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Cartoon Background -

Ultra Magnus was the leader of the Earth Autobots in Transformers The Movie.  He was a high ranking officer and the administrator of Autobot City on Earth.   In the aftermath of the epic final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron, Optimus passed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus, making him the new leader of the Autobots.  The peace lasted only hours because Galvatron and his new forces attacked a defenseless Autobot City to kill Ultra Magnus and take the matrix from his dead body to please Unicron.  The Autobots escaped in 2 shuttles, the one Ultra Magnus commanded also contained Springer, Daniel, Arcee, and Perceptor.  Galvatron quickly found their shuttle and thought he destroyed it, but in fact, Magnus separated the front quarter of the ship, allowing the back of the shuttle to be destroyed.  The Autobots landed on the planet of junk where The Decepticons quickly followed and almost killed Ultra Magnus, stealing the matrix. His last act was trying to open the Matrix, weaponizing it, but it wouldn’t open and he was almost destroyed. At this point Ultra Magnus was in many parts.  The Autobots allied themselves with Wreck-Gar and The Junkions who rebuilt Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus’ group of Autobots now regrouped with Hot Rod, Kup, and the Dinobots and attacked Unicron, who at this point was trying to eat Cybertron.  Hot Rod reclaimed the matrix after defeating Galvatron and destroyed Unicron, becoming Rodimus Prime.   At this point, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons ended, Rodimus became the rightful leader of the Autobots, and Ultra Magnus became his Second-In-Command as well as adviser.

Ultra Magnus continued to teach Rodimus, not only about leadership, but about diplomacy.

Ultra Magnus and Perceptor come across a Decepticon plot to install an engine on an abandoned moon.  Galvatron wants to use the engine to crash the moon into Metroplex.  They investigate with Superion, Grimlock, and Blaster.  Once they reach the moon, they quickly attack the Decepticons.  Ultra Magnus personally engages Galvatron in combat.  They wrestle with each other, but their battle ends when Galvatron accidentally fires his cannon, hitting the engine.  The engine is destroyed, but the moon is sent on a collision course with an inhabited planet.  The Autobots rush to stop it but the Decepticons attack them again.  Ultra Magnus and Galvatron fight each other again in space.  The battle ends when a sonic attack comes from the planet and destroys the weaponized moon.  Several Autobots and Decepticons wind up falling to the surface of the planet.  Galvatron takes Soundwave away from the battle so they can find the source of the sonic attack.  Ultra Magnus and Blaster ride Broadside to catch the two Decepticons, or find the source of the sonic attack.  Broadside is faster than the two Decepticons and they investigate the capital city of the planet.  They find that the planet is based on music and sound.  Ultra Magnus goes to the ruler of the planet to ask for help.  The king refuses to help, he says that they don’t want to get involved with the war with the Decepticons.  The King mentions an exile named Allegra, and the two Autobots decide to search for her to help them.  The entire time, Galvatron and Soundwave are spying on the Autobots.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Broadside search the kingdom for Allegra.  They hope to ally themselves with her.  Before they can find her, Galvatron and Soundwave attack the three Autobots.  They fire on a bridge above the Autobots causing it to crumble.  The Autobots are trapped under the rubble.  Galvatron then fires on the rubble in cannon mode, assuming he killed the Autobots.  After the Decepticons fly away, the three Autobots dig themselves out of the rubble.  As they free themselves, one of the sonic aliens offers to help the Autobots find Allegra.  After the Decepticons fly away, the three Autobots dig themselves out of the rubble and one of the citizens, a royal named Zebop, offers to help the Autobots find Allegra.  He takes them to her secret retreat and find that she has allied herself with the Decepticons.  The Autobots hide so they can attack the Decepticons without hurting Allegra.  When Zebop sees Allegra, he calls out to her, revealing the hidden Autobots.  Galvatron and Soundwave attack, the Autobots.  They want to capture Zebop so he can give them his portion of the harmony.  Ultra Magnus transforms into vehicle mode to protect Zebop.  Soundwave uses Allegra’s portion of the harmony against the Autobots, and they are unable to fight back.  From inside of Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode, Zebop uses his part of the harmony to neutralize Soundwave’s attack.  Soundwave records Zebop’s portion of the harmony and is now able to unleash a much more powerful sonic attack.  He causes the ground to crumble beneath the Autobots, trapping them in rubble.  Ultra Magnus is the first of the Autobots to free himself.  He starts to climb out of the hole and shoots Galvatron in the back.  The Autobots battle the Decepticons, but Ultra Magnus makes sure to keep an eye on Zebop and Allegra.  Galvatron shoots Ultra Magnus in the chest, and Zebop rushes to Allegra’s side.  Zebop is injured when Soundwave falls on him, and the Decepticons retreat.  Zebop is healed by Allegra and the Autobots travel back to the capital city to protect it from the Decepticons.  They are too late.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Broadside don’t arrive until after the Decepticons left, with the full harmony.  The aliens repair the damaged Autobots with their harmony.  Ultra Magnus leads the Autobots back to Earth to defend Metroplex against the Decepticons.  Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Blaster, and Broadside return to earth with the King, Zebop, and Allegra.  They plan to use the three aliens to neutralize the Decepticons’ sonic attacks.  The Autobots are successful and Blaster forces Soundwave to erase the recordings.  The Decepticons retreat to fight another day.  Ultra Magnus promises the King that the Decepticons won’t be back.  But he doesn’t pledge any Autobot guards or patrols, just good intentions.

