream accuses the Combaticons of being stupid and drops bombs on them.  Onslaught disagrees with Starscream and tells him that he is a master tactician. The Combaticons start a Revenge Roster and add Starscream to the list.  While Starscream is flying through Space, he flies right into Shockwave.  Both Decepticons transform into robot mode and they are surprised to see each other.  Shockwave asks Starscream for help and tells him that Cybertron has been invaded.  Starscream had no idea he was that close to Cybertron.  Starscream transforms back into jet mode and Shockwave rides on top of him back to Cybertron.  Shockwave sets up a holographic image of robots attacking Cybertron to scare the Combaticons off of Cybertron.  The Combaticons think it is real so they fight back.  From a distance, Shockwave and Starscream watch.  Starscream congratulates Shockwave on how real the holograms look.  Shockwave and Starscream want to force the Combaticons to use all of their energy, then swoop in and defeat them.  Starscream wants to take control of Cybertron once the Combaticons are defeated.  Shockwave reminds him that HE is the guardian of Cybertron, not Starscream.  Starscream is easily bored with the holographiWhile the Combaticons are occupied, Shockwave and Starscream go to the Space Bridge control room.  They discover that the Combaticons have altered the Space Bridge and now Earth is on a collision course with the sun.  This makes Starscream very happy.  The Autobots and Megatron will all be destroyed if the Earth falls into the sun.    Shockwave tries to reverse the procedure, but Starscream shoots him in the back.  Starscream contacts Megatron to tell him that the Earth is going to fall into the sun.  Starscream will stop the process if Megatron relinquishes command of the Decepticons to him.  When Shockwave comes to, he shoots Starscream in the back.  Starscream doesn’t know why Shockwave shot him).  Shockwave fires again but Starscream gets out of the way.   Starscream is able to get a good shot off and hits Shockwave in the chest.  Shockwave is knocked down.  Just as the two Decepticons finish their battle, the Combaticons enter the chamber and capture Starscream and Shockwave. The Decepticons and the Autobots use the Space Bridge to go to Cybertron.  When the two forces reach Cybertron, they hear Starscream in a cell calling for help.  Starscream blames the Combaticons for his treachery.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Starscream is lying.  Megatron frees Starscream, but only until they can fix the Earth.  Starscream tries to trick Megatron into making him Decepticon leader, but the Combaticons attack before Megatron can answer.   Shockwave’s Sentinel Droids help the Autobots and Decepticons fight the Combaticons.  There is a massive fire fight in the streets of Cybertron.  The Sentinel droids surround the Combaticons, so they merge into Bruticus.   Starscream reveals that he knows how to use the Space Bridge to save Earth.  Megatron points his cannon at Starscream’s head and says that he will spare him if the Earth is saved.  Starscream reveals that when he built the Combaticons, he gave Bruticus a weakness in case he rebels.  There are three spots on his back that if they are shot, Bruticus will be deactivated.  Bruticus is still angry at Megatron for imprisoning him on Cybertron for millions of years without a body.  Bruticus picks up Megatron and lifts him in the air while shaking him.  Bruticus’ weak spot is exposed.  Optimus Prime runs behind Bruticus and fires on the three spots.  Bruticus falls to the ground and is not able to move.  SidMegatron tells Optimus Prime that he will destroy Bruticus.  Starscream and Ramjet fly through the skies of Cybertron and pick up Bruticus with grappling hooks in their vehicle mode.  Megatron fires his cannon and Bruticus explodes.  The Autobots return to Earth.  After the Autobots leave, Megatron reveals that the Bruticus that was destroyed was a fake.  He reprograms the real Bruticus to be his loyal soldier.  Starscream is welcomed back into the Decepticons.  Starscream thanks Megatron for sparing his life.

Megatron creates an orbital disruptor cannon that he wants to destroy the moon with.  He plans on having Soundwave take control of the tides to make floods and somehow produce Energon Cubes with the flood.  Starscream whines to Megatron that he spent too much time making a simulation of the plan that they don’t know if the cannon will work.  Later, Starscream and Skywarp follow a trail of parts to a junkyard.  When Swindle sees that he was discovered by Starscream and Skywarp, he tries to drive away.  Starscream grabs him in jet mode (how???) and brings him to Megatron.

Starscream was killed in Transformers the Movie after Megatron is rebuilt as Galvatron, his ghost returns three times. Twice in Season 3 of Transformers, and once in Beast Wars. Also, Starscream's indestructable spark was studied and a distorted copy was created. The Beast Wars era Predacon Rampage was given this spark. Later, Rampage's spark was split in two, half was given to the second Dinobot.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Starscream was aboard the ship that Megatron lead to destroy the Ark and Optimus Prime.  After The Ark fell to prehistoric Earth, he was in stasis lock for Four Million years.  In 1984, he was repaired by the Ark and resumed (I assume that he was already the second in command) his duties of being second in command of the Decepticons.  The next night, Starscream led an attack force to attack an Autobot recon team that was parked at a Drive In movie theater.

Early Starscream was very similar to Starscream in the G1 cartoon, he would second guess and correct Megatron often.  He wanted command of the Decepticons to himself.  Where in the cartoon this irritated Megatron, in the comic book, the concept of Starscream leading The Decepticons almost entertained Megatron.  While Megatron was giving a monologue about how the Decepticons are superior to Humans, he plots quietly to overthrow Megatron.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to attack Harrison Dam and again, Starscream leads the forces, and again, Megatron stays back until the fighting is over taking pieces of the dam and uses them to create a Decepticon Fortress.  

