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arpath was introduced in Season 2 as an Autobot, but they never explain where he came from (like almost every addition to season 2).  He was a tank, and made strange outbursts to emulate gun fire sounds.  His personality and speech patterns added some levity to the show.

Warpath’s first mission was to go to Dinobot Island to investigate the island’s connection to time portals opening up randomly.  When the Autobots arrive on Dinobot Island, they quickly see the Decepticons stealing the island’s energy.  During the battle,  Warpath shoots Thundercracker out of the sky with his chest cannon.  Warpath sees Blitzwing in tank mode attacking Beachcomber.  Warpath transforms into his own tank mode and defends his friend.  Blitzwing continues to fire at Beachcomber until Warpath hits him.  The two tank Transformers fire at each other until the ground gives way.   The Decepticons are starting to win the battle.  The Autobots are on the ground and the Decepticons are unleashing the full power of their weapons on the damaged Autobots.  The Autobots are facing destruction.  They are saved when the Dinobots join the battle with the dinosaurs of the island.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.

Warpath shows up battling the Decepticons in the desert when Megatron creates a clone of Optimus Prime.

When Megatron enhances himself with the Heart of Cybertron, Warpath tries to defend the Autobot base.  He is defeated when Megatron destroys the ground under him.

Warpath travels to Grapple and Hoist’s Solar Tower with the Autobots.  When the Autobots arrive, they see that the tower is under Decepticon control.  Warpath attacks the Decepticons in vehicle mode with the rest of the Autobots.  He inflicts significant damage to the Solar Tower while he is trying to shoot the Constructicons.  Devestator attacks the Autobots with his eye beams.  The Autobots fight back, but their weapons aren’t strong enough to damage Devestator’s armor.  Warpath tries to shoot Devestator in the back, but Devestator shrugs the attacks off.  Devestator plunges his hand into the ground and it reemerges under Warpath and throws him aside.

Warpath and the Autobots respond to a distress call from a Solar Power Facility that was just built.  Starscream and the Coneheads tried to take control of the facility to make Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots arrive, they see that the Decepticons are already battling tanks driven by humans.  The Decepticons are overwhelming the tanks and destroying them.  Ironhide, Smokescreen, and Warpath combine their firepower to assault Starscream.  Starscream lifts his arms into the air to shield himself from the energy blasts but falls to the ground.  He calls out for Thrust to help him.  Thrust fires a barrage of missiles at the three Autobots, sending them flying into the air.  The battle is very short and the Autobots successfully defend the facility.  As the Decepticons retreat into the air in vehicle mode, the Autobots continue to fire their weapons at them.  The mayor of Central City praises the Autobots for their good work.  Shawn Berger disrupts the celebration of Autobot day by showing tapes of fake Autobots attacking an oil refinery and plotting to take over the world.  The Autobots return to base, but are then arrested.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to show no resistance and to comply with authorities.   The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  After their ship takes off, Megatron uses Teletran 1 to alter the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth. The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.  Once the Autobots return to Earth, they follow Optimus Prime to a power plant to engage Megatron and the Decepticons.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Warpath and Hoist combat the Decepticons near Stonehenge.  Ramjet attempts to ram Warpath in jet mode, but Warpath isn’t phased at all.  Ramjet is knocked back and causes Starscream, Ravage, and Rumble to fall off a cliff.  The Decepticons run into a cave and Warpath traps them inside by destroying the opening.  Hoist starts to dig a new hole so they can pursue the Decepticons.  Warpath is very impatient and wants Hoist to work faster so he can fight more.  Hoist, Warpath, and Spike follow the Decepticons back in time to the year 543 AD.  Warpath even accidentally damages Ravage when he emerges from the time portal.  Warpath transforms and laughs at Ravage.  Princess Nimue was being chased by evil knights and Ravage.  She is very quick to ally herself with the Autobots, not knowing anything about them, but she leads them to help the king from the dragon.  The Autobots don’t worry about altering the timeline and ally themselves with the king to fight the Decepticons.    The King and an evil Lord decided to have a tournament to settle a land dispute instead of having their armies fight.  The Decepticons allied themselves with the evil Lord and went to the tournament as his champions.  Warpath transforms and the King rides to the joust on Warpath’s turret.  Warpath mentions that he doesn’t have enough power to fire his lasers.  When the King and Rumble joust, and the king is victorious.   Starscream wants to rule the land, so he abducts the princess.  He transforms and escapes away with her in his cockpit.  Starscream can’t fly because he doesn’t have enough energy.  Warpath and Hoist try to intercept Starscream, but they crash into each other.  They are lacking the energy to hold together in vehicle mode.  Warpath and Hoist lead the king’s army to Blackthorne’s castle to save the princess and defeat the Decepticons.  Warpath uproots a tree to use as a weapon since he is so low on power.  As the Autobots and the King’s army try to storm the Decepticons’ castle, they are attacked by catapults which are armed with explosives.  Rumble stands in a turret and knocks bricks off of it onto the Autobots and humans.  Warpath tries to bat the falling bricks away with a log.  Warpath leaps off of Hoist to storm the castle.  He is promptly met by Ramjet and the two Transformers duel with each other using logs.  Warpath musters up enough energy to fire his cannon at Ramjet.  Ramjet dodges the blast and knocks Warpath off of the castle.   Starscream and his legions seem like they are about to win the battle.  A wizard arrives on the battlefield and creates lightning to recharge the Autobots.  Hoist and Warpath are unable to use their weapons, but they are able to transform.  In vehicle mode, they leap over the moat and storm the castle.  They break through the outer wall and drive into Starscream.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons and capture them.  A wizard guides the Autobots, Decepticons, and Spike back to the time portal, but now it is guarded by a dragon.  The wizard gives Warpath a sack of gun powder and Warpath causes the Dragon to submit.  After the dragon is defeated and everyone returns to the proper time.

