G1 Cartoon Background -

The Stunticons were created by Megatron to counter the Autobots.  Megatron assumes that the Decepticons are constantly defeated by the Autobots because they are able to drive.  The Stunticons were created on Earth and each had a vehicle mode of a land based vehicle.  Four out of five of them were fast cars, and their leader Motormaster was a semi truck, most likely designed to be a counterpoint for Optimus Prime.  The Stunticons had the ability to merge into the combiner, Menasor.

Megatron constructed the Stunticons from stolen cars.  Rumble stole a race car to form Drag Strip.  Dead End was a car used by bank robbers.  Motormaster’s Earth form was a semi truck used by smugglers.  Wildrider and Breakdown were not given Earth back stories.  At first, the Stunticons were all drones.  They were equipped with anti gravity parts and force fields so they can crash into things and not get damaged.  Also, to perform “stunts”.  In their first test, Megatron has them wreck havoc on an isolated stretch of highway.  Dead End crashes into a tree.  The tree falls to the ground, but Dead End is undamaged.  Then he crashes into more trees and a rock with the same result.  Motormaster demonstrates his durability following Dead End’s lead.  Without a ramp, Wildrider jumps into the air in vehicle mode and spins around.  Breakdown drives into a tree and uses it to launch himself into the air and does aerial acrobatics.  Drag Strip drives towards a rock wall and ascends it like Spider Man.  Inspired by Rumble, Megatron names them the Stunticons.  Megatron commands them to transform and christens them to the other Decepticons.  After Megatron demonstrates the Stunticons destructive capabilities, he takes them to Cybertron to get personalities.  The Decepticons steal the Key to Vector Sigma from Alpha Trion and give life to the Stunticons.  When the Stunticons return to Earth, now with sentience, they cause havoc in the streets.  The Stunticons take up Megatron’s campaign for possession of an experimental super fuel.  Together, the Stunticons attack a military base.  The soldiers quickly open fire with their tanks on the Stunticons.  They don’t try to avoid the blasts, they just drive through the explosions.  Breakdown drives into a pile of oil drums and flies into the air, destroying an artillery embankment.  Soldiers in jeeps chase Drag Strip.  He spins around and knocks his pursuers on their side.  Dead End leaps into the air in car mode and lands on a soldier with a machine gun.  The solider leaps out of the way before he gets crushed.  When the soldiers see that there is no one in the drivers seat, they assume that the Stunticons are Autobots (despite the fact that they have Decepticon logos on their hoods).  The soldiers watch Wildrider drive through a jeep and then into the top floor of an office building.