When Rodimus Prime leads a strike team to liberate the colony of Paradron, Ultra Magnus is teamed with Wheelie and Blurr to take control of the Energon cache.  Ultra Magnus and his team are outnumbered and call Rodimus for help.  Rodimus orders them to destroy the Energon supply, which will cause the planet to explode.  After evacuating the colonists, Ultra Magnus and Sandstorm make their way to the Energon pools.  They plant explosives and try to escape, but Galvatron gets in their way.  They are only briefly slowed down by Galvatron and are able to escape the planet in time.

When the Autobots go into space to harvest a material called Isodrite, Ultra Magnus leads the mining team.  The Autobots want the Isodrite to power their weapons.  Before they can mine a large quantity of the element, the Decepticons attack.  Galvatron rushes to attack Ultra Magnus, but Magnus simply tosses Galvatron away.  Several times, Galvatron tries to fight Ultra Magnus, and several times, Ultra Magnus is able to defeat him.  The asteroid which the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting starts to deteriorate.  Ultra Magnus orders the Autobots to retreat, but Galvatron grabs him.  Galvatron is finally able to best Ultra Magnus in battle, and transforms to cannon mode to finally destroy Magnus.  Ultra Magnus is saved when Sludge hits Galvatron with his tail.

While on Cybertron,, Ultra Magnus watches Springer install one of Perceptor’s new inventions, a Power Core Converter.  Magnus is a bit skeptical and is worried that it will overload Cybertron’s power grid.  Perceptor explains that the power core won’t overload Cybertron.  Soon after, Galvatron and the Decepticons attempt to steal it, and Ultra Magnus leads Springer, Kup, Wreck-Gar and Arcee to defend Cybertron.  The small group of Autobots is able to fight against the larger Decepticon force, but Galvatron fires on the tunnels, creating a wall of debris, giving the Decepticons the ability to escape.  After the Autobots dig themselves out, they continue to pursue the Decepticons.  Ultra Magnus and the Autobots soon find the Decepticons fighting a group of techno-organic creatures. Ultra Magnus doesn’t understand what is going on, he has never seen creatures like that on Cybertron.  The creatures then take notice of the Autobots and attack them.  Ultra Magnus is the first Autobot to be attacked, but he is saved when Wreck-Gar protects him and cuts the creature’s head off.  Another, much larger, creature then attacks Ultra Magnus.  It fires a web like net at him and attempts to feed on his energy.  Wreck-Gar saves Ultra Magnus again.  Springer and Wreck-Gar are damaged and Ultra Magnus orders the rest of the Autobots to retreat.  But Galvatron prevents them from escaping.  Springer, Wreck Gar, Kup, and a number of Sweeps are turned into energy vampires.  Hoping that Perceptor can help change everyone back, Ultra Magnus and Arcee escape and they eventually encounter the sole Decepticon survivor; Galvatron.  Instead of attempting to work together, Galvatron tries to kill Ultra Magnus and Arcee.  Magnus and Galvatron briefly battle, but the energy draining creature takes Galvatron as his newest victim and then Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus is able to free himself before his energy is drained.  Weakened, Ultra Magnus and Arcee pursue the creature who is going to the experimental power core.  Ultra Magnus and Arcee make their way to Rodimus Prime and Perceptor.  Once arriving, the Autobots are attacked by the energy vampires, but Perceptor restores everyone and ejects the power core into space.  The creature is launched into space with the power core and winds up attacking a Quintesson ship.
