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Thunderwing was a Decepticon leader who operated out of Cybertron.  He was the main target of the Autobot Underground Army which Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock joined after they were brought back to life.  He grew tired of his fuel supply being stolen by the Autobots and sends his forces to hunt them down and kill them.  His main enforcers consisted of Bludgeon, Stranglehold, and Octopunch and were called The Mayhem Assault Squad.

Thunderwing learns of the Autobot Matrix Quest and starts tracking the Autobots sent by Optimus Prime to find the lost Creation Matrix.  His first victims are Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead who were unsuccessful in finding the Matrix.  As they make plans to go back to the Autobots, Thunderwing and the Mayhem Assault Squad fire on the three Autobots, severely damaging them..  Thunderwing brings the Autobots back to his ship and painfully interrogates them.  THunderwing then tracks the Triggerbots to a planet which culturally resembles the Old West (if it were inhabited by aliens instead of humans).  Thunderwing encounters Dogfight on the planet and Thunderwing starts a fight with him which Thunderwing’s troops join in.  After defeating Dogfight, Thunderwing lets him go, realizing he doesn’t know anything.

Thunderwing’s next target is three Autobot Pretenders who are hunting a large whale like creature on an aquatic world.  Both Thunderwing and The Autobots believe that the sea creature has the Matrix inside of it.  Thunderwing reveals that he is one of the few (and possibly the only) Decepticons who has an affinity for the Creation Matrix and he feels it is time for a Decepticon to posses it.  He tries to telepathically link with the creature but he receives painful feedback.  Once the feedback dissipates, he realizes that the sea creature is in fact powered by Matrix Energy and tracks the energy to another planet.  He calls his forces back to his ship, and leaves the three Autobot Pretenders to fend for themselves.  

Thunderwing uses his link to the Matrix to track it’s energies to the planet VsQs.  Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock were already on the planet, searching for the Matrix themselves.  When he sees the trio of Autobots, he charges at them, crashing through a window and attacks them.  He grabs Bumblebee by the throat, holding him hostage while Jazz tries to negotiate.  Staying true to form, Grimlock attacks Thunderwing, punching him with all of his might.  Thunderwing shrugs the blow off very easily.  Thunderwing calls for his Mayhem Assault Squad to help him battle the Autobots.  As Bumblebee and Jazz fight Thunderwing’s forces, Grimlock and Thunderwing battle one on one.  Thunderwing is much more powerful than Grimlock and the fight starts to amuse Thunderwing.  Thunderwing looses interest in fighting Grimlock quickly and tosses him aside.  He then reveals that he is also a Pretender and knows their weaknesses.  While Bumblebee controls his Pretender shell to attack Thunderwing, Thunderwing attacks it, causing Bumblebee immense pain and he passes out.  Before Thunderwing and his Decepticons can destroy the three Autobots, a creature attacks everyone.  This creature was mutated by The Matrix.  Thunderwing takes possession of the Matrix and uses the shuttle which Bumblebee, Grimlock, and Jazz used to get to VsQs.  He takes it to Optimus Prime’s ship and starts his attack on the Autobots, now powered by the Matrix.

Aboard the Ark, Thunderwing fights the Autobots.  Optimus Prime tries to passively stop him so the Matrix won’t be damaged, but Thunderwing is too powerful.  He uses the Matrix as a weapon, his first victim is Landmine.  Thunderwing claims he is being commanded by the Matrix which sends Optimus into full battle mode.  Optimus starts successfully attacking Thunderwing, and is about to give the final blow to Thunderwing, but Optimus can’t bring himself to kill Thunderwing.  Thunderwing takes advantage of Optimus’ internal conflict and blasts him with Matrix energy.  Optimus falls back and Thunderwing starts attacking Optimus with his bare hands.  Thunderwing’s Decepticons watch and start to realize that their leader has started to descend into madness.  Optimus Prime tries to commune with the Matrix, and to buy time, he asks Thunderwing what happened to Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Jazz.  Thunderwing tells Optimus that after he claimed the Matrix for himself on VsQs, he simply left Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Jazz on the planet, damaged and running out of energy.  Two aircraft Autobots attack Thunderwing, slightly damaging him, but the Matrix manifests itself as a demonic entity now, fully in control of Thunderwing.  He continues his siege on the Autobots and winds up damaging and killing several Autobots.  Optimus again tries to contact the Matrix and reason with Thunderwing.  The Mayhem Assault Squad frees Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead, and they start working on a plan to defeat Thunderwing.  Spinister tries to reason with his leader, and Thunderwing kills him.  This causes Thunderwing to start to regain his sanity.  Optimus attacks and the Matrix regains control over Thunderwing.  Ultimately, Nightbeat shoots Thunderwing with a large harpoon and turns the gravity off.  Thunderwing is sucked into space and is caught in an explosion.  Thunderwing is killed and the Matrix is lost.

Time passes, and the Matrix heals Thunderwing and sends him to Cybertron to get revenge on the Transformers for defeating him.  The Matrix has gained some sentience and Thunderwing’s personality has become part of it.  He returns to Cybertron at the right moment, when Unicron is trying to destroy it.  He unleashes a blast of Matrix energy, damaging Unicron.  He is partially dead and partially alive, and fully corrupted by the Matrix.  The tainted Matrix is making a manifestation of a demon which fights and restrains Unicron.  Unicron breaks out of the Matrix Demon’s restraints and it causes a huge shock wave which further damages Cybertron.  The Matrix Demon disappears and Thunderwing starts to fall apart, dying again.






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Thunderwing was a master warrior. He was also a pretender. Thunderwing was one of the few Pretenders who could transform their outer shell. Thunderwing also displayed a connection to the matrix.

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