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The final part of Big Powered is Sonic Bomber. Like Dai Atlas and Roadfire, he is also a headmaster and is a significant retool from a Titans Return figure. This time, it is the Triggerhappy/Misfire/Slugslinger mold. Also, like the other two parts of Big Powered, he is retool so much where it feels like he is basically a brand new figure. Sonic Bomber seems to have the most retooling out of the figures in this set, and honestly, he feels more like shared engineering more than a traditional retool. Sonic Bomber also has a weird, half assed base mode, but I hate base modes and I never put him in this mode.

Bot Mode-

Sonic Bomber is a really cool figure. As I mentioned earlier he doesn't feel like a retool or redeco at all. There are more than enough new parts where he feels fresh. The retooling in Sonic Bomber is probably the most successful at making the figure feel unique out of all of the members of Big Powered. Sonic Bomber is primarily black and yellow and white. His head is a headmaster and has blue eyes. His chest has a lot of yellow and red that makes him pop. He has an Autobot logo on his chest. His thighs are gray plastic. Sonic Bomber shares the same articulation as his pretools. His arms move up and down and in and out. His biceps are on mushroom pegs so there is swivel. His thighs can swivel, his knees bend and his legs can move up and down and in and out. His head is able to spin. Like Dai Atlas, his shoulders are just a little too high, so it reduces just a little bit of articulation. The nosecone of the vehicle mode mades up his backpack. I know I'm in the minority, but backpacks rarely ever bother me. The feet are a little weirdly sculpted, but it isn't enough of an issue to make it an issue.


For complexity, I rate Sonic Bomber's transformation a 5.5 or 6 and for fun, I rate it 6.5.  Even though there is a bit of a unique transformation, that difference makes it more fun. Again, the transformation is basically exactly the same as Misfire, Slugslinger, and Triggerhappy.

Vehicle Mode-

Where Roadfire didn't work as well, Sonic Bomber's vehicle mode is well designed. The pretool Decepticons were engineered well, but you could tell that they all had the same engineering just by looking at the vehicle mode. From first glance, Sonic Bomber really looks unique. He is a black and white space jet with a blue window for the cockpit. The robot mode laser can peg under the nose of the plane. Nothing revolutionary or exciting, Takara basically stuck with what worked and slightly improved it. Sometimes just working with what was successful earlier is a better idea than trying to reinvent the wheel. The additional parts on him are able to tab into Dai Atlas in vehicle mode for the combined form.


Sonic Bomber comes with a head/titan master and a black pistol

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no suggested or official 3P add ons for this. But I like to give him the sword that Dr Wu put out for The Last Knight.


The base figure is one of my favorites from Titans Return and for the most part, he is improved upon. Good accessory assortment.


Like Dai Atlas, the shoulders are a little too high so it restricts just a little articulation


Sonic Bomber is a really good member of this set. Depending on the day, I may say he is the most successful part of this set, but other days I may say it is Dai Atlas. Sonic Bomber really takes the best parts of previous figures, but he also has his own identity as a figure. I rate him a 7 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

(all pretools)

Titans Return Triggerhappy
Titans Return Metalhawk
Titans Return Misfire
Titans Return Slugslinger



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