Studio Series 44 DOTM Optimus Prime


Price- retail 49.99. I got it on sale on Amazon for 39.99 (and I had a gift card)
Class- Leader


Since Armada, every time a Transformers toyline has an Optimus Prime figure, I say the same thing "I have enough Optimus Primes and I'm not getting another one" (i think I have somewhere around 16 Optimus Prime figures). Studio Series was no different. With SS38 (the Bee movie Optimus) I had no plans on getting it, but the amazing Emgo316 did a great toy review and it really made me want to get the figure. So then I said, well, I already have a Studio Series Optimus, so why would I get the first trilogy Optimus? Well, of course I am weak and I got the DOTM Optimus when I had a gift card for Amazon and the figure was on sale.

Bot Mode-

So, this specific mold of the base figure has been used a few times. First for Movie 1 Optimus (with hand sword accessores), then a retool into Movie 2 Optimus which combines with Jetfire (which I don't plan on getting because I hate how the Jetfire figure looks on his own and it seems like he has a way too complicated transformation) and finally, DOTM Optimus. They are very similar with slightly different paint applications and each of them have slightly different tooling. But the weapons (not the jetpack) can work for all 3 Optimus Primes and the Jetpack I believe fits on ROTF Optimus. It looks like movie prime, it looks good. It has great articulation. the only thing I don't love is the head is just a little too small and it looks a little pinheaded. Aside from that, its a good figure. The trailer in vehicle mode turns into a weapons platform and a jet pack for Optimus. This is the main reason I chose this specific Optimus over the other two. All in all, I really like this figure and it's worth the extra price to get all of the weapons and the trailer.


Until the beginning of 2019, I really didn't collect ANY movie figures. But in 2019, I really got a lot of them. As a whole, Studio Series transformations are a bit more complex (and at times irritating) than Generations stuff. Generations figures have a certain thought process to them, when the Studio Series figures are all pretty different in transformation. Honestly, some of the figures are a bit more complex than the instructions say so I watch a video on youtube to help me. Optimus Prime's transformation is pretty tricky, but its a fun challenge. For complexity, i rate it a 8.25 out of 10. For fun ,a 6.25. Transformation to the jet mode is very simple. the jetpack just snaps on. Transforming the weapons platform and jet pack into the trailer is a bit tricky the first time, but once you do it once, it becomes very easy.

Vehicle Mode-

Optimus Prime's vehicle mode is a long nose truck with a trailer. The trailer is removable. If you've seen the movies, you would know what the truck looks like. It has fire painted on it. Another one of the reasons i chose this specific figure. I am a firm believer that Optimus Prime needs his trailer.


This figure has A LOT of accessories, and some i added on from other versions of the mold. First, the accessories I added from other molds. I got the wrist swords from the first Studio Series Optimus. DOTM Optimus also comes with a sword, a shield, and a gun. And the Jetpack obviously. The Sword and Shield and Gun aren't amazing honestly.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There's a lot. Dr Wu made an add on for the first movie trilogy Optimus Prime. One is an axe, one is a gun, and one is hooks for the hands. DNA Design made an addon kit for ROTF Optimus which shares his mold with this figure. It is meant to beef up the jet mode when combined with Jetfire. I'm not getting Jetfire, so I will never get this upgrade kit. Also 111-Utopa is coming out with an upgrade kit which will add to the jetpack mode. This is not out yet as of Dec 2019. 115 Workshop put out an upgrade kit that is mainly gap fillers and a few extra parts for the jetpack. I do not plan on getting this. But Emgo316 posted a review of it on youtube which is a very informative review


Honestly, really fun figure. I'm glad I got it. He looks good (aside for the head) and has tremendous play value and looks great on a shelf.


The head is a bit small, and the transformation is a bit tricky. I don't like the weapons he comes with, but I knew that before I bought the figure.


I am very pleased with my choice to get DOTM Optimus Prime. I'm glad I didn't get the other two because I would've utimately gotten this Optimus as well. While he has two small flaws, the figure on a whole is a great figure and one of my favorite Studio Series figures. I rate Studio Series DOTM Optimus Prime a 7.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Movie 1 and ROTF Studio Series Optimus Prime figures are both Pretools of DOTM Optimus. There isn't enough difference in the molds for me to want to get the other two to review.


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