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Last Updated 10-14-20

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APC OS KO of First Edition Prime Megatron (10-14-20)

Prime Bulkhead (PRID) (10-7-20)

CHUG Bumblebee (10-5-20)

Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap (10-2-20)

Titans Return Nautica (10-1-20)

Titans Return Alpha Trion (9-24-20)

Studio Series Cybertron Cliffjumper (9-22-20)

UW Computron (9-21-20)

Titans Return Chromedome (9-18-20)

UW Strafe (9-18-20)

UW Nosecone (9-16-20)

UW Lightspeed (9-14-20)

UW Afterburner (9-10-20)

UW Scattershot (9-9-20)

Siege Prowl (9-8-20)

RiD2.0 Voyager Grimlock (Revisited 9-7-20)

MMC Roadbuster (9-5-20)

Beast Machines Strika (9-4-20)

Titans Return Blurr (9-3-20)

Earthrise Cliffjumper (Revisited 9-3-20)

Shockwave Lab Jetfire Energy Sword (9-2-20)

YOTS Omega Supreme (Revisited 9-1-20)

TLK Barricade (9-1-20)

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