Powerglide, Perceptor, Warpath, Seaspray, and Beachcomber travel to the beach together to explore.  Warpath travels on the sandy terrain in tank mode.  Perceptor discovers that a rock has a lot of gold and silver in it, and Warpath asks what an Autobot would care about gold and silver.  The group of Autobots are attacked by Blitzwing, Ramjet, and Thrust.  The Autobots leap into battle to defend themselves.  Once Blitzwing starts to attack, Warpath tells Perceptor to get out of Microscope mode and help the Autobots fight.  Warpath starts firing on Blitzwing while he remains in tank mode.  Blitzwing circles around and starts firing back at Warpath.  While in midair, Blitzwing transforms into tank mode and crashes into Warpath.   Both tanks quickly recover and start firing at each other again.  Warpath transforms and Powerglide helps him fight an Electrum covered Thrust.  Powerglide fires lasers at Thrust, and Warpath shoots a cryogenic weapon.  The Electrum made Thrust invincible and he shrugs off the attacks.   Warpath makes a hole in a rock formation and Powerglide and Beachcomber follow him to escape.  Perceptor and Seaspray are captured.  Warpath returns to the Ark to report back to Optimus Prime.  Warpath gathers outside of Omega Supreme with the Autobots so they can start a rescue mission to recover Perceptor and Seaspray.  Warpath seems excited to get into another fight, but Powerglide reminds him that it is a rescue mission.  As the Autobots travel to rescue their friends, they are quickly intercepted by a fleet of Decepticons with Electrum armor.  Warpath fires his cannon at the Decepticons, but does no damage.  Warpath knows his attacks are hitting the Decepticons, but doesn’t understand why they aren’t harming the Decepticons.  One of the Decepticons shoots Warpath and he flies into the air.  He lands upside down in tank mode.  The Decepticons defeat the Autobots, but they let all of the Autobots survive.

Warpath is sent on a mission with a few other Autobots to defend a farm from a swarm of Insecticons.   Warpath fires his cannon at Kickback, but the Insecticon is able to avoid all of his attacks.  The team of Autobots are overwhelmed by the swarm of Insecticons.  The transform and retreat.  Warpath goes on a mission with the Autobots to a jungle valley.  They want to save Cosmos and prevent an infestation of Morphobots from spreading.  When the Autobots reach the valley, Optimus Prime asks Warpath to use his cannon to clear a path so they can reach Cosmos.  Warpath transforms and rolls towards the mass of Morphobots.  Ironhide tries to help Warpath.  Warpath shoots the Morphobots but does absolutely no damage to them.   Once the Autobots rescue Cosmos from the Morphobots, Megatron has Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing fly into the valley to steal the Insecticide.  The Autobots defend themselves from the ground.  The Decepticons destroy the insecticide, but the Morphobots attack them.  Soon, the swarm of Insecticons and their clones travel to the valley.  The Morphobots eat the Insecticon clones prompting the Decepticons and Insecticons to fly away.  The Autobots send the Morphobots into space where they can’t hurt anyone or anything on Earth ever again.

