Titans Return Blurr Toy Review

Price - 16.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


When I restarted collecting, it was during combiner wars. So I wound up getting a lot of CHUG stuff to catch up, but I never liked CHUG Blurr. I wasn't reading IDW at that point and my vision of Blurr is G1 Season 3 (The CHUG Blurr mold is great for Drift though, Review coming soon). When I saw the reveals for the first two waves of Titans Return, I was sooooo happy to see a really cool Blurr coming out.

Bot Mode-

This is going to be one of those reviews where I gush. I just REALLY like this figure, despite having a few problems. Blurr is a phenominal figure, but he isn't one of those figures where I feel it is the end all be all (I'll get to that soon). In robot mode, Blurr looks like.... well Blurr. A near perfect rendition of G1 Blurr. This version is closer to his cartoon deco than a toy deco, but considering that the Takara deco is the same figure with a nicer paint job (closer to the G1 Toy) but at least twice the price tag, I don't see me ever getting the Takara Legends version. Blurr is a bit boring looking, but I still really like the figure. He is primarily dark blue with some lighter blue mixed in on the shins. His head is a Titan Master (headmaster) and is removable. The sculpting is really nice despite being painted a bit boring. He has a cockpit in his chest which carries over from Vehicle mode. He has little kibble, and the backpack is the front end of the vehicle mode but it is removable. He has a red triangle on each leg. His hands are closed 5mm ports. His shoulders are a little high and that prevents just a little bit of outward movement in the arms, but not enough to hurt the figure. His elbows have good bend, there is bicep swivel, legs can do the splits and a front kick and knees have good bend. Now, here's what I would've changed if I was designing the figure (new section starting with this review). First, I would add a little more light blue to break up all of the dark blue. Also, make the shoulders a little lower so there would be better movement. Other than that, a really good figure. This isn't one of those figures where I can't imagine a better version though. Something like Earthrise Optimus and CHUG Arcee are basically perfect figures, this figure is a really good figure, but if another Blurr came out, I could see myself getting it based on the reviews. 


Blurr's transformation is a nice change from Combiner Wars. Almost deluxe had the same poetry in Combiner Wars. But Blurr's is a nice change. It is simple enough to be fun, but complex enough for it to not be boring. There is a bit of partsforming but I don't mind. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 7 out of 10. For fun, a 7.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Blurr's vehicle mode is as perfect as I can think of a vehicle mode being. It looks like it jumped right off the screen. Luckily, there is a bit more contrast in color in the vehicle mode than the robot mode. In vehicle mode, Blurr is a futuristic hover car. There is a cockpit where his titan master can sit in as well as some pegs which you can have a 2nd titan master stand. The blaster from robot mode fits under the hood of the car. There is a trianuglar fin on the rear of the vehicle mode. It pegs together very well and looks really good.


Blurr comes with a blaster which also came with Chromedome, Nautica, Brainstorm, Getaway/Breakaway, and Arcee. Honestly, I have all of those figures and I like the blaster. He doesn't come with one of the stupid chair guns, but his nosecone from vehicle mode can turn into a sled for his titan master.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Mastershooter Collectibles years ago made G1 inspired Targetmaster guns for Blurr and many others But the thing is, this was YEARS before Titans Return.  They have 5mm handles and fit very well in the hands of Blurr.  I saw them online when I started collecting Transformers again for pretty cheap and on a whim I bought them.  If you can find the Mastershooter 3 pack, buy it.  It may be pricey at this time, but without it, the figures aren’t complete feeling. It is 2020 now and I am trying to get a bunch of Battlemasters from Siege which I can turn into more accurate targetmasters.


Great sculpting and a lot of play value. As of now, best Blurr figure out there.


The arms need a little more outward articulation as well as the color scheme is a bit boring.


Blurr is a great toy and I'm very happy with it. He has 3 retools and I have all of them and like all of them in different degrees. I remember hearing a rumor that Studio Series is going to start including figures from the 86 movie, so this Blurr may get replaced, but it may not. Titans Return Blurr gets a 8.5 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

Takara Legends Blurr (same figure with different paint scheme, only released in Japan, too expensive for me to justify buying without any major changes)
Titans Return Brainstorm (Review coming soon!)
Titans Return Nautica (see review here)
Titans Return Arcee (Review coming soon!)


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