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Last Updated 5-29-20

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Third Party and Add On Kits




Studio Series Jet Shatter (5-29-20)

Takara Legends God Ginrai (God Ginrai Part 6) (5-28-20)

PC-18 Add on kit for God Ginrai (God Ginrai Part 5) (5-28-20)

Cyberverse Adventures Hot Rod (5-27-20)

Titans Return Orion Pax (5-26-20)

Transformers Prime Megatron (with Upgrade kit) (5-26-20)

Earthrise Optimus Prime Upgrade Kits (By Guest Reviewer Switt!) (5-21-20)

Renderform Titans Return Autobot Headmasters Weapons (5-20-20)

CHUG Chromia (5-15-20)

Matrix Workshop Hoist Upgrade Kit (5-14-20)

Fansproject Volar (Aka Swoop) (4-21-20)

Takara Legends God Ginrai Part 4 (4-15-20) (godbomber)

Takara Legends God Ginrai Part 3 (4-15-20)(Super Ginrai)

Takara Legends God Ginrai Part 2 (4-14-20) (PC15)

Takara Legends God Ginrai Part 1 (4-14-20) (PE Jinrai Cab)

Beast Wars Blackarachnia (Takara Legends Version) (4-9-20)

Titans Return Overlord (4-7-20)

Prime Deluxe Soundwave

Combiner Wars Powerglide

Combiner Wars Optimus Prime

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