Another time on Cybertron, Ultra Magnus investigates a strange electromagnetic event with Springer and Rodimus Prime.  The event causes a strange fog to cloud an abandoned part of Cybertron.  The Autobots are completely unaware that they are being stalked by the Predacons.  Suddenly, the Predacons attack.  Divebomb and Rampage focus on Ultra Magnus.  As the Autobots hold their own against the team of Decepticons, the Predacons decide to merge into Predaking.  Before Predaking can attack, both factions are attacked by a gang of monsters!  These monsters resemble classic Earth movie monsters and no matter what the Transformers do, they can’t injure them.  Predaking is damaged and separates into his core Predacons and a large purple dragon joins the fight, attacking Razorclaw and Springer.  The dragon flies away with both Transformers in his claws.  Then a witch (seriously I’m not making this stuff up) appears and summons a giant to capture Ultra Magnus and Divebomb.  Rodimus tricks the witch to turn the giant into a toad and Magnus is saved (along with Divebomb).  A Hydra like creature appears and attacks the Transformers.  Everyone is saved when a biplane manifests and drops a bomb on the Hydra, forcing it to retreat.  Magnus is about to fall into a hole with the Hydra, but is saved by the biplane.  The Predacons and Autobots make a brief cease fire to save their comrades.  On their way to save Springer and Razorclaw, the group of Transformers are attacked by a giant, mutant Venus Fly Trap.  Ultra Magnus finds a fire extinguisher and uses it to freeze the Venus Fly Trap.  The group of Transformers are then attacked by giant alien clowns.  They escape to a fun house where they are attacked by distorted mirror images of themselves.  Eventually, Rodimus Prime realizes that all of the creatures were created from Daniel Witwicky’s nightmares.  The Quintessons kidnapped him and used his subconscious both as a weapon against the Transformers, but also to learn about the human mind.

On Earth, Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime survey the aftermath of an incident where the Protectobots help local police stop terrorists.  Ultra Magnus tells Rodimus that he was too hard on the Protectobots, but Rodimus is starting to doubt himself again.  Ultra Magnus tries to convince Rodimus that he is doing a great job as leader.  Galvatron and the Decepticons attack the Protectobots, and Magnus travels with Rodimus Prime to back up the Protectobots.  The whole battle was a ruse so Swindle could steal Metroplex’s transformation cog.  While Trypticon was making his way to fight Metroplex, the Protectobots tried to slow down Trypticon as Defensor.  Menasor attacked Defensor, but Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime fired on Menasor, saving Defensor.  Trypticon is damaged by the Aerialbots and retreats to a dam for repairs.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime give themselves new paint jobs and try to sneak onto the dam.  Their cover is blown when Vortex causes Daniel to fall off a cliff.  Ultra Magnus transforms and leaps off of the cliff, saving Daniel.  The two Autobots divert the Decepticons while Spike and Daniel attempt to steal Trypticon’s transformation cog.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus are successful in defeating the Stunticons and escape back to Metroplex with Trypticon’s transformation cog.

