Studio Series DOTM Soundwave Toy Review


Class- Deluxe


One of the bigger surprises in DOTM was Soundwave. We didn't see him in vehicle mode until the story really started to play out and it was a great WTF moment. While Soundwave was in ROTF, I don't think they ever showed him in robot mode or had him fight in the movie. He was just chilling in space and deployed Ravage. Soundwave had a much bigger role in DOTM. When I first saw DOTM Soundwave (I heard rumors that HasTak is going to make a ROTF Soundwave figure at some point in 2020, so to avoid confusion, I am going to call him DOTM Soundwave as much as possible), I really thought it was going to be an amazing figure. This is also the first time that DOTM got a non Human Alliance figure in the US. When DOTM figures were out, a bunch were only sold in Europe and Asia and they never came to the US (the "Target" Wrecker, Que, Dino, the Wheeljack retool of Que, and I think a few others), so this Soundwave really fills a hole that has been in a lot of people's collection for many years.

Bot Mode-

Aside for one detail, Studio Series DOTM Soundwave is really good, unfortunately, that one detail takes away some pretty big points. That one issue is, he is too small. He's a really small deluxe, about the same size as Studio Series Jazz (there is one other issue I don't love about Soundwave, but I'll get to that in the accessories part). Most other deluxe figures are significantly bigger than DOTM Soundwave. The original DOTM Soundwave (which again was not released in the US) was bigger. But he is a good figure. He is incredibly screen accurate. Soundwave is primarily silver with some gray details and red eyes. Considering that's how he looked in the movie, I'm very cool with that. His articulation is good, but not great. The worst part is his head. How it is engineered, you can only slightly move the head left and right. I think I can figure out how to modify it by shaving off some of the plastic in the back of the head, and if I do it, I'll revisit this review. His arms can move up and down and in and out, and there is some bicep swivel. There is thigh swivel, the legs can move up and down and in and out and there is good knee bend. He just can't do some poses which other Studio Series figures can do. Soundwave's arms have what look like speakers on them which are a nice nod to G1 Soundwave. He has a bar on each arm which his Laserbeak accessory can clip onto. His head can look straight up due to transformation but it looks good.


Like Studio Series Shockwave, Studio Series DOTM Soundwave has a surprisingly simple transformation for a studio series figure. For complexity, I give it a 5.75 out of 10 and for fun, a 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, DOTM Soundwave is a fully-licensed Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. No idea about cars at all, but I looked it up to be accurate. Normally, when a Transformer has a very fancy vehicle mode, it kind of bothers me (like G1 Mirage). These are meant to be disguises and nothing says "look at me" more than a car that costs as much as a house. But in the story of the movie (not going to spoil it), it makes sense and works. He is mainly silver, tabs in very well, rolls well. Looks good.


Soundwave comes with a barely painted small Laserbeak. Its fine, but he lacks any weapons. I don't think in the movie he used a gun, but he had tenticles and they could've added a gun. Soundwave has 5mm holes in his hand, so i probably will eventually get something off Shapeways for him. But the lack of a weapon is a bit of an issue.

3rd Party Add Ons-

At the time of this review being written, there are no 3P add ons


Fun transformation, looks good.


Too small and no gun


Soundwave is a good, but not great figure. Considering he is an important character in the movie, I really expected a better figure. He is just too small in both modes and his articulation isn't as good as I would've liked. Considering Studio Series Starscream is a voyager, and DOTM Megatron is a leader, you really can't display all three big Decepticons from DOTM together on a shelf. THat's kind of a big deal. I don't know what happened with this specific wave of Studio Series, but out of everyone I have in this wave, they all felt kind of phoned in and rushed. Soundwave is better than Shockwave and almost as good as WW2 Hot Rod. Out of 10, I give Studio Series DOTM Soundwave a 5.75 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-




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