Year of the Snake Omega Supreme (with Maketoys add on)
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Class- Super (a size which doesn't exist anymore, probably closest to Commander but a little bigger possibly. smaller than Titan)


Personally, I stay away from Titan class figures for a few reasons, mainly because they are too big and I don't have the space. I like my combiners to be about the same size, so CW Devy and POTP Predaking were no buys for me, and when Omega Supreme was revealed, I liked how he looked, but he was just too big for my tastes. When I was younger, I had Energon Omega Supreme, and for what he was, I kinda sorta liked him. But that wasn't a proper G1-esque Omega. He was the right size though (a little bigger than a regular CW or POTP Combiner), and it was designed well, but it didn't look enough like Omega Supreme to me. So I got the Year of the Snake retool of Energon Omega Supreme. About a week after I got the figure, I learned about the Maketoys add on kit and it was very reasonably priced, so I got that too.

Bot Mode-

This Omega Supreme is probably the biggest figure in my collection. He isn't Titan sized, but he is a little bigger than a standard CW/POTP combiner. But he isn't insanely bigger where they can't be displayed together. YOTS Omega is already retooled from it's Energon incarnations. He has a new head and his right hand is the claw which G1 Omega had. Oh and he is painted to look like G1 Omega. So already, its a big green check in the win side. His left hand is still the battleship nose from Energon Omega. He has missile launchers on his shoulder which fire gold colored missiles. (no GPS here). The head is removable like the original tooling, but the head now looks more like G1 Omega's head. The add on kit just seals the deal on how great this figure is. The upgrade kit comes with a new blaster hand for the left hand. It comes with two blasters which clip onto each leg. Those weren't in G1, but it still looks cool and helps him balance a little more. The set also comes with wings for his back and adapters to plug them into. I've done the transformation a few times. The first time I had to watch a video (Specifically Bobby Skullface's) and the first time transforming him took about 40 minutes. Every time I do it, it takes less and less time. I think now I'm down to about 7 minutes. YOTS Omega Supreme keeps the gimmick of being able to combine with Energon (or the YOTS redeco) Optimus Prime. When I had the Energon Omega, I did that, but never with the YOTS Omega. Considering he is so big, he does have a fair amount of articulation. His arms can bend at the elbows and move in and out and up and down. The head can turn. The thighs have swivel and the knees bend and the legs can go up and down and in and out. He holds together very well with and without the upgrade set. His arms are on tight (in a good way) ratchets.


So here's the part of this review where it is a little strange. Omega Supreme without the upgrade kit has a very different transformation than with the upgrade kit. The original mold had a 2 vehicle alternate mode of a battleship and a train. It is incredibly easy to do. For fun I rate it 4.25 out of 10. For Complexity, I rate it a 4.75 out of 10. Honestly, there are no pics of this mode because I never transformed him into that mode with this mold (again, I had Energon Omega Supreme in the past so I have done the transformation, just not with this specific figure). With the Upgrade kit is where this really shines. The kit gives him an amazing base mode, which resembles (kind of sort of) the G1 base mode with a land based vehicle (in this case its a train not a tank) and the battleship turns into a rocket. The wings turn into a track for the train and the other blasters add to the look. Again, the first time I did both transformations, it was a bit tricky because the instructions on the upgrade kit aren't the best. But once you do it once or twice, you will get better at it. I went from 40 minutes for a transformation down to about 7. For complexity, I rate it a 6.5 out of 10. For fun, a 7.25

Base Mode-

Considering how the original mold wasn't meant to have a base mode, this base mode is surprisingly awesome. There is no real articulation at all, but it is fun to look at and display (just look at the pics at the bottom of the page)


Omega Supreme comes with some missiles and a head, no other weapons.

3rd Party Add Ons-

As I mentioned earlier, this review includes the add on kit that Maketoys made. It is really really great.


I really like this figure, and I like it even more with the upgrade kit. He isn't too big like the Titan Siege Omega, he has adequate articulation and a satisfying transformation. He stands a little taller than a POTP or CW Combiner


The upgrade kit can be a little tricky at first to do, but other than that, he's a really good figure.

What would Seth do differently?

This really isn't an engineering issue, it is something which probably started with the writers of Energon, but I wouldn't have made Omega able to combine with Energon Optimus Prime. Its a weird gimmick and in the cartoon I didn't like it.


YOTS Omega is a really good figure. If you don't have him, you should get him. He's big enough to be impressive, but not titan sized so he doesn't take up as much space. Out of 10, I give him an 8.75 (with the upgrade kit) Without the upgrade kit, he gets a 6.75 out of 10. Honestly, because of this figure and the upgrade kit, I have absolutely no intention of getting the Siege Titan version.

American Retools and Repaints-

Energon Omega Supreme (will never do a review of this because I sold it a while ago)
Energon Omega Sentinel (I may get this in the future )




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