Seth's Top 10 Needed Figures


It's been a while since I did an article, so I thought I would compile a list of my top 10 figures that NEED to be made. If this list was made, I may be able to be 100% satisfied with my collection and I could stop collecting as a whole. Yea that's probably never going to happen, but I can dream.

1) A proper Rodimus Prime - This want is pretty specific. POTP Rodimus was horrible. Way too big, just didn't work for me at all. Fansproject Protector is good, but VERY dated. I want a Voyager Rodimus Prime at the Leader Pricepoint (think Earthrise Optimus Prime) that has a removable trailer that can turn into a battle platform. I'd like to see a matrix that can fit in his chest. I DO NOT want the Rodimus part to ever be able to turn into Hot Rod. If G1 could get it right, why can't 2020 get it right? Retool potential - Shattered Glass Rodimus.

2) Leader Sized Scorponok - I grew up with the marvel G1 books where Scorponok was not a city sized transformer, but about the same size as Powermaster Optimus Prime. Toyworld put out an AMAZING Leader sized Fort Max a few years ago. I'd love to see them tackle a Scorponok to go with him, or just make a proper leader sized Scorponok by Hasbro. Retool potential - Black Zarak or even a retool to be Energon Scorponok

3) Voyager Sized G2 Jhiaxus - Again, I loved the Marvel Continuity. We have a half assed retool of Starscream as Jhiaxus, but that isn't the REAL Jhiaxus. I want a voyager sized figure that looks Marvel, not IDW. Retool Potential - Senator Ratbat

4) Voyager Sized Thunderwing - One of the things that I hands down like more from Marvel that IDW didn't do as well was the handeling of Thunderwing. The CHUG figure was... okay... kind of. But too small. I need a voyager sized Thunderwing. It doesn't have to be a true pretender, just look like his pretender outer shell. I would accept a leader sized figure if it was done like Siege Shockwave where there is a lot of extra armor. Maybe the armor could make the IDW version. Retool Potential - Metalhawk and Black Shadow

5) IDW Stealth Bomber Megatron - Yes, another figure we got that was done really horribly. Well, not that bad, but he is just way too small. I'm actually surprised that no one ever made an over sized KO of the figure. Again, this could be either a straight voyager with a bunch of accessories, or even a leader sized figure (like Siege Shockwave) that comes with the armor Megatron fought D-Void in. Retool Potential - G2 Dreadwing

6) Transformers Prime Voyager or Leader Hardshell - Almost every character who was an on screen character in TF PRime got a figure (not counting Cyberverse). The only exceptions were Makeshift (i think that's his name, but it makes sense why he was never made because he never had his own robot or vehicle mode) and the Insecticon Hardshell. My Prime collection just feels like it has a hole in it without Insecticon Hardshell. He has to be large and imposing. Either a voyager or leader. Retool Potential - unnamed troop builder Prime Insecticon

7) Beast Wars Season 1 Airrazor - Yes, I know Airrazor is small, but I do want her as a deluxe. Think Generations Rattrap who was a small deluxe or Earthrise Cliffjumper who was almost scout sized. She is the only season 1 Maximal who doesn't have a properly sized figure. The basic/scout from the 90s is an okay toy, but it just doesn't fit into a collection in 2020. I do like Transmetal Airrazor, but she never had that mode in the show. Another glaring hole in my collection Retool potential - honestly, none that I can think of, but if HasTak can retool Moonracer to be an octopus, I'm sure they can think of something.

8) Beast Wars Season 1 Deluxe Terrorsaur - The other major hole in my Beast Wars collection. Yes, we did get a basic Terrorsaur (who I have to admit isn't horrible aside for the size) and we got a Transmetal Terrorsaur. But Terrorsaur never became a Transmetal in the show. Just a standard deluxe sized figure. I don't care if they have to partsform the wings and the shoulder cannons. Retool Potential - Beast Machines Skydive

9) "Classic" Alpha Trion - Sure, we have Titans Return Alpha Trion. He's fine, but that's not "My" Alpha Trion. I just want a voyager sized figure that looks like the G1 Cartoon. Retool potential - Vector Prime

10) A 3 pack of Deluxe Predacons from Car Robots/RiD2000 - I know this is a bit of a cheat by having 3 figures in one slot. But in Car Robots/RID the three main predacons were about the same size as the Car Brothers. I intentionally skipped the predacons in RID because of the size issue. I'd love some sort of exclusive where all 3 are sold in a multipack and they are deluxe sized figures. Retool Potential - Beast Wars TM2 Predacons


RUNNER UP (This is straight Third Party)

1) Major retool of Perfect Effect's Mega Doragon (Transmetal 2 Megatron) to be Beast Machines Season 1 Megatron. All that is needed is a retool of the wings to form the cloak


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