Titans Return Perceptor Toy Review

Price- $16.99 (when he was released)
Class- Deluxe


So, Perceptor.  What do I have to say about him?  Well, I do like the character, but more of the G1 cartoon character than the other incarnations.  In the Marvel G1 book, he started out as an Autobot resistance leader who stayed on Cybertron and was kind of an ass.  He later became more aligned with the personality of the cartoon version.  He played a big part of the Re-Generation One book, and in IDW he was changed drastically to become a hard ass Wrecker.  The original CHUG Perceptor SUCKED.  Well the toy was okay but not as Perceptor.  One of the first 3rd party figures I got was the KFC Mugan Scope Perceptor, and that is just a piece of crap (seriously, just stay away from it, I'm never going to waste my time on a review for one of the worst figures that I ever owned).  So when Titans Return released a proper G1-esque Perceptor that transformed into a microscope, he was on top of the list to get.  Is he a good toy or just another in the list of disappointing Perceptor figures?

Bot Mode-

In robot mode, Perceptor looks just like he should, a modern update of G1 Perceptor, but he is far from perfect.  He is a good figure, better than every other Perceptor figure we’ve gotten, but not an amazing figure, and I’m not saying this because I hold him in higher regard than other figures.  He is standard deluxe sized and is primarily red, blue, and black.  His microscope scope is on his shoulder and can be maneuvered to be on either shoulder.  He has good articulation but suffers from the hollowness which plagues a lot of Combiner Wars and Titans Return figures.  His upper arms and lower arms are hollow which bugs the hell out of me, but I’ll take hollow limbs over a 5 dollar per figure price increase.  His upper arms have a turning joint on them, which makes him able to make some nice poses.  He has waist swivel but lacks wrist swivel, but since he has the upper arm swivel, it is kind of okay.  And like all Titans Return Deluxes and up, he is a headmaster.


Perceptor’s transformation is fun and not too complex.  For complexity I rate it a 6.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 6

Alternate Mode-

Hey kids, lets play with MICROSCOPES! (said no one ever in the history of successful toys).  When I was a little kid I had a fisher price microscope, and that was fun for about 8 minutes, but this is a “fun” microscope, albeit not a functioning microscope.  Even though it isn’t the most fun of alt-modes, it is accurate to the original character.  Perceptor shouldn’t be a truck or…. a truck, he should be a microscope.  So that’s what this figure is, a red, black, and light blue microscope.  Not much else to say about it.


This is where the majority of my dislike comes from.  Like most Titans Returns figures, he comes with that stupid hollow gun chair thingy.  It looks like crap, it bothers me, and I hate it.  So I threw it away.  I went on shapeways where you can get some better weapons, including a CHUG reproduction of his G1 gun.  He also has a headmaster… I mean Titan Master.

3rd Party Add Ons-



This is the most G1-esque updated Perceptor we’re going to get.  And that doesn’t mean that I like it because it is the best of a bad situation.  He legitimately is a really good modern day representation of G1 Perceptor. Honestly, even if a new Perceptor comes out in Earthrise (this review is written December 2019 before Earthrise has hit stores) I can't imagine a better Perceptor figure that is good enough to warrant a new purchase (but because I am addicted to transformers, i'd probably get it


Not many that are inherent of this specific figure, more problems with the Titans Returns line that I don’t like.  Yes he is a headmaster and G1 Perceptor wasn’t, but I deal with that.  My biggest problem with the figure is his hollow limbs and crappy gun. And honestly, the hollow limbs really don't bother me THAT much


We’ve had some really crappy Perceptor figures, both official and 3rd party, but this figure really works for me.  For a character that I am not in love with (I do like him, I just like a lot more characters a lot more), this is a really good representation of him.  He has good display value and good play value for a kid.  Yes, he has a shitty alt-mode, but the G1 figure had the same shitty alt-mode and I’d rather have a proper microscope alt-mode than a weird SUV alt mode.  Honestly, if he didn’t come out, I probably would’ve gone all G1 with my Perceptor figure.  Yes, the G1 figure is better than the KFC Mugan Scope figure.  He has his flaws, but he is a recommended figure.  Out of 10, I give him a 7.25

American Retools and Repaints-

None (which I am kind of shocked that by the time this review was written in Dec 2019, they didn't make a magnificus out of this mold)

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