Studio Series Grimlock Toy Review

Class- Leader


Studio Series Grimlock was one of the first Studio Series figures I ever had. And oddly, I bought the figure 4 times. Yes, I bought the figure FOUR times. The first one I got, the guy sent me a broken figure (it was missing the head). The second one i had for a short time and it broke. The third one, the seller on ebay never sent it to me (got my money back) and then the one that I have now. Oddly, the one that I am reviewing, the seller sent it missing a part, but since I had the headless and broken version i just part swapped and now its fine.

Bot Mode-

The first thing you notice about Studio Series Grimlock is, he is f'n huge. Bigger than any other Studio Series leader class figure. The Grimlock figures from AOE and TLK both looked like a playschool version of Movie Grimlock. Studio Series Grimlock is imposing and badass looking. His head reminds me of the Anime character, The Guyver (Mark Hammil was in that movie!).Grimlock only really has a few colors on him, and most of them are pretty similar. Dark Metallic Green ,Dark Gun Metal, Black. Somehow, it looks incredibly dynamic on the figure. I'm very happy with it. He has his dinosaur head on each shoulder. His left arm is a mace. Articulation is good, but not as good as some other figures. But it isn't horrible. His arms are a little impeded by the transformation joints. Also, the skirt in robot mode is held on by friction instead of a pin. So it comes off easily. That is the part that was missing from this specific Grimlock, but since I had 2 junkers, I just transplanted the part. But it falls off if you look at it too hard. All in all, I liked the figure a lot


Studio Series Grimlock's transformation is one of the easier and fun transformations of a studio series figure. Almost every studio series figure has a much more complex transformation than a CHUG figure. But Grimlocks is pretty easy. For complexity, I rate it a 4.75 out of 10. For fun, a 7.75 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

I'm so torn on this beast mode. sometimes I absolutely love it, sometimes I feel that it just could've been better. Grimlock is a massive Tyranosaurus Rex (like always except for RID 2001). He just has a bunch of gaps on him in this mode. Also, the tail spins but it doesn't look natural. The jaws open and close, but they can open too much where it looks like it is falling off. If you look at him from the side, he looks pretty good, but from head on, it just doesn't work as well Despite a few small issues, I really do like this mode. Part of me actually wishes that it was bigger so a Voyager Optimus could ride hi. But like robot mode, Grimlock's beast mode is probably one of the largest in Studio Series.


No accessories

3rd Party Add Ons-

DNA Design put out an interesting upgrade kit. I don't have it, but it does look interesting enough to potentially get, so I may do it down the line if I can find yet another cheap Grimlock. But it comes with a tounge for Beast mode (which i really don't care about) but it also comes with a new hand that replaces the mace hand and a staff. Oh and a tail extender for Dino mode. So stay tuned and maybe the upgrade kit will be reviewed (80% sure i will do it)


Studio Series Grimlock is a really fun toy. He is imposing. He is way better than AOE and TLK Grimlocks.


Some minor problems. 1) the skirt can fall off easily. he has some gaps in Dino Mode. Part of me wishes he was commander size so I could have a voyager Optimus Ride him. Oh, and this really isn't a major issue, but I really want the other Dinobots in the same big leader size. But that doesn't really reflect on this figure.


He has a few small issues, but for the most part, I really like this Grimlock. I mean I bought it 4 times. I give Studio Series Grimlock a 7.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

There are no mainline retools or repaints. Although I believe that there is an Oversized Knock Off.


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