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The first part of Big Powered is Dai Atlas. As I mentioned in the main section of this review, I really had no idea who Dai Atlas was before I watched Zone (which is easy to find online and there is only one episode). Dai Atlas is the leader of the Autobots in Zone. He had some small appearances in IDW, but he wasn't a big player in the stories (at least he hasn't been important where I've gotten to in IDW). Dai Atlast is a significant retool of the Titans Return Overlord and Black Shadow molds, but he has a fair amount of new parts which make him feel pretty new and unique to himself. Oh, all three members of this team are able to form into an individual base mode. I hate base modes so I never did it.

Bot Mode-

As I literally just wrote, Dai Atlas uses the base of the TR Overlord/Black Shadow mold. But there is SIGNIFICANT retooling to him. Not to the point where he feels like a totally new figure, but enough where you don't mind double dipping into the mold. Dai Atlas is a headmaster like Overlord and Black Shadow. One of the more obvious retools is the chest which on Overlord it opened, Dai Atlas' doesn't open up. Dai Atlas is TALL. He is primarily white, with blue and yellow and black, and some gold in the helmet. The nosecone of the jet makes up his back. Where in Overlord it became a shield, here it is a backpack. He's a little stiff in the articulation but everything good about Overlord carries over to Dai Atlas. He has bicep swivel, his arms move up and down and out. 5mm hands. Slight ankle tilt. Knee bend. The head is a headmaster and like all leader sized Titans Returns, the head is also part of a helmet. There is a fair amount of movement in the head. There is a little bit of partsforming, which I don't mind since this mold wasn't originally meant to be Dai Atlas, so the fact that the wings are removable for transformation isn't a problem to me. Also, his wings can form a shield. Because of the modifications made for vehicle mode, his legs are a bit more hollow than Overlord's legs. To many people that is a big problem, but it doesn't really bother me.


Even though Dai Atlas is made from Overlords engineering, there is a small addition (which I'll get to in the vehicle mode section) which makes the transformation just a little more complicated than Overlord's. But it is still a pretty easy transformation is is a satisfying one to boot. For complexity i rate it a 5.75 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 7 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Dai Atlas has a pretty unique vehicle mode. It is a jet with a drill nose cone which is attached to tank treads. Sounds absurd but it is actually pretty cool. His gun pegs on top, the wings are removable. There is an additional piece which Overlord didn't have which prevents you from seperating the two parts into seperate vehicles (Overlord was a jet and a tank which combined into Overlord). As absurd as it sounds, it really is a cool vehicle. The top half of hte vehicle is the jet and it is mainly white with some blue and yellow details and a silver nosecone. The bottom part is just tank treads and it is primarily blue with black treads, yellow wheels and some white detailing. People have removed the extra part, but I don't plan to. I like the figure way too much to want to risk breaking it.


Dai Atlas comes with a black gun with an orange shield on it. It is unique to this specific figure. Also, the wings in vehicle mode are separate pieces that can combine to form a shield

3rd Party Add Ons-

Shockwave Lab made a Z sword for Dai Atlas. Shockwave Lab also put out boxes for Dai Atlas' legs (they are kind of hollow) that form rocket launchers in vehicle mode I like to give him the sword that Dr Wu put out for The Last Knight. I am not going to get the gap fillers, but it is very probable that I will get the "Z Sword" by March 2020


Overlord was one of my favorite leader sized figures in Prime Wars. So it only makes sense that I love Dai Atlas as well. He is just an amazing figure


His arms are just a little stiff for making dynamic poses.


Dai Atlas is a great figure on his own. But that he's part of this 3 pack makes him even better. I rate Dai Atlas an 8.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Titans Return Black Shadow (pretool)

Titans Return Overlord (pretool)


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