G1 Cartoon

racks was a new Autobot introduced in season 2.  There was no explanation where he came from, he just showed up one day.  Tracks was unique in that he was able to modify his vehicle mode (a sports car) to fly.  Tracks is as vain if not more vain than Sunstreaker.

In Tracks’ first appearance, he was monitoring Bumblebee and Powerglide while they traveled across the ocean.  Tracks’ first real mission was to help a yacht that was being attacked by time displaced pirates.  He uses his flying car mode to travel across the ocean with Cliffjumper and Seaspray.  After Cliffjumper disarms the pirates, Tracks transforms into robot mode and lands on the deck of the yacht.  He comments that he would rather be in his stunning car mode.  He subdues the pirates with his blackout beam.  Then he uses his blaster to cut the rope which attached the pirate ship to the yacht.  Tracks jumps into the water and lets Cliffjumper and Seaspray push the pirate ship back into the time portal.

Tracks later appears in a more lighthearted moment when Optimus Prime plays basketball against Smokescreen, Tracks, and Inferno.  Optimus charges Tracks and slam dunks the ball.  Even though it was a foul.  Optimus helps Tracks up and sends him to get repaired.  Tracks mentions that he can’t find Hoist to have him make repairs. Later, Tracks is part of an Autobot strike force that Optimus Prime creates to save Grapple, Hoist, and their Solar Tower from the Decepticons and Constructicons.  When the Autobots reach the Solar Tower, Optimus Prime orders them to attack.  The Autobots stay in vehicle mode and shoot lasers out of their headlights.  Tracks fires a volley of missiles at the Constructicons.  When the Autobots start to overpower the Constructicons, Megatron orders them to merge into Devestator.  Devestator attacks the Autobots with his eye beams.  The Autobots fight back, but their weapons aren’t strong enough to damage Devestator’s armor.  After Smokescreen makes Devestator’s foot get stuck in the Solar Tower, the Autobots combine their fire power and attack Devestator.  Devestator and the Solar Tower crumble to the ground.

Tracks and the Autobots respond to a distress call from a Solar Power Facility that was just built.  Starscream and the Coneheads tried to take control of the facility to make Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots arrive, they see that the Decepticons are already battling tanks driven by humans.  The Decepticons are overwhelming the tanks and destroying them.  Tracks is the only Autobot who doesn’t transform into robot mode.  He sees the Coneheads trying to fly away, and he transforms into his flying car mode and chases them.  Tracks shoots a blackout ray at Dirge which makes him loose his ability of sight.  Ramjet watches Tracks disable Dirge and loops back to engage Tracks.  Ramjet lives up to the name Ramjet and flies right into Tracks.  Tracks starts to plummet to the ground, but he transforms and rolls, diminishing the impact.  The battle is very short and the Autobots successfully defend the facility.  As the Decepticons retreat into the air in vehicle mode, the Autobots continue to fire their weapons at them.  The mayor of Central City praises the Autobots for their good work.  Tracks appreciates the adulation but is irritated by the noise of the cheering humans.   Shawn Berger disrupts the celebration of Autobot day by showing tapes of fake Autobots attacking an oil refinery and plotting to take over the world.  The tapes also shows a fake Optimus Prime with a fake Wheeljack using a device on Decepticons to make them act evilly.  The Autobots return to base, but are then arrested.  The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.   

Tracks joins the Autobots when they join forces with the American Military at a rocket base. They are testing a new weapon called the Negavator which was invented by Wheeljack.  Tracks is stationed at a computer terminal during the test. In it’s first test, the Autobots vaporize a space rocket.  All of a sudden, Red Alert’s early warning system goes off, alerting the Autobots that Decepticons are approaching.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform into vehicle mode to engage the incoming Decepticons.  The Autobots try to exit the compound, but they are ambushed by Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage.  The three small Decepticons are unleashing a torrent of laser fire on the Autobots. The Negavator is damaged and the Decepticons retreat.  The Autobots transform into vehicle mode and travel through a desert canyon back to the Ark.  They are ambushed by the Decepticons when Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an avalanche.  They transform into robot mode, but boulders continue to fall on them.  Starscream, the Seekers, and the Coneheads swoop down from the air in jet mode and start unleashing a fury of weapons fire on the Autobots.

