Titans Return Triggerhappy Toy Review

Price - 16.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


As a kid, I loved the gimmick of The Headmasters and Targetmasters, especially the first wave.  I had a few of the first wave Autobot Targetmasters, and I was always disappointed that the Nebulans for the Targetmasters had a lot less articulation than the Headmasters.  When I started collecting Transformers again as a young adult, I wanted to get the 3 Decepticon Targetmasters, but I always had other figures I wanted more than those figures.  Especially that they were more expensive to get complete.  So when Titans Return put out Triggerhappy, I was pretty happy but he wasn’t a definite buy.  I wanted to have the other 2 Decepticon Targetmasters.  So when Misfire and Slugslinger were announced, I started the quest to find Triggerhappy.  He was hard to find at first (I literally looked in stores in 3 states), but then became a pegwarmer.  

Bot Mode-

In bot mode, Triggerhappy is primarily blue with gold and light gray details.  He has a canopy in his torso from jetmode.  He has pretty standard articulation for a deluxe figure, shoulder, elbow, leg, knee, waist swivel, but doesn’t have wrist swivel.  He is very solid.  He can hold his two blasters (which I put away to the side for reasons you’ll find out later), but you can also fold down the cannons from vehicle mode onto his hands to use those as blasters as well.  He has very little to no kibble in bot mode.  He is a Titans Return Deluxe, so that means his head can be removed and turned into a small robot which pilots him.  


The first few times, I found transformation for Triggerhappy to be a little tricky.  He has a unique but fun transformation.  His legs are part of the unique transformation and the tricky bits. Also, in vehicle mode, his legs don’t lie flush, they are at a bit of an angle which messes with the typical transformation scheme of other transformers.  For complexity, I rate Triggerhappy’s transformation a 5.5 or 6 and for fun, I rate it 6.5.

Vehicle Mode-

In Vehicle mode, Triggerhappy is a blue and light gray Cybertronian jet.  He has a canopy in jet mode that can open and close, and has enough room in the cockpit for the Titan Master to sit in.  He is very solid with no flapping parts  


Here is where Triggerhappy looses some points.  He comes with a variation of the Titans Return gun, a weirdly shapen gun which can split in two so a Titan Master can fit in it.  I hate it, it looks cheap because well, it is cheap.  Also, his head is a Titan Master. Recently, I armed Triggerhappy with Battlemaster Blowpipe from Siege

3rd Party Add Ons-

Mastershooter Collectibles years ago made G1 inspired Targetmaster guns for Triggerhappy, Misfire, Slugslinger, and Scourge.  But the thing is, this was YEARS before Titans Return.  They have 5mm handles and fit very well in the hands of Triggerhappy.  I saw them online when I started collecting Transformers again for pretty cheap and on a whim I bought them.  Honestly without them, I probably would’ve gotten the Takara versions which come with Targetmasters.  If you can find the Mastershooter 3 pack, buy it.  It may be pricey at this time, but without it, the figures aren’t complete feeling.


Great sculpting and a lot of play value.  I also love that you are able to fold the vehicle mode cannons over his hands in robot mode to add another battle version.


He comes with the crappy Titans Return guns which I despise.


On his own, Triggerhappy is a really good figure, but doesn’t feel complete without a proper Targetmaster. Luckily, Siege fixes that. He gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

Siege of Cybertron Metalhawk (redeco with new head)
TR Misfire (Retool)
TR Slugslinger (retool)
Takara Legends Sonic Bomber (retool)



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