The Stunticons return to the military base after the Autobots arrive.  They are driving at 300 MPH to attack the Autobots.  While the Autobots are standing on a hill, the Stunticons drive towards them at full speed.  To avoid injury, the Autobots scatter and fall off the cliff.  Ironhide takes offence at the recklessness of the Stunticons.  He jumps on Dead End’s roof and tries to stop him.  Dead End drives as fast as he can towards a massive rock.  He crashes into the rock and Ironhide is knocked off of him.  Dead End’s internal force fields protected him from damage.  Blaster tries to engage Wildrider with a sonic attack from the speakers in his legs.  The sonic vibrations create a crevice in the ground that Blaster assumes will stop Wildrider.  Wildrider simply vaults himself into the air and makes his way over the crevice.  Blaster tries to catch him, but Wildrider rides right over Blaster.  The military realizes that the Autobots aren’t responsible for the earlier Stunticon raid when they see the Autobots fighting the Stunticons.  Blaster and Ironhide walk towards Optimus Prime and Wheeljack to help them fight.  They are forced to scatter again when Breakdown tries to run them over.  Breakdown, Wildrider, and Drag Strip driver circles around the Aerialbots and kick up a lot of dust.  The Aerialbots try to defend themselves, but they can’t see the Stunticons well enough to get off an accurate shot.  Slingshot thinks that the Autobots wouldn’t be able to battle the Stunticons without the Aerialbots’ help.  The Aerialbots transform into jet mode to assault the Stunticons from the air.  Dead End chases Wheeljack in vehicle mode while firing lasers from his headlights.  Air Raid swoops down and launches two missiles at Dead End, saving Wheeljack.  Wildrider drives off a ramp made of rock and fires lasers out of his headlights.  Skydive intercepts him and knocks him out of the air.  Wildrider falls off a cliff and is temporarily disabled.  Drag Strip tries to knock Blaster off of his feet, but Fireflight flies into him and knocks him off course.  Motormaster tries to play chicken with Slingshot, but Slingshot shoots Motormaster with a missile instead of flying into him.  Motormaster transforms into robot mode and leaps into the air to battle Slingshot.  He lands on top of the Aerialbot and tries to force him to the ground.  Slingshot calls out to Silverbolt to help him, but Silverbolt starts to panic.  Fireflight swoops in and rescues Slingshot from Motormaster.  Motormaster falls to the ground and transforms into truck mode.  The battle ends when Megatron orders the Stunticons to return to him.  Megatron sets up camp in a forest near Seattle.  He has been cyberforming it into a new Cybertron using the Key to Vector Sigma.  Once the Autobots arrive, Megatron sends the Stunticons to fight them.  The Stunticons start their attack in vehicle mode.  Motormaster plows into the Autobot ranks and splits the force down the middle.  Dead End rams himself into Smokescreen.  Breakdown slams into Tracks and forces him into a cyberformed rock.  Blaster tries to fight back by creating a sonic assault.  He transforms into stereo mode and unleashes sonic waves at a metallic tree.  The tree starts to crash to the ground and Blaster hopes it will fall on Breakdown.  Instead, Breakdown uses the tree as a ramp to do a cool stunt.  Dead End sees Blaster is vulnerable and drives into him from behind.   Drag Strip chases Jazz and tries to cut him off.  He isn’t able to cut Jazz off, but he is successful in sideswiping him.  Jazz crashes into a metallic tree and his whole front end is crushed.  The Stunticons continue to decimate the Autobots.  Blaster and Optimus Prime step away from the battle to see that Megatron is getting closer and closer to Seattle.  Optimus Prime drives at full speed to stop Megatron.  Motormaster sees this and defends his leader by T-Boning Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime starts rolling down a hill and he transforms to slow himself down.  Dead End races towards Optimus, but Optimus Prime snaps a limb off of a metal tree and defends himself from Dead End.  The metal tree limb breaks, but Dead End is not even slowed down.  The Stunticons circle Optimus Prime and get ready to strike.  Just as they are about to slam into Optimus at once, the Aerialbots arrive.  Optimus Prime is taken to safety by Slingshot.  From the air, the Aerialbots fire their lasers at the Stunticons.  Dead End drives off a cliff to get in the air to attack the Aerialbots with his laser headlights.  Air Raid flies into him and sends him falling to the ground.  Fireflight swoops down from above Breakdown.  He shoots the ground beneath Breakdown shooting him into the air.  Optimus Prime assumes the ground is safe, so he jumps off of Slingshot.  Once Motormaster sees Optimus, he tries to run over the Autobot leader.  Silverbolt comes to the rescue and deflects Motormaster away.  Megatron orders the Stunticons to merge into Menasor.  Optimus Prime counters that when he commands the Aerialbots to merge into Superion.  Megatron is shocked that the Autobots finally have a combiner of their own.  Superion and Menasor approach each other, sizing each other up.  If Superion moves right, Menasor mirrors him.  If Menasor moves left, Superion follows.  Superion makes the first move, he tackles Menasor and the two combiners crash into a metallic hill.  While on top of him, Superion goes to smash Menasor’s head with his fist, but Menasor rolls away to safety.  Menasor restrains Superion and drags him to the edge of a cliff.  Superion regains control and flips Menasor over his shoulder.  Menasor tumbles down the mountain.  Superion leaps off of the mountain and lands on Menasor’s chest.  Menasor takes out his gun and shoots Superion in the chest.  The battle has spilled into Seattle.  Menasor grabs a tall building and breaks the top off.  He throws it at Superion.  Rocks start to tumble down on Superion.  Menasor goes to a large smokestack and grabs it.  Just as Menasor is about to smash Superion with the smokestack, Omega Supreme enters the fight.  He grabs the smokestack away from Menasor and hits him in the head with it.   Together, Omega Supreme and Superion grab Menasor and throw him a considerable distance.  Megatron orders Menasor to split back into the individual Stunticons so they can withdraw.

