Studio Series 2020 Predictions

This is pure guessing, but I am hoping that I can use some logic behind what they have released, who hasn’t been released, and what the fans want.  I’m going by the assumption that there will be at least 12 deluxe figures, 4 voyager figures, and 3 leader that we haven’t heard an announcement for Studio Series 2020.  

Here’s what we DO know (at least rumors, some have been revealed).

4 Constructicons, 2 leader 2 voyager. Leader Shockwave (who is more of a big voyager with a bunch of accessories), Voyager Movie 1 Megatron, WW2 Hot Rod, DOTM Soundwave. Rumors of Jeep Bumblebee from the Bee movie.  Voyager (I wish it was leader) of Sentinel Prime.  Bee movie Blitzwing.  One of the wreckers from DOTM.  And Jet mode shatter.  At least 1 Constructicon, Megatron, Hot Rod, Shockwave, the motorcycle girls and Soundwave may come out before the end of the year (at least in some parts of the country).

Here’s what the trends have been.  At least 2 or 3 Optimus Primes per year (I believe 2019 had 3, Voyager ROTF Optimus (retool) Leader DOTM Optimus (retool) and Bee movie Optimus) and 2 or 3 Megatrons.  I believe that in 2019 it was ROTF Megatron, Battle damage ROTF Megatron, and DOTM Megatron).  Also, there are always at least 2 or 3 bumblebees (2019 was WW2 Bee and Clunker Bee, not sure if Bee movie Bee counts since he came out at the very end of 2018 but didn’t hit saturation until 2019.  

So here’s my thoughts on what we may get.

Including rumors that haven’t been verified yet, here’s some of who we don’t have from the 5 bayverse movies and the 1 bee movie (may not be 100% complete, I did this all from memory)

Movie 1 -
Everyone is done

Movie 2 -
Ice Cream Truck Skids/Mudflap
Jungle Bonecrusher
Desert Brawl
Cybertron Soundwave
Sideswipe (yes I know there is a DOTM Sideswipe, but ROTF Sideswipe is different enough to justify a new figure which is a retool of the DOTM Sideswipe)
Grindor (seriously, fucking shocked they haven’t made this, just repaint Blackout)

Movie 3-

Sentinel Prime
Various random Decepticons who were part of the invasion

Movie 4

KSI Sentry recolor (they did the KSI Drones in a few colors)
KSI Trax drone (in multiple colors, this could even share tooling and/or engineering with Skids and Mudflap)
Bumblebee (classic)
Bumblebee (modern)
Rusty Optimus
New body Optimus
New Body Optimus with Sword and new gauntlets

Movie 5

Sedan Cogman
Bumblebee (this is the gray area because the TLK Bee was re-released in Studio Series)
Nemesis Prime
Hot Rod
Quintessa (not sure if she would count getting her own figure)

Bee Movie

I’m purposefully omitting the Cybertron scene Transformers
Jeep Bee


So that’s 49 figures that can be made, and honestly, the studio series figures sell pretty well and are pretty well received, so I can see this line going for at least another year or two, if not more.  Honestly, I really disliked the Bay movies until I got the studio series figures.  Here’s who I think is most likely for 2020

The 4 Constructicons.  We know that 100% this is happening.

AOE Modern Optimus Prime.  This mold can be used at least 3 times with not much retooling.  Once for AOE Optimus, then when he gets the sword and shield from Lockdown’s ship, the arms were a little different.  And then a final release of TLK Nemesis Prime.  Hasbro gave us the same Optimus Prime 3 times with minor changes.  Luckily I didn’t get all three because it would’ve pissed me off that I had to buy basically the same figure 3 times.  I just got the DOTM leader Optimus.  If Jetfire didn’t look so weird, I probably would’ve gotten ROTF Optimus to combine him with Jetfire, but Jetfire just looked WAY too awkward.  I would say AOE/TLK Optimus is a pretty high probability

AOE Galvatron - For the last 2 years, Megatron has gotten several Studio Series figures each year.  Megatron is one of the most recognizable names in Transformers.  Even parents and grandparents who are getting their kid or grandkid a transformer will at least have heard the name Megatron.  So I would say that it is probable that we get AOE Galvatron to fill at least one of the Megatron holes in the assortment.  He probably could be made from a heavily retooled Studio Series 38 Bee movie Optimus

TLK Megatron - this is a little less likely to me than AOE Galvatron.  TLK is the least successful of the Transformer movies, which is ironic that it is one of my favorites.  The TLK voyager Megatron is pretty okay as it stands.  Yes it could get some needed improvements (some better articulation to be accurate), but I’m 50/50 that if they do make TLK Megatron, it would just be the TLK figure with some minor changes

Another option is a retool of the Movie 1 Megatron to show some sort of battle damage or something like that.  

At least 2 Bumblebees.  My guess will be a 2007 Bee retooled with a new head as one, and the 2nd will be Jeep Bee from the Bee movie.  Both would be welcome in my collection.  

