Titans Return Nautica Toy Review

This review will cover more of the changes between Blurr and Nautica, for a more in depth review, check out the Blurr review here

Class - Deluxe


Honestly, when I got Nautica, I had little knowledge of her. All I knew was that she was an IDW character who was female and had a cool wrench. I saw her on ebay one day for really cheap and I knew she was rare, so that's the main reason I picked her up.

Bot Mode-

Nautica is a retool of Blurr. Not even a tremendous retool, but it works. She is mainly purple with light pink thighs and new tooled fans on her shoulder which are purple and yellow. THey come off which is fine, no real opinion on that. Her head is new and looks really nice. Yes, she looks like a purple Blurr, but considering Hasbro/Takara tries to get as many uses of a mold as possible, I don't mind. And it works. SHe doesn't look very feminine, but neither does Strongarm. Not every female transformer has to be curvy like Arcee or Blackarachnia, same as every human female doesn't have the same body type. There is a very large Autobot logo on the chest which is a canopy in the vehicle mode. The canopy is darker clear plastic than Blurr and Brainstorm. She has a backpack which is actually removable, so that's fine. Her wrists are purple and yellow. Her stomach is the same light pink with a little yellow in the middle. The head is really well sculpted and has a lot of character to it.


Nautica's transformation is simple enough to be fun, but complex enough for it to not be boring. There is a bit of partsforming but I don't mind. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 7 out of 10. For fun, a 7.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Nautica is a hovercraft? Sure why not. She is a boat with fans so I'm saying hovercraft. She still looks like a retooled Blurr, but I still like it. I would've liked to have seen the "horn" of Blurr's vehicle mode to be eliminated from this vehicle mode so it looks a little less like Blurr. Nautica keeps the same color scheme, mainly purple with some yellow. She tabs together well.


Nautica comes with a blaster which also came with Blurr, Nautica, Brainstorm, Getaway/Breakaway, and Arcee. Honestly, I have all of those figures and I like the blaster. She doesn't come with one of the stupid chair guns, but her nosecone from vehicle mode can turn into a sled for his titan master. Also, the shoulder fans are removable. In the comics, Nautica's trademark tool is a sonic wrench. I got one on shapeways and painted it silver. Also, she is a Titan Master (but not in the comics)

3rd Party Add Ons-



A retool of a mold I already really like is a cool thing. Nautica isn't one of those characters who a lot of people know about, so I accept the fact that we're only going to get a figure of her that is a retool.


The arms need a little more outward articulation.

What would Seth do differently?

1) I would've had her come with her wrench. 1) Also, a little more retooling so she has more of her own identity. Removing the horn from the back of the vehicle mode and maybe changing up the front of the vehicle mode.


Nautica is a fun figure and I am really happy she is part of my collection. Titans Return Nautica gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

Titans Return Blurr (Pretool)
Takara Legends Blurr (same figure with different paint scheme, only released in Japan, too expensive for me to justify buying without any major changes)
Titans Return Brainstorm (Review coming soon!)
Titans Return Arcee (Review coming soon!)



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