Studio Series Revenge of the Fallen

Revisited 9-2-20

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


Until recently, I really had mixed feelings about the live action movies. Bumblebee was AMAZING and changed my views, also the Studio Series figures made me appreciate the designs a lot more. So now, I get about 90% of the Studio Series figures. So when Megatron came out, I watched a review or two... or three... before I picked him up and I was about to skip him completely. ROTF is by far my least favorite of the live action movies (I'm looking at you Skids and Mudflap) But then, I saw Emgo316's review of him with the upgrade kit and it opened my eyes up to the figure.

Bot Mode-

First thing I am going to say is, from head on, Megatron looks great. Well his sculpting does, not his paint job. He is mainly flat gray with some black and metallic colors. He looks a little bland, especially when you see Studio Series Movie 1 Megatron and the retool of ROTF Megatron. He looks adequate. Now here's my biggest problem, if you look at him from the side, there is a massive hole which really ruined the figure for me. That's why I skipped it originally. He also doesn't have the best articulation. Where most figures can spread out their arms, Megatron can't. His arms are too sculpted and lack a lot of articulation that he SHOULD have. His articulation is not of a figure that we got in 2018 or 2019, it is very much like an Armada figure. Megatron's weapons are molded into the figure, which is fine because in the movie, his arm was a weapon. The only benefit that the base figure has over the figure with the upgrade kit is that it has a retractable blade.


Transformation is pretty typical for a studio series figure. A little more complicated than a Generations figure, but it is still a fun transformation. For complexity I give Studio Series ROTF Megatron a 7.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 6.5 out of 10. If you have the upgrade kit installed, the transformation is basically the same, but there is a bit of partsforming, which again, doesn't bother me.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Studio Series ROTF Megatron is a "Cybertronian" tank. Which means it is a loosely defined weird looking thing. But that's how he looked in the movie so I'm okay with it. He does have "Visible Head Syndrome" (shout out to Emgo316), but in the movie his head was visible in flying tank mode, so it doesn't bother me at all.


Megatron comes with ZERO accessories. No problem with that because in the movie he had no additional weapons or tools or anything else.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Here's the saving grace of the figure. DNA Designs made a KICK ASS upgrade kit for Megatron. It comes with a new arm, a new cannon (which you can plug into the arm) gap fillers for the torso which transform into wings for the tank mode. He also comes with tabs for his feet. But I couldn't get them on right and one broke. It looks fine without those feet tabs though. This set is CRUTIAL if you want a ROTF Megatron figure for your studio series collection. It turns the figure from a total piece of crap to a really good looking figure. IT doesn't help that much with articulation, but the gap in his torso was the biggest reason i didn't get him, so... GET THE UPGRADE KIT! Oh, some online sellers had a presale for this upgrade kit (not sure who and as of December 2019, it isn't still valid) which came with a battle damaged head. I don't have the battle damaged head so I can't review it. Honestly, I don't want a battle damaged head.


If you treat him like a statue, he's a good LOOKING figure. He is one of the few figures that I can think of whose vehicle mode is better executed than the robot mode. Also, in comparison to the Megatron figure that came out with ROTF was in theaters, Studio Series is a better figure.


So, this may be a bit long. Without the upgrade kit, the gap in the torso is enough for me to skip the figure all together. The Articulation is not what we should get for a 30 dollar figure. Upgrade kits are great, I love upgrade kits. But I don't want to have to buy a figure for 30 dollars, then buy an upgrade kit for another 30 dollars because Hasbro didn't design the figure properly. The articulation problem is a MAJOR problem for a figure that came out in 2018 or 2019.


I knew what I was getting into when I bought ROTF Megatron. At the time, he was the ONLY studio series Megatron. Since he came out, we've gotten a DOTM Megatron and Movie 1 Megatron (who will be delivered to me on 12-21 and I will have a review for him by 12-25). Part of me kind of regrets getting the figure to some level.Also, the paint job is lazy. If they didn't release the retool/redeco, I would've accepted the craptastic and boring paint on this figure. So without the upgrade kit, Studio Series ROTF Megatron is a 4.25 out of 10. With the upgrade kit, he is a 6.75. I revised this review on 9-2-20. I was playing around with the figure a little more recently and I like it just a little more than I though. Especially with the add on kit. Is he the best ROTF Megatron figure that can exist? No. Especially seeing what they did with Movie 1 Megatron. So if they revisited this figure like I revisited the review, I really can see them improving a lot on it, but for a 30 dollar figure, you need a 20/30 dollar add on kit, and that can add up. I like it, but my favorite movie Megatron Studio Series figure is Movie 1 Megatron

American Retools and Repaints-

There was a Target exclusive retool of this figure. He came with a better paint job but a battle damaged head. It is called "Battle Damage Megatron". DNA also made an upgrade kit for that figure. No plans to ever get it because I don't like the new head. But the paint job is a lot better than the original release.





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