The Decepticons steal a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  Optimus Prime sends out teams of Autobots to search for the device.  Huffer and Tracks stand on top of skyscrapers to explode a city for the device.  They don’t find the machine.

Tracks goes to New York City with Blaster and the Autobots.  One night, two punks notice Tracks in vehicle mode all alone.  They attempt to steal him.  One of the thieves is able to pop the lock of Tracks’ door with a screwdriver.  They get inside of Tracks and notice Blaster in his back seat.  They go for a joyride inside of Tracks and blast music from Blaster.  The punks bring Tracks to a chop shop run by a man named Winston.  Tracks transforms and the punks try to run away while carrying Blaster.  Blaster transforms and restrains the two punks. Optimus Prime arrives and the Chop Shop is shut down.  After a successful night, the Autobots transform and go to Sparkplug’s garage in New York City.  Tracks makes mention that he really enjoys being in New York City and likes the excitement.  Huffer accuses Tracks of preferring humans to Autobots, and Tracks retorts that humans aren’t sticks in the mud like some Autobots are.  After Optimus Prime sends several Autobots out on patrol, Tracks leaves the garage to get some fresh air.  Tracks drives on the streets of New York City but is stopped by a group of thugs with guns.  Despite Tracks having Autobot logos on his hood, they have no clue that he is an Autobot.  They think he is a regular high end sports car that they can steal for their boss.  They soon realize that there is no driver in the car and Tracks starts driving towards them.  The thugs are scared and start to scatter.  Tracks chases them in vehicle mode and they start to fire their guns at him.  A stray shot hits one of Tracks’ tires and sends him crashing into a light pole.  Tracks whines that his beautiful hood was damaged.  He starts to roll backwards and tries to transform.  He is too damaged to be able to transform.  A young car thief with a heart of gold named Raoul finds Tracks and assumes he is a regular car.  Raoul “steals” Tracks and starts to make a mental note of all the repairs he needs to do.  Tracks reveals to Raoul that he can speak.  Raoul plans to bring him to the Geddis Brothers to pay off a debt.  When Raoul lifts Tracks’ hood, he discovers the advanced Autobot parts and realizes he may be over his head.  He clips a wire and Tracks is deactivated (does Megatron know it is that easy to deactivate an Autobot?).  Raoul reconnects the wire and Tracks comes back online.  Raoul is able to fully repair Tracks and starts to have second thoughts about giving him to the Geddis Brothers.  Before Raoul can decide what to do, the Geddis Brothers arrive and threaten to throw Raoul into the river.  Tracks rushes to save his new friend in vehicle mode.  After some fancy driving, he transforms into robot mode and demands that the Geddis Brothers unhand Raoul.  One of the brothers throws Raoul at Tracks and they get in their car to escape.  While they are escaping, they mention that they thought the robots were on their side.  This leads Tracks to learn that the Decepticons are in New York City.  Tracks transforms and Raoul rides inside of him to follow the Geddis Brothers.  They drive through Times Square  at the one time in history that it has no traffic.  Before Tracks and Raoul can catch the brothers, a bus cuts them off and they lose track of the Geddis Brothers.  Tracks finds them again by using his flight mode to catch up with them.  Once he locates the Geddis Brothers again, Tracks returns to his standard vehicle mode.  The Geddis Brothers are able to avoid capture by hiding in a warehouse.  Tracks transforms into robot mode and Raoul tells him that the Geddis Brothers steal cars.  Tracks wonders what the Decepticons would want with stolen cars.  Tracks transforms back into car mode and has Raoul guide him to the Geddis Brothers’ warehouse.  Together, they watch the Geddis Brothers transport stolen cars across the Hudson river to New Jersey.  Tracks and Raoul follow to learn more.  The wind up in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and discover a Decepticon Fortress.  The Geddis Brothers provided Megatron with cars that he can turn into weapons.  Tracks tells Raoul to get out so he can sneak into the fortress as a stolen car (with an Autobot logo on the hood).  The wire that Raoul disconnected earlier and reconnected comes loose.  Tracks is deactivated while on the Decepticon’s conveyor belt.  Tracks is saved when Raoul bluffs that he has a bomb to Megatron.  When Megatron orders him to deactivate the bomb, Raoul reconnects Tracks’ loose wire.  Tracks comes back online and attacks the Decepticons.  Tracks and Raoul quickly realize they can’t defeat the Decepticons on their own, so they try to escape.  Rumble and Ravage chase them.  Tracks transforms into car mode and Raoul gets in.  Tracks speeds into the forest with Rumble and Ravage still pursing.  Tracks struggles to stay ahead of the two Decepticons because he is low on power.  Despite being very low on energy, Tracks transforms to protect Raoul.  He struggles to remain standing up.  Raoul draws Ravage away from Tracks, but they are both saved by Sideswipe, Jazz, and Bumblebee.  Tracks struggles to stay awake from his lack of power.  Sideswipe thinks that Raoul is a threat, but Tracks tells him that Raoul is his friend.  The Autobots bring Tracks back to Sparkplug’s garage and he refuels.  Optimus Prime debriefs him, and they Autobots quickly get an alert that the stolen cars are now weaponized and are attacking New York City.  The Decepticons unleash their weaponized cars into New York City, Bumblebee, Tracks, Sideswipe, and Inferno defend the Chrysler Building from an attack.  When the car drones arrive, the Autobots open fire.  Tracks realizes that the laser blasts are setting the Chrysler building on fire.  He sends Inferno to fight the fires.  Blaster disables all of the drones throughout the city by jamming their control frequency.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to the Decepticon fortress.  Raoul travels with Tracks to the fortress.  He tells the Autobots not to fight the Decepticons, but to attack the fortress itself.  Tracks realizes that he lost track of Raoul during the battle.  Raoul is captured by Megatron when he tries to destroy the controls of the factory.  Raoul winds up winning the battle for the Autobots when he shorts Megatron out with spray paint.  Optimus Prime gives Tracks the honor of delivering the final shot which destroys the Decepticon’s fortress.

