Wreck Gar (and the Junkions)



G1 Cartoon

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Wreck-Gar slowly becomes more active with the rest of the Autobots on Cybertron instead of leading his legions of Junkions.

One time, Galvatron and several Decepticons sneak onto Cybertron to steal a Power Core.  After a brief battle with the Decepticons, Wreck-Gar, and several other Autobots are buried in rubble.  The Decepticons escape into the catacombs of Cybertron and Wreck-Gar, along with the rest of the Autobot security force, dig themselves out and continue to follow the Decepticons.  They eventually catch up to the Decepticons and find them battling against a group of savage techno-organic monsters.  These creatures were made by the Quintessons millions of years ago, before the Transformers were created.  One of the creatures attacks Ultra Magnus, and Wreck-Gar cuts it’s head off with his axe.  The Autobots continue to battle the creatures and a much larger and dangerous creature joins the battle.  It tries to suck Ultra Magnus’ energy and Wreck-Gar saves him again.  The creature then attacks Wreck-Gar and starts to eat his energy.  Wreck Gar’s energy is sucked out of his body and he is captured by the creature.  Springer saves his Autobot friend who has turned into an energy vampire.  Wreck-Gar attacks Springer and sucks out his energy.  Wreck-Gar is restored to “normal” by Perceptor.

Even though Wreck-Gar was a valued Autobot, he still was the leader of the Junkions.  He loved TV and had a female Junkion companion that he would spend time with.  One evening, this was interrupted when a legion of Sharkticon try to invade Junkion to search for a Quintesson journal (they certainly had a lot of those).  Wreck-Gar leads his fellow Junkions in battle to destroy the Sharkticons.  Wreck-Gar sees a Sharkticon carrying the Quintesson journal, and he throws his shield at the Sharkticon, ripping it’s hands off.  The Sharkticons are driven away and Wreck-Gar joins his female companion in watching more television.  Soon after, Wreck Gar and the Junkions watch Sky Lynx and Astrotrain battle close to the Planet of Junk.  Wreck-Gar and the Junkions attack both Transformers.  At this time, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions are under control of the Quintessons who are using them as labor to excavate their journal.  The Quintessons made the Junkions distrust ALL outside beings.  Rodimus Prime ordered The Aerialbots to investigate.  When Wreck-Gar is made aware of the Aerialbots approaching the Planet of Junk, he orders the Junkions to attack with their cannons.  After the battle, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions resume watching TV, but they are interupted when Cyclonus and several other Decepticons attack.  The Decepticons at first have the upper hand, they are quick to destroy the planetary defenses of Junkion.  Wreck-Gar is able to rally his troops and repels the Decepticons.  Wreck-Gar and the Junkions send the Quintesson transmission (which creates Xenophobia and Violence) across the universe, almost sparking an Interplanetary War.  The conflict ends when Blaster neutralizes the Quintesson signals, causing aggressive behavior.

Wreck Gar finds his way to Earth in time for Optimus Prime’s body to be reclaimed by the Autobots.  Rodimus Prime brings Optimus’ body to him, hoping he can bring Optimus back to life.  Wreck Gar and the Junkions are unable to.  Soon, Ultra Magnus infects Wreck Gar and Wreck Gar infects Rodimus Prime.  Wreck Gar is cured when Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the hate plague.

IDW Transformers

Wreck Gar was a little less silly in the IDW books. Before Junkion was a planet of junk, it was a technological paradise that slowly fell into disrepair because the Junkions were selfish.   In his first chronological appearance, he watches Megatron crash into Junkion from Outer Space.

Once Wreck-Gar and the Junkions see Megatron, they rush towards him to attack him.  Megatron punches one of the Junkions in the head so hard that it’s head explodes.  Two Junkions try to restrain Megatron while Megatron kicks a third Junkion.  One of the Junkions uses a chainsaw to cut off one of Megatron’s arms while Megatron is crushing the head of another Junkion.  Megatron defeats the Junkions and passes out.

Soon after escaping Junkion, Megatron returns inside of Trypticon. Megatron murders many Junkions without any help.

Many of the dead Junkions are rebuilt as Decepticon Warriors.  Megatron uses them when he invades Iacon. The Zombie Junkions were only used to test the waters.  Megatron unleashes more and more combatants in Iacon.



Wreck Gar is a talented builder and is able to repair many broken things. Unfortunately, he mainly uses junk so it doesn't look great. He is a talented melee fighter and is proficient with an ax.

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