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Perfect Effect Jinrai Cab

Perfect Effect Add on Kit PC15

Perfect Effect Add on Kit #2

Super Ginrai/Magnus Prime


Updated 5-28-20

Class- 2 pack of leaders and several add on kits


I've only seen a few episodes of Masterforce, and honestly, none of them had Ginrai in it. But Ginrai is the same toy as G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime, and God Ginrai is an improvement on that. A super mode of a super mode. When I first learned of the G1 God Ginrai toy, I was in college and I think that it was going for at least 500 dollars. As a college student, that might as well be a mortgage for a 100 million dollar home. I promised myself that if I ever became successful as an adult, I would get God Ginrai. By the time I was out of college, Takara re-released God Ginrai and a few years later, Toys R Us sold it as "Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor". Well, that figure sucks. Its very G1 and basically a brick that partsforms. Also, the proportions were totally out of whack. During Titans Return, Takara took the Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime figure and retooled it to be Super Ginrai and then they made a Takara exclusive of Godbomber, so now we have a modern take on God Ginrai (or in my specific views, Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor).

Robot Mode-

The first thing you are going to notice about God Ginrai is, he is one big mofo. Super Ginrai is a leader class figure, and God Ginrai is the enhancement of that. So he's really tall and heavy. God Ginrai's head is the same as Super Ginrai's head, he has chest armor which depending on the version you got is either Silver or Chrome. His shoulders are red, the hands and forearms are blue with guns on them. Super Ginrai's guns plug into the back of the chest armor and look very intimidating. Godbomber's missile launcher pegs into the top of the chest. Small problem is, most of the missile launchers sag down a little, but there is a very simple fix. Just put a few drops of Pledge with futures on the joint and it will firm up a bunch. There are red wings on top of the figure which have 5mm ports on them (which is important for the Add on Kit #2). His lower body is basically the same as Super Ginrai, but he has larger feet which are created by parts of Godbomber. The hands of God Ginrai and Super Ginrai are the same and they are 5mm hands. The articulation is the same as Super Ginrai, which amazes me that they were able to engineer a suit of armor which doesn't take away from the figure at all. Another small problem is that he is very top heavy and if you are displaying him, he can tip over. This is solved by Perfect Effect Add On Kit #2 (AKA PC-18). The double blasters which were on Super Ginrai's shoulders peg into the feet.


2/3 of the transformation is very simple. Installing the hands and feet are no problem at all. The other part is installing the chest armor. It is just a little more complicated than it has to be. The instructions are small and not very clear. It took me watching 3 different reviews online to figure out how to get it right. The problem is the upper arms of Godbomber and the upper legs. They stick out a little too much and you have no margin of error for the transformation. Everything has to be absolutely perfect or nothing will peg in. Also, there is a hook/peg which you clip the chest armor into that is a bit tricky to get right. I kept feeling like I was going to break the tab. The thing is, the fact that the transformation gave me problems made it VERY satisfying. For complexity the transformation is a 7.5 out of 10. For fun, an 8 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

The Vehicle mode is the same as Super Ginrai, just now there is a second trailer which is made of Godbomber.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are A LOT of upgrades for this set as a whole and some upgrades I added which aren't official. For non official, I use the Blue Dr Wu Star Saber and a Matrix Workshop Leader sized Optimus Prime Ion Cannon.

For official upgrades, see the main navigation at the top of this page. To briefly summarize, there is the Perfect Effect Jinrai cab and two sets. The first set is a new head and a Hi-Q. If you only plan on displaying God Ginrai as God Ginrai, and you don't want to ever transform him into Super Ginrai, the Hi-Q is unneeded because you won't see it at all in God Ginrai. The head is nice and I have it on my Super Ginrai (I have two sets of this figure, one to keep as Super Ginrai and Godbomber and the other to keep as God Ginrai) and if I can ever find someone selling JUST the PE Head I will buy it, but I don't want to spend 30-50 dollars on just a head and get other parts I have no need for. The final official upgrade kit is really good (read more about it here) if you plan on displaying him only as God Ginrai. It is two parts which fit into his lower legs which stabilize his legs so he won't tip over, two larger fins for the jet pack, two really big guns, and a Sword. I actually don't use the entire set for God Ginrai, but I do use the entire set. I gave the sword to my POTP Orthia (review coming at some point in the near future) and I gave the guns to my POTP Abominus.


Looks amazing, really fun to play with, great for an adult collector. Until Earthrise Optimus came out, this was not just my favorite Optimus Prime figure, but my favorite figure of all time. The transformation is very fulfilling and he is tremendously well engineered.


There is only one minor problem. The issue with the Godbomber missile launcher sagging down. But again, this is a very easy fix


I love this figure. I love this figure so much I have two of them. I rate Takara Legends God Ginrai (on his own) a 9.25 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

(see the individual reviews for specific redecos and retools)

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