Tracks is sent on a mission with a few other Autobots to defend a farm from a swarm of Insecticons.  Tracks is the first to start fighting, he launches a missile from his shoulder at the Insecticons and they scatter.  Shrapnel fires back with an energy blast from his mandibles that burns Tracks.  Inferno transforms and uses his fire retardant foam to save Tracks.  The team of Autobots are overwhelmed by the swarm of Insecticons.  The transform and retreat.  Tracks goes on a mission with the Autobots to a jungle valley.  They want to save Cosmos and prevent an infestation of Morphobots from spreading.   Once the Autobots rescue Cosmos from the Morphobots, Megatron has Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing fly into the valley to steal the Insecticide.  The Autobots defend themselves from the ground.  Tracks shoots Megatron with his blackout ray.  The Decepticons destroy the insecticide, but the Morphobots attack them.  Soon, the swarm of Insecticons and their clones travel to the valley.  The Morphobots eat the Insecticon clones prompting the Decepticons and Insecticons to fly away.  The Autobots send the Morphobots into space where they can’t hurt anyone or anything on Earth.

Tracks goes with the Autobots to San Francisco to battle a mechanical alien dragon that is threatening the city.  Eventually Omega Supreme joins the fight and sends the Alien Dragon retreating back into space.

Tracks and Blaster continue their friendship with one another.  They also spend a fair amount of time in New York City, away from the other Autobots.  Tracks introduces Blaster to his human friend Raoul and all of them become friends.  Raoul and two of his friends are being chased by a group of punks, Tracks speeds off in vehicle mode to protect the young humans.  Tracks spins around the thugs creating smoke from his tires.  Blaster jumps out of Tracks’ driver’s seat and transforms into robot mode.  The thugs pull out weapons and start to fire them at the two Autobots.  After Blaster tries to scare off the thugs, Tracks transforms to help.  The thugs are not intimidated at all by the two Autobots.  Tracks even endangers the thugs by firing energy blasts at them from his pistol.  Tracks notices that one of the thugs is wearing a nice, two piece suit and stats to think something is really unusual.  The one sided battle ends with no significant injuries when Blaster uses his electro scrambler on the gang.  This disables all of the gang’s weapons and they run away.  Once it is safe, they climb out and Raoul tells Tracks that he had the gang of thugs right where he wanted them.  Raoul introduces Poplock and Rocksteady to the Autobots as The Bop Crew.  Tracks and Blaster ask the boys what happened, and Tracks thinks something sounds fishy.  Tracks mentions again that something is strange about a businessman in the crowd.  Tracks and Blaster both agree that somehow, the Decepticons are involved.  Tracks and Blaster decide to investigate the nightclub called “The Dancitron”.  The two Autobots enter the club (who is also playing the Cold Slither song), and they attempt to mingle with the crowd.  Obviously they draw a lot of attention to themselves.  While Blaster is having fun dancing, Tracks observes a lot more people that are dressed in a way where they really stand out.  Like a garbage man and a woman in a bathrobe and curlers.  Tracks and Blaster leave the club and walk by the train tracks at night.  Blaster mentions that he didn’t notice anything strange but Tracks reiterates the out of character patrons.  Before they can come up with any conclusions, or even a plan, a train speeds by them going much faster than it should be.  Tracks transforms and Blaster rides inside of him in stereo mode.  Tracks races off and then transforms into his flight mode to get on the train tracks.  Tracks reverts back to his standard vehicle mode and fires a cable at the train from his hood.  Blaster gets out of Tracks and walks to the train on the cable.  Tracks transforms and leaps onto the rear of the train.  