Toyworld Fortress Maximus (AKA Infinitor) Toy Review

Third Party Figure Review

Class- 3P, closest to a Leader


Even though when I was a kid in the 80s, I preferred GI Joe over Transformers. But I still collected the Marvel Transformers Comic. So to me, Fort Max is not a city sized Transformer, he is a larger (in toy terms Leader sized) Autobot. There was no chance I was ever going to get the Titans Return Fort Max. I just don't have the space for a Titan (I don't have any Titans nor will I), so one day, I was poking around a transformers forum and I saw that Infinitor exists. It took me a few weeks, but I tracked one down and added it to my collection! Please note that this figure was reissued through Zeta toys with a few cosmetic changes, I do not have the Zeta Toys release to compare the two, and I have no plan to get it unless my Infinitor breaks and I need to replace it.

Bot Mode-

This figure is basically a downscaled G1 Fort Max with better articulation in the best possible way that I can make that statement. It doesn't feel like a figure which is a G1 figure, especially in the detailing and articulation, but a lot of the engineering is similar... kind of sort of. Fort Max is a headmaster, but unlike the G1 and TR versions, there is no Cerebros. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this head is Spike (and will be referring to him as such). Spike has basically the same articulation as the G1 version. He can fold up into a head and move his arms up and down. Fortress Maximus is primarily dark gray, light gray, blue, and some red details. He is incredibly well detailed and has weapons all over his body. He is chunky in the best way possible. His chest has clear red notes on it (the person who I bought it from put an AUtobot sticker on but I like it so I am keeping it on). There is a box on his shoulder which can open up. His arms are on ratchets and can move up and down and in and out. I didn't measure the hand holes or try to put a different weapon on (sorry). He has panels on his wrists which open up to expose blasters. He has cannons on his waist which fold into the waist. His lower legs have dual blasters which can lift up and down. Fortress Maximus' legs can do a full kick and kick to the side a little bit. The knees bend and there is another weapons panel on the back of the legs which can deploy to the front. His arms can bend at the elbows. Yes, there are figures with a lot more articulation, especially 3P figures. But this for some reason doesn't bother me. It is enough articulated where he looks cool but feels intentionally homaged to the G1 bot.


Fortress Maximus has two alt modes which are identical to the G1 figure. A fortress (or Star Cruiser) and City mode. Both transformations are almost identical to the G1 transformation, so that means that both transformations are very simple in comparison to a Generations or Studio Series figure. Both transformations are equal in fun and complexity. In terms of how the first transformation was, I had to use the instructions, but only because I was anticipating a very complicated transformation, being that it is a 3P figure and Toyworld figures generally have a slightly more complicated transformation. For both modes, out of 10, the complexity is 4 out of 10. Its a bit boring honestly but not anger inducing. For fun, I rate both a 5.5 out of 10.

Alternate Modes-

Honestly, I only transformed Fort Max into these modes once to take pictures, so I really didn't play around with them as much as I should've, so I apologize for the limited review

Star Cruiser Mode

In Starcruiser mode, Fort Max is basically laying down and unfolded. It is a bit boring, but accurate to the source material. He is well armed and keeps the same color scheme. All of the robot weapons aside for the hip guns are visible and you can plug the hand weapon into the tower.

City Mode

This city mode is better constructed, but for a non titan figure, feels a bit unneeded. He has ramps and a large tower in the middle which looks like a building. As a titan sized figure, this mode works, but for a leader sized figure, well I hate base modes.


Fortress Maximus comes with a hand blaster which looks like his G1 blaster and two removable ramps. I would've liked to have seen the double blaster that the G1 figure had, but I'm fine without it. Also, he comes with Spike.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Really fun bot mode. If you prefer the Marvel version over the Cartoon version, this is the figure for you. He is well constructed and sturdy.


A bit of a brick.


I like this figure, but I can understand if this figure isn't for everyone. I am glad that it is being reissued by another company and I am holding onto hope that Zeta will also make a leader sized Scorponok to go with it. This is my definitive Marvel G1 Fortress Maximus. The only other Fort Max I would consider getting is if a better IDW Fort Max came out. I rate it an 6.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Toyworld Grant (a brave maximus predeco) (Not getting this)

Zeta Toys Fortress Maximus (reissue and slight redeco)

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