Studio Series Bonecrusher Toy Review

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


I came to the party late with Movieverse figures. I wound up picking up the deluxe movie 1 Bonecrusher for a steal, but it didn't work for me that well. Mainly because he was too small. So eventually, a friend picked up the Studio Series for me.

Bot Mode-

From a purely visual stand point, Bonecrusher looks great. He is lanky yet bulky all at the same time which is a very nice looking figure, if you keep it on a shelf. I don't know why, but about 35% of Studio Series figures (Mainly Voyager sized figures) have the same flaw, they look REALLY good, but they are inferior to Generations figures when it comes to articulation (I'll get to that later). He is primarily tan with some blue and silver. He has some vehicle mode kibble, but that is the nature of transformers. He looks REALLY good and very accurate to the source material. His arms are very thin and they move up and down and there is elbow bend. Due to the movie design, he has claws instead of hands and they do not have 5mm hands. There is a weapon which reminds me of a scorpion's tail on his back. There is a little bit of knee bend and a little bit of thigh swivel. Here's where I am really unhappy with the figure (and a lot of voyager studio series figures have the same issue), the head can only move very slightly. I take a lot of pictures of Transformers for the digital art. I can't take as many dynamic pictures of Bonecrusher as lets say Siege Soundwave. So this is a pretty big issue for me. A few of the Studio Series Constructicons have the same issue, but I am okay with that because they have the combination gimmick. He isn't fragile and I would have no problem giving Bonecrusher to a kid.


As do all Studio Series figures, the transformation is a little more complicated than a Generations figure. Bonecrusher's isn't as complicated as others, but it is still more complicated than a Generations figure. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 7.5 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Bonecrusher is a General Dynamics Buffalo MPCV. I think they are used in airports or something. But it is a pretty cool looking vehicle mode. Sometimes figures have a better vehicle mode than robot mode, or a better robot mode than vehicle mode. Bonecrusher's vehicle mode is by far his superior mode. He keeps the same color scheme. The tail weapon is attached to the hood of the truck and goes all the way to the back of the truck. There are two problems that I have with this figure in vehicle mode. One, there are a few gaps which look weird in vehicle mode. If a robot mode has gaps (with one exception being Studio Series ROTF Megatron) it rarely bothers me. I never get gap fillers. But a gap in the vehicle mode is kind of crappy. Also, the tail weapon thing feels a little awkward in vehicle mode.



3rd Party Add Ons-



Looks good, not bad for a kid to play because it is sturdy. Great for an adult collector


Articulation in the head is unacceptable. There are gaps in the vehicle mode. I wouldn't give this figure to a younger kid just because the transformation is a bit too complex for a kid.


The only reason I got Bonecrusher was to have a complete cast of the first movie. If I wasn't trying to do that, I would've probably skipped Bonecrusher. Its an okay figure, but some of my least favorite stand alone (IE NOT CONSTRUCTICON) figures in the line. I rate Bonecrusher a 4.75 out of 10.

American Retools and Repaints-





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