Megatron orders the Stunticons to gather different components to create a new device.  Starscream calls Megatron’s endeavor foolish, and as usual, Megatron dismisses him.  Motormaster is very enthusiastic to get into the field and go on a mission for his master.  The Stunticons fly out of the Decepticon base to perform their individual missions.  The Stunticons land on a beach and Motormaster splits the group into smaller teams.  Dead End is partnered with Drag Strip.  Breakdown is paired with Wildrider.  Motormaster goes on his own mission.  Wildrider and Breakdown drive to an optics lab to steal a lens.  One of the scientists in the lab looks out of the window to see the two Stunticons.  He assumes that they are Autobots (even though they have Decepticon symbols on their hoods).  The two Stunticons transform into robot mode and Wildrider fires his blaster at the lab to get in.  Wildrider picks up the scientist and demands that he is directed to the laser lenses.  The scientist points to the laser lens and Wildrider throws him away.  Once Wildrider grabs the lens, he and Breakdown transform and drive away.  Dead End and Drag Strip raid an Army Base for an experimental generator.  They crash through the protective barrier surrounding the base in vehicle mode as the soldiers fire their weapons at them.  They steal the generator and speed off.  Motormaster goes to a museum to steal the world’s most perfect ruby.  While in truck mode, Motormaster crashes through the wall of the museum to enter it.  He transforms and creates a path of destruction through the museum to get to the ruby.  The security guards shoot their pistols at Motormaster, but he doesn’t react.  Instead, Motormaster transforms into vehicle mode and drives away.  While Breakdown and Wildrider are driving recklessly to the meeting point, they are intercepted by Hoist, Grapple, and Inferno.  Wildrider speeds up so he can ram himself into the three Autobots.  The Autobots hold their ground and prepare themselves for the impact, but Wildrider drives around them.  Inferno opens fire at Wildrider with his hand cannon .  Breakdown sprays oil onto the road to make the Autobots slip.  Grapple ignites the oil with his blaster and is thrown back.  Breakdown catches on fire and Inferno speeds towards him in fire truck mode.  Inferno shoots a pink fire retardant at Breakdown and the fire is put out.    Wildrider spins around on the road and Hoist shoots him with his laser.  Both Stunticons are disabled and the Autobots capture them.  Dead End and Drag Strip are racing with each other on a beach to see who can get to the meeting point first.  Warpath and Tracks ride on the same beach to catch the two Stunticons.  The two Autobots are obscured from the Stunticons’ view by rocks.  Warpath opens fire on the racing Stunticons in tank mode.  The Stunticons aren’t intimidated by the explosions, they are actually entertained.  Drag Strip fires lasers while still in vehicle mode at the two Autobots.  Tracks and Warpath are able to avoid any damage while remaining in vehicle mode.  Warpath fires his cannon again at the Stunticons, but they are too fast for him to lock onto.  Eventually, Warpath is able to hit Drag Strip with his cannon.   Drag Strip is sent flying into the air and crashes into a sand dune.  Tracks pursues Dead End in the sand, but Dead End seems to be able to drive faster than Tracks.  Tracks transforms into his aerial mode and Dead End seems to be amused by the sight of a flying car.  Tracks flies in Dead End’s path and transforms.  He fires his blackout gun at the Stunticon and Dead End is blinded.  He unknowingly drives right in front of Warpath.  Warpath transforms and punches his fist through Dead End’s roof.  After both Stunticons are disabled, they are captured and brought to the Ark for containment.  While being towed by Warpath and Tracks, the two Stunticons are embarrassed that they were defeated in battle. