Titans Return Kup Toy Review

Price - 16.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


Kup was always a fun character to me. He wasn't just a typical warrior, he was a seasoned veteran. I actually had G1 Kup and he was okay. When I started collecting again, I was really hoping that we'd get a good Kup. The CHUG Kup looked good in robot mode, but to me, Kup isn't a contemporary car (pick up truck). I got Prime Kup, but that's not the best figure. So when I saw Titans Return Kup was coming out, I was so pumped.

Bot Mode-

In robot mode, Kup really works. He has a few short comings, but nothing major. The US version of Kup is based more on the G1 Toy than the G1 cartoon. Also, being in the Titans Return line, Kup is a Titan Master/Headmaster. He has a unique head sculpt which works very well. Kup is mainly aqua blue colored, but he has a lot of small yellow details. His head is gray and black and his upper legs have gray on them. The cockpit of the vehicle mode makes up most of the chest and there is a clear canopy which makes up his chest. He has really good articulation, i would've liked to have seen him come with some wrist swivel, but due to transformation, that isn't possible. His arms are on ball joints and have a great range of motion. There is bicep swivel and very good elbow bend. He has waist swivel. His legs can move in and out and up and down and he has good bend at the knees which have more than 90 degrees of bend. His hands are 5mm ports.


I like Kup's transformation, it is a bit unique and challenging enough where it is fun. His transformation kind of reminds me of a Transformers Prime transformation because a lot of things fold up like the back half of the truck folds and compresses to form his lower legs. For complexity, I rate it a 6.25 out of 10. For fun a 7 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Kup's vehicle mode is a futuristic/cybertronian pick up truck. it looks almost exactly like his cartoon version. He is primarily aqua colored but he has gray on him as well. The canopy can open up and you can put a titan master into the truck. You can plug the guns onto the truck as well. He pegs together well and rolls well. Scale is spot on.


Like most Titans Return figures, Kup's accessories kind of bother me. Almost every Titans Return figure that was Deluxe or bigger came with weapons which you can peg together and act as a chair for the Titan Master. I hate it. I would've rather had a regular gun. I got rid of the guns and I went on Shapeways to get some weapons.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Not an official 3rd party add on, but Mastershooter Collectables made a set of Targetmasters for CHUG figures, one of which was meant to be Kups, but this came out years before Titans return. It really makes the figure a lot better.


A pretty good representation of Kup. Fun to transform. Also, has good kid value.


I don't love the accessories.


Titans Return Kup is a fun figure. He has some minor faults like the accessory issue, but it is an issue which I can deal with easily. Some people dislike when non headmaster characters are made as headmasters, but this doesn't really bother me. I find a lot of other gimmicks a lot more intrusive. I rate him 8.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Titans Return Orion Pax (redeco with new head)

Takara Legends Targetmaster Kup (redeco with I think new head and he comes with an exclusive targetmaster, eventually I will get him)



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