On Cybertron, Ultra Magnus manages construction of a new generator.  Rodimus Prime watches in boredom, and Magnus reminds the young Autobot leader that sometimes leadership isn’t fun.  At that moment, Sky Lynx returns from being attacked by the Junkions.  Ultra Magnus is curious and hypothesizes that the Junkions thought that Sky Lynx was a Decepticon.  Rodimus Prime is very quick to dismiss that theory.  The Aerialbots are sent to investigate, but return as a damaged Superion by Sky Lynx.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime find out that the Quintessons are involved.  Rodimus Prime forms a group of Autobots to investigate, and Ultra Magnus is part of the team.  They board Omega Supreme to get to the Planet of Junk, but before they can get to their destination, they are attacked by Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps.  The Autobots crash onto an asteroid and battle the Decepticons.  Ultra Magnus works on repairing Omega Supreme while Rodimus, and the rest of the Autobots, lead the Decepticons away.  Ultra Magnus is successful in repairing Omega Supreme, who saves the rest of the Autobots at the last minute.  The Autobots then continue their trek to Junkion.  When they get there, the Autobots find that many species, from across the universe, have been effected by a Quintesson signal and are warring above the Planet of Junk.

When a group of criminals bombed a city to create a diversion for their nefarious plo to steal Newtronium, the Autobots helped the authorities rescue civilians. Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime go to the docks to arrest the criminals.  The criminals’ weapons are no match for the two Autobots.  These criminals allied themselves with a former terrorist named Old Snake (Aka Cobra Commander from GI Joe), to separate the minds of Springer, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus from their bodies.  The minds were put into synthoids, human replicas, and the bodies were used as weapons.  Eventually, after a short experience of being a human, Magnus is restored to his regular form by Perceptor.

There are times when Ultra Magnus plays the role of politician as well as Rodimus Prime.  Especially when Rodimus doesn’t want to deal with an event.  When Perceptor created a new energy system (again), which would give the Autobots enough energy to last almost until eternity, Ultra Magnus was the one who led the unveiling ceremony.  Rodimus Prime watched, but did not participate.  The generator was sabotaged and Ultra Magnus is part of the repair team.  Grimlock winds up destroying the electronic compass that Rodimus Prime was using to navigate the tunnels, so Rodimus and Ultra Magnus split away from the group to look for their objective.  Unknown to Magnus and Rodimus, Grimlock destroyed the power generator.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime continue to travel through the tunnels, but the automated defenses attack them.  They are saved from death by Grimlock, who instead of smashes the defenses, uses his new found intellect to simply turn them off.

Ultra Magnus winds up on the moon battling the Decepticons with a number of other Autobots.  He is able to shoot down one of Scourge’s sweeps with his blaster.  There is a brief lull in the battle when suddenly ALL of the Decepticons rush the Autobots.  Cyclonus singles out Ultra Magnus, but Magnus is too powerful for him.  He knocks out Cyclonus with one punch.  The battle ends when the animal based transformers are summoned to battle Tornedron.  The Decepticons fly away and soon after, the Autobots are attacked by Tornedron and their energy is absorbed.  Ultra Magnus comes back to life after Tornedron is destroyed by Grimlock.

Ultra Magnus is one of the Autobots who examines Hot Rod after Rodimus Prime looses the Matrix.  He is the one to tell Hot Rod that he no longer has the Matrix.  Ultra Magnus wants to lead a team of Autobots to recover the Matrix from the Decepticons, but Hot Rod tells him the Matrix isn’t that important.  Hot Rod storms off and soon after, Ultra Magnus learns that the Decepticon armada is on it’s way to Earth.  The Decepticons are defeated when Hot Rod reclaims the Matrix from Scourge and becomes Rodimus Prime again.