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Spike, and Blaster chase down Motormaster on a highway.  They set up a roadblock to impede Motormaster from meeting up with the other Stunticons.  Motormaster seems to be happy to see the Autobots and welcomes the conflict.  Optimus Prime wants to drive into Motormaster, but Spike warns him about playing chicken with Motormaster.  Bumblebee tells Spike that Optimus Prime has no choice and Motormaster has to be stopped.  Optimus Prime drives towards Motormaster.  Both trucks rush towards each other as fast as they can.  Even though Motormaster is only a few weeks old, he tells Optimus Prime that he has been waiting a long time to fight him.  Both trucks slam into each other and there is a massive explosion.   When the smoke clears, they see that Optimus Prime has defeated Motormaster.  Motormaster is disabled and the Autobots bring him to the Ark and keep him jailed.  Blaster disables all of the Stunticons’ communication arrays.  Also, the Stunticons are caged in a cell which prevents them from being merge into Menasor.  Bluestreak and Hound guard them.  The Stunticons see that five Autobots have disguised themselves as the Stunticons and have infiltrated the Decepticons.  The real Stunticons plot their escape to warn Megatron of the clever Autobot ruse.  Wildrider accuses Breakdown of being afraid.  Breakdown launches himself at full speed into the energized bars which were trapping him.  He shatters them and attacks Grapple, Inferno and Hoist.  With one shot, Breakdown deactivates all three Autobots.  He then helps the other Stunticons to escape.  Ironhide, Ratchet, Hound and Wheeljack respond to the alarm when the real Stunticons break out of their cages.  The Stunticons merge into Menasor to escape.  Menasor lifts up his arms and fires lasers which were under his arms.  Ironhide and the other Autobots are injured.  Menasor breaks a hole in the Autobot headquarters after complaining that it is small.  He exits out of that hole and flies into the air to rejoin the Decepticons.  The Autobots want to steal the power source away, but before they can, the real Menasor flies into the crater.  The real Menasor points at the disguised Autobots and tells Megatron that they are really Autobots.  As Motormaster, Optimus Prime accuses the real Menasor of being the impostor.  Megatron challenges the disguised Autobots to merge into Menasor for him.  This will prove their validity.  Using Windcharger’s magnetic abilities to connect them, and Mirage’s ability to make holograms, the disguised Autobots form a reasonable representation of Menasor.  This confuses the Decepticons, including the real Menasor who starts to doubt his own identity.  The two Menasors fight each other hand to hand.  The fake Menasor quickly knocks the real Menasor to the ground.  Soundwave says that the real Menasor has special powers, and only the real one would have them.  The real Menasor lifts up his arms again to expose his cannons.  He unleashes a furious barrage which knocks the fake Menasor to the ground.  Megatron readies the cannon and will fire it on whichever Menasor loses the fight.  The real Menasor takes out his sword and charges at the fake Menasor.  The sword disrupts Windcharger’s magnetic connection and the fake Autobot Menasor crumbles.  Not only do they fall apart, but the Autobots’ camouflage disappears and they appear as they normally should. The Autobots transform and start to open fire at Menasor.    Menasor is barely effected by any of the Autobots’ attacks.  Menasor swipes his arm at the Autobots and they scatter.  Megatron tries to fire his cannon, and it hits a rock.  He tries to fire again but it explodes.  Ironhide had altered the ruby core while the Autobots had possession of it. .  Menasor is about to attack the Autobots, but even more Autobots arrive to help.  With the cannon destroyed the Decepticons fly away since there is nothing holding them there.