The Decepticons learn that the Autobots are allying themselves with the Witwickys to convert Earth fuel to be able to be used by the Cybertronians and Megatron again sends the Decepticons, to get Sparkplug Witwicky.  Of course, Megatron doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and Starscream leads the forces.  Megatron eventually joins the fight and when Megatron kidnaps Sparkplug, Starscream flies him away to the Decepticon Fortress.

Soon after Sparkplug is brought to the Decepticon Fortress, The US Military attacks and Megatron orders Starscream to take the rest of the Decepticons and destroy the invaders.  Sparkplug is eventually recovered and while Megatron learns of the Decepticon injuries, Starscream finally pushes Megatron too far.  Megatron makes short work of Starscream but doesn’t kill him.  Before the Autobots can win, Shockwave appears and defeats them.  He takes Starscream on as his second in command.

The Decepticons are now using Blackrock Aerospace factories as their bases.  Starscream treats Shockwave the same way he treated Megatron, constantly criticizing him and talking back.  Starscream feels Shockwave is weak for not destroying Megatron when he had the chance, and now Megatron is missing.

GB Blackrock, a rich human industrialist, goes on the radio saying he has a weapon which will destroy any “Robot”(At this time, most people didn’t know the difference between Autobots and Decepticons).  Starscream and Frenzy are sent to investigate.  Jazz intervenes to help Blackrock, but Circuit Breaker attacks both Autobots and Decepticons, blaming all Transformers on her paralysis.  Both Frenzy and Starscream are injured and escape.  They escape to one of GB Blackrock’s off shore oil rigs, where they stay in hiding until Optimus Prime defeats Shockwave.  Thundercracker and Skywarp eventually join Starscream.

Blackrock, along with the US Navy try to overtake the oil rig where Starscream is lying low. Shockwave joins them.  They then make a new base of operations and plot to use Bumblebee as a weapon to destroy the Autobots (which never comes to fruition).  Eventually Starscream and the other two seekers are defeated by the Autobots and kept on the Ark deactivated.  During the epic battle on the moon, the Constructicons sneak onto The Ark and retrieve Starscream and several other Decepticons.

After being destroyed and rebuilt, Starscream becomes Ratbat’s second in command.  He is part of a scheme to attract humans to the Tropical Decepticon base, now acting as a resort for humans. They were using the resort as cover while they acquired a treasure chest of pirate’s gold which held two Autobot cassettes.  Ratbat and Starscream use a virtual reality program to watch the information on the cassettes.  The program shows them a historical record of a time on Cybertron when the war had just started where Optimus Prime and Megatron battle for The Underbase.  They witness Optimus Prime send it into space to prevent anyone from owning its power and knowledge.   After the program ends, Ratbat is able to use what he saw to calculate the exact location of The Underbase.

Ratbat takes his Decepticons to the Arctic and Starscream requests meeting with Scorponok.  Starscream wants to unite both forces of Decepticons into one large army, but his commander Ratbat is against the idea.  After Buster Witwicky, who has been prisoner of the Decepticons, accidentally lets Scorponok know that Ratbat has been looking for the Underbase, Starscream manipulates the incident to start a battle between both factions of Decepticons.  But before the fight can start, Starscream takes Buster and leaves the Decepticon base.  He takes Buster to an isolated part of the Arctic and leaves him there with a signal device which will bring the Autobots.  He tells Buster that he has to call the Autobots or Starscream will let him freeze to death in the Arctic.  Starscream wants to take advantage of the battle between the two Decepticon forces to gain power.  Buster is apprehensive to do it because if both Decepticon forces unite, the Autobots will be slaughtered.  Starscream returns to the battle and steals Scorponok’s ship so he can harness the power of the Underbase for himself.  His scheme for power actually wound up uniting both teams of Decepticons.  Ultimately Buster uses the signal device and is saved.  Starscream assumes that the Decepticons will kill the Autobots in the arctic.

Piloting Scorponok’s ship into space, Starscream finds The Underbase and starts to merge with it.  Before he could completely merge with it, Ratbat’s Decepticon ship fires on him.  He is foiled from fully merging with the Underbase, but absorbs a considerable amount of energy from it.  He starts to attack the Decepticon ship and destroys it.  He then heads back to Earth.  His first stop is New York City where he fights a group of Autobots made of Goldbug, Bluestreak, Gears, Hound, Hoist, Jazz, The Aerialbots, and Jetfire.  He disables the Aerialbots, but kills the Autobot cars while they are on a bridge.  Starscream is knocked into the water where the Seacons attack him.  He quickly kills all of the Seacons and then Jetfire.  Blaster fires on Starscream, making Starscream leave New York City for Tokyo, but not until Starscream kills Blaster.  In Tokyo, Starscream quickly kills the Throttlebots, and then his fellow seekers, Skywarp and Thundercracker.  He damages the Dinobots and then kills the Predacons.  When he engages the Decepticon Pretenders, somehow they are able to fend off Starscream’s attacks.  This gives Grimlock the opening he needs to attack Starscream, but Starscream is too powerful.  He kills Grimlock but flies away to Buenos Aires to challenge Fortress Maximus, Soundwave, and their soldiers.  Starscream kills the Decepticon Triple Changers and the Technobots, but is distracted when the Terrorcons appear.  This gives Soundwave an opening to attack Starscream.  Starscream shrugs off the attack from Soundwave and starts to fight Fortress Maximus.  Starscream is about to kill Fort Max, but Omega Supreme saves him.  Starscream then kills Omega Supreme.  When Fortress Maximus radios Optimus Prime for help, Starscream realizes that he hasn’t seen Optimus and his blood lust drives him to find Optimus.  Starscream flies into space, and Optimus causes Starscream to be hit by the full brunt of all of the Underbase energy, killing Starscream.