He sticks his feet on the tracks to try to slow it down.  Blaster climbs on the side of the train to try to get to the engine.  Once he sees the engine, he kicks it and it is destroyed.  The two Autobots are able to get the train to stop and no one is seriously hurt.  Blaster and Tracks open the door and find their friends Raoul, Rocksteady, and Poplock.  When the Autobots investigate the train, they find that the control panel has been sabotaged. Tracks decides to investigate the nightclub and he takes Raoul with him.  While Tracks is driving to the nightclub with Raoul as his passenger, Tracks notices a building being built in the middle of the night.  When they look deeper, they find a group of out of place workers.  A woman in a bathrobe, a man in a tux, and other strangely attired people.  Tracks and Raoul put together that somehow Dancitron is involved (which already was established).  Before they can go to the club, the people attack them.  Tracks prevents the people from attacking them by shutting a sliding door on the construction site.  One of the construction workers fires red hot rivets at Tracks.  Tracks shields Raoul and they run to safety.  Tracks grabs Raoul and puts him in his chest, then Tracks transforms and drives to Dancitron.  He decides to use his flight mode to get there even faster.  When Tracks and Raoul reach Danictron, Tracks makes Raoul stay outside for his own safety.  Tracks walks into Dancitron and the bouncer tries to stop him.  Tracks lifts up the bouncer and he is allowed in.  Inside the club, Tracks encounters Rocksteady and Poplock.  They lead him through the club to Starscream and Soundwave.  The two Decepticons were using the music of the nightclub to hypnotize the patrons to turn them into a workforce.  Once Starscream sees Tracks, he opens fire.  Tracks dodges the laser and leaps to the ground.  He opens fire on the mind control room, but his lasers are deflected.  Soundwave activates the mind control device and turns the patrons of the Dancitron on Tracks.  Tracks doesn’t want to harm an innocent human, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to be damaged himself.  He climbs on the speakers in the club to get to safety.  More and more hypnotized people approach him.  They attack him and he falls to the ground.  When he hits the ground, the club’s speakers are shaken and they fall on Tracks.  Tracks is captured and lashed to a pile of speakers.  Raoul finds him and tries to break the chains holding him to the speakers before the music tears him apart.  Soundwave activates his mind controlled humans to attack Raoul before Tracks can be freed.  Raoul figures out that water can reverse the effects of the hypnosis.  Raoul restores Poplock and Rocksteady’s minds and the three friends free Tracks.  Once Tracks is free, he sees Starscream trying to escape.  Tracks uses his shoulder cannons to fire on Starscream.  Starscream takes the opportunity to fly away.  Tracks transforms into vehicle mode and Raoul and his friends get inside of him.  Tracks deploys a gun from his licence plate and shoots a hole in the wall.   Tracks and the humans fly into the air and Tracks makes it rain at the construction site.  All of the mind controlled people at the construction site have their minds returned to them.  Starscream finds Tracks seeding clouds to rescue hypnotized workers.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and attacks Tracks with his lasers.  Tracks does everything he can to stay ahead of Starscream’s assaults.  Tracks flies through the partially constructed building to evade Starscream.  Starscream stays behind Tracks.  Starscream is just a little too clumsy and clips his wings on the building.  He is forced to retreat for repairs.  Blaster meets up with Tracks and Raoul.  Blaster demolishes the Decepticon building with a sonic attack (did they ever explain what the Decepticons wanted a building for???).  Blaster isn’t able to knock the building down on his own, so Tracks fires his pistol at the building.  The two Autobots are able to knock down the building.