The Autobots take part in a race for charity called the Europa 4000.  The finish line is near a valley that Megatron is excavating to find a Cybertronian power source.  The Stunticons are sent to join the race so they Autobots don’t reach the finish line. On a tree lined road, the Autobots notice that the Stunticons have joined the race.  The four car Stunticons (so not Motormaster) surround Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in vehicle mode.  Dead End breaks formation and speeds ahead.  He transforms and starts firing on the two Autobots with his blaster.  Sunstreaker tells Sideswipe to hit his brakes to escape the Stunticons.  Before Sideswipe can evade the Decepticon cars, he is hit by one of Dead Ends energy bolts. Then Dead End fires on Sunstreaker.  Both Autobots are knocked off the road and have to withdraw from the race.  Dead End transforms back into vehicle mode to join the other Stunticons.  The race takes the racers to Turkey.   Wheeljack is coming close to the end of the journey, but as he speeds down the road, he sees Motormaster barreling towards him on the same side of the road.  Motormaster sails into the air after driving off a bump in the road.  He lands on top of Wheeljack, knocking him off the road.  Wheeljack rolls to the side of the road and quickly recovers.  He drives away to continue on the race, but Motormaster spins around to follow him.  Motormaster continues his pursuit of Wheeljack, and even though Wheeljack is more nimble, Motormaster is able to keep up on the winding road.  Motormaster sends himself through the air and lands in front of Wheeljack.  He comes to an abrupt stop which makes Wheeljack have to swerve off the road.  Again, Wheeljack is able to avoid damage and continues his path for the race.  Motormaster gets into gear and continues hunting Wheeljack.  Wheeljack takes a short cut by driving off the road, but Motormaster mirrors him and lands on top of Wheeljack, crushing him.  Wheeljack is forced to drop out of the race.   The race progresses and the Stunticons continue hunting Autobots. Smokescreen has no idea that Wildrider is flying above him.  Wildrider transforms into car mode and drives right into Smokescreen, knocking him off the road.  Drag Strip assists Wildrider and plows into Smokescreen as he is tumbling off a hill.  Smokescreen transforms and crawls back to the road.  Bluestreak finds him and tries to attend to Smokescreen’s injuries.  Dead End emerges from behind a bush in vehicle mode and tries to drive into Bluestreak.  The other Stunticons follow.  When Motormaster tries to ram himself into Bluestreak, the Autobot is able to leap to safety.  The four car Stunticons circle around Bluestreak to keep him in one spot.  With Bluestreak trapped, Motormaster tries to run over Bluestreak again.  Bluestreak jumps out of the way again, and lands on top of Wildrider.  The other Stunticons hold back as Wildrider swerves violently to shake Bluestreak off.  Drag Strip wants to help, but Motormaster has full confidence in Wildrider’s abilities.  Wildrider drives into a forest to try to shake Bluestreak off.  Wildrider starts to drive faster and faster.  He crashes into a rock wall and Bluestreak flies off.  Wildrider drives off, but Bluestreak is able to scale the rock wall.  He comes across Dr. Terranova, an archeologist who was kidnapped by Megatron.  Terranova notices the Autobot logo on Bluestreak and knows he has been saved.  Terranova tells Bluestreak that he was forced to help the Decepticons locate an artifact called The Pearl of Bahoudin.   The Stunticons plan to target Bumblebee and Tracks next.  They also want to steal one of the racer’s advanced car.  Bumblebee and Tracks drive off of the highway to avoid the Stunticons from detecting them.  Under Megatron’s orders, the Stunticons try to steal Auggie Cahnay’s race car.  Auggie is driving on a winding mountain road (seems like all of the roads in this race are on a mountain and are very curvy). and Motormaster drives towards him very aggressively.  Auggie slams on the brakes to prevent himself from slamming into Motormaster.  He stops mere inches away from Motormaster’s bumper.  The other Stunticons drive behind him and box him in.  The car Stunticons transform and approach Auggie’s car.  Dead End opens the door and rips Auggie out of the driver’s seat.  Auggie is fed up by robots so he starts screaming at the Stunticons.  They point their weapons at him and he lets them take his car.  Drag Strip takes the car and puts it inside of Motormaster’s trailer.  When the Autobots arrive, Megatron quickly orders the Stunticons to attack them.  The Stunticons transform into vehicle mode to clash with the Autobots.  Breakdown tries to drive into Bluestreak, but the Autobot is able to leap over the Stunticon.  Wildrider flies through the air at Tracks, but Tracks ducks and avoids any damage.  Auggie tries to engage Scrapper with a blowtorch to protect his car.  While still in truck mode, Motormaster trails Bumblebee so he can scrap the diminutive Autobot.  Bumblebee drives as fast as he can in car mode, but bumps in the terrain slow him down.  Bumblebee escapes damage by using rocks to propel him in the air and he drives on top of Motormaster. Bumblebee steals the pearl from Megatron.  Megatron orders the Decepticons to recover the pearl.   The Stunticons circle the Autobots to corral them.  The other Decepticons open fire.  Bumblebee wants to use the pearl to fight the Decepticons, and even though it is very dangerous,  he breaks open the pearl. A stream of energy shoots out and it creates a massive storm.   The Stunticons are all hit by bolts of lightning.  Bumblebee tells Megatron to leave the valley with all of the Decepticons or he will open the pearl completely.  Megatron calls Bumblebee’s bluff and orders the Stunticons to form Menasor.  Menasor stomps through the valley to get to the Autobots.  Bluestreak tells the Autobots to get to cover as Menasor smashes his fist into the ground.  The Autobots scatter to avoid damage.  With a tornado approaching, Menasor pounds the ground creating a massive crack.  The pearl slips out of Bumblebee’s hand and Megatron rushes to reclaim it.  A tornado sucks it up before Megatron can reach it.  Assuming that the battle is lost, Megatron has the Decepticons withdraw, but leaves Menasor to fight the Autobots.  Tracks tricks Menasor to walk into the large hole that the Constructicons dug when they were looking for the pearl.  Bluestreak fires his blaster at Menasor’s foot and he falls into the hole.  Bumblebee, Tracks, and Bluestreak fire on the hole and bury Menasor.  Menasor quickly emerges from the hole and sends the three Autobots flying into the air.  Menasor corners Bluestreak, but Bluestreak climbs up the rock walls to evade Menasor.  Menasor still tries to punch Bluestreak, but instead of getting hit, Bluestreak leaps onto Menasor’s arm.  Menasor simply grabs Bluestreak and tosses him to the ground.  Auggie gets into his car and speeds off, Bumblebee thinks he is leaving the Autobots to perish.  Instead, Auggie drives up on a cliff and sends his car hurtling at Menasor.  Auggie jumps out and the car hits Menasor in the face and explodes.  Menasor is defeated.

