G1 Cartoon Background -

The Terrorcons show up towards the end of Season 3 as Galvatron’s new recruits.  There is no explanation given on where they came from.

The Terrorcons accompany Galvatron on his mission to Unicron’s head to harvest Anti-Electrons.  When the Autobots try to stop the Decepticons from harvesting the Anti-Electrons, Galvatron fires on the Autobot shuttle, causing it to crash into Unicron’s head.  Galvatron sends the Terrorcons to rip apart the survivors.  The Terrorcons quickly find the Autobots and overwhelm them with their numbers and strength.  Before the Terrorcons are able to destroy the Autobots, the newly created Technobots save the Autobots.  The Terrorcons merge into Abominus as Scattershot and Strafe continue to attack.  The Technobots then merge into Computron.  The savage Terrorcons try to grapple with Computron, but Computron uses intense vibrations to make Abominus disengage back to the Terrorcons.

Another time, Hun-Gurr was pursuing a human mercenary named Dirk Manus  in the Earth Solar System.  He wouldn’t let anything get in his way, eating any debris in his path.  He fires missiles (no idea from where though) and the mercenary starts to plummet into Earth.  Hun-Gurr follows and encounters two of the Technobots, Scattershot and Strafe.  In beast mode, Hun-Gurr attacks Scattershot.  Hun-Gurr is too powerful for the two Technobots, but before he can destroy them, the rest of the Technobots arrive and save their friends.  Hun-Gurr was able to battle two Technobots, but not all five.  He takes some minor damage, but flies off to save himself.  Hun-Gurr and the rest of the Terrorcons were working for the Quintessons to recover a device which Manus stole from them.  Manus decides to work with the Quintessons and lures several of the Technobots into a trap.  In the Space near Saturn, Abominus hunts three of the Technobots for the Quintessons.  The savage Combiner makes short work of Scattershot, Strafe, and Lightspeed.  The three Technobots fall to Saturn and Dirk Manus follows.  Realizing that Manus is betraying the Quintessons, Abominus follows.  Before he can catch his prey, Abominus splits into the Terrorcons.  It turns out that the Quintessons added a timer into Abominus so he can’t stay in that form for too long and can’t overpower the Quintessons.  Eventually, after changing his loyalties every 2 minutes, Manus brings the Technobots and Marissa Fairbourne to the Quintessons.  Hun-Gurr and Sinnertwin want to eat the Technobots.  The two Terrorcons actually start to fight with each other.  Dirk uses a Quintesson device to repair the Technobots, and the Quintessons order the Terrorcons to form Abominus.  Abominus fires an energy blast from his chest plate which Computron dodges.  Computron continues to calculate events to create a strategy for victory, but Abominus relies on pure savagery.  He tackles Computron into one of the buildings, destroying it and knocking Computron to the ground.  Abominus continues to punch Computron over and over, until Computron fires on Abominus.  The energy blast triggers the internal timer and Abominus falls apart.  The individual Terrorcons are not powerful enough to fight Computron and retreat (probably back to Galvatron).

The Terrorcons rejoin Galvatron’s command and wind up fighting the Autobots on the moon, with many other Decepticons.  Galvatron orders that the Terrorcons form Abominus, but the battle abruptly ends when all of the animal based Transformers are summoned to battle Tornedron.  During their journey, the Predacons and Dinobots start to fight.  The Terrorcons join the battle to help the Predacons.  The battle ends when Sky Lynx has Trypticon shake everyone up to behave.  They arrive on an ancient planet and learn of the origins of Tornedron, as well as learning of Primacron, the creator of Unicron.  Tornedron attacks and defeats Trypticon and Sky Lynx causing the Terrorcons to feel terror.  They retreat with the rest of the animal Transformers.  One by one, all of the animal Transformers are defeated by Tornedron.  The Terrorcons fight Tornedron as a hydra.  Like everyone else, their energies are absorbed by Tornedron.  After Grimlock defeats Tornedron, the Terrorcons are restored.