Tracks goes with Bumblebee to a nearby city so they can perform a supply run.  Tracks boasts how Optimus Prime chose the best Autobot around to go with Bumblebee.  He also claims that he is a good example to show the local humans that Autobots have refinement.  When they transform into robot mode, they walk towards a crowd outside of a television store.  Tracks expects to be mobbed by his adoring human fans.   The two Autobots watch a newscast about a stolen top secret Soviet jet (what is weird is, if the jet is so top secret, how does an American news station have footage of the jet flying).   This theft increases tension between the two nations and both are preparing their military for a possible conflict.  Before Bumblebee and Tracks can report back to the Autobots, they notice Blitzwing and Astrotrain walking in an alley.  Tracks is upset because he is worried that his new wax job will be scuffed.  The two Autobots transform and prepare for battle.  Bumblebee and Tracks try to chase the two Decepticons, but for some reason, they are faster on foot than Tracks is in vehicle mode.  Tracks quickly realizes something unusual is going on.  Tracks and Bumblebee corner Blitzwing and Astrotrain in an alley.  Tracks gives the Decepticons a chance to surrender without any violence, but they don’t respond.  Tracks and Bumblebee quickly realize that the two Decepticons are actually holograms and this is a trap.  A garbage truck shoots a large metal claw at Tracks’ chest.  It restrains him and electrocutes him, forcing him to submit.  They are captured by the big game hunter, Lord Chumley, so they can be used as bait to lure Optimus Prime.  While trapped inside of Lord Chumley’s dungeon, Tracks is forced to keep driving in a circle while a gun fires at him.  It is very unclear why Tracks doesn’t transform and escape.    

Prowl leads a team of Autobots consisting of Tracks, Skids, and Bluestreak to stop Blitzwing from attacking a nearby city.  The team of Autobots heads to a football stadium that Blitzwing has turned into his base of operations.  Scrapper notices them approaching and wants the Constructicons to open fire on the Autobot caravan.  Blitzwing orders Scrapper and the Constructicons to allow the Autobots through so then can get lost in the highway maze that the Constructicons built for Blitzwing.  The Autobots have a treacherous time navigating through the maze.  They are unable to avoid crashing into the walls.  Tracks takes a blind turn in the maze and almost drives right into Blitzwing.  Tracks avoids driving into Blitzwing, but he crashes into a wall.  Blitzwing rolls over him in tank mode, crushing the damaged Autobot.  Tracks’ remains are turned into a throne for Blitzwing.  Off camera, Tracks is restored and brought back to life.

After Hoist gets invited to be in a movie, Tracks flies to the studio to try to get his own moment in the spotlight.  Warpath and Sunstreaker also want to be in the movie.  The Director is so impressed with their performance, he gives them each a role in his movie.  Tracks’ scene involves him driving off the roof of a building and then transforming to flight mode and crashing into a brick wall.  Tracks is irritated that he endangered himself and the lead of the movie got a kiss.  Powerglide, Sunstreaker, Tracks, and Warpath complain to Hoist that they aren’t enjoying being in the movie.  Tracks complains that he has scratches in his paint job. The Autobots thought they would be more than just stunt vehicles.  Hoist tries to talk to the director for the Autobots, but he is rudely dismissed.  The Autobots are so angry that they transform and storm out of the studio.  Sunstreaker, Powerglide, Tracks, and Warpath are happy to return after the Director turns the movie into a science fiction epic and promises to give the Autobots bigger roles.  Now, the Autobots are alien robots in the movie and have to wear strange rubber masks.  Even though he has a bigger part in the movie, Tracks feels very foolish, but he doesn’t want to quit.  In one scene, the Autobots are in a fake spaceship.  By this point, the Decepticons have learned about the Autobots taking part in the movie.  Rumble replaces the pyrotechnics with real explosives.  The movie is halted and the Autobots are injured.

