Titans Return Astrotrain Toy Review

Class - Deluxe


Astrotrain is one of those characters that seems to get the short end of the stick with Generations figures. The first CHUG one was way too small, but aside from that, he was pretty good. Then Titans Return comes along and we get a new Astrotrain. I get what they were doing with TR Astrotrain, but is TR Astrotrain the figure to get???

Bot Mode-

Astrotrain came out in Titans Return, which was about the time where some figures were getting amazing retools, and others, not so much. Astrotrain is the not so much. Don't get me wrong, he looks cool, but aside for the head, he is IDENTICAL to the pretool Sentinel Prime. Even if they just gave different arms, I would've been so much happier. Robot mode is probably my favorite of Astrotrain's three modes (he's a triple changer if you didn't already know). I always associated Astrotrain as being the same size as other deluxe figures, but this figure is a voyager, and it works for me. The play patern of Titans return was that all of the voyager figures were triple changers. in robot mode, he looks good, but not great. Don't get me wrong, I like him, but he is a bit stiff and boring. He is primarily white and it is a bit boring. There is a takara legends redeco, but I refuse to pay twice the price of the US figure for a different paint job. His articulation is also a bit stiff. The articulation is fine, but every pose i put Astrotrain in, he feels like he has a stick shoved up his transmission. THe detail that really stands out to me is that he has a series of guns on his arms. I don't like it. Partially because it strays from the original figure, but the other reason is, it looks too much like the pretool of Sentinel Prime. He has his wings from shuttle mode on his back, and the back isn't too much of a backpack. Like all Titans Return figures, he is a headmaster (or titan master), and this gimmick, while I don't love it, it doesn't bother me that much. His arms can move up and down and he has shoulder articulation which means he can move his arms in and out. He can bend at the elbow but no wrist articulation. He has no ab crunch or waist spin. His toes can move slightly due to transformation. His hands have 5mm ports.


Being a triple changer, Astrotrain has two transformations. For robot to train, the transformation is way too simple and I'll get into the train mode soon. For complexity, I rate it a 4 out of 10 and for fun, a 4.25 out of 10. Transformation into shuttle mode from Robot mode is a bit more fulfilling. It is a bit more complex, but still pretty easy. For complexity, i rate it a 5.5 and for fun a 5.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode (train)-

Train mode is my least favorite by far of his vehicle modes. It is too poorly defined. I literally can't tell which side is the front. It is also way out of scale. Normally, I don't care about specific scale, but when the robot and shuttle mode are in one general scale, and the train is substantially different, it becomes an issue. Astrotrain's train mode is an armored train and it is mainly purple, white, and black. There is no articulation and honeslty, I really dislike it.

Vehicle Mode (shuttle)

Astrotrain's shuttle mode is much better than his train mode, but it doesn't feel like an Earth based shuttle. It feels more Cybertronian, so he will remain in my collection as Cybertronian Astrotrain. It keeps the same general color scheme as the other modes.


Astrotrain comes with 2 guns and a titan master. One gun is really good but the other is a chair gun which most Titans Returns figures comes with that I really dislike.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no add on kits specifically for TR Astrotrain. But there is one on TFSafari for Sentinel Prime to mimic his apex armor and that will fit on Astrotrain.


Better than CHUG Astrotrain. Interesting sculpting.


I don't love the accessories. The train mode is horrible. Boring color scheme


Astrotrain is okay, but Siege/Earthrise seems to be a better figure (I don't have him yet). The only reason I plan to keep TR Astrotrain in my collection is that he loosely feels Cybertronian to me but I look forward to replacing him. I rate him a 5.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Sentinel Prime (Pretool)

SDCC Sentinel Prime (redeco of a pretool)

Takara Legends Astrotrain (redeco)

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