Studio Series WW2 Hot Rod Toy Review


Class- Deluxe


There are many times where my views on Transformers vary from the majority. I hated Animated, I really liked The Last Knight. We're starting to get into Star Wars territory now with Studio Series. We're starting to get characters who were in 8 seconds of a movie. That's cool I guess, especially since it is a retool, so gotta maximize those molds. I will review WW2 Bee in the next few days.

Bot Mode-

Even though WW2 Hot Rod had at most 10 seconds of screen time, I knew I was going to get him when I found him. Which is a little weird because a World War 2 vehicle mode doesn't really fit in well with my collection. But I really liked WW2 Bee and Hot Rod is a retool. WW2 Bee was mainly green, but WW2 Hot Rod is more gunmetal gray with some silver and orangs details. His head looks very accurate to the character. Unfortunately, he doesn't have as good articulation as other figures. While Hot Rod can move his legs in and out, and up and down. His elbows bend about 90 degrees and his knees bend about 90 degrees. There is good thigh swivel and bicep swivel. His head has natural movement, his arms can't spread out. They can move up and down but not being able to spread out is a little irritating. If you try to have the arms spread out, they will pop off the peg and the balljoint has to be popped back on. If this was a figure from 2006, I wouldn't care, but a figure that came out in 2019/2020 it should have that extra articulation. There isn't a lot of details aside for the three colors in the figure, but that works for me. I don't see a military vehicle having 12 colors on it. I thought it was my specific copy, but I've heard from a lot of people that the legs are loose and pop off easier than WW2 Bee. This is a bit irritating, but it can be solved with a few drops of furnature polish in the joints (Pledge with Futures is what you want to get. I got a bottle at the end of 2018 and I am writing this in Jan of 2020, I still have about 85% of the bottle left, if you don't know about Pledge being able to tighten up joints, you now know and every Transformer collector should have a bottle).


WW2 Hot Rod's transformation is exactly the same as WW2 Bumblebee's, but there is a small problem. I'm not sure if this is my copy or if it is all copies, but there is one part in the transformation where you have to spin some panels around. On my copy, it doesn't swing over easily and I was afraid I was going to break it. I didn't have that issue with WW2 Bee. Being a Studio Series figure it is a little more complicated than a Generations figure, and A LOT more complicated than a Cyberverse figure. Aside for the QC issue, I really enjoy this transformation. It is challenging, but really fun at the same time. For complexity, I rate his transformation a 7 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 7.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Hot Rod is a Humber Light Reconnaissance Car. This is actually a slightly different vehicle than WW2 Bee (according to TFwiki), but to me, they look pretty similar. I'm not a big vehicle buff, so I'm not the one to realize if they are the same or different vehicles. Hot Rod is mainly the dark gunmetal gray in vehicle mode with black tires. It looks a little too plain though, I would've liked to have seen maybe some metallic paint instead of flat gray. He has some silver details on the side and silver headlights. The turret does not spin at all, and his weapon in robot mode clips into vehicle mode. I've only seen The Last Knight twice (and one of those times I fell asleep during the movie) so I don't recall if he actually transformed in the movie. I am about 80% sure that he didn't transform, so they can take whatever idea they think his vehicle mode should be and it won't contradict the movie.


Hot Rod comes with a pistol which can be held by either hand and in vehicle mode it forms the vehicle weapon. It looks cool. The art on the package actually has Hot Rod wielding two pistols, so I have a feeling originally he was meant to have 2. I would love a second one, but it isn't a big deal and I don't plan to get a 2nd figure just to buy the pistol.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no specific add on kits for this figure at the time this review is being written (Jan 2020). But Dr Wu made a Hot Rod pistol for the deluxe TLK Hot Rod which can be held by WW2 Hot Rod.


A very unique figure in both modes that is a lot of fun


The articulation isn't what I'd expect from a figure made in 2019/2020


Hot Rod is a fun figure, not perfect, but still fun. I actually think that the WW2 Bee is the better figure, but Hot Rod still is a good figure. I rate him a 6.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Studio Series WW2 Bee (pretool)


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