The Last Knight Barricade Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


Barricade was such a major part of the first movie, he survived ROTF (only showed up in backgrounds really) and had a cameo or two in DOTM. WHen we got to The Last Knight, Barricade shows up again, but with a new body and different vehicle mode (he's still a police car). I like Studio Series Barricade (See review here)but TLK Barricade has enough of a unique look to make me want to pick him up as well. Interesting note, Barricade is the decepticon who has been in the 2nd most movies (Megatron owns the number 1 spot)

Bot Mode-

Barricade really has a different look than his first trilogy model. He is mainly blackish dark navy blue but he has some off white details and gray parts to his joints. He has the lightbar from the grill of the vehicle mode as his chest. A really nice design note (I can't give this to the HasTak team since it was a movie designer who designed the look) is that Barricade has 4 eyes. Someone once mentioned to me that original Barricade had that look too, but I have the studio series figure and it looks like he has 2 eyes to me. He has a bit of a backpack, but not enough for me to say "crap this sucks". He has "Punish" and "Enslave" on his knuckles which is a nice touch. He has 5mm hands and a bunch of weapons to go in them. He comes with a nightstick as well which can plug into his hip. The articulation is good. Arms can move naturally (up and down and in and out). He can do a "T". His head can move a litlte up and down, but very well left and right. His face looks very insectoid like many Bayverse Cons. His elbows have bend. His legs can move outwards to do a side kick as well as a front kick. No toe movement but his knees have good bend.


Like a lot of movie figures, Barricade transformation is a little more in depth than a Generations figure. But it isn't too hard and it is pretty fun. For complexity, I rate it 6.25 out of 10 and for fun, I rate it 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Barricade is a ford mustang police car in vehicle mode. I really like it. I really liked Barricade's first vehicle mode. THis just feels a little more intimidating though. He is dark navy blue with white doors which say "Police" on them. He has "to punish and enslave" on the car as well as a decepticon logo. The windshield and side windows are clear plastic. He has black wheels (which need a little silver paint on them) and painted headlights. There is a lightbar on top of the roof as well as a set of lights on the grill. He tabs/pegs together well and rolls well.


TLK Barricade just keeps getting better and better. He has A LOT of weapons. A pistol, a nightstick, as well as a gun which wraps around his wrist. All of his weapons are really nice and compliment the figure well.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Really good figure. I like it a lot. Looks great. Good play value. Fun transformation. This is probably one of my favorite movieverse figures.


No major problems.


Really fun figure. One of the better movieverse figures that isn't Studio Series. I rate him 8.5 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-



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