Unite Warriors Lightspeed Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


The third Technobot in the box set is Lightspeed. Like everyone else in the box set, he is a retool of an existing mold, and like every other member of the set, the retools work really well.

Bot Mode-

Lightspeed is probably my least favorite Technobot in the set. But the Unite Warriors Technobots are like pizza, even the ones who aren't great are still really good. When I say least favorite, I have to clarify that it is still a good figure. He takes the most liberty in both modes from G1, but again, it is a box set of retools (and the last two are simply amazing retools) so I accept that Lightspeed isn't 100% accurate to G1. I actually prefer the liberties which Takara took with Lightspeed over the G1 version. He is primarily a dark red. He has a silver face with really big blue eyes. His shoulders are black which really break up all of the red and there is a little bit of silver on the chest and stomach (do Transformers have stomachs???). His arms are thin and have 5mm hands which are closed. He has the standard articulation for Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors limbs (they all have the same so I really don't feel like going into it again for the umpteenth time, just accept that you will be satisfied with the articulation). Like most of the CW/UW/POTP limbs, his figure isn't held back by the fact that he can combine in any major way. All in all, a successful figure


Lightspeed's transformation is the same as most of the stunticons. It is pretty intuative and once you figure out what to do, you're golden. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 5.25 out of 10. For fun, a 6.75 out of 10. Sometimes the folding up of the legs gives me a little trouble, but once you know what is oging to happen, you can fix it.

Vehicle Mode-

I love Lightspeed's robot mode, but his vehicle mode I like even more. He's a somewhat futuristic sports car. He looks very little like the G1 version, but he has all the right elements. He has silver windows for the cockpit where the original just had a huge cockpit. THis looks more "realistic" as a car, but just futuristic enough to go with the theme of the technobots. He has a 5mm port on his roof for his weapon. His bumper is darker red and he has a spoiler which adds a nice touch. He pegs/tabs together well and rolls very well.


The Unite Warriors box set comes with weapons for each Technobot that is able to combine into a larger weapon. Lightspeed's gun looks nothing like his G1 gun, but it still is cool. It is a light brown/tan largish pistol which you can plug into his hands or the roof of his car mode. I don't know why, but I had the weapon from AOE Snarl and to me it looks like a cross between a bow and a star trek batleth, I gave it to Lightspeed and I like it. No idea why I gave it to him at all since the Technobots cannonically don't use melee weapons.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3P add ons SPECIFICALLY for Lightspeed. Only Computron.


Good figure all around. I really like the face sculpt.


The chest piece falls off sometimes, I've lost it a few times (luckily I have found it). Also, his arms are a bit thin for my tastes.

What would Seth have done different?

Honestly, Lightspeed is a pretty perfect figure. The only thing I would've changed is added a pin to the chest piece so it doesn't fall off.


Without taking into account that he is a combiner, Lightspeed by himself is a good figure. He is the weakest of the Technobots though. He may be the weakest of the Technobots but I still enjoy the figure a lot. Out of 10, I give Lightspeed an 6.5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

A bunch of CW figures were retools/pretools

CW/UW Breakdown (pretool) (review coming at some point)

CW/UW Wheeljack (never going to get him)

CW/UW Sunstreaker (never going to get him)

TFCC Ravage (probably won't get him since he is very expensive)

CW Jumpstream (I have this, review coming at some point)



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