Titans Return Hot Rod Toy Review

Price - 16.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


I'm totally in the minority, but AT TIMES (not all the time) I prefer Rodimus Prime to Optimus (I'm going to write an article about that later on why). One of the first 3P figures I ever got was the Fansproject Protector Armor for Classics Hot Rod to turn him into Rodimus Prime. Honestly, Titans Return Hot Rod, I never was planning to get him. Well, in early 2019, I was playing around with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime and I realized, CHUG Hot Rod isn't as good as I remembered. He didn't have great articulation. Also, Siege had just come out and one of the first battlemasters (Targetmasters) was Hot Rods. Well, CHUG Hot Rod doesn't have 5mm holes. So I retired CHUG Hot Rod for TR Hot Rod. Did I make the right move?

Bot Mode-

Right off the bat, TR Hot Rod looks 20 times better than CHUG Hot Rod. (I'm going to try to not let the comparison between the two figures color my opinion too much and stick to Titans Return Hot Rod as much as I can). The proportions of TR Hot Rod are very good. Where CHUG Hot Rod had a pinhead, TR Hot Rod is a Headmaster with a head that is in proportion. Now, a lot of people complain that Titans Return turned a bunch of non headmasters into headmasters and it turned off a lot of people. Honestly, that doesn't bother me at all. A god figure is a good figure. If you don't like that his head can come off and turn it into a little dude, don't take the head off. TR Hot Rod is very streamlined. He is mainly red, orange, and yellow. He has a silver engine in his chest and the spoiler of his vehicle mode is on his back. He has gray feet and knees. There are exhaust pipes on his wrist like he did in G1. The only thing that CHUG Hot Rod does a little better than TR Hot Rod is that CHUG Hot Rod had deployable tools in his wrist.


Transformation is pretty in the middle. It isn't too hard, it isn't too easy. And for the most part it's pretty fun. For complexity, I rate it a 5 out of 10. For fun a 6.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Hot Rod's vehicle mode is great. He is a futuristic car that is red, orange ,and yellow. He has a big spoiler on the back and a blue hatch. The hatch can open so your Titan master can ride inside.


So this is where Hot Rod loses his near perfect grade. Like most Titans Return figures, Hot Rod comes with that stupid Chair/Gun thing which is so poorly defined. I hate it. I got the figure 2nd hand and it didn't come with the stupid chair/gun thingy. But a 3rd party seller and Siege helped solve the problem. For official weapons, I arm Hot Rod with Siege Firedrive and Lionizer.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Nonnef made a really good weapon set for Titans Return Hot Rod. the guns resemble the guns that G1 Hot Rod came with. Unfortunately, Nonnef only had gray when I ordered them, so I spray painted them black.


He's a really good figure and I wish i got him earlier.


Not the best accessories, but that can be remedied easily (And cheaply)


Always been a big Hot Rod fan, so that makes it even easier to love this figure. He's a lot of fun. I rate him 8.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Takara Legends Targetmaster Hot Rod (a slight retool with a Targetmaster). I would like to get him at some point, but he can be a bit pricey.


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