Titans Return Slugslinger Toy Review

Price - 16.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


Slugslinger is a retool of Triggerhappy and Misfire and the last of the first wave of G1 Targetmasters to be released in the Titans Return line.  When I was collecting Transformers as a Young Adult, I was actually going to skip getting a G1 Slugslinger for some reason, I never liked the vehicle design.  Also, at that time, even though I was buying a fair share of G1 figures (this is way before CHUG figures started), the Targetmasters always were looked over.  There were always cheaper figures to get and I was always disappointed that the Nebulans that became Targetmasters had a lot less articulation than the Headmasters.  But this changed when Slugslinger was announced in 2017.  Its a big difference to get a 70 dollar figure when you’re 18 or 19 than a 16 dollar figure when you’re in your 30s.  Unfortunately, Slugslinger suffered from “last wave syndrome”.  Because he was in the last wave of Titans Return he was ordered very sparingly , and the only new figure in that wave, he was very rare.  For a while, Energon Slugslinger stood in as Slugslinger, but I never loved that figure.

Bot Mode-

As I mentioned earlier, Slugslinger is an extreme retool of Triggerhappy.  This is an incredibly successful retool, he looks very minimally like Triggerhappy and Misfire.  He LOOKS LIKE Slugslinger.  He is primarily gray and aqua colored  His wings from Vehicle mode are exposed on his back.  He has pretty standard articulation for a deluxe figure, shoulder, elbow, leg, knee, waist swivel, but doesn’t have wrist swivel.  His head resembles the Brawn Titan Master head, but they are different.  


For complexity, I rate Slugslinger's transformation a 5.5 or 6 and for fun, I rate it 6.5.  Even though there is a bit of a unique transformation, that difference makes it more fun. He has basically the same exact transformation as both Triggerhappy and Misfire.

Vehicle Mode-

His vehicle mode is a strong mode, but I prefer his Bot mode more.  Its a bit nit-picky, but its my toy and I can have the opinions I have.  He is a primarily gray double cockpit jet from Cybertron.  The vehicle mode to me just doesn’t make a lot of sense for a few reasons.  It’s a Cybertronian Jet, why does it have a cockpit to begin with?  But lets get passed that and say he was rebuilt to accommodate a titan master, why a double cockpit?  Where does the pilot sit and what is the point of the second cockpit.  Aside for that, his titan master can’t sit in either cockpit, they are just too small, so he has a strange cockpit like area in the body of the aircraft.  


Slugslinger’s accessories are a little better than his mold mates Triggerhappy and Misfire.  He comes with the typical Titans Return blaster which the Titanmaster can sit in, but they include a cap for it which makes it look kind of like his G1 Targetmaster gun.  Its better than the other two, but I still don’t love it.  Also, since he’s a deluxe figure in the Titans Return line, his head is a Titanmaster which transforms into a small robot. Even though it came out several years after Slugslinger, I use Siege Battlemaster Caliburst to arm Slugslinger. Although I am planning in the future to make a battlemaster which is closer in color to the G1 toy (coming soon)

3rd Party Add Ons-

Mastershooter Collectibles years ago made G1 inspired Targetmaster guns for Slugslinger, Misfire, Triggerhappy, , and Scourge.  But the thing is, this was YEARS before Titans Return.  They have 5mm handles and fit very well in the hands of Slugslinger.  I saw them online when I started collecting Transformers again for pretty cheap and on a whim I bought them.  Honestly without them, I probably would’ve gotten the Takara versions which come with Targetmasters.  If you can find the Mastershooter 3 pack, buy it.  It may be pricey at this time, but without it, the figures aren’t complete feeling.


Slugslinger is a marvel of toy engineering, by being a retool of Triggerhappy, but being different enough where he looks like he is a brand new toy.  I get the feeling that Slugslinger had more thought go into him than Triggerhappy and Misfire, mainly due to his weapon.  It just feels like they tried harder.  


Aside for the weapons and the awkward cockpit, he’s a pretty good figure


Without the addition of either a Takara or Mastershooter Collectibles Targetmaster, Slugslinger is a 7.  A good transformer who would add to your collection.  With the Mastershooter Collectibles add on or Siege Battlemaster , he is an 8.  Either way, if you can get him, buy him.

Retools and Repaints-

Siege of Cybertron Metalhawk (redeco of Triggerhappy with new head)
TR Misfire (Retool)
TR Triggerhappy (pretool)
Takara Legends Sonic Bomber (retool)




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