G1 Cartoon

The Technobots were created by random pieces of junk inside Unicron’s head.  Grimlock temporarily had heightened intellect and created the Technobots to provide back up for the Autobots.  Nosecone was the first to be created.  Grimlock has Nosecone drill a path into the core of Unicron’s head and Grimlock builds Strafe and Lightspeed.  Unicron is awakened and attacks Nosecone.  Grimlock orders Strafe to assist Nosecone in vehicle mode and Strafe disables Unicron’s defenses.  This gives Grimlock the momentary peace he needs to create the other two Technobots; Scattershot and Afterburner.  The Decepticons are about to destroy a small group of Autobots who have traveled to Unicron’s head, but before they are killed, The Technobots burst onto the battlefield.  Scattershot takes point both in the air and in his cannon mode.  Afterburner leads Hun-Gurr and Sinnertwin into an ambush.  Strafe takes to the skies and picks off several Decepticons.  The Terrorcons merge into Abominus, but Strafe and Scattershot continue to attack in their aerial modes.  The Technobots realize they are under powered to fight Abominus and retreat to Grimlock.  The Technobots are overwhelmed by Abominus, but Grimlock tells the Technobots that they can merge into Computron.  The Technobots merge and Grimlock transfers his extreme intellect into Computron.  Computron leaps into battle against Abominus.  He quickly defeats Abominus by making him separate back into the Terrorcons and then attacks Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons.  With one blast of his gun, Galvatron is frightened enough to retreat.

Eventually, the Technobots make their way to Earth and help the EDC as part of the Autobot Science Division.  The Technobots would rather see action than act as scientists though.  Marissa Fairbourne receives a distress call from a crashing ship.  Scattershot and Strafe act as back up.  They see a ship crashing to Earth with Hun-Gurr following it.  Strafe transforms into vehicle mode to intercept the ship, and Hun-Gurr attacks Scattershot.  Marissa Fairbourne winds up contacting the other Technobots to help.  Afterburner is delighted to see some action, he rushes out of Autobot City with Nosecone and Lightspeed following.  They arrive at the battle at the right moment.  Hun-Gurr has overpowered Scattershot and Strafe and is about to execute them.  Before he can, one of the Technobots fires on Hun-Gurr, saving his friends.  Lightspeed takes command and devises a plan to incapacitate Hun-Gurr.  The Technobots are successful and Hun-Gurr retreats.  The Technobots and Marissa Fairbourne investigate the crashed ship, called the Lazy Sue,it’s captain is named Dirk Manus.  Dirk tries flirting with Marissa Fairbourne, and the human custom confuses the Technobots.  Nosecone asks Dirk why Hun-Gurr was chasing him, and Dirk says that he thinks it is because of that he discovered a Quintesson base on a terraformed moon.  Marissa Fairbourne demands that Manus brings her and the Technobots to the hidden Quintesson base, and Manus says he will do it for a price.  The Technobots merge into Computron to calculate the odds of Dirk telling the truth.  Computron deduces that Dirk Manus is telling the truth and that they should repair his ship and pay his fee.  The Scattershot, Strafe, and Lightspeed follow Captain Manus into space to find the Quintesson base.  What they don’t know is, Manus is working for the Quintessons and he is leading them into a trap.  Afterburner and Nosecone stay on Earth and find Captain Fairbourne tied up in the desert.  Dirk Manus left her there so he can enact his plot.  In orbit of Saturn, Lightspeed is in awe of the beauty of the planet’s rings.  The three Technobots are stalked by Abominus.  Abominus quickly attacks the three Technobots, and severely damages them.  They wind up falling into the planet Saturn.  Back on Earth, the remaining Technobots join Captain Fairbourne to find Captain Manus and to save the rest of the Technobots.  After being double crossed by the Quintessons, Manus crash lands into Saturn, right next to the three Technobots who he led into a trap.  Dirk tries to charm his way out of danger, but the Technobots don’t trust him, even when he honestly warms them of Sharkticons attacking.  Lightspeed is shot in the back and Manus hides.  Afterburner quickly recovers and uses his superior intellect to form a plan to defeat the Sharkticons.  He has Strafe fire on some alien vines, and the vines snare the Sharkticons.  Realizing they are still in danger, Scattershot grabs Dirk and they escape into the alien jungle of…. Saturn.  The Sharkticons chew their way free and continue their pursuit of the Technobots.  Scattershot, Lightspeed, Strafe, and Dirk run through the alien jungle, and wind up on a cliff.  They are about to be overtaken by the Sharkticons, but they are saved by Afterburner and Nosecone!  Afterburner rushes into battle in his motorcycle mode and Nosecone uses his superior vehicle mode armor to provide cover for his comrades. The Technobots and Fairbourne want to bring Dirk Manus back to Earth to throw him in jail, but Dirk convinces them that the Quintessons are too dangerous with the Recreator.   The Technobots agree, but they are too damaged to form Computron.  The Technobots and humans make their way to the Quintesson base.  Manus grabs Marissa’s gun and takes her hostage so the Technobots will surrender to the Quintessons.  In Quintesson custody, Captain Fairbourne asks why the Technobots aren’t trying to escape, Nosecone answers that they are thinking.  The group is intrigued by Dirk’s constantly shifting allegiance.  Dirk uses the Recreator on the Technobots, making it look like he destroyed them.  He reactivates the device and the Technobots reappear, but now they are fully repaired and can form Computron again.  Both groups of Transformers form their respective Combiner and battle.  The entire time, Computron is calculating probabilities for strategy.  The savage Abominus takes advantage of Computron’s time spent thinking and simply tackles him into a building.  Abominus starts beating Computron with his bare fists as Computron calculates a new plan.  He fires on Abominus, activating the timer which the Quintessons installed.  This causes Abominus to fall separate back into the Terrorcons and retreat.  The Quintessons abandon their base and retreat as well.