The DOTM Wreckers - one has already been announced, so it is a good chance that all three are made.  Obviously, if Leadfoot is made in Studio Series, he will either be a Target exclusive or he just won’t have the Target logo on his hood.  I feel that we have a better chance in 2020 getting them than we did when DOTM came out.  In the last year alone, Target had 3 pretty successful exclusives in Siege (the rainmakers, the micromaster pack, and Redwing) so I think it is more probable that they will do a Target exclusive Leadfoot because they know it would work.  I’m not going to get ANY Wrecker until sightings of Leadfoot happen though.  I don’t want to be stuck with 2/3 of a team like we were stuck with in DOTM.

Low Probability but possible - The Fallen. Despite being a major player in ROTF (hell the title of the movie has his name in it), he doesn’t have a defined alt mode.  

Low Probability but possible - Skids and Mudflap.  Lets face it, these guys are the Jar Jar fucking Binks of Transformers.  They are HORRIBLE characters, but their only saving grace that they will have a figure made is that they were featured pretty prominently in ROTF.  

Lower Probability, but still possible - Ice cream truck Skids and Mudflap.  It isn’t that they CAN’T make it, the issue is more how do you make it right.  The ROTF was good in vehicle mode but the bot modes were too small.  There’s also the question of, will they fit into a predesignated size class.  Two scout class figures that combine into a deluxe vehicle?  Two deluxes that form a voyager?  Studio Series is a pretty big stickler about scale, so it would be a bit complicated to do right.  I can see this maybe as an SDCC/NYCC exclusive or some other type of exclusive so they can make up a new price point.  Like 35 for 2 deluxes that combine into 1 voyager vehicle.

Even lower probability but a little possible - Leader Strafe OR Leader Scorn OR Leader Slug.  The leader Grimlock was pretty well received, so I do see a possibility of more leader sized Dinobots.  But the reason I feel this is low probability is that Hasbro does only (about) 4 Studio Series leaders a year.  Two of them this year will be Constructicons, so that leaves only 1 or 2 leaders to come out in 2020.  Will we get a Dinobot from them?  The most likely I can see is Scorn made as a significantly retooled Grimlock, but even that I don’t have much hope that in 2020 it will be made.  Slug and Strafe both need brand new molds and there really isn’t much (if any) you can use those molds to be retooled into other characters..

WILDCARD retools/redecos

Retool of Ironhide to be DOTM Ironhide.  We’ve heard rumors this is happening so it isn’t a total shot in the dark.  A lot of people (who aren’t me) love the Studio Series Ironhide.  Just switch out a few accessories and you can resell him.  I know a lot of people weren’t able to get him because of distribution issues.  Personally, I think that Ironhide is the weakest offering of studio series due to how his arms are engineered.  He looks good on a shelf, but has very little play value.

Desert Battle Brawl - kinda shocked they haven’t done it yet, just a simple repaint

Jungle Battle Bonecrusher - same as Desert Battle Brawl, both were filler Decepticons in ROTF

Grindor - this is the figure that I am beyond shocked that it has never been made.  From what I’ve heard, Blackout is an amazing figure.  So a minor repaint would be easy to do.  No new parts.  I feel this is the highest probability for a retool/repaint.


VERY iffy about Que and Dino.  Yes, we’ve never had figures of them made in the US, but Hasbro has licensing issues with Dino’s vehicle mode (that’s why he never was released) and Que is just a weird character.  I would absolutely love both of those figures, but I feel that the probability that we get either of them is VERY low

Jolt - the dude was in 2 scenes and he was mainly in the background.  Yes I want a Jolt figure in Studio series, but I strongly doubt he will show up, and probably not in 2020.  When they start running out of characters, maybe Jolt will show up

Sideways - basically the same exact thing reasoning as Jolt

Any other Leader price point figures that aren’t Constructicons.  They only put out 2-4 Leader sized figures a year.  We already know 2 leader sized Constructicons, so I really don’t see any other leaders until 2021.  MAYBE one more towards Christmas 2020


 So here’s my final theories….

Leader size

Constructicon 1 (already confirmed)
Constructicon 2 (Already confirmed)
ROTF Grindor
TLK Onslaught with Mohawk (not 100% sure about this, but I can see them doing a Voyager Onslaught with a Scout Mohawk to make it Leader Price point, considering that there are no Scout sized figures in Studio Series that are sold alone, it is a fair estimate that if Mohawk is made, it will be added to a multi pack)


AOE Optimus
AOE Galvatron
EITHER Jungle Bonecrusher or Desert Brawl
DOTM Ironhide
Bee movie Blitzwing
DOTM Sentinel Prime (basically confirmed)


Car Mudflap
Car Skids
2007 Bee with a regular head, not battle mask
Bee movie Jeep Bee
Leadfoot (Target exclusive)
DOTM Hatchet
Dreadbot (re-shell of TLK Berserker/Studio Series Crowbar)
TLK Hot Rod
Jet Shatter



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