Studio Series Movie 1

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


Until recently, I really had mixed feelings about the live action movies. Bumblebee was AMAZING and changed my views, also the Studio Series figures made me appreciate the designs a lot more. So now, I get about 90% of the Studio Series figures. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of Studio Series ROTF Megatron. I like upgrade kits and all, but I want the upgrade kit to be an option, not the only way to make a bad figure good. When I saw that Movie 1 Megatron was coming out, I was like "awww yeah...." because I wanted a better Megatron. I mean, I already had ROTF Megatron (who has lazy paint and a gappy torso), DOTM Megatron (who is too big in robot mode) and TLK Megatron (who i Like, but it has some articulation issues. Is the 4th time a charm????

Bot Mode-

The first thing you notice is that Megatron looks AWESOME. I mean perfect. Where ROTF Megatron had gaps and a lazy paint job, Movie 1 Megatron is as close to a perfect Movie Megatron that we'll ever get, and I'm totally cool with that. He is about the same size as ROTF Megatron, and they do share a part or two (the treads) but aside from that, I am pretty sure that Megatron is about 95% new parts. HE also doesn't share engineering with ROTF Megatron. Movie 1 Megatron is primarily silver. He has dark gunmetal details and soft plastic hands. Something I really liked about him is, he can look up REALLY far in robot mode, so he can look a kind of menacing. Another not perfect fact about Movie 1 Megatron is that his articulation, while good, it isn't perfect. Also, another "problem" to me is he doesn't have a blaster. But that isn't Hasbro or Takara's fault. The CGI Model for Movie 1 Megatron doesn't have a gun, so I have to blame the designer of the CGI model over Hasbro for this one.


Like all Studio Series figures, Megatron's transformation is a bit more complicated, but it is actually one of my favorite transformations in any studio series figure. For complexity i give it a 7.25 out of 10. For fun, an 8.25 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In the first transformers movie, we really don't see a good picture of what Megatron's vehicle mode is. It's a "Cybertronian Jet" which basically means an amorphic hodge podge of metal. I like this mode more than ROTF Megatron though. He's a jet, he keeps the same color scheme. Also, like the robot mode, he has no weapons. Again, my problem with this mode isn't on the Hasbro side, it is the designer of the CGI Model for the movie itself.


Megatron comes with a whip/flail weapon. It is cast in dark gray soft rubber/plastic. I really don't like it so I never took pics with Megatron with the weapon. But he did use it in the movie, so I'm cool with him having it.

3rd Party Add Ons-

As of DECEMBER 2019 there are no add on kits for this figure. If there are at some point, I will come back and revist the review.


Movie 1 Megatron does everything right that ROTF Megatron did wrong. This is a fabulous figure which I am glad to have. He is well engineered, his transformation is challenging enough that it is fun. AMAZING paint.


The whip kind of sucks and I'd like him to have some sort of a fusion cannon, but since that wasn't in the movie, i doubt we'll ever get that. Also, his arm articulation isn't as good as other figures


This is an AMAZING figure. It actually made me want to get Blackout and Brawl to complete my Movie 1 cons. Aside for some small nit pick stuff, it is a really good figure and you should try to get him if you can. I rate Movie 1 Megatron an 8.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

At the time I am writing this review, there have been no repaints or retools. He does share a few small parts with ROTF Megatron, but not enough to consider it a retool or redeco. At least 90% is different and they use totally different engineering.






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