The Last Knight Megatron Toy (Voyager)

Class- Voyager


I am in the extreme minority where I don't hate The Last Knight. It had just a bit too much going on, but I really had fun watching the movie. TLK gave us some really interesting new takes some of the characters we've seen in several other movies. Megatron was one of those really interesting redesigns. The design felt really fresh and inspired, but not 100% Megatron. I've actually had 3 versions of TLK Megatron at some point, (The oversized knock off which broke right away, the real Leader size, and this size). But TLK has a bunch of plot holes, one being how did Megatron turn back into Megatron from being Galvatron, and how did he get this new body.

Bot Mode-

While being very interesting, TLK Megatron doesn't totally feel like Megatron to me. Yes, this is an accurate portrayal of what we got in the movie, and it has some of the notes that you would associate Megatron with (like an arm cannon), TLK Megatron doesn't have the helmet head that we associate Megatron with, also, he is primarily dark gray. To totally get off topic, my favorite Movieverse Megatron is Movie 1 Studio Series Megatron. If you don't think of him as Megatron, he is a pretty successful figure with only a few misses. As I mentioned, he is primarily dark gray, but there is some gold and dark red details. His eyes are sunk in and I would've liked them to have a little red paint on them. He has a cannon on his right arm. His articulation is a little limited, especially for when this figure came out, he should have a little more articulated. His head can move, his arms can mode in and out, but he lacks bicep swivel and wrist swivel. He can bend about 90 degrees on each arm. His knees bend and he has a little thigh swivel. In the movie, Megatron had the ability to change his face to look like a mask, this figure does not come with an additional head or the ability to change how the head looks. I like the figure, but it feels a bit dated and it really shouldn't only a few years later.


Being that he is a movieverse figure, he is a bit more tricky to transform than a Generations figure. BUt he isn't as complicated as some more recent studio series figures. He has a very satisfying transformation which is just interesting enough to be fun. For complexity, I rate him a 6.75 out of 10. For fun, a 7.25 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a strange looking jet. I'm going to say he is Cybertronian. Also, he doesn't look like any vehicle I've ever seen on Earth. He keeps the same basic colorscheme and he has a clear yellow plastic cockpit. There is no articulation in the vehicle mdoe.


Megatron comes with a really cool sword. I just wish he had a little more articulation so he could make some more dynamic poses.

3rd Party Add Ons-



He's a good figure. Appropriate accessory. Looks a lot like his screen version.


The articulation isn't as much as I would expect for a figure made after 2012.


Despite some limited articulation, I TLK Megatron is a pretty fun figure. He has a fun and challenging transformation, and he has a unique identity in comparision to other Megatrons. I rate him a 6.75 out of 10. I like the figure a lot, but if HasTak made a Studio Series figure of this character who wasn't a straight release, I'd most likely get it.

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