Unite Warriors Computron Toy Review

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Scattershot (9-9-20)

Afterburner (9-10-20)

Lightspeed (9-14-20)

Nosecone (9-16-20)

Strafe (9-18-20)



Finally! It only took 12 days to do all 6 reviews, but we're at the final review for the Unite Warriors box set of Computron. No clue why, but Computron is my favorite combiner. He's had an episode focusing on him and the Technobots as well as an origin episode, but so did the Aerialbots, so nothing crazy there.

Robot mode

Honestly, aside for the characters themselves there is nothing out of the ordinary or unusual with Computron. He's a standard CW/UW/POTP combiner. His articulation is exactly the same as every other CW/UW/POTP non titan combiner. His head can turn, his arms can move up and down and in and out, there is bend at each elbow. Due to the fact that the hands are separate pieces, there is technically wrist swivel. I keep Computron in the same configuration that he has in the cartoon. Right Arm Afterburner, Left Arm Strafe, Right Leg Lightspeed, Left Leg Nosecone. The only modification I did for this figure is that I use the CW Computron hands and feet instead of the HFG which came with the set and I armed Computron with some shapeways stuff. Computron's chest is identical to Superion's chest, because the toros (Scattershot) is a retool of Silverbolt. I would've liked to have seen just a little more retooling to get a little more of a unique look. Due to the fact that the Technobots have a pretty similar color scheme, Computron looks very cohesive. There is a bit of kibble on the legs that I don't love.


Assembly into Computron is very simple. All of the limbs' transformation is a hybrid of the vehicle and robot modes. For complexity, I rate the transformation into Computron a 3.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 6.75 out of 10.


So the box set comes with a number of weapons for each individual Technobot. The weapons are able to combine into one large weapon, but I don't like that. I found a gun on Shapeways which is meant to look like the G1 gun and I spray painted it a maroon color that looks almost identical to the G1 gun. I don't know why, but I like Computron to have a sword. So I found another Shapeways weapon which holds a POTP Enigma of Combination.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Dreamwave (the 3P people not the defunct comics) made an upgrade kit for Computron. It comes with thigh fillers, waist armor, new hands, new feet, and chest armor. It looks nice but I don't have it. It's been...... 5 or so years since it came out and now it is a bit pricey. Maybe down the line I'll get it. I like the chest armor, but I could pass on the hands and feet.


He has his own character while being made up of retools.


None really


Computron is a fun toy. MUCH better than the CW version (which I don't have nor will I). While he is a really fun figure, he is nothing unique or out of the box. But who says that every figure has to be unique or out of the box? I'm a bit biased because I love the nostalgia factor of Computron, but aside from that, there is nothing which makes him feel that different from SUperion, Defensor, or Victorion. I rate Unite Warriors Computron an 8.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

(see the individual reviews for specific redecos and retools)


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