Titans Return Overlord Toy Review

Class- Leader


I have absolutely no idea why I am a big fan of Overlord. I've only seen clips of Masterforce on YouTube, but since I learned of his existance in.... 2000ish I wanted an Overlord figure. Of course in 2000 I was a poor college student and paying 350 or 400 for one figure was basically impossible. When I was in college, I made two promises to myself. When I am an adult and I am successful, I will get G1 God Ginrai and G1 Overlord. Well, God Ginrai was an encore, and now I have the Takara Legends version. I don't collect G1 anymore, but when I learned Titans Return Overlord was coming out, I knew that getting him was not an option. I actually couldn't find him in stores, so I resorted to ebay, but if I waited a few more months, I could've gotten him at discount stores.

Bot Mode-

Overlord has a great robot mode. Yes, he is a Headmaster/Titan Master, but that never bothered me. It's weird, a figure being a headmaster when canonically the character wasn't a headmaster doesn't bother me, but a figure being a combiner when originally they weren't that really bothers me. In Masterforce (at least from what I saw), Overlord was about the same size as God Ginrai, so technically, Overlord should be a Commander sized figure. But when Overlord came out, there weren't commander sized figures, so a tall leader will do. Overlord is a very intimidating looking Decepticon, and he should be. He kicked the crap out of most autobots in Masterforce and in IDW, he was a Phase Sixer. He is primarily different shades of blue with some black. His arms are off white. He has 5mm ports on his arms to hold his shield. 5mm hands as well. He has 2 white doors on his chest which you can insert either a Titan Master or a Prime Master which replicates the cartoon that he was a double Powermaster/Godmaster. I use the clear blue prima prime master and the clear red prime master (i think it's Liege Maximo) as his engines. The Takara Version actually comes with two proper Powermaster plates, but it's a lot more expensive for a slight difference. His lower torso has a series of 6 circles which look like guns. His articulation is pretty standard. His head (which is a titan master and removable) can turn left and right. His arms can move up and down and in and out. over 90 degrees of bend on the arms. Natural articulation in the legs and knees. And TOE ARTICULATION! The front third of his jet mode can form a shield which is really cool. Overlord in robot mode is very successful to me.


Overlord actually has 2 vehicle modes. He isn't a triple changer, two vehicles combine to form the robot mode. Both transformations are pretty easy and intuitive, but they have a good pay off. Both are equally complex and equally fun. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 6.75 out of 10 and for fun, a 7.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Modes-

The first vehicle mode is a tank. It is formed by the lower half of the robot mode. The tank is primarily blue with some gray and a white turret with an orange cockpit. It rolls well, it holds together well and has a lot of play value. Overlord's gun forms the cannon of the tank. THe turrent does not move, and while it would be a nice touch, I can live without the movement. Especially that the engineering requires it to form half of the robot mode instead of the complete robot mode.

The second vehicle mode is a black jet. I think it is meant to resemble an SR-71 Blackbird (think the X-Jet from X-men). It is primarily black and white with purple fins. There are orange windows. There is the same off white landing gear which is fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, its fun.


Overlord is a Titan Master so he comes with a removable head. All leader sized Titans Returns figures have a well engineered helmet to beef up the head. He also comes with a purple gun.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Shockwave Lab made a set which includes a new gun and plates to emulate the double powermaster. I don't have it

I also use a red and black Dr Wu Star Saber (which I grinded down the hilt) with Overlord. Not sure why, but I really like him with a sword.


Near perfect robot mode. Well sculpted, well engineered. The Gimmick isn't intrusive


I would've liked to have seen a little mroe waist articulation, but that is nitpicking.


I really think that Overlord is one of my favorite Titans Return figures. He is a lot of fun for both the collector and the kid. I rate Titans Return Overlord 8.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Titans Return Black Shadow/Sky Shadow

Takara Legends Dai Atlas

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