The Terrorcons attack a laboratory on Earth with Galvatron to steal a heat resistant alloy.  The Technobots arrive to fight them, and they form Abominus to fight the Technobots.  Abominus damages the laboratory to distract Computron, and one of the scientists in the lab is severely injured from the debris.  The Terrorcons are able to escape with the alloy.  The Technobots call for Protectobot First Aid, who sees that the scientist gets medical attention.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

The Terrorcons started as a group of Decepticon soldiers who reported to Scorponok.  He took them from Cybertron to the planet of Nebulos as a tool to not only destroy Fortress Maximus and The Autobots, but to enslave the population of Nebulos.

After Fortress Maximus becomes Binary Bonded with various Nebulan leaders, the Terrorcons continue their attack on Nebulos.  They attack the city of Splendora hoping to turn the population into food.  The Autobot Headmasters and The Technobots arrive and fight against the Terrorcons.  The Terrorcons combine into Abominus and wreck havoc on the city.  The Technobots counter Abominus by forming Computron and Abominus is quickly defeated.

The Decepticons defeat the Autobot Headmasters and take over the planet.  Eventually, a group of Autobots who vowed peace rejoin the war on Nebulos.  The Terrorcons are part of an attack against these Autobots, but they are defeated when the Autobots expose themselves as Targetmasters.  Even though the Autobots are more powerful, they retreat so the Nebulan garden isn’t destroyed.

The Terrorcons are teamed up with Fortress Maximus, Soundwave, and the Technobots at the end of The Underbase Saga.  They go to Buenos Aires to defeat a power mad Starscream.  Their appearance distracts Starscream long enough for Soundwave to attack him.

IDW Background -

Before the war, Hun-Gurr was a gladiator that fought Megatron.

Megatron is defeated by Optimus Prime and the new leader of the Decepticons, Scorponok, banishes Megatron to Junkion.  As he is declaring himself the new leader of the Decepticons, the Terrorcons interrupt. They feel that Scorponok is all talk and the Decepticons should rule by in sighting fear in the Autobots. Hun-Gurr says that he and the other Terrorcons will bring down Optimus on their own.  Scorponok asks if Hun-Gurr is challenging his leadership, and Hun-Gurr says he doesn’t even recognize Scorponok’s claim as leader.  Before they start brawling with each other, Starscream calms them down.

The Terrorcons seek out Megatron on Junkion.  Megatron goes closer and the Terrorcons emerge.  They tell Megatron that they are there to kill him.  Hun-Gurr offers to give Megatron a head start.  Megatron tells him that he just made a big mistake.  Cutthroat and Sinnertwin are disappointed that Megatron isn’t running.  They want a good hunt. Hun-Gurr commands the Terrorcons to attack.  Rippersnapper is the first to attack.  Megatron kicks him in the beast mode face.  Megatron pulls Cutthroat out of the air and tosses him.  Sinnertwin attacks and bites Megatron.  Megatron rips off one of Sinnertwin’s beast mode heads and attacks Blot.  Megatron is victorious over the Terrorcons, but lets them live.   Hun-Gurr recovers and Megatron transforms into his tank mode.  Megatron shoots a hole in Hun-Gurr.  The Terrorcons survive and pledge allegiance to Megatron.

Megatron and the Terrorcons take back leadership of the Decepticons from Scorponok.  The Terrorcons eat parts of Scorponok, but as per Megatron’s orders, they leave enough of him functional where he can feel pain

The Terrorcons survive and millions of years later, they become fans of the Decepticon Sixshot.  They are the only ones who visit him so they can learn how to destroy as well as he does.  Sixshot notices they haven’t made an appearance in a long time and finds out they are on the planet of MuMu Obscura.  That planet has been taken over by the Reapers.  The Reapers try to recruit Sixshot and tell him that he must destroy the Terrorcons.  Sixshot makes it look like he fired on them, but he intentionally missed every shot.  The Reapers leave and the Terrorcons are thankful that they are still alive.


Abilities -

The Terrorcons were savage fighters, but they were all very dumb and primal. The Quintessons modified Abominus that he can only remain in his combined mode for a limited amount of time.

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