Tracks follows Optimus Prime to an area near Seattle to fight the Decepticons and Stunticons.  The Autobots want to take control of the Key to Vector Sigma away from Megatron before he turns the planet of Earth into a new Cybertron.  Once the Autobots arrive, Megatron sends the Stunticons to fight them.  The Stunticons start their attack in vehicle mode.  Motormaster plows into the Autobot ranks and splits the force down the middle.   Breakdown slams into Tracks and forces him into a cyberformed rock.  The Aerialbots save the Autobots.  There is a battle between Superion and Menasor which is only won when Omega Supreme helps.  The Decepticons are defeated.  Silverbolt destroys the Key to Vector Sigma and everything that Megatron changed with the key returns to normal.

Tracks is deployed with Warpath to engage the Stunticons.  Dead End and Drag Strip are racing with each other on a beach to see who can get to the meeting point first.  Warpath and Tracks ride on the same beach to catch the two Stunticons.  The two Autobots are obscured from the Stunticons’ view by rocks.  Warpath opens fire on the racing Stunticons in tank mode.  The Stunticons aren’t intimidated by the explosions, they are actually entertained.  Drag Strip fires lasers while still in vehicle mode at the two Autobots.  Tracks and Warpath are able to avoid any damage while remaining in vehicle mode.  Tracks chases Dead End in the sand, but Dead End seems to be able to drive faster than Tracks.  Tracks transforms into his aerial mode flies in Dead End’s path.  Tracks transforms and fires his blackout gun at the Stunticon .  Dead End is unable to see.  He unknowingly drives right in front of Warpath.  Warpath transforms and punches his fist through Dead End’s roof.  After both Stunticons are disabled, they are captured and brought to the Ark for containment.

Tracks goes to Paris with several other Autobots to take part in the Europa 2000 race.  The race is a competition for the best drivers in the world that starts in Paris and ends in Istanbul.  The winner gets a large sum of money as a prize, as well as a large donation in his or her name to a charity.  The Autobots participate in the race and if they win, they will donate all of their winnings to charity.  One of the racers, Augie Cahnay, objects that the Autobots are participating in the race.  He feels that since they aren’t human, they are too advanced for the human drivers and unfair competition.  The race’s judges allow the Autobots to participate since the race is for charity.  Augie doesn’t know that Optimus Prime sent the Autobots to protect him and his advanced car from the Decepticons.  The Autobots transform into their car modes and prepare to start the race.  Augie drives very dangerously, but he also drives with precision.  He is able to guide himself easily between all of the cars.   Tracks drives next to Bumblebee during the last leg of the race. Neither of them know that the Stunticons have entered the race and have taken out most of the other Autobots.  They get closer and closer to the finish line and notice they haven’t heard from the other Autobots.  Tracks tries to contact Wheeljack, but gets no response.  He tries to contact Sideswipe and receives the same results.  The Stunticons target Tracks and Bumblebee as their next victims.  Bumblebee is the first to notice the approaching Stunticons.  Bumblebee realizes that the other Autobots were disabled by the Stunticons. Not only do the Stunticons want to eliminate the Autobots, but they want to steal Augie’s car as well.  Tracks and Bumblebee veer off the road and avoid battling the Stunticons.    Bluestreak is able to contact Tracks and Bumblebee to tell them about the Decepticons’ plot to find the Pearl of Bahoudin. Tracks uses a communications device in his wrist.  The Pearl is a Cybertronian power source and Megatron wants to use it to power a weather machine..  Even though the world is at risk if the Decepticons get the pearl, Tracks and Bumblebee continue in the race.    As Tracks and Bumblebee approach the finish line, Tracks motivates Bumblebee to keep up the pace.  Both Autobots see Bluestreak approaching and quickly see Auggie is driving him.  The Autobots approach the finish line.  The announcer seems to be shocked that Bumblebee is able to keep up with Bluestreak and Tracks.  It is declared a three way tie.  After the race, the Autobots go to the Galata Valley to stop the Decepticons.  They arrive just as Megatron gets the Pearl.  Bumblebee, Tracks, and Bluestreak transform, and they really don’t even try to stay hidden.  Megatron quickly notices them and flaunts the Pearl of Bahoudin.  He then tells the Autobots that his plans wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition without Auggie’s car.  The experimental race car has an engine made of a rare metal.  Scrapper starts taking Auggie’s car apart and Auggie tries to stop him.  Tracks and Bluestreak protect Auggie by shooting Scrapper.  Megatron orders the Stunticons to attack the Autobots.  The Stunticons transform into vehicle mode to clash with the Autobots.   Wildrider flies through the air at Tracks, but Tracks ducks and avoids any damage.  .  Tracks stays behind cover and fires his weapon at the Decepticons.  Bumblebee steals the Pearl from Megatron. So Megatron orders the Decepticons to recover the pearl. he Stunticons circle the Autobots to corral them.  The other Decepticons open fire.  Bumblebee wants to use the pearl to fight the Decepticons, and despite it being dangerous, he cracks it open.  The energy of the pearl creates a massive storm and lightning fills the valley. Bumblebee tells Megatron to leave the valley with all of the Decepticons or he will open the pearl completely.  Megatron calls Bumblebee’s bluff and orders the Stunticons to form Menasor.  Menasor stomps through the valley to get to the Autobots.   Menasor smashes his fist into the ground and the Autobots scatter to avoid damage.  With a tornado approaching, Menasor pounds the ground creating a massive crack.  The pearl slips out of Bumblebee’s hand and Megatron rushes to reclaim it.  A tornado sucks it up before Megatron can reach it.  Assuming that the battle is lost, Megatron has the Decepticons withdraw, but leaves Menasor to fight the Autobots.  Tracks tricks Menasor to walk into the large hole that the Constructicons dug when they were looking for the pearl.  Bluestreak fires his blaster at Menasor’s foot and he falls into the hole.  Bumblebee, Tracks, and Bluestreak fire on the hole and bury Menasor.  Menasor quickly emerges from the hole and sends the three Autobots flying into the air.  Auggie gets into his car and speeds off, Bumblebee thinks he is leaving the Autobots to perish.  Instead, Auggie drives up on a cliff and sends his car hurtling at Menasor.  Auggie jumps out and the car hits Menasor in the face and explodes.  Menasor is defeated.   Bumblebee risks himself to destroy the pearl and restore the weather.  After the battle, Tracks declares that Megatron must have arranged the race so he could get Auggie’s car.  Since Megatron created the race, there is no actual money for charity.  Auggie is holding the casing of the Pearl of Bahoudin which is covered with gold and gems.  He gives it to Bumblebee so it can be sold and the money from the sale will go to charity.