Starscream doesn’t stay dead for that long, a returned Megatron orders Darkwing and Dreadwind to recover Starscream’s body, and kidnaps Ratchet to restore him as a mindless Pretender.  Starscream is teleported to a battlefield where Optimus Prime and Scorponok are battling.  Ratchet double crossed Megatron and didn’t wipe Starscream’s mind.  While on Earth, Starscream attacks both forces and severely damages several of Scorponok’s Pretenders.  Many of the Decepticons are frightened by the sight of Starscream, being that he destroyed so many of them and was thought to be dead.  Starscream uses this to his advantage. He also reveals to both forces that Megatron is the instrument of his resurrection.  Starscream focuses his attack on Optimus Prime, successfully subduing him.  Scorponok orders his Decepticons to help Optimus.  Pretender Starscream is incredibly powerful and is able to not only withstand attacks from both armies, but damage many of the Decepticons.  There is a turning point in the battle when Hot Rod attacks Starscream’s Pretender Shell causing the robot Starscream to feel intense pain.  Scorponok fires on Starscream, defeating him.  Starscream’s usual main priority comes to light, self preservation.  He offers his allegiance to Scorponok.

Scorponok accepts Starscream’s surrender and tries to fold him into the ranks of the Decepticons.  Scorponok’s soldiers vehemently disagree with this choice because Starscream is not trust worthy and twice has attacked the Decepticon forces, killing many Decepticons.  Scorponok acknowledges this but explains that it is better to keep Starscream close so he can watch him instead of letting him scheme freely.  Starscream hears the dissent in the Decepticon ranks and hopes he can use it in the future.

After being tolerated as a member of Scorponok’s Decepticons, Starscream sneaks out of the Decepticon base periodically to explore.  One day, he is followed by GB Blackrock and his new team of super powered humans, tasked to fight Transformers.  Starscream is looking for a super powered man who is able to harness energy.  Starscream wants to binary bond with him to become a Powermaster, giving him enough power to overthrow Scorponok and become the new leader of the Decepticons.  Unknown to Starscream, he is being watched by Shockwave.  Starscream tracks the man, whose name is Hector, to a bar and attacks him.  Unknown to Starscream, Circuit Breaker was trying to recruit Hector to join her and GB Blackrock in forming a team of super powered humans to fight the Decepticons.  Circuit Breaker and Starscream fight with Circuit Breaker defeating Starscream until Shockwave intervenes , shooting Circuit Breaker, but staying hidden from Starscream.  Starscream focuses his attention back to Hector, attempting to grab him.  He is attacked by Rapture and Thunderpunch, two super powered humans that are working for GB Blackrock.  Circuit Breaker rejoins the fight and won’t allow Rapture or Thunderpunch to kill Starscream, she wants to do that herself.  Before she can, Hector defends Starscream.  He considers Starscream’s offer, but he ultimately joins GB Blackrock’s group and Starscream is defeated.  After the humans leave, Shockwave reveals himself to Starscream and proposes and alliance.

Triggerhappy and Mindwipe leave Scorponok’s command.  Starscream tries to ally himself with them and they are afraid of him.  Starscream and Shockwave convince the two Decepticons to pledge allegiance to them.  Along with the Triggerhappy and Mindwipe, Shockwave and Starscream recruit Runabout and Runamuck to form a plan to overthrow Scorponok’s leadership.  They attack Scorponok’s base and destroy it.

Starscream starts to celebrate and quietly plot to overthrow Shockwave, but Shockwave reminds him that even though the base is destroyed, there could be survivors.  Starscream orders his rebel Decepticons to start digging through the wreckage to find survivors.  He orders that any surviving Decepticon to be given the option of joining him and any Autobots to be killed on the spot.  While walking through the wreckage, Starscream is attacked by Scorponok and restrained by him.  Scorponok then has a drawn out battle with Shockwave until Blackrock’s group of super humans, now called The Neo-Knights, intervene.  The Neo-Knights mainly focus on Shockwave and Scorponok, but the battle ends when all of the Transfomers and the Neo-Knights are transported to Cybertron by Primus to prepare for the fight with Unicron.

On Cybertron, Starscream continues to act as the traitor to the Decepticon leadership.  He tries to continue the fight with Scorponok, but Scorponok disregards him, explaining that there are bigger things they have to worry about than leadership of the Decepticons.  

When Unicron attacks, Starscream’s cowardice prevents him from joining the battle.  He and Shockwave make plans to escape the planet.  After Unicron is defeated, the majority of Autobots and Decepticons are too busy to notice that Starscream and Shockwave have stolen the Ark to escape from Cybertron.  They repair the spacecraft while being watched.  Once completing the repairs, Starscream and Shockwave escape to Earth.  The internal sensors go off on the Ark and Starscream goes to investigate with Shockwave.  They find Megatron, alive, but Galvatron has hidden himself on the Ark.  Starscream is at first terrified seeing Megatron, but then tries to regain favor with the newly resurrected Decepticon Leader.  Shockwave sends Starscream away to look for other unwanted passengers on the Ark.  Starscream finds Ratchet and plans on killing the Autobot doctor.  Ratchet’s time bonded with Megatron gave him a savage ability for combat, and he attacks Starscream.  Starscream is still more powerful and a more experienced warrior than Ratchet.  Loosing the battle, Ratchet decides to damage the storage tanks of Nucleon.  This causes an explosion which makes the Ark crash to Earth.  Starscream’s fate is unknown.

Starscream emerges years later, this time working with Megatron again.  They fight against Bludgeon’s Decepticons so Megatron can regain control of the Decepticons.  Megatron is successful in regaining control of the Decepticons and goes to Bludgeon’s War World.  Starscream stays on Earth and leads a campaign, attacking Earth with several other Decepticons, but it ends with Optimus Prime saving Earth.  

