Titans Return Metalhawk Toy Review

Class - Deluxe


I was a big fan of the Titans Return Triggerhappy figure. I liked how Metalhawk was portrayed in IDW. So it made sense that I would pick up the Titans Return Metalhawk figure. He was part of a big multipack, but I got him on ebay on his own. Ironically, I wound up getting most of that multipack piecemeal. Metalhawk is a redeco of Triggerhappy with a new head. 

Bot Mode-

In bot mode, Metalhawk is primarily gold, blue, silver and gray. He has double lasers on his arms from vehicle mode that can fold over his hands. He has a clear red cockpit on his chest. His articulation is pretty good, arms can move up and down and in and out. There is elbow bend, but no wrist swivel (which is fine). His hands can fold into the wrists, but that is due to transformation. He has waist swivel, his legs can move up and down and in and out. Satisfactory bend at the knees. I really like his head, it is a new mold and really makes Metalhawk feel that he is more than just a Triggerhappy redeco. Honestly, I would've liked to have seen just a little more retooling, maybe take the cannons off the arm. To me (at least) I feel that this is more of an IDW Metalhawk than a G1-esque Metalhawk. In Japanese G1, Metalhawk was a pretender and in IDW he wasn't. Metalhawk has 5mm holes in his hands. Also, he is a Headmaster/Titan Master, which the original and IDW versions both were not.


Metalawk has a unique but fun transformation.  His legs are part of the unique transformation and the tricky bits. Also, in vehicle mode, his legs don’t lie flush, they are at a bit of an angle which messes with the typical transformation scheme of other transformers.  For complexity, I rate the complexity of Metalhawk's transformation a 5.5 and for fun, I rate it 6.5.

Vehicle Mode-

In Vehicle mode, Metalhawk is a blue, gold,gray and red Cybertronian jet.  He has a canopy in jet mode that can open and close, and has enough room in the cockpit for the Titan Master to sit in.  He is very solid with no flapping parts. He is identical to Triggerhappy in sculpting. Like the bot mode, I would've liked there to be at least some small change. Even different wings/fins would've been enough for me to be satisfied. There is virtually no robot mode kibble in vehicle mode and it tabs together very well. There are AUtobot logos on the wings and canopy. In my head cannon (inspired by IDW), Metalhawk is a NAIL (a Transformer who is neither an Autobot or Decepticon), so I would've been happy if there were no Autobot logos on the figure.


Here is where Metalhawk looses some points.  He comes with a variation of the Titans Return gun, a weirdly shapen gun which can split in two so a Titan Master can fit in it.  I hate it, it looks cheap because well, it is cheap.  Also, his head is a Titan Master.

3rd Party Add Ons-

In Masterforce, Metalhawk used a sword. Renderform made a sword which I think originally was meant for the Botcon Metalhawk. I picked one up for Titans Return Metalhawk. It is a really well made sword that makes me see some similarities with the Star Saber from Armada. It is cast in dark gun metal gray and is a great addition. Especially since the accessories that come with Metalhawk kind of suck.


Great sculpting and a lot of play value.  I also love that you are able to fold the vehicle mode cannons over his hands in robot mode to add another battle version.


He comes with the crappy Titans Return guns which I despise.


On his own, Metalhawk is a really good figure, and if you can get one, I suggest getting it. He has two solid modes and it is really nice to get a Japanese character made in the US. I rate him a 7.5 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

TR Triggerhappy (predeco with Different head)
TR Misfire (Retool)
TR Slugslinger (retool)
Takara Legends Sonic Bomber (retool)

(Below are redecos of the pretools/retools but they are a lot more expensive and I do not plan to get them)

Takara Legends Triggerhappy
Takara Legends Misfire
Takara Legends Slugslinger





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