The Last Knight Bumblebee Toy Review

Price- 16.99 - 19.99(when in stores).
Class- Deluxe


It took me a long time to accept Bumblebee as anything aside for a VW Bug. Honestly, when the Bayverse movies came out, I wasn't the biggest fan. But they grew on me and Studio Series was a big cause of that. I accept the Bayverse movies a lot more than I did and I actually enjoy them now for what they are. Studio Series didn't have a modern day Bumblebee (when this review was written). There was WW2 Bee, VW Bug Bee, Clunker Bee, but no modern Camaro Bee that DIDN'T have a battle mask (coming early 2020). So I went to the internet to find my idea modern camaro Bee. After lots of deliberating, I decided on TLK Bee to join my collection.

Bot Mode-

Bee looks great in robot mode. He has two regular arms, one of which can be replaced with a gun. He has his classic Movie Bee face. Mainly yellow body with a few hints of black. If you're reading this review, I'm sure you know what movieverse Bee looks like. I actually think that all of the movie designs translate well into figures. TLK Bee has a bit more black on him than the earlier versions. Especially the first trilogy. Oddly, most movieverse Bumblebee's have a very similar transformation, so if you know how to do one, you can do all of them. The reason I chose this specific Bee is because most of the other movieverse Bees either had the gun arm without an option for a regular arm, or they had no weapon, or the weapon looked out of place (like AOE Bee). Bee has the standard articulation of all movieverse Bees. The head can move, the arms are farily well articulated and come have a four fingered hand. The hands are open but can hold a 5mm weapon. The only thing I don't love, and i think this is my specific figure, not every TLK Bee, the feet don't peg in well, so he falls over sometimes.


TLK Bumblebee has a very specific transformation that if you don't do it EXACTLY right, it won't transform. Everything has to be lined up 100% right with no margin of error. So the first one or two times you transform him, especially if you aren't used to other Bees, you may have some trouble. Once you know how to do it right, it becomes very easy. For fun, I rate the transformation 5 out of 10 and for complexity, I rate it a 6.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Bee in vehicle mode is a yellow camaro with a black hood. Looks great.


Bee comes with a removable arm which can be replaced with a cannon

3rd Party Add Ons-

I don't believe there are any 3P add ons. But I did get a hammer from Shapeways and I painted it with gunmetal gray paint and it looks great (see below). Incase you're wondering what paint I used, it was RUST-OLEUM 262662 Spray Paint,Dark Steel,Gloss,11 oz.


In my opinion, this is the best Movieverse Modern Camaro Bee. The upcoming Studio Series figure has a mask always on. Other Bees didn't have the option to change the arms or equip weapons.


The transformation at first is a bit unnerving. and the feet aren't as well engineered as the rest of the figure. Also, and this is a bit of a nitpick, I don't like that he doesn't have his hammer from the movie, but i can live with that, especially since someone on Shapeways made a really good one.


I really like this figure. It's tremendous fun and looks great. I'm beyond happy with him and it's going to take a lot from Hasbro to make me want to replace him. I rate him a 7.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Not a different deco, but TLK Bee was re-released in a Target Exclusive 2 Pack with Bee movie Bee (VW Bee)



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