After the Decepticons retreat from Earth, Starscream is part of the raiding party of the planet Tykos.  The Decepticons conquer the planet and Starscream starts to plan his own plots for power.  He starts to realize that since Megatron has a new loyal army, Megatron will want to kill him.  He realizes he may have to kill Megatron before Megatron can kill him.

During the first battle of the Autobot/Decepticon alliance against Jhiaxus’ Cybertronians, Starscream leaves his post and disappears into the chaos.  The next day, while Jhiaxus is looking over his army’s loss, Starscream approaches him to talk.  Starscream gives Jhiaxus information which gives Jhiaxus the ability to sneak up and attack the Autobot base on Earth.

While Jhiaxus leads his forces on Earth, Starscream boards the War World in search for more power.  He merges with both the Matrix and War World, becoming an instrument of destruction for all Transformers.  He destroys one of Jhiaxus’ ships and when Optimus Prime and Megatron arrive on War World, he lets them see what he has become before he attempts to kill them.  He uses the power of the Matrix and War World to attack a large portion of Jhiaxus’ Cybertronians.  When they fight back, he is able to heal, but they aren’t.  Starscream is able to attack both the Cybertronians outside of War World as well as Optimus Prime and Megatron who are inside of him.  When Jhiaxus starts to fire on Earth, the Matrix takes over and uses War World’s weapons to severely damage his ship.  Starscream is starting to loose control of the Matrix since he is using it for evil as well as he is starting to become good.

Starscream pleads with Optimus Prime to help him, he doesn’t want to die and he doesn’t want to be a hero.  Optimus orders Starscream to give him the Matrix back, and Starscream does.  Changing him back from a living War World, back to a treacherous Decepticon.  Megatron promises to kill Starscream if Starscream doesn’t help.  They plan to use the Rheanimum Gas to hurt The Swarm.  Starscream and Megatron bring Optimus Prime, who was severely injured and drifting in space from a battle with Jhiaxus, onto their shuttle craft.  

IDW Regeneration One Background -

. In the Regeneration One book, Starscream is shown to be part of a Decepticon Army on Earth led by Megatron.  The majority of the Decepticons in the army are resurrected Decepticons.  The entire army has no mind and are essentially zombies.  Starscream is the exception.  His mind was restored but it doesn’t control his body, he is a prisoner in his own body.  This is Megatron’s punishment for years of treachery.

When Springer, Whirl, and Sandstorm attack Washington DC, Starscream shoots down Springer, who lands in Megatron’s clutches.  Starscream goes to a Scraplet infected Kup and musters up enough inner strength to give Kup a message, to kill the Ratchet head which Megatron keeps as a trophy.

The Decepticons are defeated and their bodies are gathered for destruction.  Moments before the Autobots vaporize the Zombie Decepticon bodies, Starscream walks away, staying alive yet again.  He flies to the Yukon, to the Ark..(It had crashed at the end of the G1 book,).  Starscream is still mostly zombiefied and encounters Galvatron in the Ark.  Galvatron orders Starscream to take him to whatever he is looking for.  Starscream takes Galvatron to the body of Shockwave, still on the Ark.

Shockwave starts to regain control over his mind and has merged with the Artificial Intelligence of the Ark.  He restores Starscream to have full control of his body and mind, no longer a Zombie Decepticon.  Shockwave explains to Starscream that he needs a pilot to fly the Ark and that is why he restored Starscream’s mind and body to fully function.  Starscream acts as if he is still a Zombie to lull Galvatron into a false sense of security.

A security alarm goes off on the Ark (which has been repaired and captained by Galvatron to attack Cybertron) causing Galvatron to leave the bridge.  Starscream snaps into his Non-Zombie mode to take control of the Ark.  Galvatron goes to the cargo bay of the Ark and is attacked by a battle droid which Starscream controls.  Galvatron destroys the battle droid, but is sucked out of the Ark into outer space.  Starscream targets Galvatron with all of the Ark’s weapons but Galvatron is able to evade the energy blasts.  Realizing he can’t destroy Galvatron, Starscream plans to use the Ark to escape from Cybertron.

At almost the same moment that Galvatron attacks Cybertron, Bludgeon also attacks.  The Ark remains in orbit of Cybertron.  After Bludgeon is defeated by Rodimus Prime, Starscream uses the Ark to attack War World, destroying it.  Starscream then pilots the Ark into an asteroid field to hide out.  

After Jhiaxus captures the Autobots, Starscream bonds with The Underbase again, giving him massive amounts of power.  He winds up on the Hub (Jhiaxus’ cluster of Cyberformed Planets and base of operations) with a rebuilt Shockwave.  Together, they fight Jhiaxus’ army, but Starscream stays on The Ark, utilizing it’s full arsenal.  Starscream leaves The Ark to engage Jhiaxus.  With one strike, he defeats Jhiaxus, causing his advisers to retreat in fear.  Starscream dies in the process and is mourned by Shockwave.

IDW Background -

Starscream was one of the earliest Decepticons.  He was recruited by Soundwave due to his ability to fly.  Starscream is so moved by Megatron’s charisma that he immediately bows to his new leader.  Starscream assumes that Megatron wants him and the other seekers to be gladiators.  Megatron tells them that he has other plans for the fliers.  Megatron orders the seekers to create chaos at a dedication ceremony for a statue for Senator Decimus.  Starscream brings Decimus to Megatron, and the Decepticon are ambushed and arrested.  Starscream manipulates the guards to let him address the Senate of Kaon, he says he has information which could be of their interest.