While traveling through space inside of Sky Lynx, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, Perceptor, and Blurr investigate an unusual sensor reading.  They come across a strange object, and almost immediately, Galvatron and the Quintessons arrive to investigate as well.  When the Autobots arrive, they find the Quintessons attacking Galvatron and Cyclonus, and then the Quintessons attack the Autobots.  Rodimus orders that the Autobots leave Sky Lynx and engage the Quintessons.  Sky Lynx defeats both enemy forces.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.   The disc is a warp gate and the Transformers and Quintessons are transported across the universe, they wind up crash landing on a remote planet.  The planet is a primitive planet which resembles Mongolia.  Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Blurr wind up crashing together near a village.  The inhabitants of the village think they are devils.  Blurr’s leg is damaged and even though Rodimus Prime helps him travel through the alien jungle, he is holding them back.  Blurr asks to be left behind so they can find Perceptor but Rodimus doesn’t want to leave a man behind.  Ultra Magnus tells Rodimus that they have no other choice.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime start to travel to the main city of the planet, in vehicle mode, to find Perceptor.  On their way, they are attacked by alien marauders (on huge iguanas).  The marauders cause Rodimus to fall off a cliff, but before they can do the same to Ultra Magnus, he transforms into robot mode and fires into the sky.  He is hoping he can scare the marauders away without hurting them.  One of them throws a mace at Ultra Magnus, but Rodimus Prime shoots it out of the air.  The Marauders realize they are no match for the two Autobots and retreat.  Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime reach the village where Perceptor made his last transmission from.  They find him, in microscope mode, missing his Autobot insignia.  Behind the insignia was vital parts, without them, Perceptor will not function.  Ultra Magnus picks the lifeless microscope up, and with Rodimus, they start searching for the missing parts.  They arrive in the city to find Cyclonus has allied himself with the Quintessons and that they have taken the parts they needed from Perceptor.  Blurr has been repaired and has stormed the Quintesson ship.  Cyclonus is about to shoot Blurr in the back, but Ultra Magnus tackles Cyclonus.  Cyclonus escapes and Perceptor is restored.  Sky Lynx then arrives on the planet and takes the Autobots home.

On Earth, Ultra Magnus is the first to learn, from Jessica Morgan, that Optimus Prime’s lifeless body has been recovered.  He takes her to Rodimus Prime.  The Autobots want to get his body back, but Jessica tells the Autobots that her father and boyfriend hate the Autobots and it could be a trap.  Ultra Magnus, the Aerialbots, and the Throttlebots enter the lab, and of course, its a trap.  They are infected by the Hate Plague.  Superion frees the infected Autobots and Ultra Magnus looks to fight Rodimus Prime.  He crashes through a wall in vehicle mode as Rodimus is trying to retreat with Optimus Prime’s body.  Rodimus is able to escape from Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus tracks Rodimus Prime to Autobot City and tries to infect him.  Rodimus does everything he can to avoid his second in command from touching him.  After Rodimus Prime deactivates Metroplex, he does everything he can to escape the city.  Ultra Magnus chases him down maniacally to infect him, but Rodimus Prime is able to escape.  Rodimus Prime soon lures Ultra Magnus into a trap with Wreck Gar.  Magnus is restrained, but is able to touch Wreck Gar.  Rodimus fires on Ultra Magnus, deactivating him temporarily, but it is too late.  Magnus infected Wreck Gar who soon infects Rodimus.  Ultra Magnus is cured after Optimus comes back to life and uses the Matrix to purge the hate plague from the universe.

