Unite Warriors Scattershot Toy Review

Class- Voyager


When I was a kid, I had a lot more GI Joes than Transformers. But one of the Transformers I actually did have was Scattershot. I have no idea why, but the Technobots are my favorite combiner. No clue why. Scattershot is the leader of the Technobots and for a simple retool, he works really well. Out of all of the two sets of Technobots (Unite Warriors and Combiner Wars), Scattershot is the least changed between the two sets. Note, I don't have the Combiner Wars set, nor will I.

Bot Mode-

Like every Technobot in the set, Scattershot is a retool. Specifically, Scattershot is a retool of UW/CW Silverbolt. I'm not going to say he is a perfect figure, but considering no one is a brand new figure, this works for me. For the most part, Scattershot looks like Scattershot not like Silverbolt, but there are a bunch of shared parts, and of course, shared engineering. The head is new and it looks spot on to the G1 face. The head is white with a blue face and a blue visor. I believe the upper chest is a new part. The majority of Scattershot is white, red, and brown. He has a little bit of silver on him in the backpack. He has an Autobot logo on each side of the chest plate. His articulaton is good, but like every other use of this mold (and there are a bunch) there is a bit of stiffness in the arms. Not in the way that the actual joints are stiff, he just looks like he needs to relax a little more. His hands are brown and are 5mm holes. His head can turn, his arms can move up and down and in and out as well as there being bicep swivel. THe legs can move outwards and forwards and there is a satisfactory bend at the knee. Yes there is a backpack, but the G1 figure had a backpack, so I am totally cool with the backpack. Again, considering he started out as a Silverbolt figure, I am satisfied with it. There is some tooling I would've liked to have seen. The G1 figure had a blaster in his hand, I would've liked to have seen that. Also, he had small blasters on each shoulder. I would've liked to have seen that as well, kind of surprised no 3P company came up with either of those parts.


I remember when I had G1 Scattershot, for some reason I was never able to transform him without help. It got to the point where my mom would limit the amount of times per day that she would help me with it. UW Scattershot is obviously more complicated than a G1 toy, but it is identical to CW/UW Silverbolt. Considering I had the Aerialbots before I had the Technobots, I already knew how to transform Scattershot. But when I first transformed Silverbolt, I was able to do it without instructions or a video. For complexity, I rate Scattershot's transformation a 5 out of 10. For fun, a 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

To me (at least) Scattershot isn't one of those figures which has a better robot mode than vehicle mode, or vehicle mode over robot mode. Both modes are solid and they are really cool. There are some liberties made with the vehicle mode, but it actually is an improvement over the G1 version. In vehicle mode, Scattershot is a futuristic spacecraft. He keeps the same color scheme. THe majority is red and brown with some white through out. The nosecone of the figure is a cannon like the G1 version. Where the G1 vehicle mode was very boxy, the UW/CW version is very sleak and streamlined. Also, considering this was originally a plane, it looks good. There is a small blue window in the nosecone as well. Where Silverbolt had solid wings, Scattershot's wings have gaps in them, but it looks cool. This was a stylistic choice not a budgetary choice.


The Unite Warriors box set comes with weapons for each Technobot that is able to combine into a larger weapon. Scattershot's weapons are not canon but he does have a blaster for each hand. I actually like it more than the CW versions which just came with a repainted Silverbolt weapon. I never combined the weapons into one large one for the combiner.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3P add ons SPECIFICALLY for Scattershot. Only Computron.


For the first Technobot I am reviewing, I am pretty happy with the figure. For a figure which is a retool, he really works well.


The G1 version was able to turn into a free standing cannon. The UW/CW versions cannot. Also, an inherent problem with all of the retools/redecos etc of this mold is the arms just feel a little stiff and I always get the feeling that Scattershot needs a massage or something to relax.

What would Seth have done different?

If I had my reign of Hasbro or Takara, Scattershot would've been 100% newly tooled. But if I am just taking what we got, the biggest thing I would've changed is one of the hands to have a blaster sculpted into it like the G1 version.


Without taking into account that he is a combiner, Scattershot by himself is a really good figure. He's one of those figures that I really don't see how they can make a better version that would warrant a replacement. Out of 10, I give Scattershot an 8.25 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

CW Silverbolt (pretool) Never getting

UW Silverbolt (pretool) Review coming soon

CW Single Pack Scattershot I (Redeco) Never Getting

CW Box Set Scattershot (redeco) Never Getting

CW/UW Cyclonus (pretool) Never getting

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POTP Hun-Gurr (shared engineering)


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