Starscream addresses the Senate and tells them that the Decepticon revolution is their fault.  He displays his null cannons and attacks.  The Decepticons are free and are trying to overthrow Kaon.  Starscream takes advantage of his flight ability when he realizes the Autobots can’t fly.

Starscream becomes a Cybertronian senator while secretly a Decepticon.  Zeta Prime interrogates Swindle, and Starscream reveals he knows the Decepticon.  Starscream tells Zeta Prime that he sees a Decepticon Spy.  Soundwave appears and helps Swindle escape.

After Orion Pax and his small team of Autobots ally themselves with the Decepticons to overthrow Zeta Prime, Starscream is shown attacking the Cybertronian Senate.

After the war has started, the Decepticons perform acts of terrorism instead of outright warfare.  One evening, ,Starscream goes to a bar to talk to Blurr.  He tries to get to know Blurr and what he enjoys.  Starscream tries to manipulate Blurr into joining the Decepticons.

Megatron is defeated and thought to be dead.  Starscream travels inside of Astrotrain with the new Decepticon leader; Scorponok.  Starscream shows his treachery and wants leadership of the Decepticons for himself, but Scorponok will not allow it..  Starscream also complains that he thinks Astrotrain is on the wrong heading.  They find themselves in orbit of Junkion where Scorponok banishes Megatron.

While Scorponok is declaring himself the rightful leader of the Decepticons, the Terrorcons interrupt and Hun-Gurr wants to fight Scorponok.  Starscream defuses the situation before anyone can start fighting.

After the gathering, Scorponok and Starscream meet in private.  Starscream warns Scorponok that speeches aren’t enough to be accepted as a Decepticon leader.  Scorponok oddly trusts Starscream and doesn’t understand why Megatron didn’t.  Starscream tells Scorponok that after Zeta Prime’s use of the Vamparc weapon, Iacon’s Energon supply is very low.  Scorponok and Starscream want to retake Cybertron by destroying the alliance that Optimus Prime has made with other factions of Autobots.

Starscream, the Seekers, and Octane go to a refinery where the Dinobots are stealing fuel.  The team of Decepticons fires on the Dinobots.  The laser beams bounce off of Grimlock’s sturdy armor.  Grimlock calls for help and Slag arrives to help fight.

Soon, Sky Lynx appears with Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Dai Atlas, and Bumblebee.  The Autobots start fighting against the Decepticons.

Scorponok and Starscream watch news coverage of Blaster at the Cybertronian Spaceport.  Due to the energy shortage caused by Scorponok detonating the refinery, many Transformers are looking to leave Cybertron.  Scorponok says that he despises the Transformers leaving Cybertron.  Starscream asks what Scorponok would expect when there is an energy shortage and a large hole blown in the planet.

Starscream summons Scorponok and brings him into the throne room.  He discovers that Megatron is back.  

Starscream flies inside of Astrotrain to a jungle planet to recruit the Predacons to rejoin the Decepticons.  Razorclaw asks how Starscream found them, Starscream tells the Predacons that he followed the trail of murdered planets.  Next, Starscream brings the Combaticons back into the Decepticon fold.  They were trying to break into Nomminus Prime’s old headquarters to steal weapons.  Starscream beat them there.

When the Decepticons invade Iacon, Starscream is part of the strike force.

Starscream and the Decepticons attack a Solstar Order headquarters after they ally themselves with the Dire Wraiths.  When Starscream is making the alliance, Dirge warns him not to trust organics and not to go around Megatron’s knowledge.  Starscream heard that a Cybertronian had become a Space Knight and wanted to steal her Energon Synthesizer.  Starscream sees Stardrive and Rom tries to save her.  Starscream shoots Rom and realizes that Stardrive is unique. He defeats her in a quick battle and finds the synthesizer  Before Starscream can take the device, Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee enter the headquarters.

Since Stardrive has never met another Cybertronian, Starscream tries to corrupt her.  Ultra Magnus fires on Starscream, knocking him away from Stardrive. Ultra Magnus transforms into vehicle mode and drives over Starscream.  The third Autobot, Skyblast, is corrupted by a Dire Wraith.  Starscream and a Decepticon named Doomwings go to get the synthesizer.  The Dire Wraith Skyblast hybrid tears Doomwings in half.  The Dire Wraiths betray the Decepticons.  Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons retreat.

Soon, the Decepticons and Dire Wraiths continue their alliance on a nearby planet.  The Space Station crashed on the planet and now the Decepticons are looking for Stardrive’s Energon Synthesizer.  They also want to turn the population of the planet into their new Dire Wraith army.  A Dire Wraith corrupted Decepticon burns out, so the leader of the Dire Wraiths thinks that possibly a smaller robot would be better to hold a Dire Wraith.  Starscream picks up one of the locals and realizes he isn’t mechanical.  Starscream considers having Dire Wraiths corrupt the Coneheads, but he realizes they are more useful as Decepticons.  Starscream tells the Dire Wraith leader to hurry up because the smoke from the burned out Decepticon will alert the Autobots to their location.  As Stardrive and Rom get close to the wreckage of the space station, the Decepticons attack.  Rom deals with the Decepticons while Stardrive transforms into car mode and helps evacuate the population of the village.  Stardrive transforms back into jet mode to engage Starscream and the Coneheads.  Starscream is much more experienced that she is, and she is defeated in the dogfight.  Stardrive crashes to the ground.  Rom flies towards Starscream and shoots him in the arm.  Starscream is surprised that Rom actually hurt him.  Rom uppercuts Starscream and makes him fall to the ground.  Soon, Starscream finds Stardrive in the wreckage of the space station.  They make a deal that the Decepticons and Dire Wraiths will leave the planet if she gives them the Energon Synthesizer.