There is a brief period of peace between the Autobots and Decepticons after Optimus is resurrected.  Ultra Magnus remains the second in command of the Autobots, but now, he follows Optimus instead of Rodimus (who is Hot Rod again).  Ultra Magnus organizes the Autobots into battle waves when the Decepticons attack Autobot City on Earth.  After the Decepticons retreat Autobot City with the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, Ultra Magnus follows back to Cybertron.

On Cybertron, Ultra Magnus leads the Autobots when Galvatron and the Decepticons invade the planet.  Optimus Prime leaves Cybertron to find the missing Autobots after receiving a vision from Alpha Trion.  The Decepticons are able to overwhelm the Autobots, and Ultra Magnus is one of the last functioning Autobots.  He and the Protectobots attack Galvatron, combining their firepower.  Galvatron is too powerful for them.  Before Galvatron can fight back, Scorponok and the missing Decepticons arrive on Cybertron.  The Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters attack Ultra Magnus and the Protectobots and deactivates them.  Ultra Magnus is brought back to life when Vector Sigma is re-energized and there is a new golden age of Cybertron.


Marvel G1 Comic Background -

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IDW Re-Generation One Background -

Ultra Magnus is introduced into the comic Marvel G1 continuity in the Regeneration One IDW book.  He and Kup go to visit Optimus Prime to let him know about rumors of Decepticons gathering.  Magnus and Kup want to use military force to stop the gathering, but Optimus Prime does not allow it.  He feels that the Decepticons will eventually fade away now that Cybertron is operating so well.  Optimus Prime was wrong and Soundwave uses a satellite to destroy The Last Autobot.
Soon after, there is another Decepticon stand off and Kup wants to use The Wreckers to end it.  Ultra Magnus wants to minimize the violence and decides to attempt to negotiate with the Decepticons.  Kup is angered and disappointed.  He asks Ultra Magnus what the Decepticons could actually do to insight action.  Magnus explains that it is Optimus Prime’s orders to maintain the Autobot commitment to peace.  Magnus attempts to negotiate with the Decepticons, but before negotiations can finish, Soundwave has the four Decepticon terrorists killed so they become martyrs.  The Wreckers intervene, exposing the Decepticon plot for political power.
Magnus then meets with Optimus and they are torn on if the Wreckers should be punished.  While they did disobey orders, they exposed a Decepticon plot and saved countless lives.  Magnus is more partial to punishing The Wreckers to prevent Autobot cadets from emulating The Wreckers disobedient actions.  Kup and The Wreckers steal an Autobot shuttle and go to Earth.

Hours later, Trailbreaker notifies Ultra Magnus that Kup stole a shuttle.  Ultra Magnus doesn’t let Optimus Prime know and is frustrated by the entire situation.  He wishes he could travel the universe hunting Decepticons like Kup is trying to do, but he knows he has responsibilities on Cybertron and he needs to be an example to the other Autobots.  
Ultra Magnus and Trailbreaker find that Kup used the Cosmic Carnival as a cover to leave Cybertron and sneak onto Earth and notifies Optimus Prime.  He soon receives a message from Springer and The Wreckers from Earth that Megatron has conquered Earth.  Ultra Magnus has one more transmission to show Optimus Prime, a challenge directly from Megatron.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots on a mission to save Earth from Megatron, and Ultra Magnus joins him.
On Earth, Optimus and Megatron fight a battle which looks like it will be their last battle.  Megatron holds back just a little bit and when Optimus Prime thinks he has won, Megatron orders his Zombie Decepticons to surround and kill the Autobots who came with Optimus.  Ultra Magnus knows that Megatron is trying to exploit Optimus Prime’s compassion and takes command of the Autobots who were surrounded.  He orders them to attack the Zombie Decepticons, giving Optimus Prime the ability to focus on Megatron again.
After the Autobots save Earth, the humans want all Transformers off of Earth.  Optimus Prime feels that he needs to stay on Earth, even though he isn’t wanted, and orders Ultra Magnus to take over the task of mentoring Hot Rod.  Ultra Magnus offers to stay on Earth with Optimus, but Optimus doesn’t let him.  Ultra Magnus returns to Cybertron with the rest of the Autobots.

