Takara Legends Big Powered

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Dai Atlas


Sonic Bomber

Class-3 pack


I have two friends who have really shaped my Transformers collecting, Tyke and Darth_Ennis. Both are stand up guys who got me back into Transformers. When I first saw the tease of the Big Powered Set, honestly, I had no idea who or what Big Powered is or was and I had no plan to get this set. I try to stay away from too many repaints/redecos/retools. Also, one of the small areas of Transformer knowledge that I DON'T have is of the Japanese exclusive characters. Well, Tyke suggested to me that I watch Transformers Zone sometime, actually, he suggested it several times to me. Well, one day I broke down and took his advice. I was introduced to new characters who were BAD ASS. I mean Big Powered as a combined jet was able to fight off several combiners at once. I was hooked and I broke down and ordered the three pack.


After Transforming all of the individual Autobots into vehicle mode, there is additional parts which help them clip onto each other. The combined transformation is a 2 out of 10 for complexity and for fun, it literally takes like 3 seconds, so I can't really gauge fun on a 3 second experience (make all the jokes you want)

Vehicle Mode-

Big Powered looks a little weird at first look. He/It/They are three vehicles attached to each other. Considering the original Titans Return figures were not meant to combine at all, the fact that these three combine well and look coheisive is a major accomplishment. The best way to describe how Big Powered looks in vehicle mode is, three separate vehicles combined.

3rd Party Add Ons-



The combined vehicle is impressive, especially considering that the original toolings were not meant to combine.


While it can combine, it is a little droopy at times.


As a set, this is a great addition to your collection. It's a bit expensive, but not so expensive that it would make getting him too much of an investment. Especially that 2 deluxe figures and a leader figure would cost around.... 90, so that this set is about 110 is a good value.

Retools and Repaints-

(see the individual reviews for specific redecos and retools)

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