Rom and another Space Knight battle the Decepticons in the wreckage of the Space Station with Stardrive and Starscream watching.  Starscream asks how she can tolerate listening to Rom pontificate, but she says he speaks that way because he is a hero.  Starscream offers to let her join the Decepticons for giving them the Energon Synthesizer, but she refuses.  Starscream says to her that killing a few organics isn’t the worst thing ever.  She replies that she has lived with organics her entire life.  Starscream tells her that she is superior and the Space Knights know it, that is why they wear armor that looks like her robot mode (it really doesn’t though).  Stardrive refuses again.  Starscream tells her that it is only a matter of time before the Dire Wraiths are able to successfully take control of a Transformer.  Dirge flies into Starscream, knocking him to the ground.  Rom and the other Space Knights attack Starscream.   Rom flies through the air firing energy blasts at Starscream.  Starscream lifts up Dirge and uses him as a shield.  Dirge wakes up confused that he is now a shield.  Starscream transforms into vehicle mode and Dirge grabs him.  Together they fly away.  Starscream watches Rom and Stardrive fight, he plans to fight whoever wins because they will be weakened.  Ultra Magnus appears, but he has been corrupted by Dire Wraiths.  Starscream thinks that the alliance will continue, but the Wraith Magnus says that the Dire Wraiths have no use for the Decepticons now that they can possess them.

The Dire Wraiths break their alliance with the Decepticons.  Starscream shoots Dire Wraiths off of the Coneheads and gathers the Decepticons to make a strategy.  Stardrive transforms into car mode to pursue the Decepticons.  Starscream doesn’t take her seriously because even though she can fly, she isn’t.  Stardrive catches up to Starscream and the Decepticons.  Starscream is trying to lift the Energon Synthesizer but Stardrive points her blaster on him.  Starscream tries one last time to convert Stardrive into a Decepticon.  She obviously doesn’t join them and Starscream shoots her in the torso with his blaster.  Before he can finish her off, one of the Space Knights saves Stardrive from death by Starscream.   Stardrive throws Starscream over her shoulder.  She rips his wings off so he can’t escape, but before she can finish him off, the other Decepticons save him.  Starscream destroys the Synthesizer and there is a massive explosion.

Millions of years later, Starscream leads the Decepticon forces on Earth.  Only Starscream knows where Megatron is.  Starscream wants to infuse himself with a significant amount of Energon which is growing on Earth.  Starscream sends Skywarp and Blitzwing to destroy an abandoned Decepticon Bunker in Nebraska.  They have no idea that Megatron is in the base.  They assume Starscream just wants them to erase any traces that the Decepticons are on Earth.

Starscream is super powered now that he has absorbed a massive amount of Energon.  He is glowing pink and he anticipates Megatron’s inevitable attack.

When Megatron arrives at Starscream’s base, Starscream flies out of the Decepticon base to battle Megatron.  Starscream is in vehicle mode and because he absorbed so much Energon, he is glowing pink.  He fires first on Megatron with his missiles.  Megatron isn’t even phased and fires back with his fusion cannon.  Starscream dodges almost all of the blasts, but his tail fin is clipped by Megatron’s attack.  Starscream transforms into robot mode and flies into Megatron, making a large crater.  Starscream tells Megatron that he no longer fears him or respects him.  He throws Megatron into some rocks like a rag doll.  Starscream opens fire again on Megatron.  Starscream assumes that he has defeated Megatron, but Megatron keeps pressing forward.  Starscream is intimidated by Megatron’s power.  Megatron grabs Starscream and shoots a hole in him at point blank range.  He tells the remaining Decepticons to gather Starscream.

Astrotrain and Blitzwing find Starscream in the Decepticon base in stasis lock.

After Starscream is awakened, he remembers the past on Cybertron.  He advised Megatron that Sixshot was too powerful and may turn against Megatron.  Astrotrain has successfully brought Starscream back online.  Astrotrain warns Starscream about betraying Megatron.  Megatron is more powerful now that he has access to Ore-13 and he has Sixshot as back up.  Starscream knows he can’t defeat Sixshot in a one on one battle, but he can out think Sixshot.  Starscream flies out of the Decepticon base to engage Sixshot.  Sixshot transforms into jet mode to fight Starscream  Starscream uses the remote controlled orbital weapons to disable Sixshot.  Next, Starscream drops a salvo of bombs on the Reapers.   Megatron commands the Decepticons to help Starscream.  Despite being intimidated by the Reapers, the Decepticons attack in full force.  Starscream shoots a reaper with his null rays.  Megatron asks Starscream if he is loyal to him or not.  Starscream replies that he is loyal to the Decepticon cause.  Megatron oddly trusts Starscream and transforms into gun mode.  He arms Starscream with himself and the two Decepticons vaporize one of the Reapers.   While still holding Megatron, Starscream kills another Reaper.  Megatron transforms back into robot mode and commands the rest of the Decepticons to continue fighting.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and takes to the air with the Seekers and they attack the Reapers’ ship and they destroy it.  The Reapers are defeated, but the human race now knows that the Transformers exist.

Megatron, Starscream, and the Seekers are on Cybertron.  A horde of Insecticons are about to attack them.  Megatron goes to Deluge for an update on a specific project.  Deluge shows Megatron that he gave intellect to one of the Insecticons.  This Insecticon is Bombshell.