The Technobots protect a lab on Earth from the Terrorcons.  The Terrorcons were trying to steal a heat resistant metal that the lab had developed.  What the Technobots didn’t know is, a deactivated Optimus Prime was also in the lab.  When the Terrorcons form Abominus, the Technobots even the field by forming Computron.  Abominus pays little attention to Computron and damages the building to distract him.  One of the scientists is injured and the Terrorcons steal the alloy.  Long story short, Hate Plague, Optimus Prime Returns to life, universe saved by Matrix.

Months after Optimus Prime returns, the Decepticons stay in hiding.  Scattershot is the one to report to the rest of the Autobots that the Decepticons have returned in force.  Optimus Prime organizes the Autobots to defend the city.  In the battle, Lightspeed battles Mindwipe, but the Decepticon is able to use his mind control abilities to make Lightspeed retreat.  Scattershot has better luck in the battle, he is able to successfully battle Misfire and Triggerhappy.  After shooting them down, Scattershot transforms into spaceship mode to fight other Decepticons.  After the Decepticons steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, the battle ends.  But the Technobots see battle soon after, they travel to Cybertron to defend the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Decepticons.

Marvel G1 Comic

The Technobots had a much more traditional story in the Marvel G1 Comic Book than they did in the G1 Cartoon.  The Technobots were Autobots who stayed on Cybertron under the command of Fortress Maximus to fight the Decepticons.  When Fortress Maximus decided he wanted to leave Cybertron to relocate to the peaceful world of Nebulos, Scattershot and the rest of the Technobots were the first to volunteer to join Fortress Maximus.

After Fortress Maximus and several other Autobots become Binary Bonded with Nebulans to become Headmasters, the Nebulan population starts to trust the Autobots.  The Decepticons have arrived on the planet and naturally, The Autobots are protecting the planet.  When The Terrorcons attack the city of Splendora, The Technobots defend the city with the Autobot Headmasters.  The Terrorcons formed Abominus and the Technobots followed by merging into Computron.  Computron quickly defeats his enemy Abominus, saving the city.

The Technobots are killed in Buenos Aires, protecting it from Starscream.


IDW Transformers

In the Technobots’ first appearance, they are part of the crew of the Autobot science vessel Calabi-Yau.  Their captain is Jetfire.  Jetfire asks Nosecone if he has any unusual readings.  Nosecone tells him that he has an energy trace under the surface of Cybertron.  Afterburner backs up Nosecone’s readings.  Upon further analysis, they discover that it is Energon.  Strafe asks what they should do and Jetfire says they should go to Cybertron’s surface to investigate.  Afterburner and Nosecone stay on the ship.  Scattershot and the other explorers use personal force fields to stay safe in the atmosphere.  They realize they are on Thunderpass.  Scattershot asks if the stories are true that it is a bad place to be.  Jetfire says that it is.  The explorers plan to leave the site and leave a probe, but Lightspeed is shot by a green energy blast.  Next Strafe is attacked.  Jetfire and Scattershot stand back to back to anticipate the aggressor’s attacks.  They fire blindly and this causes a lightning bolt to hit them.  Several Decepticons de-cloak and disable Jetfire and Scattershot.  From orbit, Afterburner starts to worry that he lost contact with the away team.  Nosecone says it is probably a storm that is impeding communications.  The next thing they know, they detect several objects approaching.  The ship is destroyed.  The away team is restrained on the planet surface.

Nosecone and Afterburner survive by making it into an escape pod at the last moment.  They search for shelter on Cybertron.  They encounter several drones who look like Siege Brunt.  They hide, but it is difficult to get around because Afterburner is having trouble walking.  They are discovered by the drones.

Before the two Technobots are killed by the drones, the are saved by The Wreckers and Optimus Prime.  Nosecone wants to join the strike team to save his friends, but he is too weak.  Optimus Prime and the Wreckers save Jetfire and Scattershot from Bludgeon’s Decepticons.

At some point, Afterburner is stationed at Garrus-Nine.  He helps defend it from a Decepticon invasion.

The Technobots go to Garrus-Nine to help rebuild it.

The Technobots head into space to help other Autobots.  They are trying to develop Pretender shells.

The Technobots are successful, but these shells aren’t very organic.  They are more like suits of armor.

Nosecone is stationed in the Kimia Facility when it is attacked by Cyclonus and the Sweeps.  Nosecone is eaten by the Sweeps.

Lightspeed and Afterburner survive the attack from the Sweeps.  The Kimia outpost is sent to Cybertron with the two Technobots inside.  While staying hidden, they do an inventory of their weapons to decide if they have the ability to fight back.



As Computron, the Technobots are potentially the most intelligent Autobot, if not the most intelligent being in the universe. Scattershot is able to triple change between a space ship, a cannon, and a robot.

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