Megatron was hit by an asteroid in space.  He was infected by Cosmic Rust and sends the Stunticons to kidnap Perceptor.  Megatron feels that the Autobot scientist will able to prevent him from continuing to rust (and die).  Most of the Autobots are on Liberty Island, spraying the Statue of Liberty with a substance called Corrostop.  The Stunticons go to Liberty Island on a ferry with regular cars.  (a side note, why didn’t they fly?  Another side note, Liberty island isn’t that big, they don’t allow cars on the island unless those cars are driven by government officials).  Instead of sneaking onto the island, Motormaster, Dead End and Breakdown reveal themselves by transforming.  Breakdown does a strange impression which is a cross between a stereotypical 1920’s gangster and a pirate.  The Stunticons make all of the ferry’s passengers go into the captain’s cabin.  (another fact about Liberty Island, there are no cabins on the ferry.  None.  The trip takes about 20 minutes from dock to dock, so why would there be cabins on the ferry?).  The Stunticons commandeer the ferry and Drag Strip takes the chance to go water skiing.  Drag Strip water skis to the island and leaps onto it.  He transforms into car mode and disrupts Perceptor’s interview.  Drag Strip transforms and withdraws his pistol.  He demands that Perceptor comes with him.  Perceptor starts to run away and Drag Strip opens fire.  He purposefully doesn’t hit Perceptor with his attack.  Motormaster stands on the roof of the ferry and swings a chain attached to the ferry’s anchor over his head.  He tosses it at Perceptor.  Perceptor is bound by the chains and falls into the water.   The Stunticons gather Perceptor and bring him to an airstrip. Blitzwing is going to transport Perceptor to Megatron.  The Stunticons return to the Statue of Liberty and commandeer another ferry.  Megatron gives them his Lightning Bug weapon and they attach it to the ferry.  Wasting no time, Megatron tells the Stunticons to merge into Menasor and destroy the Statue of Liberty.  Megatron wants the Statue of Liberty destroyed so the Autobots can’t make more Corrostop and cure their Cosmic Rust.  Megatron gives Menasor control of the Lightning Bug.  Before Menasor can destroy the Statue, the Autobots reveal themselves..  Menasor prepares to fire the Lightning Bug, but the Aerialbots appear from above him.  The Aerialbots swarm Menasor while firing their lasers at him.  They are too small and too fast for him to hit.  The Aerialbots make Menasor drop the Lightning Bug.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion to finish off Menasor.  Menasor tries to reclaim the Lightning Bug, but Superion shoots him in the chest.  Superion tries to pick up the Lightning Bug, but Menasor tackles him.  Menasor tries to restrain Superion, but Superion grabs Menasor from behind and throws him over his shoulder.  Menasor hits the ground and falls apart into the individual Stunticons.  Superion destroys the Lightning Bug and the Decepticons retreat.  The Autobots are able to replicate the Corrostop and cure their cosmic rust.