After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Tracks goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor.

Tracks and the Autobots watch a news report on Teletran-1.  They learn that Jazz and Cliffjumper were abducted by a group of unknown Decepticons lead by Starscream.  The Decepticons attack the Ark  The Autobots drive to cover and transform.  Megatron and the Decepticons are attacking the Autobots because someone stole personality components of Renegade Decepticons from Cybertron.  Megatron realizes that the Autobots are not responsible and the Decepticons fly away.  The Autobots are very confused about what transpired during the battle.  Powerglide asks Optimus Prime what a Renegade Decepticon is.  Optimus has no idea and they go to Teletran-1 to learn more.  The Autobots realize that Megatron and Starscream are fighting each other and Optimus Prime doesn’t want the Autobots to get involved.  He does want to find Jazz and Cliffjumper, so the Autobots start searching for them.

Optimus Prime leads Sideswipe, Prowl, and Tracks to a destroyed city to protect the survivors from the Insecticons.  The Autobots rush into the remains of the city to battle the Insecticons.   The Autobots attack and the Insecticons try to defend themselves. As the other Autobots open fire, the Insecticons try to hide by digging holes in the ground.  Tracks falls off the road and discovers a cavern created by the Insecticons.  He drives inside of it and launches missiles to close all of the openings.  Optimus Prime leaps into the crevice and meets Tracks.  Tracks apologizes for not hitting any Insecticons directly.  The Decepticons drop bombs on the Autobots.  While standing above the Autobots, Megatron fires on Optimus and Tracks.  Instead of dealing with Megatron, Optimus Prime and Tracks transform into vehicle mode to engage the Insecticons.  The Insecticons are spreading through the city and destroying more and more of it.  The Autobots can’t fight the Insecticons with so many fragile humans around, so he calls the Protectobots to help evacuate the city.  The Protectobots are able to clear out all of the people from the city.  .  Optimus and Tracks deploy small lasers from their vehicle modes to fight.  The Autobots continue driving through the city and shooting Insecticons out of the sky Tracks helps Optimus Prime track down the Insecticons to recover the stolen Space Bridge control panel.  The Insecticons are found in a garage eating some of the cars. They are too late, when they get to the Insecticons, the control panel is already chewed up. Tracks joins the other Autobots when they go to Cybertron to stop the Combaticons from making the Earth fall into the Sun.  

