Studio Series Bee Movie Optimus Prime Toy Review

UPDATED 7-29-20

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


As I've mentioned in other Studio Series reviews, until recently, I wasn't the biggest fan of the movieverse and the movie figures. But something changed in my head and I started to appreciate both the movies and the studio series figures. Even before I had the tremendous appreciation for Movieverse stuff, I was very fond of the Bee movie's Optimus Prime design. It has a perfect balance of GEEWUN and Bayverse. So even though I had the moratorium of Optimus Primes in 2019, I got SS38.

Bot Mode-

This Optimus Prime was one of the first Studio Series figures I got, and he really is a mixed bag. In robot mode, he looks great. A somewhat stylized version of what you would expect a G1 Optimus to look like. He has a very detailed Optimus head with blue eyes. He has smokestacks on each shoulder. Primarily red torso with silver abs. A silver stripe on each arm and blue windows on his chest. He has blue legs with some vehicle kibble on them. He has no significant backpack. His hands are 5mm hands. His articulation is really good, almost everything that you would want to be articulated is. His head can move, he has bicep swivel. Arms can move up and down and in and out. Knee bend, toe bend, legs can move in and out. Also, he is solid enough where you can give him to a kid to play with.


Honestly, I don't love the transformation, but mainly because I think my specific figure has QC issues. It is just REALLY hard to transform and because it is pretty difficult, it isn't that fun. It took me a few attempts to get him to transform. The first half of the transformation is pretty okay and if you've done a bunch of transformers, then you wouldn't need the instructions. But turning the legs into the back of the truck is just insanely and irritatingly difficult more than it needs to be. For complexity, I rate it an 8.75 out of 10. For fun, a 4.75

Vehicle Mode-

Optimus' vehicle looks like a real world interpretation of G1 Optimus' vehicle mode, but without the trailer. He is a red truck with the back being blue and a silver stripe. He doesn't have a trailer and I'm not aware of anything which can be substituted for a trailer (I tried the 3P Combiner Wars trailer, the Studio Series DOTM Optimus and the trailer from Jetpower Optimus) He tabs together good but not as good as other figures. He rolls well


Optimus comes with a rifle which slightly resembles his G1 gun but with it's own style

3rd Party Add Ons-



Looks really good in both modes. Fun to play with. Appropriate accessories.


I really hate the transformation. It is complicated for the sake of being complicated. They could've had a much better result with a little less engineering


Despite having some flaws, I really do like SS38 Optimus.. He looks good if you're going to display him in either mode. I rate him a 6.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-




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