Transformers Universe Night Slash Cheetor Toy Review

Price - 9.99 (when in stores)

Class - Deluxe


I don’t hide that I love Beast Machines, nor will I ever deny that it is one of my favorite Transformers series.  Cheetor was a big part of Beast Machines, but it took them a few tries to get the figure right.  The first Mega release was way too big and didn’t have his swords, and his Supreme sized figure was almost the size of G1 Fort Max.  It wasn’t until Beast Machines ended and the Transformers Universe line (Transformers Universe was a sub-line made of only repaints and had a loose story about Transformers from different eras and universes coming together to fight Unicron)  was created that they got it right.  The Original Night Slash Cheetor was released during Beast Machines, but it had a weird charcoal gray  and orange deco.  But the sculpting was almost perfect.  In Transformers Universe, they redeco’d the original Night Slash Cheetor with a paint job much closer to his cartoon look.  

NOTE: This review will mainly reference the TF: Universe deco with some mention of the original Beast Machines deco.  I am not sure if I still have the original to take comparison pics of.  

Bot Mode-

The first thing you notice about Cheetor is, in bot mode he is noticeably larger than a standard deluxe.  If you have him stand next to Mega Blast Punch Optimus Primal, they are almost the same size.  I really think that Night Slash Cheetor could’ve gotten away with being marketed as a mega/voyager class figure and got away with it.  Also, to get off topic a little bit, most people MISTRANSFORM Cheetor.  His legs are meant to be bent in the middle, emulating a cat’s leg, but many people straighten out the legs completely giving him way too tall of a stance.  He is primarily yellow with clear red parts (chest and hands) with some dark gray and black adding some details.  His headsculpt is DEAD ON to how Beast Machines Cheetor looks, but it is painted the wrong colors.  As great as he looks, his articulation is bad, especially if you compare him to a modern day figure.  His arms can move up and down and his elbows move up and down.  They are connected to a gimmick which makes him look like he is slashing (hence the name Night SLASH Cheetor), and his swords are sheathed in his shoulders and are spring loaded.  In a successful gimmick, if you have the arms positioned properly, the swords will pop into his hands.  The only other Transformer that I can think of with the same gimmick is TAV Optimus Prime (see review HERE) and that didn’t work as well.  Cheetor’s head can move and his legs move, but he lacks wrist and waist swivel.  Being that his arms are NOT on ball joints, his articulation is pretty limited. He was originally created before the standardization of having 5mm hand holes, but because this is a figure that was created at the time that it was, I don’t hold the lack of 5mm holes against him.   His tail is still visible in bot mode and has what looks like jump jets on his back.  The slashing gimmick is triggered by his spark crystal which has an Autobot logo on it.


 For fun, out of 10, he gets a 7 and for complexity, it he gets a 4 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Cheetor’s beast mode is pretty simple, but very effective.  It is basically the robot mode on his hands and feet with a different head, but again, it works very well.  He keeps the same color scheme and is able to “run” with the slashing gimmick. He is still the primarily metallic yellow and has some navy blue spots.


His only “accessories” are two gray swords that are spring loaded to flip from his shoulders into his hands.  They are not removable.  In the show, he had these weapons and nothing else, so it makes sense.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Finally, a properly sized and sculpted Beast Machines Cheetor


For the TF: Universe deco, he could’ve been painted a little differently, and instead of clear red parts, if they were clear green, it would’ve been much more screen accurate.  For the Beast Machines Deco, WTF were they thinking with this deco?


Night Slash Cheetor is a mixed bag and honestly, not for everyone.  There is a lot of hatred for Beast Machines, and if that’s the case, no matter what Cheetor looks like, you aren’t going to get him.  But I love Beast Machines.  For the TF Universe Deco, when he came out in the early 2000s, he gets a 6.5 out of 10.  For today, he just doesn’t hold up that well.  Limited articulation and a strange gimmick really hurt the figure.  For today, he gets a 4.75 out of 10.  I still really like him, but there are a lot more Transformers out there which are better toys. If you want a good Beast Machines Cheetor, get the TF Universe version, totally skip the original deco

Retools and Repaints-

Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor




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