The Seekers meet the Constructicons in Times Square and help the Constructicons continue their attack.  All of the humans are running away.  Skywarp tells the humans that they will feel true terror when Megatron gets there.  Starscream doesn’t want to wait for Megatron.  Starscream opens fire just as Megatron arrives.  Starscream comments that he rarely sees Megatron this early in an attack.  Megatron opens fire on a skyscraper, causing it to fall to the ground.   After the attack on New York City, the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons gather to plan their next attack.  Soundwave tells Megatron that human aircraft are approaching.   Starscream and the Seekers want to transform to attack the jets.  Megatron wants the jets to get closer.  The Jets fire their missiles, but Soundwave jams their guidance systems and the missiles explode before reaching the Decepticons.  The jets open fire with their guns, but the bullets have no effect on the Decepticons.  Megatron tells the Decepticons, Constructicons, and Insecticons to fight back. The Decepticons destroy their opponents..

In pure exposition, we learn that the Decepticons attacked several other cities and sank many naval vessels.  They also attack Air Force One and it crashes into Washington DC.  Starscream flies to Megatron in jet mode and transforms to speak to his leader.  Megatron asks Starscream why he isn’t leading the seekers and Starscream says that he knows they can follow his instructions if he isn’t there.  Megatron is confident that this is the beginning of the Decepticon Empire’s victory.  

Without any Autobots on Earth, Megatron declares that he is the ruler of Earth and the Decepticons are victorious.

Megatron takes the Decepticons to Israel.  Megatron comments again that he finds Starscream without the other Seekers.  Starscream asks Megatron what the next move is.  Fighter Jets approach the Decepticons and Megatron fires his cannon at them.   Megatron and the Decepticons go to another city and kill many more soldiers, this time in tanks.  Starscream tries to manipulate Megatron by saying that eventually the Decepticons will turn on him.

Starscream watches as Reflector kills several humans in New York City.  The Insecticons approach, at Starscream’s request.  Bombshell asks Starscream what he wants.  Shrapnel tells Bombshell to be more respectful to Starscream.  Starscream tells the Insecticons that he owes them an apology for not valuing them enough.  Starscream tells the Insecticons that they are valuable warriors and should be treated as such.  Starscream meets with a hidden figure in a Cybertronian looking building.  The figure asks Starscream if Megatron suspects anything.  Starscream assumes that Megatron always suspects.  Starscream tells the figure how he used to admire Megatron in the beginning.  Starscream tells the figure to prepare.

The Insecticons and Starscream try to betray Megatron.  Shrapnel fires an energy bolt at Megatron.  They feel that Megatron is stalling and not making satisfactory progress (Seriously?  He ravaged a good portion of the Earth, defeated the Autobots and is making a plan to spread the Decepticon empire across the universe!).  Megatron was prepared for this.  He shoots Kickback, grabs him by the legs, and throws him at Bombshell.  Megatron says he used spies to figure out who would take Starscream’s side.  Starscream says that it isn’t his side, it is the Decepticons’ side.  Starscream feels that Megatron has lost sight of the Decepticon goal.  Megatron says that none of his soldiers will help Starscream.  

The Decepticons stop fighting with each other after the military jets arrive.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon at them.  Starscream tells Megatron that it feels a little too coincidental that the timing worked out to save Megatron.  Megatron replies that he calculated this to the finest detail.  Megatron is suddenly surprised when the Autobots arrive in New York City inside of Omega Supreme.  Megatron tells Starscream that he knows that one day Starscream will lead the Decepticons by killing him, but today is not that day.  Starscream rallies the Decepticon forces to back up Devestator.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and helps Devestator, Rumble, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain keep the Autobots pinned down. Optimus and Megatron fight and Optimus Prime wins.  Before Optimus Prime can finish him off, Starscream and the Decepticons arrive to recover Megatron.  Optimus Prime wants them to leave Megatron.  Optimus tells Starscream that he would be leader of the Decepticons.  Starscream wants to take leadership from Megatron, not be given it by Optimus Prime.  Starscream picks up Megatron and flies away.

In shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports the Decepticons away from Earth.  Inside, Starscream is pondering his next move when Shrapnel interrupts him.  Shrapnel tells Starscream that he has news and leads him through the cargo hold where the Decepticons are recovering.  Starscream says that today is a day of celebration because they are getting a new leader.  Starscream checks on Megatron who is barely hanging onto life.  He is being kept alive by machines.  Soundwave and his cassettes are guarding him.  Soundwave tells Starscream that Megatron is not dead and his spark still lives.  Rumble tells Starscream that Megatron’s brain still has activity as well.  Starscream commends Soundwave for being a good adviser to Megatron and tries to convince Soundwave that keeping Megatron alive is a waste of energy.  Energy that can be used to make the other Decepticons stronger.  Soundwave refuses to let Megatron die.  Starscream and Shrapnel go back to the cockpit of Astrotrain.  Shrapnel suggests that Starscream kills Megatron.  Starscream says that it is impossible because Soundwave and the cassettes are guarding Megatron.  Starscream also knows that if he assassinates a weakened Megatron, then others will try to challenge him for leadership.  Starscream takes the Matrix (which Megatron stole earlier) but he can’t open it or activate it.  Starscream wants to send it into space, but Shrapnel says it is too important to do that.  Starscream declares that he has been chosen to wield the Matrix.  Starscream shows the Matrix to the other Decepticons and they accept him as leader.  In private, Starscream seems to be overwhelmed.

