Studio Series Long Haul


Price- 29.99.
Class- Voyager


Probably one of the most ambitious projects that Hasbro has done for figures which can be bought in brick and mortar stores, is Studio Series Devestator. Eight figures over two years that combine into a massive Devestator. I'm a sucker for combiners, so I knew I had to get this figure, and the other 7 Studio Series Constructicons. Luckily, there really haven't been distribution problems for any of the Studio Series Constructicons so I've been able to pick up the first 4 at Target. Out of the 4 constructicons i already have, Long Haul is my favorite.

Bot Mode-

In Bot mode, Long Haul has the body of a sumo wrestler. He looks good, but far from great (and Long Haul is the best one in my eyes in 2019). If you keep him on a shelf he's fine. I'm sure as a part of a combiner, he's great (I don't have Devestator completed as of the writing of this review, so I can't speak for that part), but if he were a stand alone figure, he would be REALLY bad. His articulation is pretty limited. His head can barely move left or right. But if you look at him from straight on and accept you can't move the arms, it isn't bad. He's mainly green with red eyes. But honestly, I knew getting into it that Devestator is the figue I want. Once the other 4 Constructicons come out, I'll probably just leave them combined as Devestator. So Long Haul not being perfect isn't horrible to me. It feels like he was designed to combine first and to be an individual figure second. If Combiner Wars and Power of the Primes didn't make such great combiners who had great individual bot modes, I wouldn't be so upset. But we know that Hasbro and Takara can develop a figure that is good in vehicle mode, bot mode, and combiner mode.


Until the beginning of 2019, I really didn't collect ANY movie figures. But in 2019, I really got a lot of them. As a whole, Studio Series transformations are a bit more complex (and at times irritating) than Generations stuff. Generations figures have a certain thought process to them, when the Studio Series figures are all pretty different in transformation. Honestly, some of the figures are a bit more complex than the instructions say so I watch a video on youtube to help me. Long Haul's transformation isn't as bad as other studio series figures. . For complexity, i rate it a 7.25 out of 10. For fun ,a 7.25.

Vehicle Mode-

Long Haul's vehicle mode is a green dump truck. Again, it feels like his combiner ability was designed first and everything else was designed after, so it suffers a little bit. I would've really liked if the shovel part of the dump truck could move up and down. Alas, it can't. Like I said in the bot mode section, I would've liked it to be better engineered, but once i get the other Constructicons in 2020, I'll probably never untransform them.


There are no accessories. Also, Long Haul doesn't have 5mm hands so you can't arm him with other stuff.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Looks good


There's a lot that I don't like with Long Haul. His articulation is REALLY bad. Just a little movement in the arms. The head barely moves. No weapons or ability to hold weapons. If this were 2003 when we were getting bricks in Armada, I wouldn't mind this figure so much.


For a stand alone figure, honestly, I don't really love the figure. And since I don't have the last 4 Constructicons (yet) I can't comment on how the combined mode will turn out. But as a stand alone figure, I really can't give Long Haul the best grade. I'll return to this review towards the end of 2020 when I have all 8 Constructicons to comment on the combined mode of Devestator. But on his own, Long Haul gets a 4 out of 10

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