Upon reaching Cybertron, Ultra Magnus and his crew have no idea that Scorponok has taken over as well as caused almost all of the Autobots on Cybertron to become Decepticons.  As they approach the planet, Scorponok orders that the ship be shot out of the sky.  The Autobot craft survives but they return to a damaged Cybertron.

The next day, Ultra Magnus meets with a group of Autobot recruits in the Autobot Academy.  He gives them a motivational speech.  Optimus Prime contacts him for a status update, and Ultra Magnus reports to Optimus what has happened with Scorponok’s foiled invasion.  He also tells Optimus that he sent support (Primarily Micromasters) to Nebulos to help them rebuild.  Ultra Magnus begs Optimus to come back, but Optimus Prime still has full faith in Hot Rod and feels he needs to track down Galvatron who has escaped Earth on a rebuilt Ark.  Magnus tells Optimus that he doesn’t think Hot Rod will ever grow

into the role of a proper leader.

After several Autobots (mainly Blaster), discover and foil a Decepticon plot to create conflict between the Autobot majority, Ultra Magnus decides to be more aggressive in handling the Decepticons.  He orders the Wreckers to attack Fort Scyk in the Cybertronian Badlands.  This is where the Decepticons have made their home.  Ultra Magnus monitors The Wreckers as they breach the fortress.  Unfortunately, it was a trap, there were no Decepticons, but ample amounts of explosives.  Magnus watches as the Fortress explodes.  Kup quickly contacts Ultra Magnus to let him know that the Wreckers are okay, even though they walked into a trap.

Simultaneously, but not together, Bludgeon and Galvatron attack Cybertron (yes, it is really improbable but it happens).  Galvatron hunts down and attacks Ultra Magnus for sport.  Galvatron has the upper hand, he surprised Ultra Magnus and he seems to be more powerful.  The entire time, Galvatron acts as is he knows Ultra Magnus, but Magnus has no idea who Galvatron is (in this continuity, Galvatron was plucked from an alternate time line by Unicron in the original Marvel G1 Book).  Galvatron savagely beats Ultra Magnus and throws him onto a traffic filled bridge.  Ultra Magnus is quick to recover and fires on Galvatron, causing him to fall.  Galvatron uses the downward momentum and flies into Ultra Magnus, resuming his physical assault on Ultra Magnus.  Ultra Magnus is having a hard time staying alive, while Galvatron continues to beat Magnus with his bare hands, Ultra Magnus fires one of his shoulder rockets on him, giving him some space from the insane Decepticon leader.  As Ultra Magnus is catching his breath, Blades approaches Ultra Magnus to tell him that Bludgeon is also attacking Cybertron.  Ultra Magnus transforms into truck mode to observe the damage caused by Bludgeon and Galvatron attacks again.  Magnus is more concerned with Bludgeon’s invasion than Galvatron’s attack on him, and does everything he can to end the battle with Galvatron.  During their battle, Bludgeon uses the weapons of War World to fire on Ultra Magnus, hoping to kill him and cause a blow to Autobot morale.  Ultra Magnus and Galvatron survive, but Galvatron seems to be damaged more than Magnus.  Ultra Magnus remembers that he is Cybertron’s greatest warrior and he needs to live up to that title.

In the aftermath of Galvatron’s defeat, Ultra Magnus starts to attack Bludgeon’s battle droids and rallies the Autobot soldiers, ordering them to hold the line, he refuses to surrender.  The Autobots win the battle and from the ashes emerges a “new” Autobot leader, Rodimus Prime.  In the aftermath of the battle, Ultra Magnus takes an active role in rebuilding Iacon and rounding up Decepticon remnants.  His first mission is to find Galvatron.