Three years after Megatron’s defeat, most of the Decepticons are living on an asteroid with very limited resources.  Starscream still has the Matrix and he is the leader of the Decepticons while Megatron is in stasis.  Starscream approaches Bombshell to find out what his progress is.  Bombshell was supposed to be looking for a way to formulate Energon, but he started a different project instead.  Bombshell thinks that this project is more important than Energon.  Starscream is upset because the Decepticons are in dire need of Energon.  Also, more and more Decepticons are joining his force every cycle.  Bombshell suggests that the Decepticons ingest the weaker Decepticons and Starscream will not sink to cannibalism.  Starscream is determined to lead the Decepticons into a new era.  Bombshell reveals his invention, the Cerebro Shells.  With them, Starscream can take control of any Transformer.  Starscream is not enthusiastic about this invention.  He doesn’t want to be the leader of Zombie Decepticons.  Quake shoots his way into Bombshell’s laboratory and tries to harm Starscream.  Starscream throws one of the Cerebro Shells at Quake.  Instead of taking control of Quake, it killed him.  Starscream asks Bombshell to make more Cerebro Shells.  

Starscream continues to wear the Matrix around his neck like a necklace.  He goes to Shockwave to get an update on the Space Bridge project.  Shockwave reminds Starscream that he was promised he could work in solitude.  Starscream sees that Soundwave is working on something.  When he approaches, Starscream sees that Soundwave and Shockwave have cannibalized Megatron’s original body to make guns.  The guns vary in size from human size to transformer size.  Starscream is upset that they were not working on the Space Bridge.  Starscream tells Shockwave, Frenzy (or maybe Rumble) and Shockwave to put the guns down.  Megatron, in his new body, approaches.  Starscream is not surprised to see that Megatron is back.  Shockwave tells Starscream that he was working on the Space Bridge, it is just inside of Megatron.  Megatron plans to transport the Decepticons as close to Earth as he can.  Shockwave calculates that it will be a few thousand miles from Earth Orbit.

Bombshell reports to Starscream that Shrapnel and Acid Storm shot down the Autobot ship.  Starscream doesn’t see this as a problem.  Bombshell says that the wreckage damaged their defenses.  Bombshell admires the Matrix around Starscream’s neck and tries to touch it.  Starscream punches him and says that no one touches the Matrix.  Starscream dismisses Bombshell.  Razorclaw walks into Starscream’s throne room and Starscream asks what he wants.  Razorclaw tries to pounce on Starscream.  Starscream disables him and Rodimus walks in with guns pointed at Starscream.  Starscream realizes that Razorclaw was under Rodimus’ control.  Rodimus insists that Starscream gives him the Matrix.  Starscream refuses to.  He tells Rodimus that in the last 3 years he has faced so many assassination attempts that he was forced to reinforce his armor.  Rodimus threatens to destroy the Matrix if Starscream doesn’t give it to him.  Rodimus shoots the matrix and Starscream is disabled by a bolt of feedback from the Matrix.

Megatron goes to Starscream’s cell.  Starscream bows, but Megatron wants him to stand up.  Megatron wants Starscream to tell him what he has done with the Decepticons for the last three years.  Starscream tells Megatron to stop ridiculing him and give him whatever punishment that he plans to give.  Megatron asks if Starscream deserves to be punished.  Starscream grabs Megatron’s cannon arm and asks Megatron to shoot him.  Megatron reviews that three years ago, he was defeated in battle and Starscream took control.  Starscream didn’t betray him.  Megatron reminds Starscream that even though he was leader of the Decepticons and had possession of the Matrix, he didn’t do anything with the Decepticons for three years.  Megatron keeps verbally pushing Starscream and Starscream breaks.  He opens fire on Megatron.  Afraid for his life, Starscream transforms and flies away.  Megatron transforms into his Stealth Bomber mode and follows Starscream through an asteroid field.  Megatron is amazed with how easy flying is.  Starscream takes evasive action, but Megatron is able to follow him.  Starscream turns around and opens fire on Megatron.  Megatron returns fire.  Starscream tries to get away from Megatron, but Megatron is able to keep up.  Starscream lures Megatron into a cave in an asteroid.  Starscream transforms and fires his blasters at the roof of the cavern.  Rocks fall on Megatron, but Megatron transforms and tackles Starscream.  Megatron restrains Starscream and asks if Starscream wants Megatron to kill him.  Megatron throws Starscream into an asteroid, then he takes a smaller asteroid and smashes Starscream with it.  Starscream starts to tell Megatron how he couldn’t lead the Decepticons.  Megatron leaps towards Starscream and tackles him.  Megatron is disgusted that he built up an empire over eons, and Starscream destroyed it in three years.  Megatron tells Starscream that if they weren’t so undergunned, he would kill him.  Megatron motivates the Decepticons to be a formidable force again.

After Bumblebee is almost killed, Thundercracker meets with his “brother” Starscream.

Starscream is disappointed that Thundercracker allied himself with the Autobots.  Thundercracker reminds him that the Decepticons left him for dead.  Starscream wants to take command of the Decepticons and wants Thundercracker’s help.  Thundercracker tells Starscream that he doesn’t need the Decepticons.  Thundercracker turns his back on Starscream to walk away.  Starscream shoots him in the back.  Before Starscream can kill Thundercracker, Brawn enters the room.  Brawn punches Starscream in the face and he flies through a wall.  Brawn continues his attack on Starscream, he stands over Starscream and continues to punch him.  Starscream goes to shoot Brawn, but Brawn crushes his gun.  Brawn thinks that Starscream shot down the Skywatch plane with other Autobots on it and wants to beat it out of Starscream.  Starscream begs Brawn to stop hurting him and says he didn’t shoot the plane down.

The Decepticons arrive on Cybertron once Megatron freed himself from Autobot captivity.  They start to fight Galvatron’s forces with Megatron.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.

(to be continued)

Abilities -

Starscream was equipped with a null ray which could immobilize machinery or another Transformer. He was able to alter Earth's energy machinery so the Decepticons could create Energon Cubes. Starscream was an explorer before he was a Decepticon, so his intellect was above the typical Decepticon. On several occassions, he was shown to be able to fly through space as well as underwater.

Wacky Facts -

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