Takara Legends Godbomber

Class- Leader


When I first learned of Godbomber it was 2000 and I was in college. When I learned of the G1 version, I really wanted it not really knowing anything about the character, but he could make my favorite Optimus Prime even better. There was no way in hell I could ever get it though, at least then. It was easily $300+ for one, and I was in college, so that was like a small mortgage. I promised myself that I would get one if I ever became a successful adult. Well, by the time I graduated college in 2003, Takara reissued the God Ginrai set and it also hit Toys R Us, so I was easily able to get one for under $80. As much as it was my grail piece, it was a horrible toy. It was 100% a partsformer. It didn't hold together well, but the combined God Ginrai mode was really good. I stopped collecting around 2005 but when Combiner Wars came out I started again. Just like every other part of this multi part review, once I learned of the Takara Legends version with modern toy technology and some really great parts, I had to get it (and I did). I actually have had 3 of the Takara Legends Godbombers.

Robot Mode

Godbomber is cool to look at, but not as much to play with. He's still kind of partsformerish but he holds together a lot better than the G1 version. He has better sculpting, better stability, he's just better. But I wouldn't give him to a kid to play with. Not that it would get broken, but because he lacks a lot of playability. He is made to be combined with Super Ginrai first, and to be an independent figure second. It kind of reminds me of the Studio Series Constructicons. Godbomber is a headmaster for this figure, but not in Masterforce. So like all Leader sized Titans Return figures, there is a helmet which is there to beef up the head. Godbomber has BIG blue eyes and a yellow square on the black helmet. It can't really look up and down, but there is perfect articulation for him to look left and right. He has wings on his shoulders which some people transform in different ways, I kind of keep them down. He is primarily royal blue, dark blue, gray, with some black details. His articulation is fine, full range of motion in the arms and legs. Nothing special to write home about. He has a removable cannon which can fit on either shoulder, and some of them have a problem not slumping down. Mine doesn't have that problem and most people can fix it with a drop or two of furniture polish. His hands... argh... I understand why they do it, but that doesn't mean that I have to accept it. His hands are open and not 5mm hands. So you cant give him any weapon to hold aside for the sword he comes with. There are tabs in the hand that connect to the sword (which he does hold easily and securely). If you want Godbomber for robot mode, you may be disappointed. But if you want Godbomber for vehicle mode combination or God Ginrai, you will be VERY happy.


Transformation is pretty simple, mainly because it is primarily parts forming. I can't do it without the instructions, but I don't need a video to do it. It is simple, but doesn't really feel fulfilling. For complexity, I rate it a 5 out of 10. For fun, a 4 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Vehicle mode is nice, but only if you have Super Ginrai. Godbomber is a second trailer for Super Ginrai. So he has basically no ability to go into battle on his own as a vehicle. I like it though. It connects very easily to Super Ginrai's trailer and holds secure. He keeps the same color scheme. I really like how the gun is engineered, its the shoulder cannon with the helmet and the sword and the hilt combined. It really works for me.


Godbomber comes with a sword which has a separate hilt. He has the earlier discussed shoulder cannon and helmet. Also, he is a headmaster.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no specific upgrade kits that are official or unofficial that I use with Godbomber.


For his combined modes, he is really good. I like how his hands are engineered where the sword is held well. He doesn't require any 3p add ons.


Very Partsformery. I dont like that he doesn't have 5mm hands. Not good to give to a kid.


On his own, Godbomber is a little weak. He's good, and I suggest you get him, but really only for display or to combine with Super Ginrai. I rate him a 7 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

2 Pack Super Ginrai and Godbomber (parts are chrome instead of gray on both figures).

I was kind of surprised that the Primative Optimus Prime didn't come with a redeco'd Godbomber.


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