Ultra Magnus takes a team of Autobots to search Cybertron for Galvatron.  They quickly find him and have a brief skirmish.  The Autobots fire on Galvatron, causing a building he is climbing on to crumble.  Galvatron is trapped in the wreckage.  As they go to arrest him, the Autobots are attacked by The Acolytes of Unicron (the same cult that fought Optimus and Scorponok during the G1 book).  They save Galvatron and bring him underground.  Magnus captures one of the Acolytes who gladly tells him that Galvatron will kill all Autobots, starting with Ultra Magnus.

While Rodimus Prime is having diplomatic talks with Jhiaxus, Jhiaxus’ soldiers try to wipe out all of the Proto-Cybertronians.  Grimlock and the Dinobots try to save them, but they are overwhelmed by the powerful soldiers.  Ultra Magnus and several other Autobots come to help the Dinobots.  At that moment, Jhiaxus calls for his soldiers to help him, and they leave the battle.  Ultra Magnus makes sure that the Dinobots get medical attention.

Rodimus Prime orders a full scale attack on Jhiaxus’ Hub.  While Rodimus leads the attack from his flagship, Ultra Magnus leads the ground assault.  When Ultra Magnus’ troops land, they find that the planet seems to be deserted.   Jhiaxus ambushes the Autobot fleet as Ultra Magnus and the ground team watches the carnage.  Magnus orders his team to retreat into hiding.  Jhiaxus’ soldiers attack the ground team, killing Hound..  Ultra Magnus and his Autobots split up to evade Jhiaxus’ air soldiers.  That plan is unsuccessful so Magnus orders his Autobots to transform into robot mode to make a final stand.  They survive because Rodimus Prime surrenders to Jhiaxus.

While in captivity, Ultra Magnus speaks to Kup and wonders why he is so calm.  Magnus soon finds out when explosions, planted by The Wreckers, ravage The Hub.  Rodimus Prime fights his way to freedom and saves Ultra Magnus, and the rest of the Autobots in captivity.  The Autobots evacuate The Hub in time to see it destroyed.

When Magnus returns to Cybertron with the rest of the Autobots, they find that it has aged and has become a dead looking planet.  The Autobots fight off Dark Creatures who wind up being corrupted Autobots and Decepticons who remained on Cybertron when Rodimus Prime and the Autobot fleet attacked The Hub.  Alone, Rodimus plans to attempt to fix the planet and he sends Ultra Magnus and the rest of the Autobots to fight Galvatron.  They reach The Star Chamber but do not find Galvatron.  They are attacked again by the Dark Creatures and the Autobots take more casualties.  Ultra Magnus relies on Grimlock to defend the rest of the Autobots because he is the only one who can harm the creatures.  Magnus realizes that Galvatron has gone to Nebulos and he breaks the Autobots into teams to stagger going to Nebulos and Earth.  Ultra Magnus leads the team to Nebulos and Kup leads the team to Earth.  Once they arrive on Nebulos, Ultra Magnus follows the path of destruction to Galvatron and his team engages the insane Decepticon tyrant in battle.  Ultra Magnus finally defeats Galvatron, killing him, but is attacked by the insane Fortress Maximus.  The other Autobots leap into battle and save Ultra Magnus from death.

IDW Background -

In the IDW Transformers comics, Ultra Magnus WAS a great fighter, but now it is a secret rank of smaller Autobots who enforce the Tyrest Accord by wearing a suit of Ultra Magnus Armor.  The current Ultra Magnus is a bot named Minimus Ambus who is Rodimus’ second in command aboard the Lost Light.
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Abilities -

Ultra Magnus is one of the larger transformers.  He stands taller than Optimus Prime.  He transforms into a futuristic car carrier that has the ability to carry standard sized Autobot cars.  He has a strong sense of loyalty and has strong leadership abilities, but he is a soldier first and foremost.  He is armed with a laser rifle and a missile launcher on each shoulder.

Wacky Facts -

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