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Last Updated: Wednesday October 14th 2020 (PM)

Toyreview of APC Prime Megatron

10-14-20(AM)New Page of Art

10-9-20 New Page of Art

10-8-20 New Custom from James

10-7-20 New Page of Art Prime Bulkhead Toy Review

10-6-20 New Page of Art

10-5-20 (AM) New Custom from Stephen New Custom from James

10-5-20 (AM) New Page of Art CHUG Bumblebee Toy Review

10-2-20 (PM) Transmetal Rattrap Toy Review

10-2-20 (AM)New Customs from JamesNew Page of Art

10-1-20 (PM) New Page of Art

10-1-20 (AM) New Customs from James Titans Return Nautica Toy Review

9-29-20 (PM) New Page of art Revisited YOTS Omega Supreme Toy Review

9-29-20 (AM) New Customs from James (expect a bunch from James all week!)

9-25-20 (PM) New Page of Art

9-25-20 (AM) New Custom from Switt

9-24-20 (PM) New Page of Art Revisited Armada Megatron's Toy Review Revisited Transmetal Cheetor Toy Review

9-24-20 (AM) Titans Return Alpha Trion TOy Review

9-23-20 New Page of Art

9-22-20 (AM)Studio Series Cybertronian Cliffjumper Toy Review

9-22-20 (AM) New Page of Art

9-21-20 (PM) Cyclonus Profile updated UW Technobots Toy Review Completed

9-21-20 (AM)New Page of Art

9-18-20 (PM)TR Chromedome Toy Review

9-18-20 (AM)UW Strafe Toy Review up

9-17-20New Page of Art New Custom From Switt

9-16-20 (PM)New Page of Art

9-16-20 (AM)UW Nosecone Toy Review!

9-15-20 New Page of Art

9-14-20 UW Lightspeed Toy Review up

9-12-20 New Custom from Switt

9-11-20 New Page of Art

9-10-20(PM) Revised Beast Wars Silverbolt (Fuzor) Toy Review New Page of Art

9-10-20(AM) Part 2 of 6 in the UW Computron Toy Review Technobots Profile Update

9-9-20(PM) Bluestreak Profile Updated

9-9-20(AM) Part 1 of 6 of Unite Warriors Computron Toy Review

9-9-20(AM) New Toy Review New Page of Art

9-8-20(AM) New Page of Art

9-7-20(PM) New Page of Art RiD2.0 Voyager Grimlock Toy Review Revisited New Customs from James

9-7-20(AM) New Custom from DocSeth81 New Custom from Switt

9-5-20 MMC Roadbuster Toy Review

9-4-20(PM) Beast Machines Strika TOy Review

9-4-20(AM) New Page of Art

9-3-20(PM) Blurr Profile Updated APC Optimus Prime Review Revisited PX Grimlock Toy Review Revisited Switt Teaser New Page of Art

9-3-20(AM) Titans Return Blurr Toy Review Starting new section in all of the toy reviews, Started with Earthrise Cliffjumper

9-2-20(PM)New Page of Art Revisited Studio Series ROTF Megatron Toy Review

9-2-20(AM) Shockwave Lab Jetfire Energy Sword Toy Review New Page of Art

9-1-20(PM)New Page of Art

9-1-20(AM) YOTS Omega Supreme Toy Review Revisited TLK Barricade Toy Review is NEW and UP!