Titans Return Windblade Toy Review

Price- 16.99 (when in stores)
Class- Deluxe


Sometimes my views on figures and characters are SIGNIFICANTLY different from the majority of the fandom. The Titans Return Windblade figure is one of those figures. First, she sometimes gets a lot of crap for even existing. Me, I like the character. Also, a lot of people dislike the fact that Titans Return turned a lot of characters who weren't headmasters into headmasters. Honestly, that doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as it bothers a lot of other people. So, a few months ago I was taking pics of my CHUG Windblade and I realized that the figure is really subpar. So I picked up TR Windblade on ebay. Was it worth it?

Bot Mode-

Honestly, I think Hasbro did a really good job with TR Windblade. She doesn't look like it, but she is a significant retool of TR Scourge and TR Highbrow. They really don't share may parts, but the figure is more of a figure with shared engineering than an actual retool. Part of me really dislikes reviewing one figure based on how I like another figure, but I feel that I have to include some things about CHUG Windblade in comparison to TR Windblade. CHUG Windblade just wasn't created properly. One of the major issues I had with the CHUG version was that her feet were poorly engineered so she couldn't stand up without falling over. She also didn't have the best articulation. Well, TR Windblade is a really fun figure, and part of me regrets waiting to get her in 2019, not earlier. She is primarily red and black, with some blue details. Her head is a Titanmaster/Headmaster and it looks like a geisha from Japan. She has her jet mode wings on her back which have two fans which can move in and out. Her head can move left and right, but only very minimally up and down. Her arms can move up and down and out, and the elbows have good bend articulation. The legs can move naturally and there is bend at the knee. Her hands are able to accommodate a 5mm handle, but they are open instead of closed. That doesn't bother me.


Like Scourge and Highbrow, Windblade has a slightly unique transformation which is one of my favorites. For complexity, I rate it a 6.25 out of 10. For fun, 9 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

In Vehicle mode, Windblade is a jet. I actually like the TR jet mode a lot better than the CHUG version. Where the CHUG version really looked like an Earth jet, TR looks a little more streamlined and more Cybertronian than the CHUG version. She keeps the same color scheme, but there is also a clear yellow cockpit on the jet. The fans can move up and down.


Here's where Windblade lacks a little. She comes with two swords which can combine into a chair for her Titan master. They suck. When I got rid of my CHUG Windblade, I kept the sword so thats what I arm TR Windblade with.

3rd Party Add Ons-



I'm a big fan of this figure. Basically everything that Hasbro did wrong with Windblade, they did right with TR Windblade. She has good articulation. She is able to stand easily.


I don't like her accessories.


Considering I never had the intentions to get TR Windblade, I am incredibly happy with her. She isn't perfect, but I really do like her a lot. She isn't the type of figure where I can say "this is the perfect version of the character and I can't see how I would get another one". But I do really enjoy the figure a lot. Windlade gets an 8.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

TR Highbrow (pretool only with shared engineering)
TR Scourge (Pretool only with shared engineering)



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