Tracks does not show up in Season 3 so it is assumed he died in the battle of Autobot city

Marvel G1 Comic

To combat The Decepticons, and replenish their ranks, Optimus Prime used The Creation Matrix to build several new Autobots on Earth.  Tracks was one of them and is taken around Earth by Bumblebee so he can learn about Earth customs.  Tracks feels that since they are superior, they should be allowed to drive beyond the speed limit and not follow other laws and customs.  Optimus then re-assigns the group to investigate a rock concert where The Decepticons are planning to harness sound energy as Energon.  The team of Autobots successfully defeat the Decepticons and then return to The Ark.

Years later, in the Generation 2 book, Tracks is shown defending the Autobot base against Jhiaxus’ army.



IDW Transformers

Tracks tells Cliffjumper and Bumblebee a story about Jazz to make them optimistic again.  A very long time ago, on Tracks’ first mission, the entire unit is wiped out.  Tracks is barely functioning but Jazz comes to save him.  Tracks’ optics are so damaged he can’t make out who is trying to save him.  An Autobot helicopter is about to help them get to safety, but it is shot down.  Tracks can’t transform to get to safety, so Jazz helps him move.  Before they can get to safety, they are stalked by the Predacons.  Jazz gets Tracks to a blown up building so they can regroup.  Jazz knows he doesn’t have the weaponry to take on an entire Decepticon unit.  He removes his back up Energon processor so he can modify it into a weapon.  The Predacons call out to Tracks and Jazz.   They promise to give the Autobots a painless death if they just surrender.  Tracks asks Jazz if he has a plan.  Jazz wants Tracks to pick a fight with the Predacons so he can attack them and surprise them.  Jazz is actually very intimidated by the Predacons.  Tracks fires at the ground beneath the Predacons.  He refers to them as Terrorcon rejects which angers them.  Razorclaw tells him that they have killed other Decepticons for less.  Jazz sneaks up from behind the Predacons and attacks. The Predacons plan to attack, but he transforms into vehicle mode and speeds past them.  Tracks jumps on Jazz’s roof so they can escape together.  Rampage and Tantrum transform into vehicle mode to fight, but they hit an explosive trap.  Jazz drives into wreckage so he and Tracks can hide.  Jazz goes out to battle Razorclaw and Divebomb.  Tracks musters up enough courage to transform and crash into Divebomb.  Ironhide and Bluestreak wind up saving both of them after Jazz defeats the Predacons.  On the Autobot drop ship, First Aid performs treatment on Tracks and Jazz.

In the early days of Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots, the Autobots get together to celebrate a victory against the Decepticons.

The Autobots stay on Cybertron for about a year in Earth time.  In that time, the Decepticons attack New York City.  

The Autobots prepare to make a final stand against the Insecticon swarm.    Tracks asks Optimus if he is afraid.  Optimus Prime jokes that he would rather face the Insecticon swarm than one of Kup’s drills.  As the Insecticon swarm approaches, Roadbuster fires the massive cannon at them.  The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.  The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

After Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, the Decepticons escape with Megatron in their possession

Tracks deserts Bumblebee when Ultra Magnus shows up.  He and several other Autobots want to leave because they are afraid Ultra Magnus will arrest them.  Tracks, Hoist, Blurr and Beachcomber drive through the desert.  Blurr complains that everyone is going too slow.  Suddenly, Blurr drives over a mine and he is thrown in the air.  The other Autobots transform to help him, but they are attacked by an enhanced member of Skywatch.  Blurr is disabled by an inhibitor bolt.  Tracks takes out his gun, but Hoist says he can’t shoot a human.  Hoist is hit by an inhibitor bolt and is forced into vehicle mode.  Tracks tries to escape, but he is captured.  Blurr is the only one who gets away.

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover. Ultimately, Megatron gets free from Omega Supreme, gives himself new armor, and saves the Autobots from Galvatron



Tracks is one of the more well armed Autobots. Aside for his hand blaster, he has missiles on his shoulders. Also, he has displayed the ability to deploy lasers while in vehicle mode. Tracks is one of the few Autobots who can fly. In vehicle mode, he is able to transform into a flying car.

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