The Stunticons are some of the few Decepticons who aren’t at a briefing meeting at the Decepticon Base.  Instead, they were creating their own version of a demolition derby on a city street.  The Decepticons go to a power plant to battle Starscream and the Combaticons without the Stunticons. The Stunticons join the fight against Bruticus after Devestator was defeated..  The Stunticons stand on top of a cliff and wait for the right moment to strike.  The Stunticons only help Megatron because they don’t want Starscream to destroy them.  They probably assume that since Starscream has his own combiner, he will have no use for the Stunticons.  The Stunticons merge into Menasor to fight Bruticus.  With one punch, Menasor defeats Bruticus. Starscream and the Combaticons are exiled from Earth and forced to live on a small asteroid.

When Trypticon was making his way to fight Metroplex, who was stuck in city mode, the Stunticons backed him up.  The Protectobots merged into Defensor (without First Aid) and to fight Defensor, the Stunticons merged into Menasor.  He tries to attack Defensor who was trying to catch a train, but is shot in the back by Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.  The Stunticons later fight Rodimus and Ultra Magnus who are trying to steal Trypticon’s transformation cog.  The Stunticons loose the battle.

The Stunticons make their way to Japan and stay there after most of the other Decepticons returned to Char.  Dead End and Wildrider observe Rodimus Prime driving one night and try to run him off the road.  EDC Captain Marissa Fairbourne was there and she tries to defend Rodimus by firing on the two Stunticons.  The two Stunticons start to race Rodimus on the twisting and turning road, and Captain Fairbourne follows, firing at them the entire time.  Wildrider and Dead End release an oil slick to evade her.  She looses control as Rodimus Prime tries to spin around to save her.  Wildrider slams into Rodimus Prime, making him fall off the road and off a cliff!  Rodimus is very injured and the two Stunticons go to get a trophy.  They find the Matrix and drive off with it, planning to return to Char and give it to Galvatron.



The Stunticons join a number of Decepticons to destroy Optimus Prime’s dead body.  They are infected by the hate plague.


Marvel G1 Comic Background -

When Megatron gets a copy of The Creation Matrix, the first thing he does is use it to make new Decepticons.  These Decepticons were The Stunticons.

 Megatron sends The Stunticons to find Skids who was carrying a human who betrayed Megatron.  The Stunticons stalk Skids successfully and since they are new, Skids has no idea they are Decepticons.  The Stunticons have no patience, while stuck in traffic, they start destroying cars that have nothing to do with the Autobots to finally attack Skids who calls Optimus Prime for help.  Optimus sends The Aerialbots.  Before The Aerialbots can get there, RAAT (The Rapid Anti-Robot Assault Team) and Circuit Breaker attack both Skids and The Stunticons.  The Stunticons make short work of RAAT but Circuit Breaker poses a problem.  Motormaster eventually defeats Circuit Breaker and The Aerialbots arrive.  The arrival of the Aerialbots causes The Stunticons to merge into Menasor.  The Aerialbots follow suit and merge into Superion, causing a battle between the two combiners.  They are evenly matched and Circuit Breaker attacks Superion, not caring that he is an Autobot, giving Menasor the upper hand.  Superion is defeated and Menasor attacks a de-powered Circuit Breaker who is saved by another human.

A little while later, Megatron has defeated Optimus Prime, but has fallen into madness.  He takes a team of Decepticons which include some of the Stunticons to look for evidence that Optimus is still alive.

After Megatron is thought to be destroyed, Ratbat takes leadership of The Decepticons and eventually attacks the Autobots on the moon, Grimlock defeats Drag Strip.

IDW Background -

Dead End is first shown in the crowd of one of Megatron’s gladiator matches before the war started.4

Before Drag Strip was a Decepticon, he was a famous racer on Cybertron.  Ironhide holds back the crowds who want to see Drag Strip after a race.  Outback pulls a gun on Drag Strip and Ironhide restrains the would be assassin.

As the war progresses on Cybertron, the Stunticons become bandits in the lava filled wasteland of Cybertron.  When they see an Autobot transport, they attack it.  Once the Autobot realizes that he is being held up by the Stunticons, he worries that they will kill him.  Wildrider jumps on the Autobot and cracks his cargo area open.  The other Stunticons fire grapple lines and the Autobot crashes.  At the Stunticon base, Swindle arrives and tells Motormaster that he wants to be paid for his information.  Thundercracker arrives and recruits the Stunticons to come back as Decepticons because Scorponok is gone.

The Stunticons help Megatron invade Iacon after Metroplex is defeated.    Optimus Prime is intercepted by Motormaster.  The two Transformers race towards each other in vehicle mode at full speed.  Optimus crashes into Motormaster, sending the Stunticon flying.  The other four Stunticons rush towards Optimus, but Optimus Prime is saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega fires his cannon at the Stunticons, disabling them.

