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Class- Leader


In the first week and a half of January 2020, I picked up A LOT of figures. Notably most of the Studio Series wave with Shockwave in it. Movie Shockwave is a strange character on some levels. In promos for DOTM, they made it seem like Shockwave was the big bad, or at least something like the big bad. He only had a few scenes, but he was pretty cool, even though they never showed a vehicle mode. There was a DOTM Mechtech Shockwave, but I never got that. Shockwave is the second Studio Series figure who did the "voyager with extra stuff" thing which Siege did (DOTM Optimus was the first). Is he worth Leader prices? Is he even a good figure?

Bot Mode-

When I first saw Studio Series Shockwave, I was super excited and I really thought it was a major retool of ROTF Megatron (who I actually have some mixed feelings about, mainly that you need an upgrade kit to make him good), but when I got him in my hands, I realized he is mainly new parts. He's actually taller than ROTF Megatron. They do share a few parts (some joints and the tank treads and a few other smaller parts) and some of the engineering is similiar, but for the most part Shockwave is mostly new. I was expecting to love the figure, but the figure disappointed me just a little bit. If you are just displaying him, for the most part he is really good. But if you're a kid and you want to play with it, the articulation is a bit limited in some places. Also, some of his parts are soft rubber when they should be hard plastic. From a pure visual thing, Shockwave looks great. He is taller than a voyager, but smaller than some of the other Leader Sized Studio Series figures. Where G1/Siege/every other version of Shockwave, is mainly purple, Studio Series Shockwave is actually more dark gray and black than purple. His details are purple. It makes a very interesting looking figure. His head is spot on. His right arm is a massive cannon (which kind of looks like KSI Boss/Nitro Zeus's cannon, but since KSI Boss/Nitro Zeus movie versions have a very shockwave inspired head, I wonder if this was an intentional thing, is KSI Boss/Nitro Zeus made of parts of Shockwave? Well that was never answered or even discussed in the movie). His left hand is a cool looking law, but again, this part is made of soft rubber than hard plastic. He should have the ability to turn his hand. He can bend his arm at the elbow and both arms move in and out. From the side, he is not gappy or hollow. He has a lot of purple spikes on him. There are a few 5mm ports on him which can hold weapons (more to come about this later). If this was a figure that came out in 2010 instead of 2020, I probably would like him a lot more. The figure feels a little rushed on some details and some articulation is missing which is sorely needed. His head can move up and down though due to transformation. So he can look straight up. His legs can move up and down and bend at the knee.


For a Studio Series figure, Shockwave's transformation is pretty easy. Almost every Studio Series figure I have, at some point I was pissed off by the transformation. Shockwave's isn't hard at all, and he's in the top 3 of simple transformations of Studio Series figures. Being that it is kind of simple, I really don't love it, it feels a bit let down. It is also pretty similar to ROTF Megatron, but that I don't mind. For complexity, I rate it a 5.5 out of 10. For fun, a 5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Studio Series does an amazing job with the vehicle modes. Every figure just looks AMAZING in vehicle mode and Shockwave continues that trend. Since he never revealed his vehicle mode in the movie, Hasbro could've done whatever they wanted to do with it. In vehicle mode, Shockwave is a Cybertronian tank. And he conforms into my specific vision of what a Cybertronian vehicle should look like. In other words, there are no windows or cockpits. He keeps the same colors, but there is a back panel which looks like afterburners which is gray. The cannon can move up and down, but that is mainly because of transformation joints. It looks good good when you elevevate the cannon. Shockwave is one of the few Transformers in my collection that I really like more in vehicle mode than robot mode.


So Shockwave continues the trend of "voyager figure with a bunch of crap". So he has a bunch of accessories, but I don't like any of them. First is his.... blade? Not sure what it is , but he has a soft rubber blade on his left arm that is removable. Looks and feels cheap. Next, he comes with a paratrooper with a parachute to recreate the scene from DOTM where paratroopers blinded Shockwave. Its not as bad as the soft rubber blade, but I could've lived without it completely. I would've much more prefered they did something like a Human Alliance figure with a removable Parachute. Maybe Lennox? The last accessories he comes with are actually pretty cool, but I do have a problem with them. He comes with a VERY small Brains and Wheelie. While cool, these guys are maybe a quarter of an inch tall. I know that within 3 weeks, I will lose them.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Shockwave Lab is coming out with a new gun barrell with an LED light in it. I love Shockwave lab stuff, but I don't think I am going to get it. So if there is anyone out there who does get it and wants to review the kit for the site, please let me know.

(ADDITION 3-3-20)

Shockwave Lab made another upgrade kit. This time a better blade for Shockwave. I will probably get this kit in the near future.


From a visual standpoint, Shockwave looks great in both modes


The soft plastic feels cheap. The accessories are a bit lame.


Don't get me wrong, I like Shockwave and I like Studio Series figures. But this specific wave was probably my least favorite wave as a whole since the beginning of Studio Series. Shockwave looks good but he has a lot of flaws. If they made him 15% smaller, included less accessories, and made him Voyager, I would've liked him a lot more. If I am spending 50 dollars on a figure, it has to be a lot better than this figure. I'm not planning to get rid of him, he's a good figure, but VERY far from great. His vehicle mode is amazing. What angers me the most about this figure is, it could've been so much better with a few small changes. Considering he is a character with very little characterization and screen time, you may want to skip him at the 50 dollar price point. At 30 he's a must get. I rate him a 5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

ROTF Megatron (shares just a few parts)



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