Warpath and the Autobots are confined to the Ark by Optimus Prime after several Autobots go missing.  They have been captured by a big game hunter named Lord Chumley who wants to hunt Optimus Prime for his own pleasure.  The Autobots think that the Decepticons are responsible for the missing Autobots, and Warpath wants to attack the Decepticons to save his friends.  

After Hoist gets invited to be in a movie, Warpath drives to the studio in tank mode.  He wants his own fame, so to prove himself to the director, he shoots a flare at the crew.  The flare makes an impressive light show.  Sunstreaker, Powerglide and Tracks also want to be in the movie.  The Director is so impressed with their performance, he gives them each a role in his movie. The four starstruck Autobots complain to Hoist that they aren’t enjoying being in the movie.  They thought they would be more than just stunt vehicles.  Warpath has a strange kink in his neck that clicks a lot.  Hoist tries to talk to the director for the Autobots, but he is rudely dismissed.  The Autobots are so angry that they transform and storm out of the studio.  Sunstreaker, Powerglide, Tracks, and Warpath are happy to return after the Director turns the movie into a science fiction epic and promises to give the Autobots bigger roles.  Now, the Autobots are alien robots in the movie and have to wear strange rubber masks.  In one scene, the Autobots are in a fake spaceship.  By this point, the Decepticons have learned about the Autobots taking part in the movie.  Rumble replaces the pyrotechnics with real explosives.  The movie is halted and the Autobots are injured.

The US Government develops a super fuel and Optimus Prime plans to test it for the government on the Autobots.  Warpath is part of the security detail that guards the tanker trucks while they deliver the super fuel.   Warpath leads the convoy to it’s destination, probably because he is one of the more heavily armed and armored Autobots.   Of course, the Decepticons strike from the air to gain possession of the super fuel.  The Autobots have the tanker trucks stay behind while they engage the Decepticons.  The Tanker trucks drive around Warpath who seems to be impeded, at first, by a crater in front of him.

Wheeljack picks up the Stunticons energy signatures near the Autobot base.  The Stunticons have split up to gather three items for Megatron.  Warpath is deployed with other Autobots to stop the Stunticons before they return to the Decepticon base.  Dead End and Drag Strip are racing with each other on a beach to see who can get to the meeting point first.  Warpath and Tracks ride on the same beach to catch the two Stunticons.  The two Autobots are obscured from the Stunticons’ view by rocks.  Warpath opens fire on the racing Stunticons in tank mode.  The Stunticons aren’t intimidated by the explosions, they are actually entertained.  Drag Strip fires lasers while still in vehicle mode at the two Autobots.  Tracks and Warpath are able to avoid any damage while remaining in vehicle mode.  Warpath fires his cannon again at the Stunticons, but they are too fast for him to lock onto.  Eventually, Warpath is able to hit Drag Strip with his cannon.   Drag Strip is sent flying into the air and crashes into a sand dune.  Tracks fires his blackout gun at the Stunticon and Dead End is blinded.  He unknowingly drives right in front of Warpath.  Warpath transforms and punches his fist through Dead End’s roof.  After both Stunticons are disabled, they are captured and brought to the Ark for containment.  Warpath and the other Autobots are injured and Menasor returns to the Decepticons to expose the disguised Autobots.

Warpath goes on a rescue mission to a power plant with the Autobots.  They want to save Cliffjumper and Jazz who were captured earlier.

Warpath survives into season 3 and his only appearance is fighting Trypticon with several other minibots






Marvel G1 Comic

Warpath was an Autobot who was part of The Autobot Resistance, and an Autobot who stayed on Cybertron when Optimus Prime left on The Ark.

On Cybertron,  when Blaster asks The Autobot Resistance for help in locating his missing friend, Warpath says he needs some target practice.  Warpath is part of the group of Autobots who saves Blaster from The Smelting Pool.  Soon after, with the rest of the resistance, Warpath attacks the Decepticon space bridge.  Warpath is part of the Autobot force which is trapped on Earth after going through The Space Bridge.  He then is captured by Circuit Breaker and taken apart to be studied.  Eventually, Circuit Breaker has a change of heart and sets Warpath and his allies free.  He joins the rest of the Autobots.

IDW Transformers

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Warpath had slightly more durable armor than other Autobots. His main weapon was the cannon from his vehicle mode which ends up on his chest in robot mode.

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