Breakdown remains on Earth after the Decepticons leave.  He is trying to steal energy, but he is attacked by Skywatch soldiers in mech suits.  One of the soldiers tackles Breakdown.   Breakdown is damaged, but he is still able to transform into vehicle mode.  He is hit with a disruptor bolt and is disabled.

Breakdown becomes Spike Witwicky’s personal vehicle.  Swindle and Scrapper spy on the Autobots who want to leave Earth.  The Decepticons were trying to gauge Omega Supreme’s power levels for a possible attack. The Autobots are collecting around Omega Supreme.  They are joined by Thundercracker, Drag Strip, Octane, and Reflector.  Before the first shot is fired, everyone decides to talk to each other.  Hot Rod and Swindle agree that it doesn’t make sense to fight anymore because the war is over.  Prowl doesn’t want to ally himself with Decepticons.  Hot Rod suggests everyone votes.

Swindle convinces Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime to liberate more Stunticons to help them build a spaceship.  Before they free more Stunticons, Dead End and Motormaster stand watch at the building site of the ship.  Motormaster sees that Ultra Magnus is approaching.

Breakdown remains Spike’s personal vehicle.  Spike wonders if he takes the suppressor off of Breakdown if he will feel the same remorse that Optimus Prime feels.  Suddenly, Breakdown is sideswiped.  Wildrider and Drag Strip are trying to get their friend back from Spike.  The two Stunticons are disgusted that a human is driving their “brother”.  Drag Strip and Wildrider plan to make Breakdown crash to kill Spike.  They figure they can always rebuild Breakdown.  Wildrider slams into Breakdown’s rear and makes him spin out.  Spike regains control quickly and goes in the back of Breakdown to get a weapon.  Spike opens fire and pops one of Drag Strip’s tires.  Spike is about to get away inside of Breakdown when he sees Motormaster speeding towards him.  Spike jumps out of Breakdown and dives into water.  The Stunticons recover Breakdown and put him in Motormaster’s trailer.  Swindle spends 3 hours repairing Breakdown.  When Ultra Magnus comes to the rocket site, Swindle betrays the partnership with Rodimus’ Autobots and reveals Menasor.  Swindle wants Menasor to kill Ultra Magnus first.

Menasor grabs Ultra Magnus to pull him apart.  Unlike Devestator, all of the Stunticons’ personalities are separate in Menasor instead of one unified personality. Optimus Prime falls from the sky in truck mode and crushes Swindle.  Optimus transforms to fight Menasor and save Ultra Magnus.  Once Optimus Prime opens fire, Menasor drops Ultra Magnus.  Optimus leaps on Menasor’s shoulders and shoots him in the face.    Optimus Prime defers command back to Bumblebee.  Bumblebee has the Autobots combine their fire on the individual limbs instead of all of Menasor.  While Menasor is weakened, Optimus Prime targets the Motormaster torso and Menasor falls.  Optimus Prime contacts Spike at Skywatch to take the Decepticons into custody.

The Stunticons kill a number of Skywatch agents when they attack the Skywatch base.

Optimus Prime challenges Megatron to battle and all of the Decepticons watch.

While Prowl was waiting outside of the woman’s house in car mode.  Breakdown is also waiting for Spike.  As Spike is about to get on his red motorcycle, Breakdown tries to run him over.  Breakdown misses but spins around to try again.  Prowl turns on his lights and siren to get Breakdown’s attention.  Spike gets inside of Prowl who tries to get him to safety.  Breakdown chases Prowl and Spike through out the neighborhood.  Prowl drives through several fences, but Breakdown stays on his tail.  Prowl is trying to get Breakdown out of the neighborhood so humans won’t get hurt.  Streetwise arrives and immediately transforms into robot mode to battle Breakdown.  Prowl chastises Streetwise for transforming into robot mode in front of humans.  Breakdown is damaged, but gets away.

(to be continued)

Abilities -

All of the Stunticons had a weak form of force field. This enabled them to crash into things without damage. They also have weak anti gravity generators which allow them to leap into the air in vehicle mode and scale walls. Menasor is armed with a sword and a cannon. He also has guns under his arms. In vehice mode, it has been mentioned that the Stunitcons can travel at least as fast as 300 MPB

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